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This article is an official public war criminal indictment of U.S. congress. “Mode of operation, Modus operandi,” the means, opportunity and motive. This is not a joke, this article is factual. See how life saving truth receives low hits…. that’s because you’ve been communist "council for national policy" preconditioned…. to certain stimuli. If you’re a Christian… you are in fact 100% going to be slaughtered on caliphate day… you understand?
If you like breathing…. continue reading. http://wariscrime.com/new/how-the-big-brother-controls-alternative-media/ If you’re waiting for sheriff arpaio to help…. you’ll be waiting for a cold day in hell too. I quote sheriff arpaio; “This man is a menace and he needs to be brought to justice,” Arpaio said. And I say; Mr. arpaio says a lot of things but most importantly, it’s what he hasn’t said and will never say…. that he’s 100% cnp controlled opposition and a drug dealer… period…. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/12/20/1264333/-Sheriff-Joe-Arpaio-Loses-Lawsuit-3-75Million-Settlement Life is a school; Why not try taking the curriculum?
I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that sheriff arpiao is a major drug dealer and a money launderer that got himself caught up in the same old stale communist manifesto. Where they allowed you ignorant hoodwinked punks on purpose to sell those very same illegal drugs with impunity. The communist infiltrators enact laws to make all drugs illegal, bringing the target country to its knees. And…. so as the communist infiltrators could blackmail you…. just like they doing right now.
Didn’t sheriff joseph arpaio just say he sent his sheriff kits of supposedly pertinent information.... to every sheriff’s department in America? And that news about obama’s forged birth certificate brief will be forthcoming. But just what is it really that’s forthcoming sheriff arpaio? That's a real problem for sheriff arpaio because those sheriff kit's have been “100% proven” to be a bunch of; "council for national policy communist non-sense". The implication is; every sheriff in America; is incredibly criminally non savvy and truly stupid to not realize that? Or is it something else? Because you can't claim to be enforcement educated and stupid at the same time… can you?
If they don’t shut their mouths about the muslim caliphate and israel’s takeover of America’s lands and the mass murder and slaughter of its Christian occupants… you’ll all go to jail or worse too. All part of the communist manifesto; where congress, the house, judges, sheriff’s, cointelpro, cia, TV and web news, lawyers, top corporations and especially the “council for national policy” all played a pivotal complicit criminal role circumventing the U.S. Constitution with a plan to completely…. subjugate the Constitution with an illegally assembled Constitutional Convention by proven encroaching savage war criminals.
Why is sheriff arpaio always harping, at almost every public showing; rambling and emphasizing how he’s head of the one of the biggest filthy dea operations in the country? But that’s a real big inadvertent criminal confession and a problem for sheriff arpiao. With his constant dea assertions as the good guys. Doing his duty to keep America safe from drug dealers. Oh really. Well…. that’s a bald face lie…. and here’s the billions of dollars in proof proof proof that all sheriff’s are in fact the drug dealing kingpins…. period….. And that’s a probable prima facie fact…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ4J2qwWD98
I quote; as nearly as we can tell, the last American journalist arrested for something he’d written was John Peter Zenger, and that was prior to the American Revolution.
Before his reign of "terror" subsided, the Sheriff would become notorious nationally for rounding up immigrants as well as for attacks upon the judiciary.
“County officials could have curtailed the abuses of the Sheriff years ago,” says Lacey. “Instead, they looked the other way until Arpaio’s excesses moved from Mexicans to magistrates. With these cash grants, we choose to stand with those who resist.” Sheriff’s are voted in…. in the very same manor in which... obama was.
Every single sheriff that received sheriff arpaio thoroughly bogus sheriff kits and doesn’t acknowledge that… sheriff arpaio’s nonsense as babble… is clearly a war criminal too and culpable, or they’re so stupid, that they have no business whatsoever being a sheriff… and that’s a provable verifiable fact.
