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March 24, 2015 by Lissakrhumanelife

Professor Otto Rössler voices his worries about experiments at CERN after HIGGS discovery…starts at 8:20

       CERN is based in Geneva Switzerland for Nuclear Research and derived from French Conseil Europeen Recherche Nucleaire.  The World Wide Web was said to have began at CERN and the Global Internet helps create the Matrix most humankind live in.  The letter W/V in Hebrew is equal to 6 and “www” would translate to “666”.  CERN has become a staple in the development of grid computing and enabling (computing/electrical) grids.  CERN has been partially developed and focused on their extensive knowledge and utilization of time portals and time travel technologies, anti-gravitational developments, and nuclear propulsion blueprints.
       (Time Travel is mainly done through inter-dimensional doorways, inter-dimensional portals, space portals, wormholes, dimensional channels, and some can exist and be accessed in the brain via Pituitary and Pineal Gland(s).   Hyper Dimensional Resonators or Hypersonic Glider can be used for Time Travel.  Inter-Dimensional beings travel through Jump-rope or Jump Gate Technology given to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) by the created Entity “The Grey” Extraterrestrials in exchange for the souls of humankind.  The Montauk Project was originally called “Phoenix Project” involved a large SAGE Radar installation Dish.  Inter-Dimensional Doorways are “Two-Way Tunnels” or “Curtains of Lights” that are intertwined with Projects similar to these.  Energy Gates are another term often used when discussing this subject and not only travel through time, but to different dimensions and other places in the Universe.  There are also PHYSICAL time Portals at Stonehenge, Human “Ascension Chambers” at New-grange in Ireland where a giant crystal is underneath the main floor, The Great Pyramids in Egypt, (underwater) Japan, Crimea, Antarctica, Mayan Pyramids, Rome, Italy, Great Wall of China, Mac-chi Picchu, Peru, Mount Shasta, Portals in Iraq, Portals in Israel, and many other places that are being protected.  Some of these ARE DEMONIC LOCATIONS AND SHOULD BE INFILTRATED AND SHUT DOWN!!!
Certain Travels and Time Travels may be possible using the following technologies:
Jump Gate Technology, Fractal Jump Gate Technology, Transporter Technology, Time Travel Technology, Fractal Time Travel Technology, Fractal Dimensional Travel Technology, Wormhole Travel Technology, Fractal Wormhole Travel Technology, and more.  Project Pegasus has been said to be a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Project in the 1970’s.  Andrew Basiago claims he was a participant in time travel with others backing his claim and others making the same claim with similar details.  It has been said to be ignited under Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the late 1960’s and and many experiments in the early 1970’s.  There are claims that under Project Pegasus, the CIA trained operants in Tesla Teleportation and Chronovision.  Chronovision can be described as electrical optical devices to create holograms of past and future events and glands in your brain can help you ¨read¨ these.  A time viewer is a oracle device often discussed in science fiction that can show the past or future and sometimes referred to as a Chronoscope.  It has been said children were often used in the Hologram and teleportation experiments to see the psychological effects and also because of the small size.  The reasoning was the Hologram Chronovisers would collapse if adults or big people were used at the time.  Andrew Basiago claims he was one of the children and claims Barack Obama was also used in the experiment.  The claims are that the children and people used had specialized training and when the children who grew up were in the Hologram, the Hologram would not collapse and used as a form of intelligence gathering as far as past or future events.  The studies would have been beneficial to change horrible events and prevent them from happening.  9/11 has said to be played a significant role in the Time Continuum battle.  The story continues  and it is said some of them would go on and be promoted to a Full Space Time Program or Time Continuum.  Quantum Slipping or “glitches” in the Matrix were intertwined with discussions of Holograms.  These results or claims can be depicted in a relation to dimensional travel.)
