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Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception

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Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception
By phaelosopher on March 23, 2015 • ( 2 Comments )
A Unseen Agenda Exposed
I would like to pose a very rational question. It’s so rational, it’s a wonder why mainstream medicine, government policy makers, or functionaries in the education system haven’t asked it. It’s so very, very rational that, in their not asking and seriously considering this question, you have to wonder whether their actions, and the effects that we, The People, are witnessing and experiencing, are intentional. In fact, when this topic is even mildly questioned, the disturbing trends that we are witnessing are often presented as reason not only to question less, but to actually increase the practice.
With all that, do you know what the question is?
In the interest of public health, safety, and continued trust, why hasn’t anyone involved in health care governance, policy, or practice, either suggested or sanctioned a long-term study which validates the efficacy of vaccines, once and for all?
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Familly
The problem with debates is that no one learns anything… or is that their real purpose?
Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? I’m not coming out for an outright end to vaccines; at least, not here.
There would be two groups in this prenatal and postnatal study. The “control group” would receive the standard vaccine regimen as it is currently applied. They would be the control because a vaccine regimen is considered “the norm” in orthodox medical thinking and practice today.
In the second group a vaccine moratorium would be instituted. They would receive “natural” care, no injections whatsoever. Also, no synthetic, chemical-based, or genetically modified products, such as baby formula or food. I know that it’s “virtually impossible” to do this, but by making this one’s goal, intention, and principle, the levels of intake would be dramatically less compared to the norm. The child’s immune system would be given a chance to actually initialize instead of taking the traumatic hit that has become “normal and customary.”
The study would follow these children from birth through high school, and track incidence of “diseases,” from the “common cold” to all the other battery of expected concerns, noting pathology, duration, complications (if any), etc. Of course, treatments would have to be natural too.
Do you think the Gates Foundation might be interested in funding it?

It’s hard to continue with this hypothetical example because we know why it will never happen, but I’m going to ask the next question anyway.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Fda_cdc_soup
Little constructive, inspired, or rational leadership means abundant mis-leadership.
Why is it that no one supposedly committed to public health; FDA, AMA, CDC, NIH, medical schools… no one… has stepped up to even put the thought up for consideration?
Even though we know the answer, it’s still remarkable that the question isn’t being asked, and changes aren’t being demanded by a medically awakening public.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception RSA_Clinical_Research_Photo_2
I didn’t include pharmaceutical companies in the mix because they are presumed to be profit driven, and thus, would likely not be supportive of such a study on that basis alone. If they were being true to their charters, the other entities wouldn’t have that excuse.
The reason why this comparison study won’t happen, is because with results based on actual, real world experience, we will KNOW. Isn’t it amazing that we put so much importance on conclusions made by people in a sterile lab, where jobs are performed, but life doesn’t really happen, and ignore or dismiss the lessons and messages of life?
Having given pharmaceutical companies a “logical” reason to bow out of the question, the “it will hurt profits” argument still doesn’t fly. Making a profit is not sufficient reason to exploit people with methods and practices that are not only dubious, but are unnecessary and downright dangerous. Worse still, they try to sell us on these products being therapeutic and shut down others that are proven to actually help people!
The effect of pharmaceuticals on biochemistry is to alter natural metabolic processes which, I will assert, were designed to function properly from the start. When the assault is pervasive, something, will break down eventually. I submit that breakdown is expected, even desired, by the System.
The first level of breakdown, is consciousness. IQ is lowered.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception SOUTH-AFRICA-HUMAN-ORGAN--006
This Brazilian man had one of his kidneys taken.
Other expected breakdowns create new medical opportunities. As an example, an entire industry, “legit” and black market, has been built on organ harvesting and transplantation, when in fact, given the proper nutritional components (which they were lacking in the first place for a myriad of reasons), organs, such as kidneys and hearts, will self-repair.