Oh, there’s a menace all right…. and one of them is in the white house…. remember sheriff, and other one is you sheriff joseph arpaio. http://www.kpho.com/story/28567797/death-threats-roll-in-against-sheriff-arpaio I watched a supposed patriot site, controlled opposition cnp big name try and pick apart my article. As of yet… those facts have not been debunked in any way…. not even close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuYwc20zwxQ … The washed-up rt district of war criminals bogus news Internet show is doing a damage control piece right now in opposition to my article. Lying about how the U.S. is supplying the Middle East muslim caliphate. Where congress is really shipping ['mega billions'] in munitions illegally misappropriated, and has heavily armed the entire world muslim caliphate. Instead of the news teleprompter claimed paltry 580 million amounts. Which I can prove and implicate…. is patently a bald face lie to deliberately misrepresent the ramifications of the truth.
If you don’t believe these facts, then you need to explain yourself and this? Why is our non-American federal israel infiltrated government claiming mega billions in hand me downs of our military equipment left over from the iraq war spoils to our police dept’s as surplus? When in fact that can be proven to be a blatant in our face bald face lie? The U.S. is simply abandoning tons of equipment because shipping it home would cost too much... http://theweek.com/articles/462962/military-literally-throwing-away-7-billion-afghanistan and explain this too…. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2014/06/07/police-officer-safety-surplus-zeal-military-equipment-spurs-debate-mrap-military-vehicle/10170225/ and then you really need to explain this http://www.your-poc.com/u-s-to-hand-over-iraq-bases-equipment-worth-billions/ I quote; A sea of munitions as far as the eyes can see. No one’s going to be able to explain away this article because it’s self-explanatory…. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/isis-is-taking-over-iraq-using-captured-american-weapons and now for the grand finale…. I’d like to see this on the front page of the daddy of drudge cointelpro report…. that’ll be the day….http://wariscrime.com/new/how-the-big-brother-controls-alternative-media/
Oops…. why does Dr. jerome corsi’s name appear in good standing as a top member of the "council for national policy"…. because he’s a filthy traitor that’s why. He brought 250 concerned supposed citizens with him to file a lawful complaint, to a confirmed on the payroll cnp controlled opposition agent just like himself. I would like a, sheriff arpaio list of all the complainants right now to investigate and I want to see their official complainant forms too…. all of them? http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/12/20/1264333/-Sheriff-Joe-Arpaio-Loses-Lawsuit-3-75Million-Settlement
I quote; as nearly as we can tell, the last American journalist arrested for something he’d written was John Peter Zenger, and that was prior to the American Revolution.
Pictured above are just a few of the more popular names — especially among followers of the “alternative” media — that are members of the ultra-secret Council for National Policy (CNP). If you have never heard of this organization before, don’t be surprised because it’s almost never mentioned by the media, and especially not by those “big names” in the alternative media who regularly feature CNP members as guests on their show. Ring any alex jones bells? http://fanaticforjesus.blogspot.com/2011/10/charlotte-iserbyt-cnp.html

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell? One more little fact; doesn’t the preacher gallups have an exclusive with sheriff arpaio’s cnp controlled opposition team? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dfhLJ7Kw8xE#t=0 The latest U.S. military munitions to end up in the hands of the caliphate; is yemen…and notice the same old stale paltry 500 million amount claimed by the proven complicit controlled opposition cointelpro. But that’s another bald face provable lie, it was 25 billion worth of U.S. military supplies and munitions…. yet again, to another muslim country in the same caliphate? Read more at http://rt.com/usa/241701-pentagon-lost-millions-weapons-yemen/
I, and plenty of others brought you this information at great personal expense and for obvious reasons, I’ve shut off the comments because, all you could do is; thank us for saving your Christian life. And no… “Thank Yous” are needed for that “comrade” but since what I’m exposing is sensitive information. I can’t tolerate cointelpro trashing my extremely important article; with their vile muslim / israel caliphate reverse psychology cnp non-sense.
