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Momz ‘LIKES': Blue and Dandy

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Momz ‘LIKES': Blue and Dandy

Posted on April 4, 2015 by talk2momz

I’ve created a new category of posts for the much appreciated followers of Talk2Momz. I think we’ve all been through kind of a foggy time during the past couple of months. People say there’s been an energetic shift, and that may be the case. It certainly feels like something is re-aligning within me, and I’ll be writing about that.
But right now I’m re-aligning the Momz blog a bit, and hoping that you’ll enjoy and appreciate these small changes. There are some writers whose messages I really like: maybe there’s something in the article that speaks to me, or maybe it’s clarifying information, which is always helpful. I’m going to post these articles now and then under the Momz ‘LIKES’ category.
There may be videos coming in the future as well, but rest assured I’m not going to crowd your Inbox. Thank you for being a follower, and now to the first article by a friend, Soren Dreier. This article fits with what I’ve been feeling…  it’s time to get battle strong.
Everything’s Just Blue and Dandy
A guy said to me: ‘I’m fully awake, but I’m not happy.’
When the soul feels restrained it cannot be happy, so maybe define: Awake. Yes you know about GMOs, Chemtrails, 9.11 and all. What do you know about freedom, love, and the Big Void?
What the hell is fully awake anyhow?
A fancy statement? Nobody is fully awake.
There’s a predicament in there, so what’s keeping you from being happy now that the eyes are wide open.
We don’t need to see with our eyes anymore. We need to see with our hearts.
Some good people see and they filter with their brain. Some good folks see and filter in their hearts. We need to merge that.
When the streets are built too narrow, it blocks the view for all travelers.
A woman asked me:
‘I’m awake and I believe in Jesus, I pray, so what’s wrong with me, what am I missing? I hear that’s wrong.’
A good answer to that I felt was:
Well, honey. You are very awake and by all means, you´re not wrong! It might be out there on the awakening highway that Christianity is a constructed Babylonian hoax and Jesus is not real. If it suits your soul, believe and pray. Your soul needs holy. Your soul needs to connect to the mystical field of the Christ and it is absolutely counterproductive, if you stand down on what you perceive to be ‘holy’ in order to fit into the commandments of the mainstream awakening.
Since it is not your experienced (intellectual) reality, but somebody else’s.
There is a pristine landscape opening up for each brave soul setting out on the awakening trail and bugger me, if we need more external control or commandments on how to think and feel. That is one big kahuna Orwellian control mechanism exchanging the other…
Awake means you have to give yourself permission to be you. No matter what somebody else might think about you. They might not talk to you, they might ignore you or think of you as a pain in the ass, but hey: You are you, and that is what they claim to support by the often-used phrase: ‘Be a voice, not an echo’ and if you want everybody to love you, you cannot be yourself.
I know Stuart battled that for some years and it really hurt him and got to him. And he might be a really good example of those mechanics, come to think of it. Thank God, Jesus, Buddha, and his local pub for his contributions to merge spirituality and an understanding of the Matrix.
Some of Stuarts followers write me now and then when I cross their line: ‘You can’t write ‘fuck’ — that is so low frequency, according to Stuart and the self-proclaimed guardians of his legacy’.
I often answer: ‘Apparently you did not notice Stuart’s very frequent use of that word either in writings or audios and such’.
I see people taking a fancy now in ‘channeling’ Stuart and if that is not impressive enough, it is his Oll teacher and if it’s not his Oll teacher is his aunties puddle. Gimme a break!
We do not need Cults, we need space! And we do not need fantasy channeling la-la-land to wash out what already stands.
We need a balancing of The Grim Reaper and The Promise Of The New Day and unfortunately this world moves by the swing of that Pendulum, the darkness and the light.
Sometimes we address The Grim Reaper because we have to since something stirs up our soul when we enter the Matrix and we need to point to it. The Matrix has lived too long off our reluctance to go there because we preferred ‘only positive things’.
The Club of: All is Swell and Dandy and if it is not: I’ll just pretend that it is.
I’ve got news for you: The Matrix going down is a positive thing. It ain’t pretty, but it’s good.
We have thrown in the Tranquility Towel too many times because we got fooled to perceive that spirituality and exposing the Matrix couldn’t go hand in hand. We now know that when we lift the veil of the Matrix, we have to address the less pretty stuff. We do that often in terms that are quite frank and bold. Why? Because we have to pull on our warrior energy and when we really do: linguistic shit often hits the fucking fan. And, when we go cuddly and pretty, we really go cuddly and pretty.
It is no contradiction; it is frequencies of the soul.
