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The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE

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The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE

 February 5, 2015   / 384 views  

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE Wallpaper-amazing-pyramids-giza-egypt-cairo-fantasyby Brandon West, Project Global Awakening
In Robert Bauval’s 2008 book The Egypt Code, in his typical meticulously researched style has sets out to prove the theory that the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids on the Memphite Necropolis not in a random haphazard fashion, but to reflect the cosmos in order to unite Heaven and Earth.

Here I will present the core ideas and evidence from Robert Bauval’s book The Egypt Code that validate the existence of a high civilization that existed on this Earth around 12,000 years ago.

This is important because for one, it is essential that we understand the truth of our history and the truth of human origins.
If there indeed was a high civilization on this Earth 12,000 years ago capable of fantastic feats of architecture, engineering, and science, how would that change our perception of ourselves?
And secondly, there is a lot of ancient knowledge and wisdom that the ancient Egyptians possessed which we have forgotten. In the words of Robert Bauval:
“I hope that the new generation of Egyptologists will come to see, as I did, that ancient Egypt is not a defunct civilization to be studied in a dispassionate way, but rather a cultural model that is very much alive and needs to be understood, with, perhaps, some of its principles put again into practice for the benefit of mankind.” (The Egypt Code, p.187)
What we are concerned about in this article is, more or less, is the origin of the myth that Egypt was made in “the image of Heaven.” In his book, The Egypt Code, Robert Bauval equates this with the creation myth of Heliopolis where they give the genealogy of the pantheon of Gods and how their interactions created Heaven, the Earth, the Air and so on. 
He concludes, “this is probably where the idea came from that the image of the sky had been imprinted on the land and made Egypt ‘the image of Heaven’.” (p.44)
But what if the origin of that myth was not actually a myth at all but architectural in origin, and what if it was actually much more ancient? What if it was a memory that had been passed on to future generations, and that it had been mythologized once the meaning of the memory had been forgotten by some, maybe even the majority?

This is what I believe to be the case. Let us begin with the pyramids.

The Mystery of The Pyramids

It is almost unanimously accepted by scholars that the Great pyramid of Giza was built around the date of c.2500 BCE. This is based on the assumption that Khufu built this great monument, which places it nicely during the peak of ‘pyramid age’ in Egypt when it is undeniable that the Egyptians undertook a massive pyramid building project.

Yet there are some idiosyncrasies.

No other pyramid in Egypt comes close to the Great Pyramid. Especially the ones which we know were built during the pyramid age, many of which have been reduced to a pile of rubble today.

There is also the unexplained fact that it appears as if the building skill of the ancient Egyptians declined over time, instead of improved. And yet the great pyramid still stands, even though its outer layer of white limestone was mined off to build the city of Cairo, it remains today virtually unaffected.

Not to mention the fact that the ancient Egyptians themselves never even claim to have built the Great Pyramid.

There is only one piece of evidence which Egyptologists use to date the pyramid to 2,500 BCE, and it is a cartouche of Khufu’s name that was written on the wall in red ocher paint in a isolated little space within the great pyramid that we had to use dynamite to blast our way into.

Nowhere else in the entire pyramid is there a single inscription, except in this space that was enclosed even before the pyramid was fully completed. This to me is suggestive of the fact that the ancient Egyptians never even got inside the Great Pyramid simply because, as we know, they put inscriptions on everything and about everything.

So basically the official story of the dating of the pyramid is that we allegedly know it was built around c.2500 BCE because of an alleged original cartouche painted on a wall – not even inscribed – in a room that the builders would have fully believed that no-one would have ever entered again?

That to me sounds as flaky as the official 9/11 story. Perhaps the same people were behind it.

The other piece of evidence that admittedly is much more convincingly dates the great pyramid to c.2500 BCE was uncovered by Robert Bauval. He discovered that the southern shaft in the Kings Chamber points to the stars of Orion’s belt as they were in c.2500 BCE (Graham Hancock’s Quest For The Lost Civilization: Heaven’s Mirror).

This is far more convincing evidence that it could have been built then, but yet it still does not resolve the fact that the Egyptians never claimed to have built the great pyramid, and that a star map is created on the ground by the Giza pyramids specifically indicating 11,541 BCE (as we shall see), as well as the simple fact that these pyramids were beyond Egypt’s level of technology at that time (as they are probably even beyond our level of technology today).

This should, if we are open-minded, lead us to at least consider that it was built in an earlier time.

An Older Date For The Pyramids? 
“The fifth century BC historian Herodotus called Egypt ‘the gift of the Nile’. The Egyptians themselves went a lot further. They claimed that their sacred river had its source among the stars.” – Robert Bauval (The Egypt Code, p. 33)
In Robert Bauval’s book The Egypt Code, in his meticulously researched style he provides a lot of highly persuasive evidence that the Egyptians built their pyramids in the Memphite Necropolis to reflect the heavens.