After everything you’ve hopefully learned, please learn “every word, site and sentence” as if your life depended on it, because it does, and we proved it. It’s all there…. if you’ll just focus and learn the truth. http://wariscrime.com/new/the-largest-media-brainwashing-campaign-in-history Now…. can you put together the two sides of the blatant cointelpro controlled opposition bundy ranch fiasco, namely the cointelpro controlled opposition kingpin cia cnp alex jones? And the collocation of the “district of war criminals” trucker showdown with the federal agent pete santilli commandeering that showdown.
Think about it; both sides were cointelpro controlled opposition…. do you get it now…. everybody involved and I mean everybody except the truckers on both sides planned those whole shows. It’s called a cointelpro controlled opposition beta test. The alex jones’s beta test job is designed to keep us patriots at home in fear, scared instead of immediately arresting them.
While they “smooth operator” wait for their caliphate day. When they planned to mass murder and slaughter all Christians, men, women, little tiny children and even infants, every single Christian dies city by city. Please wake up, the whole blatant treasonous traitor magic underwear bundy ranch was a controlled opposition shenanigan that manifested from both cnp sides and it was 100% a cointelpro controlled opposition (OOT) “operation out truck” cointelpro collocation with (the bundy ranch operation)… and that’s a provable prima facie incontrovertible empirical fact, that would stand up in an honest court of real U.S. criminal and or Constitutional law as they’re written and exist today…. period. http://www.occupycorporatism.com/home/exposed-internet-radio-host-pete-santilli-revealed-fbi-informant/
Mr. fbi agent pete santilli was 100% ousted directly on purpose for a reverse psychology asset and that’s a provable prima facie fact.
I can tell…. that most of the clicks here at beforeitsmadenews, hereafter named bin, an inside joke on that sites names; are from; the enemy cnp cointelpro learning how to combat my truthfully supported by facts and substantiated article…. with major damage control. The proof is in the counters. Here at bin it’s at 18,000. And at the most important site you’ll ever see in your Christian lifetime; the counter is on 4,200. Now why do suppose that is? That was expected. The others that didn’t read this extremely important information…. were preconditioned to say that headline doesn’t match.
Their purpose of spamming a lot was designed to precondition the subject and victim that you’re a spammer. But sometimes that’s not true… and the information there is solid. Cointelpro stages most of their attacks from all the comment boards across the entire Internet at our public taxpayer expense of 2.2 billion dollars minimum annually. That’s where the cointelpro work 24/7/365. You’ve been communist enemy conditioned and will never read that pertinent information because you’ve been 100% stupefied and dumbed down and that’s a provable prima facie fact too. And again, here it is; the honest to God truth for all us American Christians to witness. A shock the conscience with an epiphany like no other to clearly see…. the truth. I’m just getting warmed-up. I can prove everything I say. http://wariscrime.com/new/how-the-big-brother-controls-alternative-media/
Feel free to use my outline to warn your Christian families. You love your family correct? Sure you do… and you would and should; most certainly tell them the truth too…. correct? You now have the facts don’t you? The really astute and intelligent truth seekers will see and realize; I’ve reversed their cnp reverse psychologies back on them so that I could possibly save our lives with this information…. you understand that... correct? My Christian comrades…. because I really do love you… fish. The top police brass just seem to run away…. or disappear is more like it…. when isis shows up? You understand? That’s what I thought…. clue; FOUR HORSEMAN? Except one of those horseman "appears" to be a "women"? Attorney Mrs. orly taitz is 100% a treasonous cold blooded traitor and that’s an empirical prima facie incontrovertible fact that would stand in any war tribunal or court of criminal law. She/he has no defense whatsoever…. period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=172&v=l7hjZ_-1cNQ I would stake my life on that official public criminal accusal and accusation because I’m staking my life on that fact and not only mine but your Christian life too. I would like to see Mr. orly… aitz’s a women birther’s certificate too?