       Aleister Crowley, the self proclaimed world’s most wicked man and beast 666, performed countless satanic rituals and sacrifices mixed with drugs and used this energy to open up demonic portals on Earth.  This was later rehearsed and repeated by his great grandson George W. Bush, Jr. with the Satanic “Pet Goat (Baal/Free Mason)” Ritual on 9/11/2001.  In Revelation 9:11, it states “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit , whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”.  This is the rise of the Anti-Christ (Lucifer).  Satan will come through portals and is correlated directly with a dragon mentioned vastly throughout the Bible, mainly in Revelation, and located on the Moon.  The Lucifer Telescope setup in Arizona near the original location of the Roswell Crash by the Vatican has/is being used to watch and usher Satan in.  Angels such as Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel can also come through Portals and their warring is advanced.  The Clementine Conspiracy, also known as Project Golden Dragon, revolves around the Moon and what has been found on the Moon.  Information is being kept from the Public.
Extraterrestrials, Civilizations, and other existences have been found on the moon.  Neil Armstrong’s moon landing was a hoax.  Galileo Spacecraft launched on October 18, 1989 and flew by the moon December 8, 1990, and December 8, 1992,.  This Spacecraft  provided clearer views of the lunar dark (far) side of the moon more than ALL Lunar Orbiter and ALL Apollo missions, but these pictures are extremely RARE.  The 7-Year Tribulation started in October 2009 when First Beast Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and Earth started Nuclear Bombing the Moon.  On the Moon, there is an Alien Machine and this can be humanity’s biggest secret withheld.  It is approximately 57 Kilometers long and twice the size of New York.  Part of the Machine is 3 Dimensional and it has scales being able to admit light and reflect sunlight.  It is partially transparent and translucent.  It is a shapeshifting machine that could be looked upon as a “Giant Caterpillar”.  The DRAGON-Like Machine has cables and/or strings along with a suction unit that has the ability to spray chemicals.  There is also a 1 Kilometer Scorpio Like Machine standing on the surface of the Alien Mothership.  The ship resembles exactly what how the Chinese Culture describe a dragon.  A Dragon is vastly mentioned in the Bible and in the Book of Revelations several times.  Revelation 12:3-4, Revelation 12:7, Revelation 12:9, Revelation 12:13, Revelation 12:16-17, Revelation 13:2, Revelation 13:4, Revelation 13:11, Revelation 16:13, and Revelation 20:2 all mention a dragon.  This Alien Machine or Mothership in Dragon Like form will play a great roles in end of days and correlates with China!  China’s 200 Million Man Army comes over the Euphrates River from the East in the Holy Bible to invade Israel and fight the battle of Armageddon.  The Dragons in ancient days came to Earth to excavate material.  It implies that this Dragon is Satan himself.
       ONE OF THE MAIN STRATEGIES AND PROJECTS OF CERN IS TO MANIPULATE DETERIORATE EARTH’S MAGNETIC SHEILD!  There is a 16-Mile Electric Magnetic CERN-Correlated machine (Large Hadron Collider) that is stronger than Earth’s Magnetic Shield headed towards Earth that will (attempt) to enact a magnetic field/pole flip which would cause tsunamis, earthquakes, natural disasters, mixed with HAARP, Gwen Towers, RFID Microchips, Chemtrails, Fracking, GMO Foods, Vaccines, Aspartame, Fluoride, Sugars, Salts, and more have, are, and will greatly affect Earth and ultimately the galaxy and Universe.  These are manipulations of energy, vibrations, development, and more.  Controlling the polarity, magnetism, gravitics, energy, and vibration of Earth is an important WAR STRATEGY to Prevent Destruction!
Earth’s Magnetic Shield is being slowly deteriorated because it is being attacked.  When Mars Magnetic Shield was attacked/destroyed, the surface was destroyed.  There are Microscopic MAGNETS in the LAVA at Earth’s Core that PROJECT Earth’s Magnetic Shield and they are being ATTACKED and Disintegrated.  The Magnetic forcefield also prevents, blocks, and destroys Stars, asteroid, meteorites, and space junk.  The Sun, Planets, and Moons send off dangerous materials and sometimes in large explosions.  There has been a programmed casted down matrix from the Moon designed by the Grey “alien” species who created a subconscious energized on fear and negative emotions within the global conscious and world brain of Earth.