He realized that when observing the Memphite Necropolis from a northerly perspective, specifically from an ancient site known as Letopolis, he found that while looking south along the Nile, some of the major ancient sites would have created a start map with the Nile symbolically representing the Milky Way (The Egypt Code, p.106).

The city of Heliopolis would have been closest to this vantage point, south and to the left of the Nile, which as he shows in his book was an ancient cult center that revolved around stars, but also later around the Sun God, Ra. He further provides convincing evidence (The Egypt Code, pages 79-95) that Ra was later coalesced with the stellar god Horakhti (Horus-of-the-Horizon), who was often symbolized as a ‘recumbent lion’, merging to create the deity Ra-Horakhti (Ra-Horus of the Horizon).

In Robert Bauval’s own words:
“Being such attentive observers of the constellations to the point of obsession… it would be very odd indeed if the priests of Heliopolis did not take particular notice of the lion-shaped constellation that housed the sun at this time of year, and which was the perfect metaphor for Ra-Horakhti, the merger of Ra with the cosmic lion.” (The Egypt Code, p.85)
Therefore Heliopolis would have represented the constellation Leo in the sky.

Then further south and to the right (west) of the Nile this time we have the great pyramids of Giza which clearly are aligned to represent Orion in the sky. Curiously they are in the right alignment in accordance with the Nile as well to reflect the relationship between the Milky Way and the Orion constellation in the sky.

Then further south again on the right (west) side of the Nile we have the small cluster of Abusir pyramids which would represent the Pleiades constellation creating a sky map on the ground with the triangular relationship of Leo-Orion-Pleiades all accounted for on the ground and all located in sync with the Nile to represent the Milky Way.

The only thing is that at c. 2500 BCE the Nile, which runs south-north, would have been perpendicular to Milky Way in the sky which would have been parallel with the horizon at that time (The Egypt Code, p.107). This is where things get interesting, and where Robert Bauval courageously and admirably follows the evidence even though it breaks away from convention.

Was there a time when the Milky Way would have been running in a “north-south” direction in the sky so that it was in alignment with the Nile, and so that this star map was a mirror image of the heavens, instead of an image that had to be rotated 90 degrees for it to be a match? Robert Bauval believed so.

Star Map of the Memphite Necropolis

Based off of the Sothic cycles (which relate to the ancient Egyptians calendar which played an important role in The Egypt Code but which is unfortunately beyond the scope of this article) Robert Bauval decided turn back the heavens which change over time due to the phenomenon called precession of the equnoxes, to arrive at the date of 11,541 BCE (The Egypt Code p.110-111).

The amazing thing is that on the date of 11,541 BCE the Milky Way would have actually been turned 90 degrees compared to how it appeared in c.2500 BCE, and this time instead of running perpendicular with the Nile, it runs parallel with the Nile and perpendicular to the horizon actually giving the appearance that the Milky Way, the cosmic river, is flowing directly into the Nile river!

Thus when the Egyptians claimed that their Nile was sourced in the stars this was not merely myth, this was a direct reference to a much older date when it actually looked as if this was the case, albeit from an imaginative and poetic perspective.

Amazingly when we observe the stars and the alignments of the pyramids from this vantage point, the two brightest stars of Orion make an angle of 43° 20′ with the north-south meridian, and the two largest pyramids at Giza (Khufu’s and Khafre’s) also make an angle of 43° 20′ with the north south meridian. And they are both positioned to the left of the Nile-Milky Way. A perfect star map on the ground.

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE The-Egypt-Code-11541BCE
Copyright Robert Bauval, The Egypt Code, p. 110

Moreover, as the [above] image shows, Heliopolis which as we have seen was dedicated to Ra (which was sometimes symbolized as a lion) would have mirrored on the ground the location of the constellation of Leo, and the pyramids of Abusir were in the correct location (although not perfect) to represent the Pleiades star cluster.

In the words of Robert Bauval,
“Controversial as this may at first seem, we have also seen how, when the sky is precessed to 11,451 BC and the three stars of Orion are aligned along the meridian with the three pyramids of Giza, the image of Zep Tepi in the sky (the triangular region of Orion-Pleiades-Leo) bears an uncanny resemblance to the image of zep tepi on the ground (the triangular region of Giza-Memphis-Heliopolis).” (The Egypt Code, p.184)
Now in the Egypt Code, Robert Bauval provides this as solid evidence that the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids on the Memphite Necropolis according to a master plan: to reflect the image of heaven in Egypt thus fulfilling the belief that Egypt was made in “the image of heaven” as we discussed at the beginning of this article.

I agree with Robert Bauval wholeheartedly … in part. It is clear that during the pyramid age, which comprised the third to sixth dynasties between c. 2686 – 2181 BCE (The Orion Mystery, p. 13) the ancient Egyptians did embark on a zealous pyramid building project and the evidence strongly suggests that they built according to a master plan to mirror the heavens in Egypt, after all, how could all of those alignments be chalked up to pure coincidence?