Shall I continue? It would be a pretty dirty communist cnp trick to use passages from the holy bible for reverse psychologies against Christians… to advance their muslim / israel caliphate? Wouldn’t it? The muslims can keep their holy mosque land, “that they've been fighting a thousand years over”, if the israel infiltrating encroaching war criminals can conquer America as their new found land. And with the mutual help of their muslim caliphate... clean the American Christian clocks, I nice way of saying mass murder and mayhem.
It’s a compromise between the brotherhoods. Mr. obama is 100% not a muslim and he’s most certainly not a Christian by any means…. he’s a cia bush crime family puppet…. period. The sudud muslim was planted information and has been proven 100% to be completely choreographed for an alex jones nuke fear ploy…. period. Christians in the middle east… have been… and are, right now being slaughtered by the tens of thousands 500,000 in one area alone with our own American weapons misappropriated highly illegally by the same congress. All 545 politicians are patently criminally complicit voter fraud war criminals enemies and that’s a provable prima facie incontrovertible empirical fact. Who’s next?
You as a Christian have every right, “the law of the land” to defend your life…. you understand that? P.S. Speculations; but are considered supporting facts that would be admissible. The word collocation is a very interesting word. That’s why it’s specifically used and why I used it. It can sometimes explain things, like M.O. the mode of operation. Like the one we’re witnessing today with obama. Collocate obama with Hitler. If we now have their cnp communist playbook, let’s reverse it. And see what really did happen in nasi germany?
Mr. Hitler was a drug fiend junky…. just exactly like obama? We know obama…. is who he says he is. And we can’t believe anything the cnp infiltrated israel or their cnp cointelpro tell us either. So who is obama really? He’s 100% a puppet for the cia Prescott bush nazi war crime family? The same war criminal team… that’s going clean Christian clock. Who was it… that was really being attacked in germany? The jews like alex jones and his “four horseman entourage” said they were being persecuted and mass murdered to the tune of 6 million…. Oh really? But didn’t I just prove the very same thing is happening today? I will continue…. shall I continue?
It appears my news flash; “obama was been found non responsive in his bathroom” headline might not have been… satire after all? I designed a headline; the cointelpro would most certainly attack for obvious truth telling viral exposure reasons. Such as you’re a spammer, that headline doesn’t match you must a liar? Why should we believe anything you say now? Is all cointelpro boiler room cnp war criminal reverse psychology communist manifesto psyop’s. They don’t want us, the victim to be effective, because that’s how information goes viral. All common stale old communist manifesto cnp war criminal non-sense. I can prove it too. Here’s a 100% confirmed and busted cointelpro site… everybody there is a cointelpro controlled opposition sock puppet account. There are maybe two war criminals doing all the characters that collocate every personality. http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/03/newsbusters-busted-mocks-birther.html That birther report site is 100% deadly "enemy combatants" against the American Christian people and that’s a prima facie fact. Scroll to the jamesssmith's and read them all, where I made them chase me down on purpose.
But instead on another cointelpro comment board. It’s free speech and they can confess to all the crimes they want too. But it’s determinately obvious... it was cnp war criminal overt acts. They can’t claim to invoke their 1st amendment rights to free speech “when they've criminally confessed.” That’s why I didn’t open my comments here at bin. Don’t want to see their war criminal trash…. for obvious cnp reasons. But cointelpro always closes their comments on purpose. So guys like me don’t tear them apart. And so it makes it appear like I might also be cointelpro too? But all I’m doing is protecting our Christian lives.
They also; deliberately make you believe they’re a cointelpro asset on purpose. Like the openly confessed communist; Dr. conspiracy. So they can incorporate cnp reverse psychologies to cloud the truth on their cointelpro Internet sites. And it's the dumbest criminal overt acts I've ever seen. They actually tell the truth in an attempt to cloud that truth. I got to tell you though... that can be a really dangerously stupid idea. Because if you have their playbook and reverse it. It inadvertently 100% proves their all mass murdering war criminals that can’t laugh it off anymore, claiming you’re loony, you’re on drugs, and you got a speeding ticket. So why then should anyone believe the facts and or be confused with those facts?
