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Zecharia Sitchin And The End Of Days

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1Zecharia Sitchin And The End Of Days Empty Zecharia Sitchin And The End Of Days on Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:10 am


Zecharia Sitchin And The End Of Days

 February 22, 2015   / 97 views  

Zecharia Sitchin And The End Of Days Zacharia-Sitchin Sometimes it is difficult not to be cynical about the ‘apocalypse-de-jour’ that tends to sweep through our world every few years. Who can forget the Y2K fever that produced some rather amusing TV commercials in late 1999?
Whilst this can be entertaining there is a more serious side to the legendary ‘End of Days’.

The belief that we are all headed towards some kind of apocalypse or final battle between good and evil is a widely held view, not only by fundamentalist factions, but by all believers of Western religions.
[Zecharia Sitchin with his favorite Sumerian seal, which depicts the giant [url=http://humansarefree.com/search/label/The Anunnaki]Anunnaki[/url] god Enki, offering agriculture to mankind. It also accurately depicts our solar system]
Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have prophecies describing a final judgment and the return, or the first appearance, of a messiah-like figure.

Where did this predilection for ‘Judgment and Disaster’ from on high come from?

For Zecharia Sitchin  (1920-2010, pictured above), author of the famous Earth Chronicles , a series of seven books that tracks the interaction by an alien species on our planet in ancient times, this question along with a myriad of unexplained phenomena, has been the driving force of his life-work.

He believes that the fascination, particularly with the mysterious Mayan calendar which ends on December 21, 2012, is simply a reflection of a pattern deliberately laid deep within our collective psyche by visitors from another planet. 

In his latest book, aptly named The End of Days, Armageddon and the Prophecies of the Return , Sitchin addresses these and other questions.

According to Sitchin, a planet called Nibiru  known as the 12th planet had a catastrophic collision with Tiamat, a planet in our solar system that used to be between Mars and Jupiter. The enormous collision formed the planet Earth, the asteroid belt, and the Moon. 

Nibiru is the home-planet of a technologically advanced human-like alien race, [url=http://humansarefree.com/search/label/The Anunnaki]the Anunnaki[/url], which means ‘those who came from heaven to earth’ of the Sumerian myth. It is the farther-most planet of our solar system, and only comes into view on earth every 3,600 years or so. 

In his books, Sitchin claims the Anunnaki came in search of gold particles  they used to preserve their planet’s atmosphere. They subsequently genetically engineered our species as slave workers to work in their gold mines.

In his books Sitchin describes how an Anunnaki goddess engineered the ‘Adam’  by blending 80 percent of the earth-generated specimen and 20 percent of the superior Anunnaki specimen. 

Sumerians depicted their goddess creator holding snakes in a double helix form  with thin bars connecting between them in a spiral fashion, a perfect representation of the double-helix DNA spiral. The intertwined snake insignia is also our modern day symbol for the field of medicine.

Then, mysteriously, the Anunnaki left our planet leaving ‘prophecies’ and signs of their return some time in the far distant future. These prophecies are written in the Bible and in other ancient literature.

However, according to Sitchin, the Anunnaki continue to have a presence in our solar system.

In his book Genesis Revisited , Sitchin recounts a hushed up event regarding the loss, in 1989, of a Soviet spacecraft, Phobos 2, sent to explore Mars and its moonlet Phobos. The project was supported by NASA and other European agencies and yet two spacecraft apparently just ‘vanished‘ without explanation.

Phobos 2 did make it to Mars and started to send back photographs taken by two cameras, however, alarmingly they included a picture of the shadow of a cigar-shaped object flying in the planet’s skies between the Soviet craft and the surface of Mars. 

The last picture Phobos 2 sent showed a missile coming at it from the moonlet. Immediately after that the spacecraft stopped transmitting.
Zecharia Sitchin And The End Of Days Phobos%2B2%2BII%2B-%2B1989%2B-%2BCigar%2BUFO%2B-%2Bmissile
Sitchin believes that the missile used to destroy the spacecraft was part of the Anunnaki’s ‘robotic presence‘ on Mars and could indicate a facility being readied for a future revisit. 
“Put it together,” says Sitchin. “It suggests an intent for a return.”
Whilst there have been many skeptics, Sitchin’s collective works continue to fire the collective imagination. Since their publication, the public have searched the skies for the illusive planet. 

