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Conspiracy of Science – A Better World is Possible

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Conspiracy of Science – A Better World is Possible

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by Zen Gardner - Feb 3, 2015
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Conspiracy of Science – A Better World is Possible Holographic-universe2

by Dennis Wheatly
Guest Contributor
Most of the “mainstream” “scientific thought” which has been publicized by the mainstream mass media during the last 80 years or so, has been based on insidious mechanisms of devious scams and “scientific” frauds, designed to bilk money from a gullible and kept ignorant and “dumbed-down” populace. (It’s the old “mushroom-raising” approach to business. How do you raise mushrooms? You keep them in the dark and feed them manure.)
At the same time the “elites” are maintaining various technologies exactly where they have been for decades, or even centuries, in order to squeeze every possible penny out of the heavily indoctrinated public market through the utilization of long-obsolete technologies, by creating perpetual (and illegal) monopolies, of various kinds, on every commodity and product you can imagine.
“Mainstream” views in all the sciences are designed and executed to keep “market-destabilizing” innovations away from the public, so that the larger corporations and monied interests don’t have to compete with any new technologies and so that the existing monopolies and cartels are not in any way threatened.
That way, they don’t have to spend money on Research and Development any more, in order to keep up with the competition, when there isn’t any competition. This means they can report increased profits to the corporate shareholders and the board of directors, with all the money they’ve saved by not having to do any R&D.
These days, there is very little competition in any of the sciences, as all the “mainstream” scientific paradigms have developed their own tightly enforced monopolies, in all regions of scientific thought and technological enterprise.
Little technological competition allowed, simply due to the fact that any innovations would force the various controlling groups and entities to have to spend money to counter-innovate, in order to keep their market share, which would reduce the “demanded-by-law” nonsensical requirement that the corporation must make a profit. Competitive innovative trends would certainly inexorably improve the public’s lot in life, in an ever-improving way. What this on-going suppression of better technologies results in, for the public, is “freedom from choice”, rather than any “freedom of choice”.
What new technology does get “sold” to the public is typically along the lines of “the easy-opening can”, or “silly sand”, or a new app for the latest and greatest (obsoleted decades ago) cell phone. Nikola Tesla’s communications technology developed back in the 1930s does not require radio waves, and had the same abilities as smart phones, except they didn’t have computers yet, back in the 1930s.
Many intentionally damaging “weaponized” new technologies are kept hidden from the public, such as disease-causing chemicals, or GMO foods. This “let’s create damages and kill people for profits” behavior is the “new normal” among the parasitic “elite”. They’re like, “Let’s go make some more wars so we can make lots more profits from killing and maiming lots of “useless eaters”[people]. Then, after all, why should we let a perfectly good war go to waste?”.
This unfortunately prevalent attitude of winning by intimidation, is happening in many circles, rather than making things like vehicles that do not need fuel, or producing free electricity systems, or teleportation systems, or antigravity vehicles, or eliminating all diseases, or creating faster than light travel and FTL communications systems. “Mainstream science” which is owned by the powers-that-were, wants folks to think that all such innovative technologies are “impossible fantasies”, not, “should already be available” realities.
But none of this is new. Business practices which take unfair advantage of people have been around since forever. It’s just that cheating kinds of business practices have gotten more sophisticated over time. And in many cases, science is directly involved with business, as part of a profit-making venture. So cheating in the business way can easily lead to cheating in the science way, and cheating in the sciences can lead to cheating in business practices. See how it works?
These kinds of behaviors are especially tempting when a great deal of money and/or power and/or prestige is on the line. A good example of this is what J.P. Morgan did to thwart Nicola Tesla’s scientific innovations. Tesla’s inventions and scientific genius had hurt Morgan’s monopolistic visions repeatedly. After Morgan found out that he could not own Tesla and turn him into a lackey, he attempted on three occasions to have Tesla assassinated, to get Tesla out of the way of Morgan’s monopolistic visions. All three attempts failed. (In the last attempt the gunman that was supposed to shoot Tesla on a train-ride got so drunk that he passed out and so missed an opportunity to make big money.)
Tesla held Morgan’s feet to the fire over this, because Tesla had obtained direct and irrefutable physical evidence that J.P. Morgan had tried to kill him. Tesla suggested that Morgan should compensate him for the loss of his laboratory and all the equipment in it, and the lab notes, which had all been burned to the ground as the result of one of the assassination attempts. Morgan felt sufficiently compelled by the evidence to agree to these terms. But it really bothered Morgan that he had been forced to bow to Tesla, whom Morgan considered his inferior. (Of course, Morgan considered everyone his inferior.)