They needed my comment section open. So they could've pushed those same desperately needed cnp reverse psychology comments that we’re all being preconditioned… to respond to. I didn’t want their communist manifesto stimuli war criminal cnp choreographed program to negatively influence the reader against provable facts. Or collocate their lies in an effort to cloud truthful information. So I took it to another cnp cointelpro confirmed site to prove I could’ve exposed them here at beforeitsnews... like I did there…. for all to see for themselves. Did hitler really suicide himself? It’s highly unlikely cowards like hitler could really suicide themselves. It’s a nice story, for the cnp cointelpro books they peddle us though. If you give them enough rope they’ll hang themselves.
So have you figured out who the four horseman are…. yet? “Top billing #1 Mr. orly taitz, ” #2 Mr. alex jones, #3 Mr. jerome corsi, #4 Mr. sheriff arpaio. Do you understand why there’s a cross dresser yet? For hoodwinking and fooling us but good. We Christians… need to immediately arrest these named war criminals right now…. please understand? You understand? Shall I continue? Of course… beforeitsnews is also a cointelpro cnp site. They're everywhere on the web.... so prevalent and well financed you can't filter or escape the cnp controlled opposition. They've blocked me now from the bin site, for any lame plausible reason they dream up, because they're 100% combative deadly cointelpro enemies against the American Christian people. They've trashed bin my article of facts... and banned me for good, for merely telling the cnp truth in hopes of warning the American Christian people.
Mr.. obama is... Mr.. obama the goat farmer, from kenya? Mr. obama appears to look exactly like osama bin laden too. The cnp are trying to choreograph and make us Christians believe he's barry soetoro a subud muslim, an indonesian citizen that stole the white house with fraudulent forged ID. Where obama is now supposedly claiming nuclear blackmail... shut up and be scared or else. But that's not true... you understand. It doesn't matter who obama is? "He's just a hitler puppet from the same nazi war criminal... prescott bush crime family.... skull and bones" and that's a provable prima facie incontrovertible fact. The bush crime family… is the common thread and theme. It's fear tactics from cnp to keep us Christians from arresting them before they launch their caliphate drone attack, slaughter and removal of all Christians. {http://www.exposingtruth.com/the-nazi-bush-connection/ How do you like my... collocations?? http://whodidit.org/cocon.html }I quote; it’s a big idea… the newest new world order…without Christians? http://www.voxfux.com/features/bush_crime_family.html
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYl9iZlArjM Mr. alex jones is 100% a horseman.... and a combative extremely deadly savage premeditated enemy against the American Christian people and that's a provable incontrovertible prima facie fact. Shall I continue? Does diebold software rigged "voter fraud" machines... ring any bells? http://disinfo.com/2013/10/voting-machine-manufacturer-diebold-charged-bribery-fraud-worldwide-pattern-criminal-conduct/ Remember the old ignorant and extremely stale communist saying... I quote; it's not who votes that counts... it's who counts the votes? Human population is 90% extremely stupid from being poisoned with fluoride... through bathing and not so much drinking it and that's a provable incontrovertible fact. http://www.compellingtruth.org/four-horsemen-apocalypse.html CTMU learn the truth... and set yourself apart from... severe ignorance? All religions are 100% provably partially incorrect and unsubstantiated. And most importantly the holy bible appears to have been word infiltrated with information’s for the pretext of pitted foolish war criminal nonsense.... period. Truth mixed with their vile history misinformation’s http://www.ctmu.net/ CTMU 100% proves unified temporality; God. If you think you’re smarter than the smartest man who ever lived and is still alive today. Try to think again; because you’re not smarter than 210 off the IQ scale like Mr. Chris Langan. Today there’s incontrovertible proof of intelligent design. Mr. Chris Langan claiming it’s a new cognitive theory is an understatement of the facts…. meant to please and enlighten the intelligent.
