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OUT OF MIND » TRUTH IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES? » RH NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPE ~ ORIGINS UNKNOWN » 7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people

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7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people
December 14, 2014 rhesusnegatives@gmail.com 1 Comment

In the past few years it has been my mission to bring rh negative people together. More than anything, I have had to get myself together. That is … in terms of adjusting to no longer feeling out of place, but rather found and safe.
But this is something that required a little bit adjustment.

And here are a few things I have discovered about myself and rh negative people in general:

1) We are so used to adjusting to feeling out of place, that it is hard to let go and just be

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people Feeling-out-of-place-300x199

2) We have to learn that other rh negatives are as sensitive as we are

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people Sensitivity-300x207
Growing up in an insensitive world, we are often used to shielding ourselves and not having to worry too much about coming off cold, as that is a part of what makes the world the world. But when getting close to people it is important to allow their essence to dictate the interaction alongside our own energy.
In those terms, we can often be surprised that what we use as common communication tools sets a sour note.
Being honest to ourselves is a must and accepting that the people we are coming in contact with are getting us without the need to explain ourselves or putting up a self-protective persona can be quite challenging.
Which is why my general advice goes as follows:
Do unto others as you would have done to yourself is not always the best advice in a world where dogs eat dogs.
But when in a community of rh negative people, this strategy can go long ways.
And one more things: When emotionally hurt, rh negative people, though feeling it strongly, won´t always tell you straight up as we are used to disappointments. But just because something isn´t said doesn´t mean it isn´t there.
So let go, be yourself and take your time to get to know the real person. And allow them to get to know you.
And don´t be too afraid to say the wrong thing. We all make mistakes. So let´s make them together and grow as a whole knowing that whenever we are in need of healing, we have each others to come back to and help one another shine through as our true selves.

3) Rh negative people can change their attitudes quickly depending on their surroundings

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people Adapting-to-your-environment-300x187
One of the things we all need to be stronger at is stand our own ground. As we need to make it in this world, we also cannot bend over too much to where our true self is no longer recognizable. It is never good to change. It is ok to protect oneself and keep a lot of us away from the eyes of the public. But that doesn´t and shouldn´t mean having to change to the point where we become a shadow of ourselves. All of this gets better the more rh negative people come into our lives as we have the option to communicate with each others when in need to be understood.
So be easy on yourself. Expect not too much from those you do not know and do not try to save the world.
You can´t. Even though we can all make a huge impact within the communities we choose to be a part of.

4) Rh negative people are born leaders, but terrible followers

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people Born-to-lead-300x168
A lot of times I have experienced people who are rh negative being full of doubt about themselves, but that is not something that we are born with. It is simply giving in to pressure from people who do not understand us and try to mold us into something they can handle better. If you have someone in your life trying to lead and overpower you, it is better to step back and chance feeling lonely for a while. Once you find your way again, you are likely to attract the right people. So be ready for the change you have always wished to experience and forgotten to fight for whenever things were getting tough and hope to ever be able to break free crumbled. That was then … this is now. So live in the NOW!
And don´t be anybody´s voice but your own.

5) Rh negative people are not quick to judge

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people King-solomon
As a matter of fact, an open mind is what we all seem to have. So never assume that an rh negative person´s silence means disagreement or passive aggressive hostility. It can mean that the person, just like you, needs to re-adjust and let go realizing that they are in the company of someone who it is ok with to drop the need to hide a part of oneself.
Do unto others as to yourself, so while you give yourself a break, give it to other rh negatives as well and don´t always assume that every first reaction to something that you say contains a definite signal.

6) Rh negative people won´t tell you everything that they feel

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people Dont-tell-all-you-know-300x187
That goes hand in hand with point number 3. But it deserves its own category. Because there is no end to what we can find in ourselves and other rh negatives once we let go. A lot of what society is built upon is fear and letting go of fear allows us to drop a persona we once felt necessary to develop. Let go of that fear. But don´t automatically let all rh negatives into your inner world. Sometimes rh negative people are still stuck in the pattern
of pleasing the people in their lives and expect you to go along with it. This is something very sad because we are not born to be parrots. Keep on blocking bad energies, even if they come from good people. But don´t make the blocking final.
Simply set limits. Once set, people often come around once they get it.
But one thing to learn with each others:
We are not weak and being sensitive does not equal weakness. So making the same assumptions most may make is something that will wind up being overcome when in the company of those who allow themselves to just be as we are. Welcome to the depth.
Life is simple. Keep it that way. And shake off whatever you have acquired that isn´t you. And you will realize how liberating it feels to really be accepted, because if should never be a challenge to find acceptance. It is a natural procedure and if you think back to your early childhood, I am pretty sure you yourself didn´t start out acting judgemental, even though at one point you may have received the impression that that is how you have to be. Even though you now recognize that this very attitude has kept you from meeting people who you truly connect with.

7) Rh negative people have dreams and visions

7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people What-is-your-vision-300x199
We may have forgotten them. But they are there. And they will come out. It may take time and people, but what once was there doesn´t die.
It may be covered by a mountain of confusion. So get uncluttered. This is our time. Welcome to your world!

Thanks to: http://www.rhesusnegative.net


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