So, while Morgan pretended to sponsor Tesla’s research for a while. Morgan initially financed the start-up costs of Tesla’s Wardencliffe Tower and compensated him for his burnt laboratory. Later Morgan withdrew all funding for the project on finding out that Tesla had overplayed his financial hand, and had Westinghouse make excuses about why he couldn’t help out Tesla. So the building and equipment at Wardencliffe had to scrapped to pay off Tesla’s debts, which event was very hurtful to Tesla, personally.
Subsequently, Morgan made many plans and spent many millions of dollars (billions in today’s money) to destroy Tesla’s reputation and to change the global education system so that no one would ever believe Tesla in the future, thus Morgan’s various monopolies would forever be safe from the threats of Tesla’s innovative skills, which had already cost Morgan a lot of money and prestige.
Morgan sent out envoys to all the major universities on the planet, and, in exchange for Generous Donations to the various Universities and Institutes, he had all of the schools change their educational system, so that no one could ever realize the depths nor details of Tesla’s knowledge and thus be a future threat to Morgan, nor to his future heirs.
In alignment with this purpose, Morgan hired many scientists from many countries and had them rewrite all the physics text books, altering the physics explanations and the mathematics, so that no more “awful” Teslas could arise in the future and hurt his future prosperity nor that of his heirs.
As an example of this kind of behavior, Morgan paid a group of scientists to rewrite Maxwell’s Treatises on Magnetism and Electricity, so that no one would ever have any hope of re-discovering anything that Tesla had found. The Maxwell equations were thus changed from their original quaternion form (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaternion ), and rendered into the form of vastly simplified and relatively useless vector notations. Maxwell actually rarely used vector notations, as the resulting descriptions were woefully inaccurate and required the simplifying elimination of many important physical facts, in order to function at all well. But the resulting abberated equations were exactly what J.P. Morgan was paying to make happen. Morgan was delighted every time he heard of such results.
There were secret conferences among the “big players” regarding the making of plans to make absolutely sure that no scientific discoveries could ever again be made, which might thwart any of their monopolies or cartels. Obviously, big oil got in on this scheme early in the game, as did most of the others at those meetings. Most of the richest men of those days, agreed to pay large sums into a fund designed to eliminate all future uncontrollable technological threats, while keeping a lid on things, monitoring various public affairs so that these monopolists could take instant advantage if any easily-controlled and profitable inventions raised their heads in the now-controlled-by-them, Patent Office.
Morgan and his hired guns also arranged and paid for experiments which were to be designed with the exclusive purpose of making Tesla look like a fool. It was Morgan’s paid for publicity that portrayed Tesla as the world’s first “mad scientist”. (Of course, to Morgan, Tesla was absolutely a mad scientist, because he was uncontrollable, and because his many inventions and innovations kept wrecking Morgan’s heavily investitured monopolies.)
The first run of the Michelson-Morely experiment was paid for by Morgan, and the team of researchers was told going in, in no uncertain terms, that they were required to get results which made Tesla look wrong (even though Tesla was actually perfectly correct in these regards), and at the same time support insane conclusions that would make any future competition opposing the fossil fuels cartel, seem scientifically impossible, by cutting away any and all first principles which could lead to any “dangerous” results, which could be produced based on aether physics.
The rigged and fatally flawed experiment got the results Morgan, et.al., had paid for, and it was announced that there was no aether drag because there was no aether, a completely wrong conclusion. At the time of the M-M experiment, there were 30 different models of different possible kinds of aether media, and the M-M experiment actually did vaguely succeed, by casting doubts on Tesla, mostly due to many loud and expensive public media announcements. Oddly, when Michelson and Morely announced their falsified claims, supposedly disproving the existence of one of the 30 different kinds of aether, the results of the experiment actually succeeded in dramatically proving a completely different kind of model for the aether! But that fact was never realized until almost 100 years after the experiment, and was covered up by all involved, at the time of the event itself.
But the game was not over yet. Morgan had a paranoid streak, and he wanted to make absolutely sure that his fortunes could never again be hurt by any future such “mad wretches”, as Morgan thought of all those who might interfere with any of his grandiose plans.