‘Disease’ as ‘Evidentiary Entities’

The truly heinous nature of current medical orthodoxy is overshadowed by the disease pathologies that they (and we, by trusting the system and mindlessly following its advice) have codified into evidentiary entities that, in reality, are not real. The disease gets “credit” for the further damage that is actually done (or death) by the medication or treatment. The treatment gets credit when the patient “survives.” The patient is a statistical afterthought.
Let’s refer to an evidentiary entity, as an “EE”.
The EE is taken with such faith as being real, that the terms “malignant” are sometimes applied, as though some devilish or evil intent is present. Patients are conditioned to “do battle” with this force, and to use any means necessary to vanquish it. “Disease” and is often described in terms of something to be “killed.” The natural biochemistry and bio-electrics of the patient’s body are rarely considered. Therefore, the evidence suggests that the pathology is real. The methods, inappropriate as they are with respect to homeostasis, seem to support the pernicious nature that the diseases seem to represent.
A classic “us (good)” vs. “them (evil)” battle takes place, which leaves the patient as the battlefield and in constant stress, from a cellular level, to financial, emotional, and mental. All of which is correctable through other means, starting with reducing and eliminating stress.
The condition known as cancer is an evidentiary entity, as is diabetes, autism, and every condition thought to be real in our society today. All are legal fictions, subject more to the realm of patent, copyright and trademark law than science. None of these are causes unto themselves. All come into existence under circumstances that are knowable and correctable without any of the medications or approaches that are generally prescribed.

“Dis-ease” run amok

Disease pathologies (EE’s) are reflections and projections of inner “dis-ease” caused by false perception, thinking, or belief, for which some form of distortion, disruption, obstruction, or conflict in the natural flow and exchange of LOVE, has formed.
Disease and disharmony go hand-in-hand. Every blight and plague in human history can be traced to some falsehood that masqueraded at truth, that was believed in, and most often, FEARED.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Giordano-Bruno-Quotes-1
Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)
People who resolved themselves to surviving, and then existing in fear, sublimated these urges by worshiping their oppressors, for the sheer practicality not being fucked over even more.
Giordano Bruno, who went beyond Copernican theory, which itself was considered heretical to that posed by the Roman Catholic Church, to suggest that the universe was infinite paid a dear price in his day for speaking the truth as he saw it. Yet, some Catholic scholars will still debate whether Bruno deserved the barbaric treatment that he went through. (See article.)
His writings are still on the Church’s list of forbidden texts.

The Psychology of ‘Belief’

In an earlier post (When Truth is Endangered), I observed that the word “belief” can be broken up into “BE” “LIE” “F”. Perhaps the “F” is simply shorthand for fool. There might be better, and certainly other words that the “F” sound can symbolize, but the example makes a point here. Interestingly, Giordano Bruno came to mind then too.
We have created an entire society that is based on false premises. Medical $cience is no exception. Lies are everywhere, in the most “respected” circles. A common theme in each is to establish a “higher authority” for the patient, student, or citizen to look to for guidance and direction other than within one’s self.
We’ve paid a high price for those lies, and are still doing so today.
Diseases (EE’s) are created by mental and emotional positions that guide subsequent actions, and are caused by false thought. I’ll give a few examples of false thoughts.

  • “Death” is “the end” of Life
  • This “physical” life is the totality of our existence
  • Truth can be “hidden”
  • Limitation
  • Cures cost money… a LOT of money.
  • God/Allah/Source is “somewhere else” and doesn’t have time for you or me
  • One can be “superior” or “inferior” to someone else (racial/ethnic, economic, caste, academic, etc.)
  • “Chosen” people (that’s a funny one)
  • One’s “worth” is evidenced in their “stuff”
  • Disease is inevitable

I could go on, but you see what I mean. The last one is particularly relevant to the question, issue, and policies surrounding health care in general, and vaccines in particular. It appears that the Original Thought of “you” and “me” is of a healthy human being. I can say with some confidence that the Original Thought of God/Allah/Creator is for us — who are using bodies made of materials that are on loan from the body of the Earth itself — to be in perfect health. 
The evidence that supports the idea that health is our natural state, is the fact that when an injury is sustained, like a cut or abrasion, the healing process begins on its own. However, more severe problems, such as burns and bone breaks, can also be addressed with better results if a different, natural tact were taken.
On the other hand, if you’re trying to kill someone, doing battle as a gladiator or something like that, don’t be surprised when it seems as though you’ve been killed. Believing in death means that you’ll experience your belief of what it means.