Call congress what you want.... but it's mass murder, rape, robbery and mayhem and that's a provable empirical fact. Wasn't sheriff joseph arpaio the last person to talk to Mr. brietbart... alive? The good guys were supposedly calling the sheriff to offer pertinent information’s? But then suddenly drops dead? That brietbart site has been…. 100% proven to be controlled opposition cointelpro. I could go on for months revealing the criminal facts? Even years. Is it possible to murder someone and take his or her booty of credibility? Or was the whole idea to build deep cover credibility for a blatant confirmed cointelpro site and or for the sheriff also… simultaneously? You would need to replace brietbart’s entire employee's list too then.... wouldn't you?
Implications; all sheriff's are in on the ("four horseman" highly criminal highly secret israel / muslim cnp operation to conquer America".) The criminally complicit voter fraud sheriff's then hired their counter parts; sociopaths as “an accessory” to then commit mayhem upon the completely innocent community in and attempt to divide citizens against their police. And even to the point of having to defend against deliberate attack in self defense. It paints a very ugly picture... where I see Christian cops heads on a stick upon street corners because you've been voter fraud communist Israel jewish zionist infiltrated, and that’s a provable empirical fact. The lower tier police are 100% going to be hanged out to dry... by your sheriff's; just like they were on 9/11. Sending and knowingly ordering their police personnel to their untimely savage cold blooded murder and deaths and that's a provable incontrovertible prima facie empirical fact... period.
I remember the day... the now proven savage war criminal and cold-blooded murderer alex jones; was talking on his controlled opposition enemy radio show. He was making it a point to comment on the viral brutal cold-blooded organized premeditated murder of a completely innocent homeless man. Mr. Kelly Thomas. Oh really? Is Mr. crisis actor Kelly Thomas really dead? Hoax collocations to false flags to confuse us when they really murder a patriot. His supposed parents are police officers that sued for a very large amount of taxpayer revenue? How do crisis actors get paid? Instead of getting warmed up... I'm now getting started.
Have you noticed the major damage control from their web and TV platforms spewing their cnp criminal communist trash lately? A lot damage control… middle east bombs going off... claiming muslims are murdering muslims? While the war criminals have all their TV news and web stations hoodwinking us… when it appears it’s really Christians that are being savagely attacked. And look over here at men attacking the nsa... and look see what happened to them… is all 100% cnp criminal non-sense. It's all-major damage control every incident of it. I'll know for sure when their war criminal savage selves are really being arrested... because they won't have a platform from which to spew their criminal communist filthy cnp damage control filth. You understand?
http://skeptoid.com/blog/2013/05/13/crisis-actor-what-crisis-actor/ the miriam cacey nonsense was also a 75 million dollar taxpayer fraud? Cold bloodily gun down and murder an Indian for carving? In Metairie la. a man was gunned down by the same cnp sheriff newell norman's hired sociopath mayhem minions? A homeless camper was shot to death. The cnp idea is; information overload, for fun, fraud, profit and the land conquering booty. Our guns won't be effective against their high tech STS camouflaged drone plan, unless we use our guns right now to arrest them. If the cnp complete there, “long awaited staging, and bring their “four horseman operation” to fruition; on caliphate day; all Christians will be 100% slaughtered. http://nodisinfo.com/capital-hill-car-chase-hoax-busted-new-video-two-people/
We have no defense from invisible drones and vehicles, other than arresting them right now. And look… at the facts… we labored for our own Christian eugenics and demise? The cnp really did... cold bloodedly murder that kid; Mr. Kelly Thomas? And sounds exactly like a live run beta test and the cnp filmed it on purpose to show and demonstrate their dirty work and psyop from their cnp sites like jones, corsi, taitz, arpaio, and thousands of other enemy sites.
