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A Matter of Simple Non-Compliance

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1A Matter of Simple Non-Compliance Empty A Matter of Simple Non-Compliance Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:10 am


A Matter of Simple Non-Compliance

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by Elle - Jan 15, 2015
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A Matter of Simple Non-Compliance Lady-liberty-scales-of-justice-700x466

by Debora Gabriel
Guest Writer, ZenGardner.com
The United States of America, the greatest nation on Earth. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Where leaders are elected, for the people and by the people, and every vote counts. A place that has the best healthcare system on the planet. Where justice always prevails, and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. And police officers are the good guys, who serve and protect us. A place where we are free to express our opinions and practice our beliefs. You know… one nation, under God, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all.
They brainwashed me well, and I bought into a lot of this garbage, growing up. But the real game-changer came, for me, as I drove down a south Georgia highway, one hot summer day. I had prepared an early birthday dinner for a sick relative, and was headed back to my north Florida home. My Mini Cooper was piled full of pots, pans, left-over food and a half bottle of Shiraz, buried deep in a cooler. I still have no idea where the cop came from, but found myself being pulled over. I was not speeding, or driving reckless, but quickly realized I had not fastened my seat belt. Yep, I was stopped for a seat belt violation! Long story short… he was a young punk, militant cop, who was looking for someone to hassle. Looking back, there was nothing I could have done differently, that would have helped. I was just a common criminal, who had clearly broken the law, in this cop’s eyes. And then, when he searched my vehicle, and found the half bottle of wine, my fate was sealed. I was arrested, handcuffed and taken off to jail.
That was two and a half years ago, and the day my carefully guarded, false reality began to unravel. That was the day I found out how fair our justice system REALLY is. I truly believed the judge would throw my case out of court, if I stood before him and told the truth. But my attorney told me, the system is not about truth or justice, it’s about generating revenue. And he was right. However, I would not go back and change a thing, even if I could, because I found the silver lining. For 55 years I’d been living in La La Land… and I finally woke the fuck up.
Mine was a very rude awakening. I sank into a deep depression. And though this may not sound life-altering to some, it was huge to me. It made no sense, how something so minor could explode into a situation that cost thousands of dollars and a year of my life. It not only threatened my job, but my future… and it happened so quickly! And that is the point of this article, to try to help others who may want to give up, and not travel down the long, dark tunnel of truth. It’s a lonely journey, and others may think you have lost your mind. But don’t get discouraged, because there is light at the other end, and you will step out much wiser, stronger and very empowered.
I finally had to face the fact that almost everything I was taught or told, is basically the opposite of how things really are. And the reason that things made no sense, was because information was omitted, or facts were missing. So to get to the truth we must keep digging and searching for the missing facts… even if you don’t want to.  I felt like a sponge on steroids, soaking up knowledge. I was fascinated to learn about the methods used to manipulate and condition us, to do things that were not in our own best interest. And once I caught on to all the bullshit, it was easy to figure out the motive. Nine times out of ten, it all boils down to somebody making money. Greed and waste seem to be two of our biggest problems on this planet.
So, what can we do about it? Well, we can do a lot about it… and I did.  To try to restore my faith in the future, I started doing things differently. I started doing the opposite of what they wanted me to do. Here are 10 things, that I do now, that I believe, will take us off this road of destruction… and lead to a more healing path:
1. Stop buying stuff… and stop buying stuff from big greedy corporations that pollute and rape our planet.  Your dollars can make, or break, a business. Choose carefully, whom you give your money to. Support those companies making a conscious effort to better the world. If you don’t know who these companies are, do the research, while we still have a free internet.
2. Pay off your debts… and stop creating more. Pay with cash, when possible. Take all your money out of the big banks. Get out of the stock market, sell everything. Take control of your retirement fund, cash it in, pay the penalty. If you need a bank, open an account at your local community bank. A fire-proof box, under your bed, is safer than the big banks and the markets, right now. Ponzi schemes NEVER end well… and time is running out.
3. Stop wasting energy.  Use LED light bulbs. Turn off the hot water heater, and turn it on when needed. Unplug appliances when not in use. Open the doors and windows, and cool with fans in summer. Wash laundry in cold water, then hang it out to dry. Turn the settings on your frig/freezer to the lowest safe number. Wear more sweaters in winter, and keep the heat setting low. Keep track of your kilowatts. This saved me 40% on my utility bills. Drive your car less, plan your trips and combine errands. Walk, carpool or use public transportation when possible.