The Power to Heal Always Present

For people who truly want to heal, it is comforting to learn that an underlying pattern exists that instructs and guides the microscopic life that live within the body, with respect to what to do. I would suggest that the knowledge exists within the microorganism, because it too is Life, and Life is self-adaptive, and designed to perpetuate itself, in harmony, to its optimal level of expression.
Chemicals are not self-adaptive. They do not communicate with Life. They obstruct, alter, or destroy. Life can unblock. Life can re-alter. Life can transform. Enzymes, for example, can take certain toxic inorganic matter in the body and render it non-toxic. Given their indifference to balance, and to Life, chemicals don’t have that adaptive ability.
Because Life is self-adaptive, chemicals tend to have a finite window of viability. Antibiotics, which are designed and intended to target specific life-forms, are a prime example. When Life mutates, rendering the antibiotic ineffective, the bug is designated a “superbug.”
There is no such thing as “superbugs.” The name is applied only because the microorganism has been deemed “drug resistant” to current antibiotics. Oh, poor pharmaceutical company! Don’t you feel bad for them? The erstwhile “superbug” is real Life; just a bacteria doing what it needs to do in order to break down unreal, synthetic, harmful, life-antagonistic, false, chemistry, the product of false thinking and belief.
The people who succumb to “superbugs” have had many other alterations to, and assaults on, their biochemistry that are never examined, accounted for, reported, or even considered meaningful in orthodox medical thinking today. As a society, we are led to believe that all of the artificial ingredients that we ingest as substitutes for real nourishment, are inconsequential.
We are further led to believe that our thoughts have little or no power… more specifically, our choice of thoughts and patterns of thinking. Therefore, they go unquestioned, and we perpetuate lies — either suggested by someone we trusted, or of our own creation — and then suffer the consequences.
The worse part about it is when we believe there are no other options.

YOU: A Perfect Creation

However, the evidence is that the Original Thought and Intention, issued forth from the Creator, by whatever name you embrace, is to be a healthy, Living Being.
God eternally thinks and His thoughts are eternally recorded everywhere. Every thought of God’s thinking is repeated throughout the universe at the speed of thought—which is commonly known as the speed of light. This speed is not the one of travel, however, for waves do not travel. They reproduce themselves at that speed.
You must also realize that wherever there are waves, there are sounds, even in the blankness of outer space. Vibrations produce sounds beyond the perceptions of any living being, but there is no silence anywhere save in wave fulchrums where motion reverses its spiraling course from centripetal to centrifugal and vice versa. Our human sense range is very limited but it is increasing rapidly as our spiritual natures unfold. Our human range of hearing is limited to the range between 40 and 40,000 vibrations a second. Above that range all other sounds are as inaudible as though they did not exist. The world around us is full of sounds which no man can hear, and things which no man can see.~Lao Russell, God Will Work With You, But Not For You
I’ll get back to Lao Russell’s statement about humanity’s growing spiritual nature, as it relates to a ridiculous conclusion that I am building up to.
Want more evidence that we are designed to be as self-healing, self-regulating, self-adapting, self-sufficient beings?
If you are a parent, what was your Original Thought and Intention for your children? I KNOW what mine was for my kids. They are the same thought that I have for myself, for you, and everyone. It’s not a stretch to consider that the Creator’s Original Thought and Intent for us was and is to be healthy. Not just to be healthy, but the Original Thought and Intent would simply be perfect function and ability for our gifts to shine during our time on Earth.
While I may not know the intricate ethero-biophysics about how to make a human being, I don’t have to. I do know and trust that the Creator does know, and did not err.
Another “false thought” comes to mind: that there’s no such thing as perfection. To the contrary, all is perfect as it is. The question is whose vision, from whose thoughts, does the “perfection” reflect?
The Creator’s thoughts of us are perfect. The pattern created by the Creator is perfect, and remains so. This persistent, sustaining perfection, is why healing happens naturally, because the pattern itself is eternal and inviolate. This is why Grigori Grabovoi’s healing by number system, and Dr. Alex Loyd’s system based on the Healing Codes, and a myriad of other healing modalities, work. The original pattern or blueprint exists to, in essence, be re-adhered to.

Robust Human Design

Even in our society where unnatural, disruptive, and adulterated food and products, and conflict and competition have become the rule rather than the exception, people are still generally born in a state of health. If there wasn’t an immediate assault on the newborn’s biochemistry, chances are they would be healthier lives, and maintain that health for a longer period of time throughout their lifetime.
Here’s a short video example of a couple married 54 years. The husband ate conventional (adulterated) foods, the wife ate foods with life.

