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Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution

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Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on February 15, 2015

Some Secret Space War Contractors and Secret Agencies have been infiltrated, mind-kontrolled and hijacked by Alien ETs who are deploying an incredibly Evil Agenda which includes the use of high powered Psychotronics to mind-kontrol the masses, Terra-forming to prepare the Earth for Alien Settlements, followed by a planned near total extermination of humans. All Americans must learn the truth and withdraw consent by taking back our USG from the Organized Crime Cabal which has been hijacked by Evil Alien ETs and is doing its "Dirty Work."

Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Dd395-Darpa5

by  Preston James

This article is written for the clandestine, spook community and ex-military with some working knowledge of Intel and the UFO/Alien ET “problem.”  If you are not up to speed on UFO or Alien ET issues, you are probably wasting your time reading this article. A number of video clips are included, so you may want to come back and read this article in sections. It is very difficult to obtain information about the American Secret Space War Fleet, the Majestic Twelve study and control Group for all UFO and Alien ET matters, and quite difficult to get actual valid information about the Alien Agenda which is now being deployed through privatized, highly specialized, beyond-black, Defense Contractors hijacked by an evil alien group. This article is an attempt to pen the door of secrecy a bit wider and provide as much information as possible to Veterans Today readers. Although several VT Directors have top Secret “Beyond-Black” Space War Clearances, none of the information in this article was provided by any of them.

Many Veterans Today readers know from numerous VT articles published about the ongoing Secret Space War, Alien ET Treaties, and Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs) that super high-tech alien technology was exchanged for repeated access to human subjects by serial abductions.
Over the last few years VT has supplied far more real inside Secret Space war information than anyone else. Normally anyone involved in such disclosures would be terminated with extreme prejudice in days or even hours by very strange men dressed in expensive suits driving new or almost new black Lincoln or Ford Town Cars. These men are referred to as “Men in Black” (aka MIBs).
Insiders have reported to friends that these MIBs are alien ET/Human hybrids or Aliens able to make themselves appear as humans and can function inter-dimensionally.

hanks to Steven Greer MD who organized over two hundred insiders who worked in areas of the Military and had witnessed evidence proving there were Alien ETs visiting earth and flying ultra high tech anti-gravity craft (SGCs). Dr. Greer has done a lot to change the scenery with many private and productive negotiations with Congress.
Dr. Greer tried very hard to get serious Congressional hearings set up to investigate Alien ETs and UFOs, as did US Representative Steven Schiff from NM, but so far these have not materialized. Representative Schiff was allegedly murdered by the MIBs for pushing too hard to expose the Roswell secret and trying to arrange for ground-breaking Congressional Hearings.
The usual weapon of choice has been strange highly-malignant fast spreading cancers.
Dr. Greer has created a situation where many Secret Space War leakers now feel safe and understand that any secrecy agreements they entered into are null and void because they are criminal.
Greer’s Disclosure Project created a major turning point in the disclosure process by which insider witnesses reports get communicated openly with no Secret Shadow Government prosecutions or terminations, which were previously the norm before Dr. Greer’s excellent work. Because all Secret Space Wars have been so highly compartmented, most who witnessed evidence of Anti-Gravity Craft (AGCs) or ETs on the ground or in treaty-based joint human/ET work situations never knew the full story or ever had a chance to get it.
Dr. Greer has apparently been briefed on the evil anti-human Alien ETs, the high number of abductions or the incidents of crash-recovered UFOs with cannibalized humans on board, which suggest that Dracos in some cases consume humans as food. There have been incidents of strange murders of leakers by MIBS often disguised as suicides, aka “arkensides”, and covered up by civilian or military police who are either mind-kontrolled, or have been told to follow directions and are too afraid to not do so. There is a bigger long term historical record that goes all the way back to ancient Babylon through Khazaria, aka Transylvania, and now through the World Zionists (WZs) based in the City of London, the New Crusaders, formerly the Teutonic Zionists or Hanseatic League.