Then in 1983 NASA  discovered a ‘Neptune-sized planet’ using an infra-red satellite, which could scan the edges of the solar system detecting heat-emitting celestial bodies. The discovery made headlines but was quickly retracted as a ‘misunderstanding’.

Whether the planet has been discovered or not, Sitchin suggests we put our telescopes aside for a while as Nibiru’s next return is not until approximately the year 2900. 

However, he tantalisingly suggests that, “any notion that the Anunnaki limited their comings and goings to a single short window at the planet’s perigee is incorrect. They could keep coming and going at other times as well,” he states, concluding that if the Anunnaki could create a new species and travel in space, a minor glitch such as the movement of their planet would hardly deter them.

The Anunnaki have left us with many signs of their presence and many gifts we continue to use today. Not the least of which is our understanding of the precessions and the signs of the zodiac. 

One common thread in all prophecies, from Nostradamus to the Hopi Indians, is that signs will be seen in the sky.

Sitchin suggests these signs are in fact the ever moving precessions which were first outlined by the Anunnaki in ancient Sumeria.

The precession results from the fact that as the earth completes one annual orbit around the sun, it does not return to the exact celestial spot. There is a slight retardation which amounts to one degree in every 72 years. 

Thus over a period of 2,160 years a different constellation appears on the horizon as the sun rises on the vernal (spring) equinox. Currently we remain in the final stages of the Age of Pisces. 

It appears that from the most ancient of times the heavens were divided into twelve parts, and the zodiacal circle of constellations, we still refer to in our daily newspapers, have their origins in Sumeria rather than with the Greek astronomer Hipparchus in the third century BCE.

Whilst there are many people studying the Mayan calendar, Sitchin believes that there are some “fallacious assumptions” in the calculation of the Mayan information. 

In The End of Days , he states that the Baktun, a count that lasts 144,000 days, actually belongs not to the Mayans, but to the Olmecs, Africans who came to Mesoamerica when the God/Anunnaki Thoth was exiled from Egypt. 

The number 52 was Thoth’s magical number, and when calculated correctly, the date becomes the year 2087.

Sitchin offers evidence that other scientists, namely Sir Isaac Newton, put forward alternative interpretations of biblical prophecies. Best known for his formulation of natural laws governing celestial motions, Newton also wrote length papers on prophecy. 

He paid particular attention to the mathematics in the biblical book of Daniel. A recent BBC documentary ‘Newton: The Dark Heretic’ revealed that the year 2060 was his calculated date for ‘doomsday’. 

It is interesting to note that the original Newton manuscript is currently in the archives of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

Perhaps the most controversial element in Sitchin’s collective work, and particularly his latest book, is that the biblical prophecies so many people interpret as signs from a transcendent God appear to have been issued by these extra-terrestrials to keep order and control the minds of humankind. 

Whilst this may offend many believers, there is ultimately nothing new in this bold supposition.

These beliefs were the cornerstone of a faith that was destroyed by the church in the Middle Ages. The Gnostics were bitterly persecuted because they believed this world was created by a ‘lesser God’, called Ahriman. 

This belief came via Zoroastrianism, the adherents of which believed in one God and were taught that the world was basically the battleground of two beings, Ahura Mazda, the God of Light and Ahriman who created this world of illusion and separation.

Although the Gnostics were peaceful mystics, their views were considered so abhorrent to the church that they were put to the torch, and their beliefs pushed underground. Despite the action of the church, these ideas were not erased from consciousness.

Most recently the 1999 movie The Matrix  offered a riveting story of a future-world where humans are kept comatose and ‘milked’ of their energy by evil machines who plugged an illusionary world, like a video link, into their minds, an almost perfect example of Gnostic belief.

