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Artificial Entities

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Artificial Entities

Posted on October 16, 2014 by David Robinson
UNITED STATES vs. MESSIER & ROBINSON — Case No. 2:14-cr-00083-DBH

How did we become subjects of the artificial, corporate UNITED STATES? The US CORPORATION has no more power over you than does FEDERAL EXPRESS, unless that is, you have voluntarily contracted with the artificial entity called the  UNITED STATES, in some way.
Well, your mother unknowingly pledged your birth certificate to the State when you were born. It was entered into the Commercial Registry to register you as being “within the UNITED STATES.” This transferred the title to your body to the State via a constructive contract trust. We became members of the Babylonian System called the district UNITED STATES, in every respect.
Then, the government created an “artificial person” — an artificial-entity-strawman — to represent you and to keep you in your place.
Then, via an adhesion contract, the government made you a fiduciary and surety, a co-signer for your artificial-entity-strawman, to secure the National Debt.
By joining together, in partnership with your strawman, you too became a 14th Amendment Citizen of the district UNITED STATES.
All licenses and other existing contracts are made between the UNITED STATES, or THE STATE OF SO & SO — and your artificial-entity-strawman.
That fictitious entity silently binds you to the UNITED STATES because they made you — the real woman or man via an adhesion contract — a fiduciary responsible for your 14th Amendment Citizen of the UNITED STATES artificial-entity-strawman. All this by presumption without your knowledge or consent; which is fraud.
All of the contracts that you have ever signed include your tacit agreement to uphold and obey the laws, rules, and regulations passed by the Congress of the district UNITED STATES, and the district STATE OF SO & SO in which you “reside,” and these contracts may be enforced in the courts by law against you.

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