t is apparent that some select Secret Space War Contractors became criminal enterprises over the years and it has been reported that these were infiltrated and hijacked by a certain incredibly evil group, the Dracos.
It has reached the point where some top Congressional Intel Committee members have taken the position privately that most of the Secret Space War activities have been conducted criminally, and therefore any witness coming forth and disclosing cannot be prosecuted for violating their secrecy agreements and must be protected. There is safety in groups and Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project has provided that, as well as a compelling set of DVD video of their history-making private disclosure hearings, which had numerous elected officials present and participating.
The harassment of Secret Space War leakers has lightened up over the last several years.
In past years typically the less the leaker knew overall, the more likely he was to get threatened by American Intel Agents with prosecution and 10 years in jail, no appeal allowed, a quick secret biased trial with no bail and sealed court records, but without getting terminated. If the leaker had gained serious direct information about AGCs or Alien ETs or worked on projects directly with or near them that was a different matter and he was more likely to get a visit from MIBs and had a much higher chance of a spontaneous termination if his knowledge level was high.
Over the years these men have been called men in black and they have been the replacements for the earlier men in brown who wore brown suits, wide-brimmed hats and drove pristine older large luxury cars like Lincoln Continentals and big Chrysler 300’s.
Some years later it was learned that a special Intel group run out of Kelly AFB had assembled a special team of “block-headed” weird looking large military Intel men to imitate the Men in Brown and use their methods to cover up top secret USAF UFO tests.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Digest-RHas the original Majestic Twelve Study and Control group expanded over the years and changed its agenda from “disclosure must be forever verboten” to “we must progressively and systematically disclose over time in an orderly fashion”?
It has now been reported from peripheral sources that the Study Group which controls the dissemination of information about ETs and the joint treaties which have been established has changed its composition in recent years, with more from other nations added to form an international working group.
There was always a split in Majestic Twelve, but the senior men always voted against any official disclosure because certain Alien ET groups they had negotiated treaties with for ultra high technology in exchange for access to human and animal genetic material had included that in their treaties and both sides wanted it.
And here is where it gets quite strange, despite this study group assembled from different nations to study and manage the Alien ET and Secret Space War matters, individual nations and defense warfare corporations have their own special arrangements or treaties with different Alien ET groups.
It is now suspected that the City of London, a private nation, has been infected with a treaty for high technology, especially mind-kontrol technology, with an anti-human group referred to as the Dracos.
This group apparently is associated with Annunakis from ancient Sumerian and Babylonian times and specializes in Babylonian Money Magic, Black Magic, and deep black arts surrounding secret death cult Luciferian (Satan) worship, which requires continual human sacrifice and mass death by staged wars for profit.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution 402_s2The first American Treaties with Alien ETs.
The Alien ET groups with which the first American treaties were made turned out to be quite sinister. The Alien ETs were doing many evil things to humans and animals. But because of some interesting Cosmic Rules of Play, they were actually afraid of open disclosure to the public because they understood that secrecy allowed them to continue their evil ways, and disclosure would put an end to their sinister powers on Earth.
More on these Cosmic Rules later in this article and their relationship to Human free will, consent and ignorance of ETs which is required for these incredibly “evil beyond imagination” entities to function on Earth with any power and effectiveness. And there is a sinister relationship between these evil ET entities and the non-corporeal evil entities, which serve as private consiglieries for the self-proclaimed “Illuminati” rulers who run the large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that is the World’s largest parasite and is comprised of Teutonic Zionists, aka the New World Crusaders, who want to set up an Illuminati NWO Kingdom in Jerusalem and seat their World Zionist Dictator. All this will be covered in the last part of the article.
American Secret Space War Contractors go criminal and develop deep black “off the books funding” from worldwide narcotics and weapons trafficking, and engineered proxy wars fought by mercenary groups.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution IWouldTell48_small1-320x314
Secret Space War Patch by Trevor Paglin which emphasizes that some Alien ETs eat humans. The Latin phrase translates as “tastes like chicken” and a knife and fork is displayed.
These American treaties became absorbed by private Defense (Secret Space War) Contractors and essentially became privatized. At the same time these private contractors were actually hijacked by the Bush Crime Cabal and their CIA and drifted into large scale criminal activities to raise black “off the books” funding. But their criminal ways became habitual and ever expanding and they worked with the World Zionists and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) to pre-stage and socially engineer major wars.
