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The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge

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The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge
Posted on March 6, 2015 | Leave a comment
The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge 1897664_10202932331174413_1981226512_n
The nature of the beast is in its deception.  The nature of deception is in the deception itself ~ Me
The planet is, quite literally, the Key to Everything in our known universe.  It doesn’t matter how skilled we are at meditation or connecting with spirit because we always come home – right where you are right now.  The Earth is a living entity and an intricate, diverse web of all kinds of systems including the spiritual connection that is available to anyone with an open heart and an open mind.  As an invited guest, we are living and functioning in her ecosystem because she allows us to be here.  She can shake us off like a flea at any moment but we are made of her elements and we are occupants of her Heart.  We should be honored and humbled to participate in the interactive experience that is Earth=Heart.  It’s meant to flow in a continuous cycle of growth and decay, chaos and order, and an ever evolving ecosystem (including humanity) that matches the ever-expanding Universe.
Where else would “God” be but of service to Creation?  Under our feet and in the air we breath.  Our planet is our life-force.  Every intellectual, artist, spiritual “master” and scientist will tell you that inspiration comes from studying the delicate and intelligent design of natural Creation.  It’s an overwhelmingly profound and logical interpretation of “God” and Life.  The Earth has a Loving intention and, it’s a simply wonderful and natural epiphany when we can really come to terms with the fact that “God” has been right here all along. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive and finding the truth in an ancient web of lies is quite the undertaking (pun intended).
The Nature of the Best
The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge Chess_good_vs_evil_by_thewhysoserious91-d5tm81c It’s sickening to the psyche and why we avoid it at all costs to our own detriment; The reality of deception and the unbearable emotion of betrayal it leaves behind.  I imagine it’s like being left on the floor broken and bleeding, lonely.  Heartbreaking.  It’s unavoidable and there’s nowhere to hide when we smell its disease coming to destroy all that is held most sacred.  It means something different to everyone but it’s unavoidable no matter how fast and hard we run from it.  Sometimes the truth is hard and, more often than not, much stranger than fiction.  It helps to understand the nature of deception if we are going to begin to heal from it on a collective level.
Deception is not necessarily natural to our being rather it’s something we learn to live with at a young age.  We are an amazingly intelligent species and we have learned to adapt in a near impossible situation.  But, we’ve collectively reached a breaking point of realizing that we have been out of balance for too long and waking up to deception is painful.  It strikes us in the deepest places putting a chill in our bones and stoking our innermost fears until they eat us alive or come to fruition.  It permeates our existence in a multitude of ways and, as a collective that is connected in consciousness to the Earth’s “ecosystem”, we are responsible for creating balance and harmony with (and for) one another.  We’ve taken a very wrong turn somewhere as a collective but what do we do about it?
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ~ Micheal Ellner
Sometimes the only option we have from where we’re sitting is to become the master of our domain and a voice for leaving behind a legacy that takes our home and spiritual center into the equation.  We can no longer stand quietly in a corner in fear of making the necessary and emotionally uncomfortable changes.  With great knowledge comes great power (that can be used to either create or destroy) and with great power comes great responsibility.  Who have we given our power to and are they responsible and moral with this “authority”?  It’s a beast of a journey but there is a path.   We’re all making our way to the necessary epiphany, both individually and collectively.
A Collective Identity Crisis
The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge Cage_by_parablev
Cage ~ Cameron Gray
To keep it simple, we are going through a collective identity crisis and it’s an opportunity to bring order to the chaos we have allowed to take over our existence.  It doesn’t matter if we call it archons or satan, government or religion, corporations or banking and any other word I’m not thinking of because part of the art of deception is in the language and “legalese”.   When words are so over-used that we can no longer emotionally connect with them then we have no language in which to connect with one another in a loving way.  For now, we can just say that there is an unseen enemy of humanity and planet that uses apathy to perpetuate injustice and inequality.  If it operates in secret with an agenda then it is not in our favor.  Transparency=Truth and secrets mean hidden agendas.  Our governments and media are busy talking about re-elections and enemies, both seen and unseen, but following the money trail leads right back to some authority figure somewhere that someone else has trusted for their well-being in some way.  We have to find a new identity that doesn’t include giving our power away to alphabet agencies and secret agendas when money is the means used to control the world’s decisions.  It’s as if we’re being taunted right out in the open to “do something about it” and the only thing we can do is start by looking in the mirror at what we’re contributing to the demise of our Home and our species by extension.