But is there not another explanation?

An Ancient Legacy From Zep Tepi

As I have explained previously, and not in very much detail as I could have (and will soon) write a whole article just based off of the scientifically advanced and mysterious nature of the great pyramid, I do not believe that it was built around 2500 BCE, and I believe the evidence supports this.

Even if we look at this truly groundbreaking and ingenious theory that Robert Bauval has proposed, there are a couple of things that don’t sit right with me. 

Namely the fact that the Giza pyramids are aligned to a single arc minute to perfectly reflect the constellation of Orion as it appeared in 11,451 BCE, whereas Heliopolis and the Abusir pyramids are much less exact, and are merely built in the right places so that they resemble the location of the stars, but not the exact alignments as with the Giza pyramids.

Robert Bauval said himself of the Heliopolis site and the Abusir pyramids:
“Admittedly the match is not mathematically perfect due to bedrock realities of geography and topography.” (The Egypt Code, p.106)
The issue is, wheras the other sites are not mathematically perfect, it is clear that everything about the great pyramid, and the other Giza pyramids for that matter, are mathematically perfect. 

And it seems to me that if it was the true pyramid builders intention to build more pyramids from the start, I believe the builders would have moved mountains not only to make it a reality, but to make it perfect.

For they clearly shown us that it was within their capabilities given the fact that they quite literally built a mountain, and that meticulous planning and surveying certainly went into the engineering and construction of these monuments. From everything to do with its architecture, all the way to the greater cosmic alignments it represents, the great pyramid is nearly perfect, and maybe it once was …

This suggests to me that it was the work of an entirely different civilization, and a more advanced civilization at that.

I think that the reason why the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders built their pyramids according to this master plan, and the origin of the myth that Egypt was made in “the image of Heaven” have a common source.

The evidence suggests, however unlikely or against our preconceptions it may be, that the Giza pyramids where built in or around 11,541 BCE in the specific alignment to commemorate the stars at that time, which is most probably the origin of the myth that Egypt was made “in the image of Heaven”.

I believe the ancient myth that Egypt was built in the image of Heaven was referring to these pyramids of great antiquity, and that this tradition was transmitted orally through each generation and that the pyramid age of centering roughly around c.2500 BCE was an attempt to continue to the work that was started much earlier by a race of Gods (to the Egyptian mind anyways), in the legendary first time, which as Robert Bauval has shown us has been fixed in time by these massive stone monuments no matter which way we look at it.

The question is, is there any proof? I would say yes.

Hereditary Knowledge
The ancient astronomer-priest did hold advanced and to their minds truly sacred knowledge of the movements of the stars, and the heavenly cycles, as is commonly accepted. But what if they held another type of knowledge as well, ancient knowledge? Ancient knowledge the likes of which the Egyptian priest who Solon, Plato’s ancestor, refers to when he says to Solon:
Egyptian priest: Oh Solon, Solon, you Greeks are all children, and there’s no such thing as an old Greek.
Solon: What do you mean by that?
Egyptian priest: You are all young in mind, you have no belief rooted in old tradition, and no knowledge hoary with age. And the reason is this … With you, and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and the uncultured – so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what happened in early times … You remember only one deluge, though there have been many … (Timaeus and Critias, p.35-36)
Now the veracity of Plato’s claims have been called into question, and rightly so. We should never believe anything completely just because it was claimed by someone, or written somewhere… even if it was Plato who said it. 

But the interesting thing is that there is supporting scientific evidence and mythical evidence from another ancient culture both of which identify the same dates for the global flood, and the claim that “there have been many” floods.

The more ancient flood myth is from India, and it is the Kumari Kandum myths which are the myths about an ancient advanced civilization that existed more than 10,000 years ago in India who built great centers for learning and in general is very reminiscent of the Atlantis myth.

Graham Hancock explores this in detail in his phenomenal book Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization.
“The first great deluge took place in 16,000 BC … The second one occurred in 14,058 BC when parts of Kumari Kandam went under the sea. The third one happened in 9564 BC when a large part of Kumari Kandum was submerged.” (Underworld, p. 245)
Coincidentally the dates given in the Kumari Kandum myth for the last deluge closely match the date that Plato (and thus the Egyptian priest gives Solon) for the inundation of the civilization of Atlantis. According to the Egyptian priest Atlantis was inundanted around 9600 BCE.

The fact that these ancient cultures have myths which identify that specific date is highly intriguing and at least increases their credibly. 

But astonishingly, not only does modern science identify a very similar time frame for a global superflood that occurred right around that date, science also predicts that there were in fact three global superfloods just like the Kumari Kandum myth states occurring roughly between the approximate time bands: 15,000-14,000 years ago, 12,000-11,000 years ago, and 8000-7000 years ago. These dates are given to us by the work of Professor John Shaw from the University of Alberta (Underworld, p.65).