This was done to get their hands on massive black funding, but also a much more sinister purpose, to feed the negative energy needs of the Dracos who essentially had gained control of their minds through their associations with little Grey genetically engineered and hived androids.
So essentially what happened, a Secret Shadow Government emerged around this Alien ET collaboration and resulted in the private contractors gaining enough power to work with the IZCS to hijack most American Institutions in order to enact an Evil Alien Agenda that had infected the minds of the principals and controllers of these private Secret Space War Contractors.
Relationships and treaties between Secret Space War Contractors and Alien ETs expanded and diversified over the years.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Paglin
A very interesting book of real special access program patches by Trevor Paglin. These were made up at the request of the program participants and pilots not the USG so they are not classified.
But over the years more ET “Ambassadors” approached Majestic Twelve members as well as the larger Nations of the World and various new treaties have been negotiated. Several new major World Nations had negotiated directly with Alien ET groups. Suffice it to say that some of these Alien ET groups appear to be less evil and parasitical and actually have negotiated arrangements into their treaties for gradual disclosure, done in ways that will not panic the people of this World.
Some of the older Majestic Twelve men and the private Secret Space War Contract Corporations they are closely associated with or actually run, some privatized, some purely governmental, continue to be hostile to disclosure because they know it will spread and in a short time all their secret funding will become exposed and the Public will want to get involved and change their specific programs and cut off the criminal enterprises providing obscene amounts of income. They know disclosure will eventually become near complete and will quickly erode their black funding, much of which is based on many societal evils like narcotics trafficking and staged wars.
There are reports from insiders that the younger Majestic Twelve folks want disclosure, but they want it done in stages through TV shows, movies, internet and books and they want it done progressively and slowly so as not to induce panic or seriously disturb business markets. And the younger embers want all the criminal funding enterprises that are anti-human and parasitical cleaned up and eliminated. they also want the evil Alien ETs exposed and defeated and their human associates who they have supported for years in order to have their negative energy needs met also defeated.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution IWouldTell22_small-287x320
This phrase was very commonly used by folks working in Secret Space War special access “beyond black” programs. It was used as a joke, i.e. black humor, but was also considered a serious warning to not disclose what one was working on to outsiders and not to ask questions or sek information outside of your own area.
There have been some reports that Majestic twelve has been expanded and has some new affiliated subgroups which are allowed full access to “be read in” on all the MJ secret documents as part of a new gradual disclosure policy.
Due to these claimed recent changes by the top members of this “MJ study group” which now controls a substantial proportion of the treaties between Alien ETs and various large Governments of the World, disclosure is not just being allowed in systematic, progressive steps as it was for the last twenty years, but is allegedly being now actually mandated by the Top Directors of Majestic 12.
It appears that the American Secret Space War Defense System has become bifurcated between good elements that are consorting and merged with evil Alien ETs and other groups which are involved with Alien ETs that appear benevolent to humans.
There are some contractors that are known to be completely evil and under the total control of Aliens and are enacting their alien agenda to deploy high powered ultra-hightech psychotronics.
This deployment of ultra-hightech pychotronics is an attempt to completely Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Sheeple-19mind-kontrol humans all over the World, in order to them lead them into war, starvation and a quite radical 90% worldwide population reduction while terra-forming the planet for re-population by their own kind as well as a substantial number of their newly created race of greys or “droids” which will serve as their slaves and serfs.
It seems evident that American MJ folks now have mandated disclosure and are in process of disclosing.
Part of this is that it is alleged to be required by some treaties, but there is also a recognition that the current private Fiat Banking System which is little more than a criminal Counterfeiting System run by the World Zionist’s Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) working out of the City of London Financial district is actually a house of cards and is going to fail anyway and would be a good time to disclose.
It is likely that disclosure of Alien ET visitors is now mandated by Majestic Twelve to be revealed in progressive steps and in as positive terms as possible to prevent undue panic with the public.
This Alien ET/anti-gravity secret is the greatest secret of mankind ever and its public disclosure by high ranking officials of the USG in whatever form it occurs will be revolutionary and will send shock-waves around the World bringing great relief to many who always sensed Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft were real. But it will also crush many of the Peoples’ view that the USG was a benevolent parent figure that would never lie to them.