At the next stage, Morgan had his teams search the world over for some likely scientist to hold up to the public eye as the new “Hero For the Ages” in the physics, which physics Morgan really really wanted to make screwed up. After years of work and countless scientific advisories, they found a likely candidate in the form of Albert Einstein, who was living in poverty in Europe, at the time. Perfect! Next they sent envoys to make arrangements with Einstein, in exchange for his ability to create “the theory to end all theories”. (And it almost did just that.) This well compensated effort later became Einstein’s new version of relativity (theory).
Einstein’s version of relativity was intentionally conceptually designed by vested interest groups, such as the oil cartel. The required results were eventually, after years of painstaking effort, turned into math by Einstein, et. al., and then the resulting mathematical fantasy was torrentially touted to an ignorant public by all the corporate-controlled mass media available, for the next 100 years, so that the populace would be brought to believe that free electrical power, anti-gravity, and faster than light travel (to name only a few things), were impossible, on the basis of “curved space-time”. The “widely accepted” [No it wasn’t. There were many detractors with perfectly valid counter-arguments, which falsified the theory in diverse ways. But such talk was marginalized by the publicity managers.] “new” [Most of it wasn’t new at all.] theory (belief) of relativity, formed a conceptual brick wall, obstructing all scientific progress in many very important areas, for more than a century. Einstein’s version of relativity has all the hallmarks of a faith-based religion, by this time.
In more modern times, based on his decades of astronomical observations and astrophysical researches, Halton Arp eventually arrived at the conclusion that the Le Sage model for gravitation was the correct understanding. He was right, but the LaPlace model for gravitation is superior to the Le Sage model. And the model for gravitation that was developed at Project Greenglow during the early 2000s is a slight improvement on the gravitational model published by the Marquis de LaPlace in 1853.
In agreement with Halton Arp, here is a relevant fact regarding his conclusions: Le Sage’s “shadow gravity” was physically proven to be correct by instrumented spacecraft observations made during the mid-1980s.
An article was published in Scientific American during the late 1980s regarding these observations and what they mean in terms of the “normal” understanding of gravitation. Ultimately, the empirical evidence provided by those spacecraft observations proves that “curved space” is a deluded fantasy. The data which resulted from the spacecraft instrumentation proved conclusively that Le Sage’s “shadow gravity” is an observationally correct understanding regarding gravitation. Subsequently, all references to that spacecraft and its observations, and the conclusions resulting from that data, and all articles regarding the significance of these observations, have been removed from the public literature. (LaPlacian gravitation is very rarely discussed.)
Meanwhile, “curved space-time” cannot be measured by any instrumentation yet designed nor even by any conceivable instrumentation. Unless, of course, the experimental team already knows how to make a 4 dimensional laboratory with “4D” instrumentations made of “4D” circuits, and then, in a 4-dimensional way, they can manage to 4 dimensionally install all this “4D” equipment into the required 4 dimensional spacecraft so that somebody can then make a trip through “4D” space with the “4D”  “cameras” running. And in constructing all this, these people have to figure out how to act and move in a four dimensional way. And then they have to somehow get the “4D” records and data back here to where we live. (Good luck with all that! It is doubtful that any human being could live through such an experience, so as to help any of these “4D” processes along, in any way.)
Regarding such difficulties, Einstein himself once said, with admirable forthrightness, “Relativity theory can never be physically proved by any manner of experiment.” He said that because the only place any “curved space”, or “curved time” (how ludicrous), or “curved space-time” have any existence, is inside of some peoples warped imaginations. Einstein’s version of relativity is perfectly non-physical, and it is an irrational desecration of the experimental reproducibly observed empirical facts regarding Galilean relativity. Galilean relativity holds regardless of the velocity involved, including an infinite velocity. (The speed of Lorentz Transformation transverse electromagnetic propagations, at velocity “c”, is not any limit to velocity, except for this particular variety of E/M propagation.)
Many of the sad states of affairs in the world can be attributed to profit and power-mad monopolistic motivations, casting the well-being of all life completely aside, and due to an expensive and extensive redesigning of the physics during the early part of the last century, so that energy cartels could never be threatened by any so-called “free energy” devices. In actual fact, devices that are capable of producing electricity without requiring any manner of fuel, have made fossil fuels obsolete since the 1890s, and before. Some studies have brought out estimates that our global technology level is about 300 years behind where it should be, if innovations were not interfered with and suppressed.
Certainly, we can easily do better than what we have now.

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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