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The Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy

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1The Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy Empty The Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:07 pm


The Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy

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by Zen Gardner - Mar 7, 2015
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The Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy Pleiades1-700x478

Literature on the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan 2012 Prophecy are both so commonly widespread that they hardly need any explanation. However, not many have heard of the Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy of the Rattlesnake and the Cherokee Calendar, which apparently also ends in 2012!
The Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy, also called the Chickamaugan Prophecy, is part of the Cherokee prophesies of 1811 made by “Charlie” and two women of the Cherokee tribe in Georgia.
Charlie and his women collaborators allegedly had visions in early February of 1811 near Rocky Mountain in Northwest Georgia.
These prophesies were originally documented by missionaries and then finally published in 1993 in the American Indian Quarterly.
The Rattlesnake Prophecy contains references to planets and stars, as well as has similarities to Mayan astronomy, with an emphasis on Venus, Jupiter, Orion and the Pleiades.
The Mayan and Cherokee calendars were similar, with both apparently recognizing 2012 as a major Crossing Over Point.
Chickamaugan Cherokees also have 13 star constellations, which contain the characterization of mainly animals and there are many design configurations seen “written upon the stars” that are the designs of animals, objects and many other elements of “TIME UNTIME.”
The figures of the sky are totally different from other cultures of the Zodiac except for a rare few which seem to be similar. The only one which seems to relative to similarity is found within the Cherokee Constellation Scorpion and Snake and this in relation to others as Scorpio and Serpentarius or Ophiuchus, a lesser-known zodiac sign.
This prophecy tells the story of only one of these 13 constellations, the Cherokee Constellation Rattlesnake.
Within the Rattlesnake of the Heavens is found TIME UNTIME which was foretold since the dawn of time. In the sky is found the figure of a Snake and upon this snake is the outline of a Rattlesnake.
Sometimes the Serpent and the Rattlesnake take on a bearing of one or the other but the Snake of the Rattlesnake is its design.
But the Cherokee Rattlesnake Constellation (theOphiuchus Constellation?) is unique to this Native American culture as it has a head and winds itself back and forth with its body as in side-winding itself to its tail.
The boundary of the Rattlesnake is also unlike the boundaries of any other Zodiac culture in that the Pleiades Star System is found at the tip of the Rattlesnake tail.
The Rattlesnake of the Cherokee is very sacred and it is believed that its sacredness is written even in the Heavens.
Upon the mouth of the Rattlesnake are found 52 scales (for 52 weeks of the year?). These scales are also written upon the Cherokee Calendar and upon the wheels and rings of TIME UNTIME.
The Calendar of the Cherokee spins upon wheels and rings as a sophisticated dating system that not only tells the time of events, people, places, and things but is also a very holy and sacred element within the Cherokee culture itself of “ALL THINGS.”
The Rattlesnake can sometimes be imaged as a serpent. To be a Serpent or to be the Rattlesnake depends on the knowing of the times and time of TIME UNTIME.
To know the culture of the Cherokee and its ancient design upon life, one must know the things of TIME UNTIME in order to place the constellation as a Rattlesnake or a Serpent. But that in itself takes further analysis.
The stationary outline of the constellation is always that of the Rattlesnake. However upon the wheels of the Cherokee calendar is also found when, where, how, what and who on its changing and transformations.
The transformation is not the changing of the shape of the Rattlesnake but the addition or subtraction of elements upon the snake itself. These things also tell the tales of the universe and all its bearing of what was, what is, and yet to be.
Cherokee Calendar Rings foretell of things about to take shape within all things upon Earth, the heavens, and the universe. The Rattlesnake Constellation is one of those which speaks as a voice of “TIME UNTIME” of things to come…
The Cherokee Star Constellation Prophecy of the Rattlesnake
When the Earth sees the fingers of Spearfinger strike Jupiter, when the ages of the Rings and wheels tell it is the ending of the Ages of Cycles of 5, this will be the sign for the whole earth, for all the earth will see this thing to wake up from sleep.