4. Get rid of cable and dish tv. My Roku box cost $50, and HuluPlus costs $7.99/mo… and I can watch what I want, when I want. Do not believe a word that comes through your tv set… it is why we are in this mess.  It is the biggest and most successful mind control program they have going. Instead use your internet streaming service to educate yourself with the many documentaries and alternative news shows available.
5. Get yourself healthy.  The human body is designed to heal itself, Obamacare is designed to turn a profit. We have our own built-in healthcare system… and it’s free.  Grow a garden, eat whole organic foods. Do a major detox twice a year, or try a coffee enema. Test your drinking water. Get some fresh air and sunshine, soak up some vitamin D. Stand barefoot on wet grass and let the Earth’s healing energy flood your whole body. Stretch and exercise your mind and body daily. Take great care of what goes into your body… and stop poisoning it. Those injections interfere with your body’s self-healing abilities. The human body is nothing short of miraculous… get it healthy and let it do it’s thing.
6. Stop wasting time voting. We can not fix or change this system, by participating in it.  If you think your vote counts, start investigating. Everything is rigged, from the voting machine software, to the candidates themselves. They don’t give a damn what we think. Money is all that matters in politics. We will send a clear message that this corrupt system is not working for us, by not participating in it. Do you know why we have the Electoral College? They think we are too stupid to vote for our leaders. Could they be correct… or is it that we are intentionally kept in the dark, and not fully informed?
7. Look around your property and see what you can do to become more self-sufficient. Plant a vegetable garden, raise chickens, plant fruit trees. Put a hand pump on your well. Install solar panels, or generate wind power. Learn to protect yourself and your property. Go geothermal, or heat with wood. Make a solar hot water heater. Store organic seeds in the freezer. Stock up on food, water and medical supplies. Nobody really knows what the future holds. A number of things could happen… why not try to prepare for some of them? Do you think the government will be there to help you? Yeah, they will help you to your nearest FEMA camp.
8. Recycle everything and reduce your waste.  Start a compost pile, and a burn pile for non-toxic trash. Stop buying stuff with a lot of packaging. Refuse plastic and paper bags, bring a re-usable. Stop buying paper towels, napkins, plates and cups. Stop buying everything plastic.  Don’t buy disposable diapers… don’t buy disposable anything. Re-use and re-purpose everything. The waste that we generate is a crime against nature. It is completely out of control… just stop it, people.  This one small step may have the biggest impact on our planet.
9. Do something to help the Earth. Plant some trees, keep some bees. Set up feeding stations for wildlife in your yard. Stop using toxic chemical on your lawn and garden. Volunteer to clean up a roadway, or a beach. Rescue an animal. Stop poisoning (so called) pests and rodents with toxic chemicals, there are more natural ways to deter them. Stop killing and eating animals… you know that deep down in your heart, all those factory farmed animals suffer greatly, and face unimaginative horrors when slaughtered. It’s cruel and it’s wrong.
10. Approach each situation with this one question… “How can I, at this moment, improve what’s happening?” And just do it. It may be letting an older person ahead of you, or holding the door, or smiling and saying hello. It may be handing our bottles of water to pan-handlers on the street, you don’t have to give money. You may stop your car and help a turtle across a busy street, or move a dead animal away from traffic, so the buzzards can feast safely. Be kind and helpful to others… only good can come of it. And why the fuck not?
Imagine what the world would be like tomorrow, if everyone started doing these simple things today. We can literally change the world by changing the little things we do each day. It’s true.  You know… “be the change you want to see”.
A dear old friend said to me recently, that she did not want to live in fear, preparing for some kind of unknown disaster, for that would be a life not worth living. But, living in fear to me, is not being prepared, when the shit hits the fan. I find great comfort in knowing that I may be able to eat, or survive without electricity, running water and government assistance. And, it would make me happy to be in a position, to share what I have with my dear old friend.
There is no need to get angry and go out protesting in the streets… because that is exactly what they want us to do. It gives them a good excuse to put on their military gear and play war. And lets face it… we don’t have a chance in hell against them. Keep love in your heart, and stop buying their shit and playing their self-destructive game. We can take the high road, the peaceful path.
It is really tough living on Earth, right now… so, find the silver lining. Let it catapult you forward, out of La La Land, and into a better place. Where our planet is respected and well cared for. And animals are appreciated for their unconditional love and intelligence. A place where we can express our opinions and practice our beliefs. You know… liberty and justice for all.

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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