As it it can be clearly seen, the Egyptian priests date of 9500 BCE lies right in the middle of the period for the global superflood which is given to us by science.

Now the point of all of this in relationship to the age of the pyramids is merely to prove the validity of the statements made by the Egyptian priest, and thus how he specifically says that the Egyptian culture is many thousands of years old with written records extending back 8000 years, and “knowledge hoary with age”.

Now that we have seen that the priests date of the global flood was true, and the occurrence of multiple floods, we must accept that the rest of his claims also have at least some truth to them, if their are not entirely truthful.

Thus as an ancient Egyptian priest states clearly, there was much ancient knowledge passed on within the Egyptian priesthood. And then at such a time that they were either instructed to act on the knowledge, or that they decided that it was time to, the could have, in their position as adviser to the Kings and Pharaohs, enlightened them of this knowledge and the cosmic alignment within Egypt and urged him to act on it.

It would not have taken much convincing considering the glory in the eyes of man and the Gods that the Pharaohs would have gained to participate in this work.

Therefore, based on the evidence at hand (that which I have provided here and that which is beyond the scope of this specific article) we should at least consider the possibility that the pyramids of Giza where built around the date of 11,451 BCE by an ancient and as yet lost civilization. 

And it was these specific pyramids and their alignment with the Nile and thus the cosmos, which gave birth to the idea that Egypt was made in “the image of heaven”.

It may have even been this knowledge and the pyramids themselves which spurred the ancient Egyptians into the massive pyramid building project that was the pyramid age. 

Not necessarily in an effort to mirror heaven on earth, although that was definitely a motivation, but more to bring themselves closer to the Gods who had already begun this work, and thus become Gods themselves by continuing on with the work that had already begun in the Memphite Necropolis.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx itself acts as another key to this cosmic mystery on earth. As Graham Hancock has shown in his Quest For The Lost Civilization: Heaven’s Mirror (which can be found on youtube), exactly due East in alignment with the sphinx gaze, the sphinx will be looking at a very specific constellation rising just before the sun on the vernal equinox every year, the first day of spring.

But due to the phenomenon known as precession of the equinoxes that constellation changes over time. The precession of the equinoxes is generally explained as a slow axial wobble of the Earth with a period of approximately 26,000 years, but the period is not fixed.

So if the Sphinx was built in 2500 BCE as is proposed by the Egyptology community, then the sphinx would be facing the constellation Taurus just before the sun rises on the spring equinox. Therefore you would expect the sphinx not to be in the shape of a lion, but in the shape of a bull to represent that constellation.

But, if you rewind the stars you will find that there is a time in history when the sphinx would be facing its own ‘celestial counterpart’ in the sky: 10,500 BCE.

As the work of John Anthony West and Robert M. Schoch also suggests, the sphinx itself is almost certainly much more ancient due to the fact of the weathering patterns on the side of the sphinx that could have only been caused by thousands of years of torrential rainfall which at the very least bring its date of construction out of the grips of c.2500 BCE period which the Egyptologists have stubbornly fixed it in.

But in spite of the inflexibility of the egyptologists, the ancient Egyptians themselves are speaking to us clearly. Almost as if to tell us that we have unraveled this mystery correctly, there is a block inbetween the paws of the sphinx covered with inscriptions, and one of the lines mysteriously reads:
“This is the Splendid Place of the First Time.” – (The Egypt Code, p.66)
It is almost as if the sphinx is gazing not in space, but in time, silently imploring to us to make this connection and to remember the events of that pivotal period in our pre-history.

What could have happened in between 11,500 BCE and 10,500 BCE? 

Thanks to: http://earthweareone.com




The Truth About the Egyptian Pyramids

 February 5, 2015   / 1557 views  
     [url=http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=http://earthweareone.com/the-truth-about-the-egyptian-pyramids/&media=http://earthweareone.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/01.Great-Pyramid-of-Giza.01-150x150.jpg&description=The Truth About the Egyptian Pyramids] [/url]  

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 01.Great-Pyramid-of-Giza.01The following statement was considered controversial or even shocking by some people, so it was my task to post it only after thorough documentation. Please relax and enjoy reading.
A. The conference and the statement
The head of Cairo’s University (Archaeology Department), Prof. Dr. Alaa Shahein has allegedly stated in a conference on ancient Egyptian science, that there might be truth in the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians to build the Pyramids of Giza.
Being further questioned by Mr. Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland, as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even an UFO within its structure, Dr. Shaheen was vague and replied: “I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is not of this world.”
Prof. Dr. Alaa El Din Abdel Mohsen Shaheen (Shahein).
Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology,
Cairo University, Egypt
[C.V.] EDUCATION 1974 BA, Department Egyptology, Faculty of Arts,
Cairo University, Egypt
Major: Egyptology
1981 MA, Department of Egyptology, Faculty of Archeology,
Cairo University, Egypt
Major: Egyptology
The title of MA: Peninsula of Sinai: A Historical and Archaeological
Study to the End of the Middle Kingdom.
1987 MA, Oriental Studies Department, Faculty of Arts,
University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A
Major: Egyptology
Minor: Syrio- Palestinian Archaeology
1988 Ph.D. Oriental Studies Department, Faculty of Arts,
University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A
Major: Egyptology
Minor: Syrio- Palestinian Archaeology
The Title of Ph. D : Historical Significance of Selected Scenes involving
Western Asiatics and Nubians in the Private Theban Tombs of the XVIIIth Dinasty.
In conclusion, Prof. Dr. Alaa Shahein exists, he is the head of Cairo’s University — Archaeology Department, and he attended the conference.
B. Facts about The Great Pyramid:
1. The Great Pyramids is constructed out of 2,500,000 solid blocks, perfectly aligned! 
2. The blocks weigh between 2,5 – 10 tons each. Enough stone for the construction of 25 Empire State Buildings.