These fingers that struck Jupiter were the comet fragments that hit Jupiter in the 1990s and all of Earth “took of its majesty.”
This was the sign foretold on the Calendar for the Cherokee people to WAKE UP to come out of sleep. The Cherokee Calendar also speaks its voice telling that at this time of the fingers striking Jupiter that Orion Star System will awaken.
The Pleiades and Orion will war once again as before. Jupiter and Venus will awaken to its destiny of TIME UNTIME of cycles.
Orion will war with Pleiades, Jupiter will war with Venus. The time of the Cherokee Ukus will be at hand. In the year 2004 and 2012 an alignment will take place both on the Cherokee Calendar and in the heavens of the Rattlesnake Constellation.
It is the time of the double-headed serpent stick as well as the time of the Red of Orion and Jupiter against the White Blue of Pleiades and Venus.
It is the time of the Ukus’ choosing and the time of the Beloved Woman and Mysteries of TIME UNTIME. It is the TIME UNTIME of the Thunderbolt and the spirits of Lightning Mountains.
However, in the years 2004 and 2012 the Cherokee Rattlesnake Constellation will take on a different configuration. The Snake itself will remain, but upon the Rattlesnake shall be added upon its head feathers, its eyes will open and glow, wings will spring forth to make it a winged Rattlesnake and it shall have hands and arms.
In its hands shall be found a bowl. The bowl itself will hold blood.
Upon its tail of 7 rattles shall be the glowing and movement of Pleiades. The Rattlesnake shall become a Feathered Rattlesnake or Feathered Serpent of TIME UNTIME. Upon the Rattlesnake is the Milky Way. A crossing of the Milky Way shall be seen at these times.
The center of the Universe is what many know as the Constellation Sagittarius. But upon this constellation is also found the Pleiades Star system which is what is different in the boundary of others and the Cherokee Zodiac.
The Milky Way is also viewed as a “Tree,” a Stone Tree. And upon this Stone Tree is as a Tree with a trunk, branches, a canopy, and even roots.
The Flower and the Tree are also like a tassel on corn. Upon the flower and the tree is the Tree of Life. Rebirth, Renewal, New [Beginnings].
And the Cherokee Calendar shall end in the year 2012. But upon the times just prior shall be the Feathered Serpent and its prophecy.
Upon the Heavens design, within the Cherokee Rattlesnake Constellation, it is written. And upon the Rings of TIME UNTIME of the Cherokee Calendar it also says BEHOLD RATTLESNAKE CONSTELLATION. And Remember.
The rings of the Cherokee Calendar are read by the winding motion of the Rattlesnake. In this way you may add or to subtract time. One can move the wheels backward or forward, add a wheel to move the rings, to tell the tale what was, what is, and yet to be…
The Rattlesnake and it design tells the movement of the Rings of Time. And in the sky heavens the motions of the movement of stars, planets, and life tell the tale of its bearing. For all is as the winding of the Rattlesnake.
In the year 2004 the Morning Star shall be first and in the year 2012 the Evening Star shall be first.
Upon those years the crown of the Feathered Serpent shall bear its colors and honor. The hands shall hold the bowl and the tail shall be as the roots of a tree, the Pleiades Tree of the Beginning.
In the years 2004 and 2012 shall be the TIME UNTIME of the Feathered Serpent of the Sky Heavens. And the Rings shall turn upon those years of prophecy foretold on the Rings of TIME UNTIME. And Ywahoo Falls, Kentucky shall sing of Venus and the Feathered Rattlesnake.
The Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy then adds there is much more to come: “For this is not all the prophecy not all the things thereof. For if it was meant for one to know and I give only part, then you have received a great gift.”
For if I tell all and it was not meant for one to know then I have wasted my breath. For this is a sacred thing, the Venus Alignment and the Feathered Serpent of the Heavens.
And in the Year 2012 the Cherokee Calendar Ends. And all is reborn. For the Feathered Rattlesnake comes and shall be seen in the heavens in the year 2004 to 2012.
In South America it is related as the coming of Quetzalcoatl. The Ancient Cherokee relate it as the Coming of the Pale One once again.
The Rattlesnake Constellation shall appear with the Venus Alignment (the Venus Transit?). The Stars of the Heavens of the Cherokee Zodiac, the Rings of the Calendar and the Venus Alignment tell the story of a Chickamaugan Prophecy. For they all are aligned in the year 2004 to 2012.
The rest should unfold in the months to come following the lunar eclipse of June 4, and the Venus Transit of June 5 and 6. If you have a telescope, it may come in handy or look for videos on YouTube!

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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