This expected initial negative reaction by the masses to complete disclosure of Alien ETs and anti-gravity craft (AGCs) will be overcome by the US Official that is made responsible for the public disclosure. This spokesperson will simply state that some of these Alien ETs have been hostile and secrecy at first was paramount to dealing with them effectively because it would have weakened America economically and harmed our military deterrence in the world (AKA mutually assured destruction). It will be explained that the folks placed in charge of ET matters have a new more open view and believe Americans have a right to know the Truth. It will also be explained that the US Space War Fleet has attained weapons parity with these evil Alien ETs and can now defeat them as long as we provide adequate funding for these efforts.
Disclosure could be used by a new Presidential Candidate for 2016 and this could be a major game changer and would probably assure a wide based victory.
One of the main factors that made majestic 12 members reluctant to disclose the truth about Alien ET visitors was their astute recognition that the USG would have one heck of a lot of explaining to do why they continued to lie and deceive the American people since 1947 about these Alien ET visitors and their anti-gravity craft (AGCs). And they have believed for a long time that the American people would never forgive the USG and never, ever trust the USG again. Howver the younger MJs see it differently and are tired of the large Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal using secrecy used as a cover for their organized crime activities which are parasitical on Americans and humanity.
The disclosure solution the older MJs wanted was to wait until younger more open minded generations grew up that would be more “other directed” and “cloned” (aka “hived”) than the depression era/WW2 generation who they judged would never forgive them.
Of course the central quest was why did the High Military command quickly decide to lock-down all UFO and Alien ET matters the same day as the Roswell incident right after the news paper and radio bulletins that a crashed flying saucer was recovered? This was ordered by a high ranking “old school” Army Air Force General Ramey who was concerned it would seriously erode the US Army Air Force’s military air power supremacy that had been gained during WW2 and would allow the Soviets to quickly get the upper hand.
The US Secret Space War Defense Operations are not only privatized but divided. Unless things have cg=hanged we have a USAF Space War Fleet of anti-gravity craft (AGCs), a US Navy Fleet of Anti-gravity craft (AGC’s) and what started out as a G& or NATO group fleet, now perhaps expanded to include the Russian Federation. But is has gotten very complex because Russia  China, England and even some small nations have their own working arrangements with different Alien ET groups, some of these appear to be human friendlies and other appear to be parasitical human mass-murderers.
It is believed that the World Zionists based in the City of London and their controllers based in Germany have had a long standing treaty with the evil alien group the Dracos going back to the middle ages. It is also believed that the City of ondon has been dedicated to them and their Black Arts which include ancient Babylonian Money Magic, the art of making money from nothing (aka secret but massive counterfeiting, Fiat Currency, or Fractional Reserve Banking, the greatest financial fraud in history).
Is the City of London Financial District a pure Draco City?
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Bd-034-265x3202
Statute of a Draco Warrior defending the City of London Rothschild WZ Financial District
These Rothschild World Zionists from the City of London and Germany have been reported to believe that the Dracos will guard over the City of London and protect them from all opponents if they continue to follow their evil Alien ET Agenda and provide negative energy released by mass painful death and maximum human suffering.
These World Zionists (WZs) are know to be controlled by the Rothschild banking Family who proudly fly the hex star which is the assembly to two triangles, an upward facing triangle representing evil Luciferian (Satanic) Beast or what is known as Annunaki blood, and a downward facing triangle representing female human blood.
It was the Rothschild Banksters that financed the Israeli Knesset as a pure high Freemasonry building filled with esoteric and satanic symbology. In 1947 the nation Israel was created as the private playground and safe haven for the Rothschilds and also to serve as their worldwide base of operation for its worldwide IZCS Crime Cabal activities.
Has there been a merger of evil ET Draco Blood with human female blood to form a soulless hybrid that appears human but has no apparent soul or has had it “snatched?”?
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Unnamed2-2
This Norwegian statue symbolizes the mating of a Draco Warrior male with a human female to form hybrids that look human but are soulless, parasitical and incredibly evil destroyers of humans and humans society, aka the World Zionists, or formerly the Teutonic Zionists or the New Crusaders.Some believe that it was the head Draco Lucifer that bred with Eve and then Adam in the Garden, and was the father of Cain and the originator of all human sexual perversions as well as the line of Cain which is now characterized by the hexstar and the the double cross..
Most of the Judaic faith claim that the hex star is the Star of Hebrew King David, but that is not so. It was never flown by Judaics until after 700 AD, nor was the name Jew even used until then. Judah was but one of the twelve tribes of ancient Hebrew Israel and Israel was a nation of believers in Yahweh not Lucifer which is what its top leaders are into in secret (aka Babylonian Talmudism which is Kabbalism or covert Luciferianism or Satanism). Ever heard the phrase, “don’t hex me”, or “she put a hex on him.”
The hex star represents ultimate evil and most Judaics have no idea at all. Their ignorance of its true meaning shows the extent to which the Draco Mind-kontrol forged many of them, especially those living in Israel, into malignant Judaic Tribalists which suffer from a mass paranoid delusion that all Goyim are subhumans and want to destroy them.
This is held as a hard core belief by many Baylonian Talmudic Judaic Tribalist leaders who have infiltrated and hijacked most American Institutions of Government through well funded Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC, JINSA, the ADl and he like. These malignant Judaic tribal leaders believe that America society and all other “Goyim” societies must be destroyed and replaced with societies constructed and run by Babylonian Talmudists.
Some believe that the Dracos were destroyed and booted from earth once before.
It is known that the Dracos have been on Planet Earth at least one other time in the past and was driven out or completely destroyed. Some say that the Earth is the “Forbidden Planet”, that there are Cosmic rules of play that are supposed to be obeyed by Alien ETs and non-corporeal inter-dimensional beings. Others including Deists, Christians and legitimate Islamic Clerics believe that they were driven out by God Almighty for violating heir rules and visiting and occupying Planet Earth as a death cult negative energy parasites.