3. Initially, the Great Pyramid was covered in limestone. According to Marc Antonius it was visible from 160 km and was shining like a precious jewel.
4. 150,000 stone blocks (10 tons each) were removed in the XIV Century for the construction of the city of Cairo.
5. We are taught that the Great Pyramid was built as a tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu, but the modern discoveries show otherwise. Khufu’s name was discovered (in the so called mortuary chamber) inside the pyramid, but nobody speaks about it until 1837! One of the most important Egyptologists, Zecharia Sitchin, discovered that the writing is a fraud and was painted in May 1837.
Everything begun with a letter received from Allen Pitsburg who wrote that his grand-grand father witnessed the fraud. Because he objected to this counterfeiting, he was fired from the team and expelled from Giza (Gizeh). After examining the writing, Sitchin discovered that it is indeed a fraud, especially because the counterfeiters MISSPELLED the Pharaoh’s name. Instead of Khufu they wrote Rhufu, which for the Egyptians would have been worse than taking the Lord’s name in vain, in a Christian Church. Sitchin concluded: “THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED IN THE ANCIENT EGYPT”.
Zecharia Sitchin (July.11.1920 – Oct.09.2010) (www.sitchin.com)
6. Khufu’s alleged sarcophagus is almost half his size and carved directly into stone. Not only that the pharaoh could not fit it, but it was also not suited for a royalty. The so called Queen’s Mortuary Chamber is sealed by huge stone blocks and doesn’t even contain a sarcophagus. The cover up is even more obvious because the official story claims that the Queen was to be cremated after her death. This never happened in the entire Egyptian history because in order for a royalty to become a God, the mummification process was mandatory!
7. NO MUMMIES were found in ANY of the Great Pyramids of Giza. What we learn today as facts can’t even stand as substantial theories!
C. Evidence: The great pyramids had NOT been built by the Egyptians:
1. Nobody knows what the word “pyramid” really means and no roots for this word were ever found anywhere on Earth.
2. None of the historians’ statements regarding the pyramids had been proven.
3. They say that the pyramids were built as tombs for the mummified pharaohs, but NOT A SINGLE mummy was ever found inside the Great Pyramids.
4. The Egyptians had no knowledge of modern geology and without this knowledge it is IMPOSSIBLE for such a construction not to crumble or sink. In the MODERN construction industry, the engineers consider acceptable a sinking rate of 15 cm in 100 years. In 5,000 years (according to the official version, though there is evidence that the great pyramids may be 10,000 years old), the Great Pyramid, weighing 6,350,000 tons (14 billion pounds) sunk ONLY 1,5 cm!
5. In MODERN constructions, it’s an extraordinary achievement to keep each side of the building at a deviation of 15 cm (6 inches). But the great Pyramid has a deviation of ONLY 0,75 cm (0,25 inches). This is IMPOSSIBLE to replicate today with our entire modern technology.
6. The stone blocks are placed with a tolerance of 1,000- 2,000 of an inch, so precisely that a razor blade doesn’t fit between them.
7. The mathematicians say: during the construction of the pyramids, the Egyptians should have used several very advanced concepts and formulas, which have allegedly been discovered only THOUSANDS of years later.
8. The geographical orientation of the great pyramid is probably the most amazing characteristic. Its sides are almost perfectly placed from N-S and E-W, being almost perfectly oriented on Earth’s TRUE NORTH*. How was a civilization from the quasi stone age capable of determining the true North?
*The true north is calculated on a map, by using the longitudinal lines, and it’s different than the Magnetic North indicated by compass. The true north is located in the arctic regions of Canada and continuously changes its location depending on Earth’s magnetic field.
9. The construction of the Great Pyramid shows extraordinary astronomy knowledge. The constructors could measure the day, the year and could precisely determine the Equinox. They knew that Earth is a sphere and knew how to accurately calculate its longitude and latitude.
10. The studies showed that from the pyramid’s top an energetic vortex is emanated, that extends in diameter, the higher it reaches.
11. The studies also show that the Egyptian Sphinx is at least 5,000 older than the history books say, which means that is at least 10,000 years old (while others say it could be as old as 15,000 years).