Are the Anunnaki the Ahriman of the Gnostics? If so, why did they leave? Or, have they left?

Sitchin has pondered these questions, and offers evidence, including eyewitness accounts written in the Old Testament by the Prophet Ezekiel

Ezekiel was a trained priest and recorded the place and the date, 594/593 BCE when he saw the visions of the ‘Elohim’ and the famous whirlwind, flashing lights, radiance and a vehicle that could go up and down and sideways. 

This of course, is the famous chariot of fire, which, according to Sitchin, was in fact an Anunnaki celestial craft. Ezekiel was told that ‘God’ was leaving and he must prophesy the Day of Judgement. This is one of the foundations of our current fascination with biblical prophecies.

Sitchin offers evidence of the Anunnaki in South America and the distinctive markings and patterns cut into the desert floor in Peru. He also gives reference to Way Stations on the planet Mars, but other than being somewhat ‘wrathful’ with humanity, no concrete reason for their departure is clear. 

What is clear is that they intend to return, and have left signs in the Peruvian desert and other locations. They left prophecies written in biblical texts via Ezekiel and others, all pointing to ‘signs in the sky’, that would herald their return. So the question is, why the wait?

It would appear that the Anunnaki have been waiting for the next movement of the precession to Aquarius, but again, what is so special about that particular shift? 

One answer is that marking the precessions is simply a clear way of measuring time, as each precession takes just over two thousand years. Perhaps they are simply allowing us the time to ‘get’ it, or rather to evolve closer to their level. 

If indeed they are our progenitors, and we therefore share similar DNA, they would presumably realise we need time to evolve, and thus have pulled back to their home planet leaving ‘signs’ in the heavens to intrigue and tantalise us.

Of course, the real controversy, and the one that is truly catastrophic, is the affect this ‘evidence’ would have on conventional religion, particularly Western religion which is based on the Bible.

The student of Sitchin’s seven books soon discovers ample evidence that brings the whole story of creation in the Bible, the Torah and the Qur’an into question. 

Sitchin’s books demonstrate that the ‘divine interaction’ between man and the ‘God’ of the Old Testament was, for the most part, deadly rivalry between various Anunnaki ‘Gods’ and their supporters. 

There is evidence, says Sitchin, that ‘sacred scriptures’ were created by these ‘Gods’ in order to mentally subjugate their followers, not to offer genuine spiritual solace or wisdom. 

In short, the three main religions of the Western world would be irrefutably and irrevocably shown to be based on a fraud!

Are we ready to face that? Probably not.

In the end, what is clear is that the true catastrophe, the real ‘End of Days’ will occur between our collective ears. 

When our minds are ready to open to all possibilities, particularly that our world and our universe is not what it seems, we will be ready for ‘End of Days’. 

According to Sitchin, all this simply means is that it would be the end of the illusion, and such a prospect either thrills you or fills you with utter dread.

Whether you find Sitchin’s material far-fetched or his interpretations too extreme, the evidence and the amazing ‘coincidences’ are compelling. 

Zecharia Sitchin’s collective works, particularly this final book of the Earth Chronicles , is indeed the culmination of his Magnum Opus. 

It offers copious evidence of highly evolved beings living and sharing their lives here in ancient times, and that is enough to make us question everything.

By Lesley Crossingham, New Dawn Magazine ; | Read Zecharia Sitchin’s books here .

©Copyright New Dawn Magazine, http://www.newdawnmagazine.com . If you appreciated this article, please consider a digital subscription to New Dawn.

Editor’s Note: Zecharia Sitchin passed away on October 9, 2010.

About author: Lesley Crossingham is an internationally recognised spiritual artist, clairvoyant, and Master Teacher. Lesley is the author of a number of books on spiritual development and CD’s. Lesley is a contributing writer for several magazines, including Living Now and New Dawn. Lesley resides in Queensland and can be contacted via her website www.lesleycrossingham.com .

Thanks to: http://earthweareone.com


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