Privatized Secret Space War Contractors are now self-funding from black operations, narcotics and mercenary wars and have essentially been mind-kontrolled and hijacked by some evil Alien ETs and are now being used to deploy sinister Alien ET psychotronic Mind-kontrol weapons to inflict an evil Alien Agenda upon all Americans.
Because some of the now complete privatized Secret Space War contractors have become independent of any serious USG control and have made private working arrangement with certain Alien ET groups which are evil, they have infiltrated about one half of American Intel and are using these agencies to inflict an evil Alien Agenda on Americans and perhaps all humans all over the whole Planet. Despite all this the legitimate US Secret Space War forces have apparently reached weapons parity with these evil alien ET groups and the private contractors they have mind-kontrolled and merged with in order to inflict their evil Alien Agenda.
The Alien Agenda which is now being deployed.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Alien-midway
Large Greys and small Greys work for the Dracos and follow their order to a “T.” Small Greys are believd to be gene-spliced and cloned “Droids.”
The Alien Agenda is to use ultra-hightech, high powered psychotronic weapons systems to mind-kontrol, and hive humans into an easily controllable cloned group mind, while terra-forming the earth and then radically depopulating the Earth of humans by 90% so that they can repopulate the Earth with more of themselves and their gene-splice artificially created small grey droid which are their servants and serfs.
Aerosol spraying uin the upper atmospher by deep black aircraft serves multiple purposes. It provides an advanced form of radar, but also serves to poison the soil to cfaete future famine and alse provide toxic chemicals and specific electronic particles to be ingested in humans.
These ingested particles can easily cross the blood brain barrier and enter and circulate in the brain to rest in certain targeted ares where they can be directly stimulated by advanced psychotronics to entrain the brain, create foreign thoughts, group or individual delusion and even voices folks think are either self-talk or hallucinations. These nano particles have been engineered to be flashable nano-electronic stimulation circuits and can also be used to identify and track those who have ingested them by cell phone towers and the new cube satellites once the system is fully deployed.
Famine is being artificially engineered, as is a severe water shortage, as are GMO crops. And all this is being done to be able to easily “thin the herd” down to the 10% level whenever these Dracos decide to activate these sinister systems of disease and death. meantime they are using the usual mass death and suffering by war, famine and disease. The allopathic American medical system does a great job with surgeries and other miraculous treatments, but understands little about the true etiology of most diseases which is caused by environmental poisons, highly contaminated toxic vaccines filled with fertility reducing RNA and slow acting catalytic “stealth” viruses which can be later activated by another virus like the common cold or even activated psychotronically.
Unless stopped these evil Dracos intend to radically depopulate the earth of humans as their Final Solution.” They have always despised all humans and animals that live on Planet earth. Some Christian Pastors and Islamic Clerics believe that it is because they are empowered by Lucifer or Satan and are actually Fallen Angels, Demons or Djinns. What ever they are it is pretty certain they want to kill off all humans and get a negative energy fix from ministering painful death and human suffering to the masses.