12. In 1813, the astronomer Richard Procter discovered from ancient archives that the great pyramids were indeed aligned to the stars. It has been also discovered that the pyramids are highly receptive of radio energetic waves or even cosmic microwaves. Above the so called mortuary chamber inside the Great Pyramid, there are 5 huge granite tiles placed in layers, with spaces between them. The layers end with some kind of V shaped roof, pointing up.
13. According to the official version of history, the construction of the Great Pyramid alone, lasted for 20 years. The slaves worked in groups of 100,000 and were replaced every 3 months.
- For the Great Pyramid to be constructed in 20 years, one stone block (weighing 2,5-10 tons each) should have been placed EVERY three and a half minutes, working non stop, 24/24 hours, 7 days a week. It’s an absurd statement because we don’t have this kind of technology today!
14. The pyramids were constructed in the forth Egyptian Dynasty, which wasn’t very aggressive in the first place and didn’t even had a very powerful army. But even if it would have been a great military power, the necessary number of slaves could not have been met on an 8,000 km (5,000 miles) radius.
15. The corrupted historians want us to believe that the slaves lifted the huge stone blocks on ramps constructed around the pyramids, and that the ramps were demolished afterwards.
- Actually, the effort to build this gigantic ramps would have been greater than the construction of the pyramids. The debris from the Great Pyramid alone would have been of nearly 300,000,000 tones. But where are the debris? This enormous quantity can’t be hidden in the desert.
16. These historians also want us to believe that the massive stone blocks were carried to the construction site on massive rolling logs.
- The only available trees in the Ancient Egypt were the Date Palms. But these were the primary food source; it is very improbable that the Egyptians would have cut their main food source for this purpose.
- The log imports are excluded! At least 25,000,000 logs would have been needed, which is way above the entire Egyptian import industry of any kind, in their entire history.
- We should also take into account that the roads were made of stone, which would have made this task IMPOSSIBLE.
- But even if the Egyptians would have tried this, the massive stone blocks would have crushed the logs.
D. The Egyptians were not the architects, nor the constructors of the Pyramids!
1. It was also suggested that the stone blocks were in fact constructed from a superior type of concrete, not carved from stone.
2. The Great Pyramid is considered to be THE MOST IMPORTANT construction in Earth’s history, but there is not a single image, drawing, artifact or inventory list, no registry or depiction to tell of its construction. The Egyptians left us 3,000 years of written and photographic history, covering their entire history, but NOTHING about the pyramids of Giza. WHY?
3. But if the Egyptians are not the constructors of the pyramids, then who is? (Must-read article: The real builders o the pyramids).
In 1976, during Viking’s mission of exploring Mars, NASA received some shocking photographs. The first one shows a humanoid shaped construction which stretches for miles. NASA refused to photograph the area again, and only after much pressure agreed to take one more photograph.
In 1979, Viking sent a second photograph, showing the same structure but from a different angle. In the vicinity of the face, a pyramid (now called DNM Pyramid) appeared. As always, NASA rushed to deny, telling us that what we see it’s an optical illusion.
Much later, when technology advanced, a special program was used in order to three-dimensionally shape the pictures. The Martian face is 460 m high and over 1,7 km long. The study of other pictures close to that area, show multiple pyramids. This area received the name “The Cydonia Complex”.
In time, multiple studies showed that the Giza Pyramids are in fact a replica of those from the Cydonia Complex (and both a replica of the stars). Even our Sphinx is placed in the same position to our pyramids, as the Martian Sphinx is placed to the Cydonia pyramids. Going even further, the studies showed that the placement of the Giza Complex on Earth is on the same coordinates as the Cydonia Complex on Mars.
4. More evidence of the connection between Earth and Mars is the city of Cairo, Egypt’s capital. Cairo is placed right next to the Giza Complex.
But what does CAIRO mean? You will we amazed! Cairo is a Seleucid-Arab word and it means…MARS !!!
Update: Evidence that the Anunnaki might have built the pyramids.