70 Year Old Raw Foodist Looks 40!

Could there be mitigating conditions? Of course! However, two fundamental “givens” would be (1) being of good cheer and harmonious intent and action, and (2) being nourished by the bounty that the living planet provides. And because the Earth is a living entity, it has the ability to scale itself up, in other words, to grow in size, to accommodate the growth and evolution of the human population.
However, the immediate traumatizing assault on the newborns with the invasion of synthetic chemicals that have no functional basis in our biochemical programming, is anything but helpful to the evolution or maintenance of a state of health. Not only do I now suspect that these practices aren’t about “protecting” against future disease, or about money, I believe it’s something else that, which speaks to a point that to my knowledge, no one has raised.

Neal Adams – Science 01 – Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!

A long time ago, someone took the apparent fixed size of the planet as a sign that its resources are limited, and needs to be controlled by a few, which is another false idea. The way out of false ideas, and the artificial limitations that they foster, is to seek and KNOW truth.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Image028
There’s more to this than geo-engineering.
Furthermore, truth isn’t truth because a bunch of PhD’s say it is. I’m sure that a bunch of PhD’s have been employed for quite some time to figure out how to spray humanity with what amounts to insecticide. How does that make you feel about our “higher education” system?
Here are two videos on “geoengineering”:

This one, conducted in St. Louis in the 1950’s and disclosed in 2013, didn’t even use aircraft.

Someone thinks these activities are okay, and they have been doing it for quite some time. We didn’t see it happening. We couldn’t fathom it happening. We trusted something outside of ourselves.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception 640px-Photograph_of_Mrs._Reagan_speaking_at_a_%22Just_Say_No%22_Rally_in_Los_Angeles_-_NARA_-_198584
Perhaps now it’s time.
It may be a good time to resurrect a campaign that was popularized by First Lady Nancy Reagan, “Just Say No!” However, the drugs we should consider rejecting are different from in her day.

What’s It All About?

I believe something else is happening that’s behind this very very WIDE web of deceit and tyranny. It has to do with a comment made in Lao Russell’s book, above. I’ll quote a little more:
During my husband’s great illumination of 1921, which I mentioned previously (you’ll have to get the book), his range of sense-perception so vastly increased during three of those thirty-nine days, that he could see the auras of people and things, even to seeing them in other rooms, and approaching his door from the other side. Also he could hear and feel the adjustments which the planet is continually making in vast slippages of rock strata yielding to changing temperature pressures, and ocean bottoms adjusting their depths to changing gravity pressures. These create great tensions which are threatening major geologic changes in our western prairie lands and in the mid-Pacific.
These illustrations demonstrate the fact that knowledge can come to one only from within the Mind. Increasing extrasensory perception will vastly clarify the mysteries of life, however, by making much that was heretofore invisible and inaudible come within the range of vision and hearing. The more you unfold mentally the greater your range of perception will extend.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Indigo_children
Perhaps some of you recall the Indigo Children books by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. They identified a “new wave” of more dimensionally aware and functional beings that were coming on the scene. Others have followed them, called Crystal, Rainbow, and more. The point here is that these children, and the ones coming into the world today, are even more functional, meaning normal human beings.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Indigochildren
Indigo children traits.
For examine, more of them retain awareness, not only of their life before birth, but other incarnations on earth. And that’s not all.

Some Box-Breaking Thought

Let’s take a few moments to do some rational “out-of-the-box” thinking.
Since 1988, the number of newborn births in the United States has averaged around 4 million annually. As of this moment, writing this article in the latter part of March 2015, the trend suggests that we can expect about 3 million more births before year’s end. By the time a year from now rolls around, another 1 million will have come, who at present, have not even been conceived.
Where do these new ones come from? Where are they now?
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception IndigoChildren
Where is the being before making his entry (or re-entry) on earth?
Are they “newly created?”
According to statistical data compiled by the CDC, in 2011 the number of deaths in the United States exceeded 2.5 million.
Seems like simple questions, but do our answers, assuming we have any, make sense against our “standard” notion of existence? Are we really just “flesh and blood” with life beginning with our formation and emergence in the physical world, as our normal and customary social, educational, religious, scientific, and geopolitical actions suggest that we think we are?
If we are flesh and blood; if we are the body or vessel, then being “from Earth” would have some meaning. But our experiences during time on Earth are not limited to earthly experiences. Each time we enter into the state referred to as “sleep,” we can have a wide range of recollections that can be decidedly unearthly, upon awakening. These recollections can include encounters with family members or friends who once had physical forms, generally referred to as “dead”, unearthly places, creatures, and beings, where we may see devices or technology unlike anything on earth, or we may recall “physical” feats that are not possible in the “normal” physical world, such as defying gravity by flying through the air, both with or without a “body.”
Why are we so intent on dismissing or marginalizing such experiences by calling them by the nebulous term, “dreams?”
And now, here are “daytime” accounts of children who remember things we’re accustomed to believing aren’t possible; that is, of previous lifetimes.

