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April 6, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

​ Let’s face it, no matter what side we turn to, or look at, it’s all giving us the same message “Life as we know it is going to hell”. It’s obvious isn’t it? Isn’t it clear that things are not the same? Of course not and we should not want the “same” otherwise we would never grow or evolve. I’m now talking to those that see the change, feel the change yet won’t accept and embrace the changes. Here is a prime example from my end of the world.
Normally, our weather has been Mediterranean, that means cool dry winters and hot humid summers. 260 days of sunshine is the average for the whole Mediterranean region, including the coastlines of Italy, Portugal, Spain, Albania, Greece and Turkey. ​ We now get 260 days of rain and the rest changing weather, very rarely do we get a whole day of sunshine. Our growing season here in the Adriatic is in essence all year long. Our winters never reach below 10C therefore, we can grow spinach, Swiss chard, all kinds of cabbage, leeks etc., basically hardy vegetables that can endure a bit of colder than normal temperatures.
I started using the raised bed garden method, 2 of my beds are actually hoop houses where I can apply plastic if it gets too cold, it extends my growing season and I get a head start in the spring when sowing seeds.
4 years ago, our climate was as I had described, I chose this method because I wanted a system where I didn’t have to spend a lot of time in the garden and to create a nice esthetic look around the house.
It has benefited me greatly because the last 3 years have been hellish in terms of what we considered to be “normal” here. In fact, it appears to me that our seasons are moving 3 months ahead. Summer now starts in June where it normally starts in April, December is a short sleeves month and here we are Easter weekend and are suffering from cold, I mean under 10C where we are into our wool clothes and burning the wood stove all day, not just in the evening. You can say our changes here are extreme and very noticeable.
Where am I leading with this? 3 years of change are obvious, my people talk about the changes, they know weather is no longer predictable, yet they continue to do the same thing. A few weeks ago they all ran to the mainland to buy transplants, it’s a competition here who is going to be the first one to get started. The last 3 days basically killed all their starts because the temperatures dropped whereas my seeds are nice and warm under the plastic in the mini greenhouse. I prepared not knowing for this change and for weather abnormalities so this is what I call madness. You keep doing the same thing and hope for different results. We know that things are changing, but we don’t want to accept it as truth, change is painful. Change is fearing the unknown, change is losing the familiar, change can be traumatic for some especially if it was unplanned.
The external messages are designed to keep you from focusing on what is actually happening. I have spent 30 years of my life keeping up with what is going on in the world. Has it helped me in any way? Yes, but only ONE way. It has allowed me and given me a head start on how to live my life. Knowing what I do, I started very early to live outside the system as much as I could, or live off the grid, meaning I worked hard at trying to be as self sufficient as I can because I could see where the madness was taking this world to. That is the only benefit I got from spending a lot of time constantly reading and listening to who done what and why they done what.
It is no longer necessary to do that, actually it never was. It’s enough to know it IS happening, and who is doing it. Our history is important because it has allowed us to expand our possibilities and helped us realize that we are not alone in this Universe and that we have been lied and deceived into believing something that doesn’t benefit us. That’s enough to know. Everything is now a distraction for us, this distraction is intended to keep us engrossed in the disinformation fed to us so that we can’t see what is going on around us, in nature, in our bodies. Our bodies are not artificial intelligence, our bodies require healthy food, air and clean water. We were never designed to undergo 24 hour stress, therefore another reason why our bodies are breaking down.
For a long time I advocated that we are all responsible for our condition and that only WE can make the changes. I truly believed that if we all stopped using banks, stopped going to work, went out into the streets and let our PTB that we have had enough, they would be forced to change. Why? For starters, we would be starving their war machine, without interest, bank fees and charges each time you use your debit card and by being out in the streets in the millions THEY would realize we are awake and since there are more of us than them, they would have to give us  something to keep us pacified.
I don’t think that way anymore, in fact, I don’t see how we can possible get out of this system alone. The reason is very simple. They have the technology and laws working in their benefit. They have technology that can actually zap us through a satellite especially if we have received in vaccines in the last 10 years. They simply kill us off in the thousands because they can, it’s evident that all these mass demonstrations are not leading anywhere. Our government are not listening, they don’t care, they know we can’t win and the police have the power to hurt anyone they feel is a threat out there.
So what does that leave us with? Good question. Ask 100 people that are truth seekers and all 100 will give you a different answer, so we surely can’t rely on any of them to give us any solutions.
Don’t listen to me either, my experiences, visions, out of body experiences don’t quantify the future, only the NOW. When I have out of body experiences they are not showing me a future, and the visions I have are about an event, that I have no idea when it will occur. This event is about the incredible and powerful flash of light, with all it’s brilliance in different colors, colors we are not familiar with. This event shows me how through this incredible explosion of light and colors is the actually re integration of our bodies. In essence we shift into a higher dimension thus incorporate our body/mind/soul and higher self all into one. Through this explosion of light, as the colors thin out, I see many structures gone, only the organic structures remain, after scanning the space around me which is devoid of garbage and streets, I see this beautiful city replacing the buildings that we have previously and then when I look down at my body because I now notice that I don’t feel the weight of me, I realize I am into a new light body, it’s visible but it’s like an actual crystal so I can’t see through it. I think pink and it turns pink, I think green and it turns into green. Then slowly my memories start returning and I realize that we have “ascended” and that we are now higher dimensional beings.