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36,400 BC: The Historical time of the Zep Tepi Theory

 February 5, 2015   / 174 views  
     [url=http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=http://earthweareone.com/36400-bc-the-historical-time-of-the-zep-tepi-theory/&media=http://earthweareone.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/01-Sphinx-and-Great-Pyramids-150x150.jpg&description=36,400 BC: The Historical time of the Zep Tepi Theory] [/url]  

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 01-Sphinx-and-Great-PyramidsMany conjectures have been made concerning the monumental complex of Giza. Some of these fall within the theories of the so called “independent school of Egyptology”, of which they constitute a great part.

It is undeniable that “academic” Egyptology has greatly contributed to our knowledge of a unique and incomparable civilization, incredibly developed socially, artistically and scientifically. 

Unfortunately, academic Egyptologists have also persisted in misattributing some archaeological finds to Dynastic Egyptians, which I believe have little to do with that civilization. This has created confusion among researchers and has affected our comprehension of the prehistory of Egypt.

In the last 20 years, one of the most outstanding theories, in scientific terms, is that proposed by Robert Bauval, known as The Orion Correlation Theory.
He proposed a correlation between the major pyramids of Giza and the three largest stars forming the Belt of Orion. Particularly, he suggested that a perfect alignment between the former and the latter  occurred in the year 10,450 BC.

As a result of this, a fervid debate among scholars originated, which has long slowed, and at times even impeded, objective analysis of the pyramid complex.

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 02%2BAhmed-Osman-armando-robert
Ahmed Osman, Armando Mei, Robert Bauval and John Major Jenkins.

International Conference on Ancient Study, Zayed Univesity, Dubai. Photo Credit: Armando Mei

Still mysteries remain, for example, the dispute over the “Zep Tepi” (‘First Time’ or Golden Era). While academics agree to confine its purpose to mythology, I believe that their position conflicts with the long lists of sovereigns found so accurately transcribed in Egyptian documents and temples. 

I do not believe that the First Time is a myth, as it is regarded by some researchers. I assume that the Zep Tepi was an historical time of prosperity. 

In my opinion, all major monuments of Giza were built before the Dynastic Age to celebrate the Age of Osiris rule. But, when were the monuments of Giza built?

Astronomical Configuration & the Zep Tepi

I studied the astronomical configuration of the sky above Giza in the remote past. First of all, I analyzed the astronomical configuration concerning the sky above Giza in the year 10,450 BC (Bauval’s Theory).

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 03%2BOrion-Correlation-Theory
Bauval’s Orion Correlation Theory – Vernal Equinox 10,500 BC.
Al Nitak is not on the Meridian and not connected to the Great Pyramid.
 Sirius is under the Horizon. Planets have not a symbolic arrangement.

At the dawn of the vernal equinox, the Constellation of Lion is right on the ecliptic, while the Constellation of Orion is on the Meridian. Remarkable is the position of Mintaka, because this star lies on the Meridian while Alnitak has moved toward the south-east. 

In my opinion, this is not the right configuration, because I would expect to find Alnitak (the correspondent of the Great Pyramid, the most important monument of Giza) on the Meridian and not the pyramid of Mycerinus, the smaller pyramid of Giza. Any other astronomical object, close to the monuments of Giza, were in the Sky at that time.

The Age of the Zep Tepi

In the following table, what is most striking is the configuration of the sky above Giza in the year 36,420 BC. At the dawn of the vernal equinox, at an entire astronomical precessional cycle before 10,450 BC, all monuments of Giza were perfectly aligned with the constellations as follows:

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 04%2BSky-above-Giza
The Sky above Giza at Vernal Equinox in the year 36,400 BC: my proposal on Historical Golden 

Age of the Zep Tepi (processing by Armando Mei)

At the dawn of the vernal equinox.

The Lion constellation and Sphinx are closely connected to the East. The Orion constellation is on the Celestial Meridian, exactly above the Pyramids.  Most importantly, it’s a perfect connection between Al Nitak – the largest Star of the Belt of Orion – and the Great Pyramid, the biggest monument in the Giza Plateau.

The connection occurred only in this astronomical configuration and in no one astronomical alignment ever proposed by experts, from 2,000 AD to 100,000 BC.

As Al Nitak cuts the Celestial Meridian, so the Great Pyramid lies in the center of emerged lands, the main meridian and parallel intersection, or rather at the distance of 1/3 between the Equator and North Pole, symbolizing the “natural zero” for longitude.

Moreover, there are many astronomical guidelines proving the concept of the Beginning of a New Age. First of all, the planets positions. 

They are positioned in the south-east hemisphere, as though following the rising Sun through its movement along the ecliptic. In particular, the Moon is a New Moon, and it’s positioned just below the celestial horizon, ready to follow the Sun’s movement towards the light.

Symbolism Analysis

The seven planets are positioned along the ecliptic in a perfect row, fixing the beginning of the New Era. Just below the ecliptic, the New Moon gives way to Sunrise – the rebirth of the New Light – that will flood the Land of Egypt, bringing lifeblood for new crops. 

In a few moments, the Moon will follow the god Sun-Ra, through its astronomical move; while all courtiers-planets, waiting for him, will be darkened by its vitality.

In its rising path, the Sun-Ra will have its first stop at the foot of the Lion Constellation-Sphinx, where it will meet Jupiter-Temple of Valley; Jupiter symbolizes the Father of the Gods, and it’s an expressive symbol of Justice.

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 05%2BLion-Constellation-meets-Mercury-and-Jupiter
Giza 36,400 BC – Lion Constellation meets Mercury and Jupiter – Two mysterious temples have planets proportional values (processing by Armando Mei) Sun-Ra then meets Mercury-Temple of the Sphinx, the Messenger of the Gods, ready to accomplish its function: give forth the Beginning of the Zep Tepi.