Harold Klemp: Ethiopia or Louisiana?





“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than dreamt of in your philosophy.” — William Shakespeare, Hamlet
If life is actually eternal, then experiences like these suggest that the idea that we don’t and cannot “die” is true.
The “future” human beings of earth — meaning those who do not presently have a physical body —  are already living life, somewhere. Just not “here” as we presently experience life on Earth.
Since 1910, no less than 2.75 million newborns started lives in area of Earth known as “The United States.” Where have they come from? When they left, where did they go?
In 2017 we can count on (maybe) another 4 million newborns, none of whom have been conceived today, and won’t for a year or more from now. Yet, they will impact the “story” of this country, and this planet.
Just like you and me.
While I posed the questions for “Americans,” it applies to everyone, wherever on Earth they happen to be. The millions (and billions) of beings who have come, who are presently here, and will come, are made of the same “stuff” as you and me who traverse this planet now. They are intelligent, living thought-creations and creators. The term shapeshifters would also apply.
“My Father’s house has many mansions.” John 14:2

My Ridiculous Theory on the Vaccine Push

The push to vaccinated and/or chemicalize humans in another way isn’t limited to newborns. They are simply the most vulnerable, and yet, best equipped to fend for themselves. Why? Because they still have the fire of excitement about the human journey within them. They still remember who they are. That fire hasn’t been extinguished by doubt, fear, greed, or envy. They haven’t been wrongfully stigmatized by the thought of “sin.”
Everywhere you turn, “advice” is being given on why you are vulnerable to this or that, for which “experts” recommend a vaccine. Although we’ve grown accustomed to rationalizing and understanding virtually any kind of behavior if a pot of money was the reward, It’s not about the money. Thinking that it is about the money provides convenient cover for the real reason.
The real reason for the institutionalized drugging of newborn babies, children, adolescents, and adults through and with vaccines, is to impair the development of what would normally be considered, their “extra” senses. These senses represent expanded bandwidth of hearing, sight, perception, intelligence, and communication. They also include what would be called, “psi” powers, which include telekinesis, or the ability to move objects through the power of thought. For these abilities to work, one must not be under stress, or in FEAR. They are natural to, and latent within everyone now.
These abilities will allow for an even easier discernment of truth, and self-protection. These senses are standard issue within each human being, and have been systematically, traumatically, and psychologically “turned off” for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception 12840
Judgment passed on non-conformist women in Salem, Massachusetts.
Normal sensory perception is a natural gift from the Creator that we have, out of fear, greed, and ignorance, not opened, and would likewise be available “from within.” And for all the evil that we have been conditioned to be “on guard” for, all the tyranny and terror, an unimaginable exploitation has been, and continues to be exacted upon a trusting, distracted, and mis-informed human population who wait for saviors of various stripes to “protect” them, get vengeance, vanquish enemies, while not understanding why they struggle, go off to fight unholy wars, and are dissatisfied at every election.
“Elected officials” are sock puppets for a cadre of un-elected ones who tell them what to do. The “two-party” system practiced in the United States is a single party that answers to someone who is not you or me.
Normal sensory perception awaits each of us, even in this lifetime. That would be the first casualty of vaccine regimens that wouldn’t be missed.
For those who are ready to evolve, the time has arrived to “just say no.”
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Vaccine_moratorium Do you still think there’s something “good” about vaccines?
Please begin teaching your child or grandchild just how perfect he or she is. Get my book,  I Am My Body, NOT! and allow me to send a personal wish on both our parts.
Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception Iambn-cover-art-rgb
Let’s teach our kids who they are, and what they are not.

Thanks to: http://phaelosopher.com


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