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The Illuminati “Researchers”

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1The Illuminati “Researchers” Empty The Illuminati “Researchers” on Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:47 pm



The Illuminati “Researchers”

Posted on February 24, 2015 by Citizen Pariah One comment

David Icke believes himself an expert regarding the “Illuminati” – shape shifting, pan-dimensional alien lizards, apparently. He’s an expert in his own fabrication of the “Illuminati”, not in anything to do with the actual Illuminati.
“Researchers” are self-declared “experts” in researching the gossip, rumors, speculation, conspiracy theories and memes regarding societies such as the Illuminati. They have no actual knowledge of these societies and their deep backgrounds. How could they? They’re not members, so everything they say can be dismissed as pure speculation, fuelled by their personal, political, religious and economic agendas.
The Illuminati were originally condemned as left-wing, anti-Catholic, anti-monarchy, anti-rich fanatics (French Revolutionary Jacobins). Today, they are routinely portrayed as Jesuits, monarchists, bankers, Jews, crony capitalists, Washington D.C. politicians, and so on, i.e. the 100% opposite of the original portrayal. When this happens, you can be sure that you’re dealing with people’s projections, which have no basis in reality.
“Illuminati” is simply the label given to some allegedly unseen group controlling the world, onto which conspiracy theorists project all of their hatred and frustration. People such as Alex Jones and David Icke relentlessly stoke people’s fears and paranoia and make a very healthy living from doing so. They don’t write books about philosophy, science and ontological mathematics!
The people running the world are no mystery. All you have to do is follow the money. Who are the small group of eighty people who have as much wealth as three and a half billion people? That’s who is running the world! Duh! 1 + 1 = 2.
The Illuminati “Researchers” Illuminism_15
Illuminism is about ontological mathematics, and always has been. Pythagoras was the first ontological mathematician. You won’t find any mention of ontological mathematics outside the God Series. What does that tell you? It tells you that this material cannot have been borrowed from any other source in the world, and that means that either some random person invented ontological mathematics in the last few years – the most astounding intellectual feat of all time – or that the God Series reflects an ancient source of secret knowledge, accumulated by humanity’s finest minds. Well, which is it?
The question you always have to ask yourself is whether this material is available anywhere else and could have been copied from anywhere else. If not, it’s genuine.
All fakes and frauds are copies or obvious fantasies (such as those of David Icke). You can’t create a fantasy regarding ontological mathematics. Mathematical claims are either right or wrong. You can’t hide behind Mythos. You’re in pure Logos territory.
We note that not one troll has ever attacked our Logos material. Not one has ever shown any awareness at all of ontological mathematics. All they blabber on about is “Satan”. Who is Satan? Satan is the Demiurge: Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Allah – the “God” of Abrahamism. We are those who call for the complete abolition of Abrahamism and thus Satanism. We are not the Satanists … the trolls are!!!
Any of our critics who does not mention ontological mathematics has no credibility, and to understand ontological mathematics you would need to have total knowledge of the millions of words of the God Series, including the remaining books of the series that have not yet been published. The trolls have no knowledge whatsoever of the God Series. The entire extent of their knowledge regarding us is a few pages they’ve skimmed read of this website.
People always hate and fear what they don’t understand. They feel a tremendous compulsion to rubbish it so that they don’t have to worry about it. Imagine if you took Illuminism seriously. You would then have about five million words to read, regarding material of which you have no knowledge, and which is staggeringly complex, dealing as it does with the mathematical fabric of existence itself.
Rather than go down that rabbit hole, the morons and trolls simply shout, “It’s fake, phony, fraudulent, nonsense, fabricated, idiotic, Satanic, evil, copied, based on the writings of Crowley … or whatever.” Not once do they engage with ontological mathematics. They don’t even know what it is, and they’re certainly not going to spend any time finding out because then they would have to admit that everything they believe about reality is false.
You must be humble when you approach Truth and Knowledge, and stupid trolls are NEVER humble. They are always self-serving narcissists, and they only like things that they can use for their own advantage. Truth and Knowledge are of no use to them, and they don’t want to talk about them. They want to talk about their experiences and beliefs, and nothing else.
The AC site can actually be used as a means of detecting narcissists. Anyone who rails against, while showing no substantive knowledge of its enormous content, is plainly a narcissistic psycho troll. They have a real problem with the AC site because they are so intimidated by it. They know that if we succeed, they fail. It’s a zero-sum game.
In the new world, the trolls, narcissists and psychopaths will be powerless and marginalized. Talented, positive, constructive men and women will be running the world, and the rulers of the old world will be in zoos, safely shut away from decent people. They won’t be able to pull anyone down anymore. The Age of the Troll and Bully will be over once and for all, cured by the Age of Reason.
The Illuminati “Researchers” Invisibleman

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com
and: http://citizenpariah.com


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