       ONE OF THE MAIN GOALS OF CERN IS TO DESTROY BLOW UP FUKUSHIMA AND DESTROY THE HOOVER DAM!  CERN WILL ATTEMPT TO USHER IN WORMWOOD!  If achieved, after the killing of billions, it will usher in Martial Law in the United States and ultimately Globally while committing a murderous sacrifice to open more evil portals.
       CERN destroying Earth’s Magnetic Shield and the Hoover Dam is ultimately to Usher in SHIVA THE DESTROYER THROUGH A PORTAL.  The Humankind Computer Program would be affected and effected negatively as it would completely “darken” the Matrix.  There is CONSTANT cosmic dance of energy BACK AND FORTH from the PHYSICAL realm to the zero point field; it is a constant creation in destruction of matter.  SHIVA is a false “god”, a Hindu Deity, also many interpret to be correlated with the Philistines “god” Dagon that Pope Francis (the false prophet) depicts SHIVA on his head gear.  Barack Obama (first beast), dressed up as Shiva on Newsweek and all statues built up around the world and worship centers are to Usher (the virus) SHIVA inside Earth’s programming.
       Much of the Universe and Earth is controlled, manipulated, and effected by ENERGY.  During World War 2, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, worked on anti-gravitational vehicles and weapons.  Adolf Hitler did not die in Germany; rather he escaped to the North Pole as many other Nazi Scientists relocated to positions of power in America and other areas filed under Operation Paperclip.  The GRAVITY Bell is a form of (Saturn) and created a Vortex within (Earth) to Spin Polarization.  Hitler and the Nazi Gravity Bell are located INSIDE the North Pole where Admiral Richard Byrd tracked him down after the war.  This Gravity Bell is being utilized and ultimately will try to affect the ATOMS of the PLASMA Inside Earth’s Core protecting Earth’s Magnetic Shield.  Muslims around the world are required to pray in the direction of Mecca in Saudi Arabia Five times a day and at the heart of the Mosque is a “Kaaba” or “Cube” that Muslims face and make pilgrimages to.  Constantly in this area, Muslims circumnavigate the Kabba in a counterclockwise direction.  This correlates with the orbit of the Moon and worship “Foreign/evil” “god(s)”.  Mecca is the center of Moon Worship on the Planet.
       (Project) KRONOS is a CERN Program and Software that uses human brains and their memories to dictate individual and global realities and have been correlated with the Black Saturn Cube.  The Comet ISON attack did not hit Earth and may have been destroyed or deflected.  However if the Earth’s Magnetic Pole’s “flip”, the fragments of Comic ISON can be drawn back in a gravitational pull.  Nikola Tesla’s DEATH RAY was used in the 9/11/2001 Sacrifice to Destroy the Twin Towers and enact a horrible HUMAN SACRIFICE (of energy) and justify more SACRIFICES in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas on Earth.  NO AIRPLANES were used in the 9/11 Attacks and those Flying Devices were Products/Holograms Via Blue Beam Technology.  Blue Beam Technology has and WILL be highly utilized, specifically by the future (temporary) leader of the New World Order; Prince William; the False Messiah.  He, at 33, will orchestrate a Blue Beam Technology HOLOGRAM “Alien Invasion” and pretend to be YAHUSHA (“jesus”).  The Sacrifice of American Soldiers on 9/11/2012, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, was on 33 Degrees Latitude, and was similar to the Twin Towers attacks and Aleister Crowley’s practices of OPENING Demonic Portals on Earth’s Electric Grid.
       The REAL and MAIN reason behind the invasion/war/slaughter/control over the land of Iraq is a Precious Ancient Time Portal.  There is a Great Ziggurat Pyramid in the City of Ur, Iraq.  This Massive Wonderfully and Beautifully Built Structure has a Star-Gate underneath it and is the reason for the Construction of the Pyramid and many others.  Saddam Hussein restored and transformed the temple into a fortress and put air force bases and various forms of layered protection surrounding it, but it was infiltrated and overthrown.  Pyramids are capture points and the TRUE reason for wars in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Fukushima (underwater crystal Pyramid) and ultimately Israel.  The Pyramids in these Counties must be acknowledged, protected, utilized, and studied vigorously.  The Pyramids are also Star gates and worm holes enabling time travel.  The Dome of the Rock must be destroyed and The Third Temple must be constructed as soon as possible!  These Temples also correlate with Space as do the Pyramids; for example, the Egyptian Pyramids and Nile River correlate with Orion’s Belt under Orion’s Theory.  Stonehenge is a evil location that horrible activity occurs and this time portal must be shut down.