Here is the good news, apparently these Dracos can be stopped when the human mass consciousness rises and enough people come to understand that we have been invaded by an Evil Alien group. Once this secret becomes public, their power wanes and does the disclosure of their Cutout the WZs use of secret Babylonian Money Magic and the Black Satanic Arts of secret murder, mass murder through engineered war, and mass mind-kontrol now being deployed through ultra-hightech psychotronics. And as we expose the WZ’s OCC and remove its money power by decapitating them from their elastic Rothschild WZ Fiat Counterfeiting system, we can actually take back America at the same time.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution 1307MAE_TF_D-Wavefridgewiri
One of the early quantum computers which features inter-dimensional computing based on distant particle entanglement by shared electrons.
The high tech psychotronics now being deployed by the NSA which has been completely hijacked by Dracos are controlled by Vesuvius the World’s Largest Quantum computer at the Bluffdale, Utah NSA station allegedly interfaced with a living artificially grown AI brain, and run by Alien ETs that enter through an underground tunnel connecting Bluffdale to their DUMB at Richmond about 70 miles away.
In order for humans to give consent or virtual consent they must be seriously “dirtied up” by becoming addicted to serious “sins” against others humans and function as soulless psychopaths like the Dracos and the WZs. This can be accomplished by the OCC offering and pushing alcohol, narcotics and other intoxicating substances which can lead to serious addictions if abused.
There are other ways individuals can “lose their souls.” One is psychotronic targeting and harassment. If an individual is weak-minded, too other directed and has no strong internal character or socialized sense of right and wrong and basic morality that remains lifelong, their soul can be snatch electronically over time quite easily thus creating consent for the Alien ET Agenda.
Yes, this concept soul-snatching or losing ones soul is very difficult to understand but good inside sources have confirmed this can be done and is now deployed by the Draco controlled NSA, a notably RICO criminal organization working for the WZ’s OCC.
It is an unfortunate condition of our Secet Space War with the Dracos that they have infiltrated and hijacked our own NSA and other USG and privatize Intel Agencies to deply ultra-high tech psychotronics as sophisticated covert, Mind-kontrol “Mind War” non-touch weapons against We The People. If we become informed we can break the secrecy and stop giving consent to these criminal operations by the WZ’s OCC which has hijacked most of the USG.
Listen to this first interview Here with Robert Duncan by Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and then compare it to the later one below. Was it damage control of did Jesse exaggerate things? You decide.

One humans wake up and become fully informed they can withdraw consent at all levels from the criminal Secret Shadow Government, the World Zionists (WZs) and their Organized Crime Cabal (OCC). Over time this alone will end the Dracos evil reign and parasitical control of humankind through the WZs.
Now just imagine if we get a new President soon that will do all this on our behalf beginning with full and honest disclosure. And there are some reports that other more benevolent and human friendly Alien ET groups are at war with the Dracos too and are helping to expose them and destroy their Money Power based on Babylonian Money magic aka Fiat Counterfeiting or Fractional reserve Central banking, the greatest financial fraud in history.
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Image001
Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution Gordonduff-for-us-president71
Bonus document:  For those who are well informed about most Intel matters and who want more information on the secret war between the USAF (Aquatech) and the USN (Comm 12) over Psychotronic and other Mindwar (Mind-kontrol) weapons deployed against the public which culminated with the attack on the Pentagon by the BCC and the IZCS. This article was [url=http://www.stopthecrime.net/COMM 12 BRIEFING001 %281%29.pdf]an official Comm 12 Psyops training briefing[/url] for new Psyops Officers. This was a 1992 top secret “eyes only” briefing.

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