The arrangement of two planets, in conjunction with the star Regulus, has an amazing meaning. 

If we take a look at the Sphinx, there are two temples at its feet; the buildings, characterized by colossal and mysterious columns, were built at the same time as the Pyramids and represent Jupiter and Mercury.

In his climbing path, that will lead it to the Zenith, Sun-Ra meets Venus, symbolizing Love, Passion and Beauty. The planet is located in the south-east quadrant, almost half way from the Zenith. 

It is not an accidental position, and also it is the astronomical connection that gave birth to the original symbolic meaning of “unity of Opposite. An “astronomical wedding” takes place between different cosmic objects – a planet and a star – before walking together to the sunset.

Lastly, the Sun meets Mars, the red planet, symbolizing Power. It is time to establish the Rule over the Universe, sitting on the throne of the Sky, so as for Osiris when he ruled over the Land of Egypt, starting the Age of the Zep Tepi.

Now, the Sun-Ra is at the Zenith. Everything has been accomplished according to the Laws of Astronomy.  Passing the Zenith, the Sun-Ra goes through the ecliptic, in the south-west quadrant, where Saturn is waiting.

Observing the astronomical map, a curious detail strikes: all planets, whose names are associated with the days of the week, are on the ecliptic. It is very intriguing to note that the planet of rest, Saturn-Saturday, is located exactly in the south-west quadrant, the place of death for Ancient Egyptians. 

The disposition of Saturn is very fascinating. In Hebrew traditions, they consider Saturday as the day of rest, dedicating it for celebrating the Lord. It means that Hebrew Traditions could have been influenced by memories of Zep Tepi.

Isis-Sirus & the Zep Tepi

Ancient Texts of Pyramids told us about connections between the Star Sirius and the Goddess Isis. She played a great role after the death of Osiris, at the climax of the Zep Tepi. 

So, when Giza was projected, the builders gave her a key role; they built a monument to celebrate the goddess who preserved Egypt. The monument is located south-east of the Sphinx, known as the Tomb of Khentkhaus.

As I explain in my book “The Gods Secret”, three clues prove my purpose:

1) a correct interpretation of the Inventory Stele;
2) Star Sirius position in the sky above Giza in the year 36,400 BC.
3) proportional connections between physical values of the Star and dimensions of the Monument.  

Correct interpretation of Inventory Stele hieroglyphs is essential to explain where her monument was built.

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 06%2BAbstract-from-Inventory-Stele
Abstract from Inventory Stele. Credit: Armando Mei)

The academic interpretation of the inscription is is:
“He [Cheops] found that the temple of Isis, lady of the pyramid, was near the temple of the Sphinx (…)”
A correct interpretation of the hieroglyphs gives the following translation:
“He [Cheops] found that the temple of Isis was beside the pyramid near the temple of the Sphinx (…)”
The hieroglyph, shown below, is the key to the mystery. Academics have misunderstood the meaning of the phrase. The hieroglyph comes into the sentence twice… first, it means “beside”, and second it means “near”. Egyptologists have translated it only once, making a remarkable mistake in translation.

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 06%2Bhieroglyph-armando

So, according to the Inventory Stele there is a monument beside the Pyramid near the Sphinx. But where? Take a look at the Astronomical Map. Sirius is just above the horizon between the Lion and Orion constellations.

The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE 07%2BLost-Tomb-of-Khentkhaus_0
Lost Tomb of Khentkhaus is the correspondent of the Star Sirius (processing by Armando Mei)

The Tomb of Khentkhaus has the following property:

  • The lower part was built at the same time as the Pyramids and Sphinx;
  • The lower part of the tomb has water erosion so to as the Sphinx;
  • Its base is entirely carved in the rock and has a spiral shape. Its transposition on a plane surface is equal to the orbital movement of Sirius;
  • Khentkhaus’ tomb proportions are very close to some Sirius physical parameters, for example: Tomb height is 10mt.; in Egyptian cubits is: 22.37. Sirius brightness is 22.40. (Difference  -0,03); Area of the Tomb is: 2083.9 square meters. Sirius Mass is 1/1000 of this value: 2,15  (Difference -0,067); Tomb Perimeter is: 182.6 mt. Sirius Radius is 1/100 of this value: 1.88 (Difference -0.054);.
  • Sirius Angular Separation from East is: 67°59’22”; Khentkhaus Tomb position from East is: 67°32’00”, a difference of 0°27’22”.

In conclusion, the lower part of the Khentkhaus tomb is the Ancient Throne of Isis!

That’s the hermetic message that the Lost Civilization of Giza wanted to convey. In the Age of Lion, preceding the perfect alignment that Bauval suggested, an extraordinary event took place. 

This event marked the climax of an amazingly developed civilization, that managed to colonize emerged lands and whose fingerprints have resisted the passing of time, but who wished to leave a record of their presence on Earth.

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