       Inside Earth, the magnets creating, projecting, and generating Earth’s Magnetic Shield are being attacked and it affects the Magnetosphere.  There is “Life” INSIDE HOLLOW Earth and “they” are needed to Strike Back and protect Earth although they may be unaware of the impending danger.  Earthly and human chakras must be activated to win the energy war!  Chakras revolve around magnetic energy and there are 7 Planetary Chakras and 7 Chakras in Human Beings.  The 1st Sacral Base of Root Chakra is located at Mount Shasta in California and is a Time Portal, Ascension Chamber, and can be considered a wormhole.  The second Chakra is at Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and is a Sexual Chakra.  There have been Alien presences confirmed there and in the Lake. The third Solar Plexus Chakra is at Uluru (Ayer´s Rock) and The Olga´s in Australia.  The 4th Heart Chakra is at Glastonbury & Shaftesbury in England (Opposite of Stone-Henge).  The 5th Throat Chakra is at the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, and Mount of Olives in Egypt.  The 6th Third Eye Chakra is said to currently be at Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, but has no disclosed location.  The 7th Crown Chakra is in Mount Kailas in Tibet.  Gate (Not Chakra) 8 is in Palenque and El Tule; Gate 9 is in Mount Fuji, Japan; Gate 10 is at Haleakala Crate in Maui, Hawaii; Gate 11 is in Lake Tupo, New Zealand; Gate 12 is in Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa; Gate 13 is in Moscow, but only open is the other 12 are Healthy.  Chakras 1-5 are Gates 1-5.  Chakra 7 is Gate 6.  Gates 5, 10, 11, + 12 are Spinner Wheels.
       There are 7 Chakras and before they were ¨New Age¨, which is an enemy to Christ, they were given by YHVH (God; Creator of the Universe).  The 7 Chakras are as followed:  Base Chakra which deals with survival and is blocked by fear, Sacral Chakra which deals with Pleasure and is blocked by guilt, Solar Plexus Chakra which deals with willpower and is blocked by shame, Heart Chakra which deals with love and is blocked by grief, Throat Chakra which deals with truth and is blocked by lies, Third Eye Chakra which deals with insigne and is blocked by illusion, and Crown Chakra which deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment.  The 1st Base Chakra consists of Earth, Grounding, Stability, Balance, Trust, Physical Health, Nourishment, Strength, Family, Roots, Security, Survival, and Prosperity.  The 2nd Sacral Chakra consists of Fluidity, Movement, Adaptability, Physical Pleasure, Sexuality, Emotion, Sensation, Diet, Intimacy, Desire, Need, and Guilt.  The 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra consists of Self-Esteem, Confidence, Responsibility, Reliability, Personal Power, Vitality, Will, Sense of Humor, Spontaneity, and Shame.  The 4th Heart Chakra consists of Compassion, Forgiveness, Self-love, Love, Self-Acceptance, Intimacy, Empathy, Relationships, Devotion, Galvanism, and Grief.  The 5th Throat Chakra consists of Voice, Communication, Self-Express, Creativity, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Rhythm, Timing, Truth, and Honesty.  The 6th Chakra is the Third Eye and Consists of Perception, Imagination, Visualization, Intuition, Insight, Memory, Synchronicity, Clairvoyance, Psychic Gifts, Dream Recall, and Illusion.  The 7th Chakra is the Crown Chakra which consists of Connection to Universe, Spirituality, Awareness, Consciousness, Wisdom, Meaning, Inner-Joy, and Wholeness.