There is no justifiable excuse to wage war against our minds (psyche), bodies, emotional well-being, and Earth=Heart.  Humans are doing this to other humans while other humans stay in apathy.  Our “leaders” could end it all with the stroke of a pen – they know it and we know it.  We can ask questions and seek to change our perspective.  Connecting with Earth will bring new insights and intuitive “gifts” that will help bring about a new way of thinking about life.  We have the resources to wipe out war, poverty, illness, abuse, addiction and homelessness but we’ve tasked someone else to do it for us and we’ve become comfortable separating ourselves from ourselves.  As it turns out, we are our own worst enemy but we have free will and we can use that to find a shared purpose by finding “God”, Earth=Heart, and a little bit of Courage.   The point being, we are all equally responsible for our own emotional journey and apathy is consent to the devil’s handiwork.  There is nothing wrong with an identity crisis rather it’s a natural process which typically precedes evolution and sometimes evolution is unseen as we adapt to seemingly overwhelming situations.  But, these situations are created and perpetuated by humans and humans have the capacity to be blinded by all kinds of egotistical ideas about what’s best for the rest of us.
The Path of Knowledge
 It’s hard to come to terms with because it’s unnatural for most of us but there’s some people, places, and situations that just can’t be “humanized” in even the best situations.  The tendency is to try to “humanize” the wicked which is really just taking the long road to the truth and the truth, in this case, is a tough pill to swallow.  We have been victimized with altered perspectives and values by a society dependent on the undependable but that doesn’t make us victims.  We have done horrendous things while in the clutches of following orders or bringing home the bacon.  Simply speaking, we either consent or we stand up in whatever way the universe provides us.  We can begin to remove the feelings of guilt, shame, humiliation, abusive thoughts, self-doubt, and fear of speaking our own truth when we feel like we have a common cause or foundation of validity.  When we become spiritually sovereign as the master of our domain, we remove judgment of self and others by creating a common, justifiable blueprint of  purpose that benefits everyone and not just a select few.   We start to sustain ourselves in whatever way we can and we start to create healthy boundaries when we decide our awareness is not “all in our head”.
It’s not always easy to burden a deeper level of awareness but it’s no longer an excuse to “let someone else handle it” either.  We have to know our “enemy” to find a strategy.  When it comes to deception, we can allow it in.  Get close to it and you will smell the decay of its rotting flesh and you will remember your light and your own power.  We have reached a choice point in our human history and we have to decide whether we’re going to stand tall in our humanness.  We know what it’s like to destroy but do we truly know the power of what we can create together if we’re on the same page?  If we each adopted a common philosophy of “Home is where the Heart is” we can begin to heal and re-build our planet in a grassroots way via our communities, online and otherwise.  If you’re in the process of questioning that toxic relationship or the job that may be less than honorable, consider this an answer to that pressing question.  We have to begin to trust in the process and let go of external factors and emotional attachments that are keeping us in an altered state of existence.  I personally just initiated contact with The Buy Nothing Project in order to start a group in my community.  I’m also doing my best to “get the word out” when I’m not casting dreamweaver manifestations of love to Gaia and her inhabitants while healing the wounds I’ve endured along my own journey.
The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge Download-3
Music to drive it Home: The Earth Song ~ Michael Jackson
About Blueprints for Butterflies:
The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge WuwJennifer Deisher is an Emotional Healer, Empath, Intuitive, and Spiritual Transformation Artist. She is the writer of the Moon Hippie Mystic blog and a Contributing Writer for Wakeup-world.com.  She and Aaron founded Blueprints For Butterflies as a safe, loving space to assist and heal others who are Awakening and making a spiritual connection with their Higher Self.  This creates a spiritual, emotional, and creative blueprint that leads to greater peace, awareness, love, prosperity, and enlightenment that amplifies and resonates with an individual’s unique and divine energy signature. To book a Soul Balancing Session with Written Reading, please visit BlueprintsForButterflies.com.
The Beast of Burden and The Path of Knowledge Aaron Aaron Deisher is a psychic medium, shaman, and medical & psychological intuitive.  Aaron specializes in behavioral and paranormal aspects of spirituality.  His unique ability to find and heal “stale” energy leaves one feeling “born again”.  He has the Gift of logic, compassion, and a true connection to Spirit.  To book a Shamanic Healing Session with Aaron, please visit The Demon Stop.  To book a  Soul Balancing Session with Written Reading, please visit BlueprintsForButterflies.com

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