The parents were criminally complicit and in on the fraud? Do we know for a fact, that really was their son that died? And then the impossible happens... miraculously both known hired sociopaths savage rabid killer cops were set free by the same organized cnp attorney war criminals? It appears the hired bogus sheriff's thugs are committing mayhem with courtroom complicity and impunity on cnp purpose... to advance Operation four horseman... in a collocation with Operation plain white paper.... total invisibility and other STS vehicle and aircraft camouflage's. http://www.defensereview.com/cloaking-tech-continued-sts-optical-and-thermalir-camouflage-for-warfighters/ You’re under arrest for first degree premeditated murder... and war crime conspiracy to commit mass murder, mass murder and Christian genocide. http://csi-usa.org/persecution.html?gclid=CNmzvuH20sQCFQEaaQodPKQA4A 247 million Christians in America, 107 million in Mexico. http://christianity.about.com/od/denominations/p/christiantoday.htm
If you like your Christian heads … you can keep them, or maybe not? The Preacher Koresh didn’t realize the sheriff was in on it? Did he? The Davidians local sheriff said publicly; the fbi were lucky, when they ran out of bullets, that David left any of you alive… was a prepared cnp statement? At the time, I thought that statement was a filthy low punch… considering all the Branch Davinian Christians that were savagely attacked and cold bloodily murdered. And now, I really know; just how low the cnp sheriff’s can really be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U8r7Yxz3P8 Some of the last words of a completely innocent Christian preacher https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=127&v=PbQFB8crxok and the machinegun triple tapped mass murder of every single victim leaving from the back of the Branch Davidian and that’s an empirical proven infrared fact. Everything was choreographed; by the cnp to be vividly broadcasted… with an across the board, “war criminally complicit collaborating TV news blitz.” You understand? Both sides are 100% cnp Christian life and limb dire emergency mass murdering enemies’… period.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZqIccHAkeg Mr. alex jones has been a pretty effective enemy overt actor and a deep cover war criminal cia controlled opposition agent? Who are the real life prima facie “proven murderers” and mass murderers? The cnp; and then they have the sociopath nerve and audacity to grandstand over their victims graves in an attempt to build deep deep cover controlled opposition... and that overt act was; thoroughly despicable. We… as Christians couldn’t arrest these seemingly (“believing they’re above reproach”) encroaching murderous war criminal perpetrators “fast enough.”

Respectfully, Reverend James S. Smith

P.S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1142&v=-mQpTe8KMjs you remember Kelly? The cnp… choreographed the whole Kelly Thomas live beta operation on purpose, deliberately in its entirety as “sanctioned premeditated first degree murder”, because that’s what they wanted us Christians to see and hear. The communist manifesto reasoning is to collocate the TV and courtroom with criminal precision… to program and acclimate our minds. To fear our good and decent law abiding police, that have served us Constitutional well until the cnp infiltrated in 1981? Or was it also designed… in the express idea; of criminally attacking real outspoken truth speaking patriots in an attempt to set them up for a criminal pinch? You israel nazi communist jewish zionist’s are extremely ignorant war criminals… but “you’ll understand this”… zero tolerance.

http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/un_doesnt_want_you_to_know.htm You’re lawfully obligated to tell someone of this article’s known proven facts. If you don’t… it proves you’re a war criminal against your own Christian people... and that’s an incontrovertible fact. It’s actually a felony crime, called felony misprision. And I, Reverend James S. Smith would, if I were able, will press common law charges against those who didn’t inform others of this official Christians genocide warning. And I’m not kidding either. http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/asia/item/17229-world-turns-away-as-rebel-massacres-of-syrian-christians-intensify It’s really hard to find a site, anywhere on the net, that doesn’t spew at least one sentence of criminal propaganda mixed in with the truth of others. But this site here http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/bush_killed_jfkjr.htm seems to be legit. Anyone can be fooled with war criminal propaganda’s… especially early on… but once the dots are connected… the ring of truth and light shines through… proving their ultimate objective. The bush’s cia… murder federal Judges… Presidents of the United States… Police officers and any Constitutional patriot that tries to intercede. Against their infiltration and communist manifesto. http://www.naturalnews.com/031326_Judge_John_Roll_Giffords.html


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