       A MASSIVE (city-size) electromagnet capable of firing a ultra-energized PROTON beam at the Speed of Light is creations of CERN.  THIS IS A HIGHLY DANGEROUS WEAPON!  The elite are planning to simultaneously create a global human sacrifice which would enact the opening of portals enabling hostile universes to invade Earth while planning a Nuclear Propulsion Take off into Hyper-dimensional Space annihilating Life on Earth.  Gateways to the Multiverse have and will continue to open on/in Earth.  The use of CERN’S WEAPONRY have caused Miniature Black Holes and this is HORRIBLE FOR THE UNIVERSE!  The Energy a Proton can create can open star gates and allow inter dimensional travel.  GOLD, copper, and other precious metals play a Huge Role in the “MAGNET WAR” on Earth and throughout existence.  A GAMMA-RAY BURST (often generated by Black Holes) could be a killer preventive attack weapon to CERN’s Electromagnetic Weapon.  This would directly make their strategy backfire due to the Black Hole they unwarrantedly created would help generate the GAMMA-RAY BURST!  SONIC WEAPONS should be studied and utilized and Sonic Gravitation is safe and clean and will replace Nuclear Propulsion.  Sonic Weapons have the ability of attacking Nephilim, Nephilim bases, underwater bases, and more without greatly negatively affecting humankind or other life on Earth.  The DEATH RAY and Lasers (mini death rays) must be aimed at incoming attacks such as CERN’s weapon to destroy it or any other incoming Comets, Meteorites, Asteroids, Attacks, or Space Junk that can ANNIHILATE EARTH!
       GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS IS NECESSARY!  Love is a weapon; Fear is a Lie; and they are complete opposites.  FULL UTILIZATION of Humankind Pituitary and Pineal Glands, HAARP Towers, Sonic Weapons, Death Rays, Lasers, and more Strategies and enactment are MANDATORY to CONTINUE THE EXISTENCE OF HUMANKIND ON EARTH’S Surface!  NASA recently reported discovering portals in Earth’s Magnetic Shield.  There is a connection between magnetism and life.  RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) Microchips are poison and infected and implant in the worldly population using magnetism, slavery, mind manipulation, suppression, and manipulating mass consciousness and behavior.  The  RFID Chip can be removed by destabilizing it with a N42 Rare Grade Earth Magnet, Cat-scans, or MRI’s.  It can than be cut or fried out with a green laser.  Magnetic Bracelets have great purposes controlling Blood Pressure, Energy, and other means.  Magnets can cure cancer as proven by Korean Scientists and many other doctors around the world.  Magnet Energy is VERY IMPORTANT and needs to start being developed, improved, and utilized.  The Satellites in space also affect Earth’s Magnetic Shield and Poles.  Energy that can be harnessed from a Gamma-Ray is Enormous and that energy can be CAPTURED to be used at a specific moment in TIME!
Www.GodWinsAlways.BlogSpot.Com , Please Share!
Present at the Creation:  The Story of Cern and the Large Hadron Collider
The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time- Preston Nichols
Angel Wars- Stephen Quayle
TORAH; Holy Bible
Book of Jasher; Book(s) of Enoch; Apocrypha Books
Alien Implants- Dr. Roger Leir
The Pet Goat- Siegfried Engelmann + Elaine C. Burner
The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual- S.K. Bain
Children of the Matrix- David Icke
Secret Diaries of Admiral Byrd
The Slaughter:  Mass Killing, Organ Harvesting, and China’s Secret Solution it’s dissident problem
Highly Magnetized Solid Ball of Dark Energy Approaching Earth from South

Anonymous Presents “CERN” Another Earth Threat
NOVA Magnetic Pole Flip 530,000 Years Overdue & Happening Now?
Project KRONOS
I, Pet Goat II: Interpretation & Commentary part 1 of 4

Satan + Cern’s Collider set to restart 2015
The Hoover Dam:  Should we be con-CERN-ed?
3/20/2015 Cern/Solar Eclipse= Stargate?
MASSIVE Dangers Ahead from Cern
CERN- More Dangerous than Ever
Posted 18th January 2013 by ROBERT BORNAGAIN

Thanks to: http://lissakr11humane.com


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