As long as the spiritual segment has you as a candidate in a bad need for ‘shadow-work’ on that account – well, they sure serve the Matrix. Strong emotions are strong emotions. And it is a sure recipe for psychological self – doubt, if you embed this and cannot let it out because it is ‘Spiritually Wrong’ of you and people might think of you that you’re not ‘spiritually developed’.
Using that as an argument only goes to show that even in the area of free spirituality, you should feel restrained, and that dear reader is a blatant contradiction of all spirituality is about. Need I say it: Freedom.
Oh, all the snobbish, specialness, and what have we.
And it is a delicate balance when and how to use that Warrior energy, since in spiritually it is not a very constructive idea to hide assholeism under a nice and funky spiritual attitude. Attitudes have a short life span, especially if you poke them a bit with a stick. Oh, ‘spiritual’ folks can be nasty Shapeshifters, I have met quite a few.
It is much easier to deal with just: The Mundane Nasty. You know, them ordinary assholes.
It’s all about allowing yourself and others to connect to what responds, and resonates with their soul. You might disagree with them on other topics but I really don’t think that grants you the freedom to perceive them as: ‘Sleeping’ or ‘not correctly awake’. I know it seems like a very sarcastic joke when one starts to contemplate on the lack of range in personal freedom of thought and feel in these times of awakening.
Some hot corners in the awakening seem a bit like cults, clubs and actually turning into: ‘It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. Interesting…Sometimes people mirror what they fight. It’s okay. But look out for it.
In The Healing Vortex Of Easter I went a bit into the mystic mechanics of the Stigmata. The powers embedded in the mystical fields are there for the taking, the connecting and the Field of The Christ is maybe the most powerful one since so many have fueled it for 2000 years by honoring it and using it for personal development.
It’s a force to me, as it was to Stuart, and not by any way: Religious. Maybe we really need to understand that once and for all. There’s nothing occult to it. It’s a field of spiritual metaphysics and we pick the field that talks to our soul.
‘The Soul’ isn’t by anyway trademarked, copyrighted and the product of some soul factory in the skies. Each soul is a variation on a theme called: The Human Soul going through its own evolution IN togetherness with corresponding souls. Soul families. Each with their different assignments, interests and perceptions of truth. Celestial truth that is.
Other thing is the mundane ‘Truth’. Are they chemtrailing? Are we being deceived? Do dysfunctional psychopaths run this world?
I don’t see any point to manifest a spiritual drought, when the awakening souls become dehydrated in the Matrix of: This you cannot feel or think.
Ultimately: You are it all. This world is your projection merged with the projections of others and you have to alter your projection of it, in the speed that you see fit, and maybe help in broadening the narrow streets of what somebody grants you to think or feel.
I wouldn’t like it if the awakening showed up with some tablets of commands. That is starting to show, so watch out for that.
Thinking what all others think is the hallmark of this Matrix we’re trying to penetrate. It shouldn’t be the hallmark when it has finally come down. Eikk!
Speaking your truth is not granted in the current Matrix, whether it’s your spiritual truth or your life experience, you shouldn’t have to ask for anybody’s permission to do that, once a New Day rises and that New Day is here in the making. Maybe you would like to contribute, or would you rather be a bystander?
That New Day is here because the Old Day is dying in suicidal death cramps and when it’s doing that, you got to tone your voice or you will go down with it.
So ‘fully awake’ is a beautiful concept of you being you, standing by yourself, recognizing that the rest are trying for the same, respectfully open to new angles on old and new mysteries and trying to inject some love for it all into that equation.
And maybe try a bit harder to get to love being here and hold that longing of going back home again in an arm’s length because our work here is not yet done.
It all comes down to one thing: Bravery.
We might think taking on great battles is bravery – it is.
We might think exposing the truth is bravery – it is.
It is the manifestation of extreme bravery since the battlefront of truth is paved with personal crosses and the experiences so many have of betrayal on the way to the personal and highly individual Golgotha.
We all get the Via Dolorosa route in some way – spit at, ridiculed and targets of faraway laughter.
Standing by you will get you crucified, some way or the other. Either in public, in the family, in your work, with your lover, and what have we.
Standing by your SELF has a prize and The Via Dolorosa Of The Awakening Trail is not a pretty walk, it is a transcending walk. Mystical, mundane, esoteric, and it hurts. But you know now why you are walking it!
If you´re not ready for that, well, maybe gather your strength and then set out.
Everything’s not Just Blue and Dandy – That is why we need you.
Posted with permission from sorendreier.com.

Thanks to: http://talk2momz.com


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