My dream/experience is just that. I can’t say it’s the future, I can’t say it will happen, for all l know it could have been a past integration, something that I have already experienced and it’s just reminding me of what is to come.
I don’t have solutions, the one that I had was about marching in the streets and letting them know we are through with their bullshit, but now I see we would only get killed for doing that.
I can only say that we have to believe in higher self, in higher source, in our Creator/goddess Gaia to pull us out of this duality and I truly believe that she is doing that and has been doing that for the last 3 years.
We can all agree that the sun is setting in different direction, that it’s not the same sun we know it to be, we can all agree that the night skies are not showing planets where they used to be, seasons are changing, weather is extreme, the earth activity is increasing, all this points to the planet moving and shifting. I think that we can all agree with this scenario, but what none of us seem to be 100% sure of what what is actually going to take place and when it will take place.
What do we do in the meantime? We prepare for the event. Decrease the material things you need in your life, simplify your life, get rid of your big house and get a Tiny house, something that doesn’t need so much space and money to maintain. Try to pay off your debts if you have any, not that it’s going to make a difference after the shift, but if that shift is not due for another few years, those debts will enslave you even more as the cost of living will increase.
I have been living this way for 10 years now, and even with the minimal exposure to government, I still can’t get away with it because we have to pay sales tax which is 25%. Yes, you heard me right, our sales tax or PDV is 25%, research it if you don’t believe me. We have to pay taxes on our car every year, on the house we live in, so there are some things we simply can’t get out of paying because in Croatia no court order is needed to take money from your bank account. If you owe money to a utility company, all they have to do is go to the bank with your bill showing what you owe and they can freeze your account or take the funds out. You don’t have an opportunity to go to court and show or prove to the court why you don’t want to pay or that you have already paid. So, we can’t avoid paying these things because they can do whatever they want with our bank accounts.
We have no debts, we have simplified our lives, I grow as much organic food as I can, each month we buy emergency food supplies and equipment, we are in essence preparing for an all out power outage.
That’s all we can do, is get down to basics, try and simplify our lives, use the land around our homes to grow food and set aside seeds and emergency foods just in case it comes a time where we might not have access to food and water for a while.
I do believe that forces outside of our planet and the planetary mother are working on freeing us from this matrix, as I said, I have the experiences and lucid dreams that confirm that, but nobody knows when this will happen, and until then we have to be ready for that. Some are saying it’s 2017, some say it’s another 25 years, some are saying on the 4th blood moon. You get my point? Who really knows?
Turn off your TV for starters, there is nothing on TV that is going to benefit you unless you are watching National Geographic, shows that teach you about nature and there are some good history channels as well, but that’s about all you should be watching. You are being radiated and subtly programmed watching TV, so use that time to start a plan on how to reduce your life down to simplicity, and or use it to go outside and walk barefoot in nature, or grow food, whatever it is that you need to do, don’t watch TV. Don’t be smitten by the mass information coming out from all ends, all this is propaganda designed to confuse us.
Every single entity that contacts humans cannot be proven as being of the light. |We know this. I am not saying they don’t exist, I’m just saying that if they are giving you information you already know, they are using you as a diversion. If they are teaching you how to be a better human, I would trust that information. A perfect example is John Smallman’s blog. The messages he gets are LONG, and yet in those long messages there is nothing new in them, that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s the typical “you are loved beyond measure” and “you’re almost there”, yet nothing concrete for us to build towards.
Truth is, there is no interference  allowed, nobody is allowed to interfere with our free will, the moment you get a message, be it good or bad, it’s called interference because that message will change the way  you think, that’s called “breaching your free will”. Only divine intervention is allowed, and those that we made contracts with to help us complete this mission.
I also believe that Dolores Cannon was on the right track when she said that Mother Earth put out the call for help. Billions and billions of souls volunteered for this mission and only a few million were chosen. Our job was to bring light to the planet, so we agreed to incarnate thousands of times to raise the vibration of the planet. We are the chosen ones, we are the old souls that came here to do this work and to bring back our inherited planet to the state it was when the creator made it for us. I often would think “Who in their right mind would volunteer for this mission?”, but when I really think about it, it makes sense. Only old souls can deal with something like this, remember, I’m not talking about just this lifetime, I’m talking about hundreds and thousands of lifetimes of incarnating on this planet. The signs are now pointing toward the finality of this mission, we are close, so close to the end.
Hang in there old soul, we have waited for millions of years to get here, what’s another few years to get where we need to go? You Old Soul are powerful and divine, use your power and act in a way that suits who you are. We can do this together, we have traveled the same roads for millennia, we’re almost there!

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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