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I'm proud to call this man and fellow Liberty Lover my friend on face book....thank you Adam House for your service and the TRUTH.....GBU in all that you do.....I guarantee you all that if you read his words you will realize that voting in another ESTABLISHMENT character like o'romney or o'bamney IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!

Posted on June 11, 2012

WARNING - Politically incorrect & UNCENSORED version:

(The views expressed in this writing are mine alone and should not be construed to reflect anyone else’s views as I can truly only speak for myself anyway)

I’ve never been much of one for endorsing political candidates for office, though I always vote. I’ve always been thoroughly convinced that it’s more effective in modern American politics to get active with issues one cares about as opposed to putting any real faith in any person seeking office. For the first and only time in my life, Presidential candidate Ron Paul has been a hopeful exception to that rule for myself. I was just getting acquainted with the congressman Dr. Paul when I voted for him from Afghanistan via absentee ballot in the 2008 Republican Primary. I was ecstatic when Ron Paul announced that he would run again in 2012; but between the day Obama was elected until the day of the Paul 2012 campaign announcement, I was searching for other ways to be involved in helping to restore the ideas of individual liberty and Constitutionally limited government in America while being more issue-oriented again. It was during this time period that Ron Paul’s own son and arguable heir-apparent to be the Ron Paul standard-bearer of the political liberty movement in the future, Dr. Rand Paul ran for U.S. Senate out of Kentucky on the Tea Party wave of 2010. For me it was highlighted as a rare and welcome ray of hope for our country. As a former Kentuckian who was born and raised in the Bluegrass state, I was filled with a sense of great pride that it was my old home state in which the next Dr. Paul would stand tall for freedom for what would hopefully be a successful and distinguished career as a liberty-loving Constitutionalist of uncompromising integrity and honorable example of a true statesman like his father before him.

My Dad got the honor of briefly meeting Dr. Rand Paul during that successful campaign for Liberty which led up to Dr. Rand Paul’s election to the United States Senate, although I have never met Dr. Paul myself. I had expressed to my Dad some days prior to his interaction with Rand that in that 2010 congressional election cycle, Rand Paul was my favorite candidate for any office anywhere in the country, and I even wished I still lived there just to have a chance to work on the campaign in any and every capacity in which I could help. My Dad said that Rand smiled and seemed pleased, and graciously asked that my Dad pass a message of thanks back to me and to express his gratitude for my military service. Thank you, Senator Paul. My sentiments were very sincere, and I thank you for your acknowledgement of the sacrifice made by military folks and their families.

For those of us who have been the tip of the spear in the violent and aggressive enforcing of American will and military power on other poeples in other countries, we do not enjoy the convenience of being able to trivialize foreign policy or ignore its’ death-dealing nature in our assessments of which political leaders to put in power. The warmaking consequences of elections is not an abstraction which can be ignored for other issues by those of us who have dodged real bullets while serving in uniform to be the enforcement arm of the American government’s policies. After seeing the life and death consequences of the choices American voters and our elected political leaders make in real bloody life, there is no room to compromise with murderous tyrants like Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. For those who would still try to argue that anyone should vote for Obama or Romney, I personally have absolutely no patience for your idiotic stupidity. Like it or not, if you are an American who can vote, you are responsible for the policies adopted by your country. You can thank the Founders of our great Republic for giving you that responsibility to be a watchman of your government instead of concentrating all that power in an unquestionable arbitrary central authority (they chose not to have a King, but an elected President with limited powers). The power to change the government lies in your hands, and it is a dereliction of duty for us to allow our government to continue to kill innocent people all over the world. If there is to be any more violence, then let it not be against Iran or some poor innocent far away people; but let it be against those who have already initiated force and hijacked our Constitutional Republican Liberty for the current rise of internationally financed global military Empire. If the Republican & Democrat parties both insist on turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the atrocities being committed against the Constitution, individual liberty, and human life itself; then fuck both of these major political parties. If your loyalty to one of these parties transcends your loyalty to the life and liberty of your fellow Americans, then fuck you too. We are speaking of life and death now, and anyone who honestly believes that America can continue to go about policing the world without reaping the wrath and destruction we’ve sewn, then that person is truly naive, ignorant, and most likely extremely unprepared for the blowback of negative karma for which America is increasingly due. Asking me to vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is asking me to vote for the bankrupting and enslavement of Americans – it is asking me to betray my conscience, my Oath to the Constitution, and the Rights of my fellow Americans; there is no compromise to be made with that position. So, let me sum up my true feelings with a short but pointed poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you don’t vote Ron Paul,
then FUCK YOU!

Some people have suggested that one shouldn’t belittle another person’s vote if you hope to change their mind or build support for your own cause; Sorry to thumb my nose at conventional wisdom here, but fuck that shit. Ron Paul is the only right choice for President out of the 2012 candidates offered by either major political party. Obama & Romney are not in any way, shape, or form, viable or serious choices for anyone who believes in freedom or cares one iota about America. And I will be god-damned if I’m going to spend 15 months in Afghanistan trying to secure peace and freedom there, only to return to my home country and let it fall into tyranny under which my own posterity must suffer through the generations. I dodged bullets in a combat zone for my country; I’m sure as Hell not going to betray it at the voting booth.

Now that I have seen the physical manifestation of bad policies by incompetent leadership reflected in bloody and deadly consequences for American soldiers and innocent Afghani people, I cannot in good conscience sit idly by and muzzle the voice that burns like a fire in my gut to yell out, “No more overseas military police-state occupations, no more reckless nation-building by use of military force, and for God’s sake – no more pre-emptive wars!”

At a time when our nation needed its’ patriots to stand bravely and most resolute during the American war for Independence, General Benedict Arnold secured for himself a slot of infamy in the annals of history by betraying the costly struggles of the colonial people to the despotic British Imperial Crown. Gen. Arnold secretly conspired to stage a massive American surrender. Arnie’s antics almost cost us our free nation, but thankfully his plot was foiled and his attempt to undermine our nation’s revolutionaries has become a footnote to what was a successful war for freedom from British rule. The turncoat was not allowed to succeed, and the revolution continued to victory.

Fast forward to the present and the current Presidential election cycle which includes the epic phenomenon of what has come to be known by many as the Ron Paul r3VOLution. Once again, we find ourselves at a fork in the road with President Obama & Mitt Romney paving the road to serfdom with their shared views of indefinite detention of American citizens without Constitutional Due Process under the most recent version of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), government-run healthcare (ObamneyCare), allowing the H.R. 347 anti-protest (anti-1st Amendment) legislation to go unchallenged, and embracing war-fever rhetoric against Iran along with the continuation of the illegal wars of aggression around the world by unchecked executive decree. Romney has even floated the idea of hiring many of the Bush Administration’s foreign policy advisers for his own potential Presidential administration. All of these things undermine the Constitution, the freedom and security of the American people, and ultimately result in the deaths of more American service-members and innocent people abroad. This brings us to the logical conclusion that anyone who supports Mitt Romney or Barack Obama for President is betraying everything for which Americans should be fighting right now.

On the June 6th episode of Hannity on Fox News, Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Rand even admitted that he will campaign for Romney in the months leading to the November election. What happened Rand? Did you forget that Romney is an enemy of the Constitution, to limited government, to the freedom of the American people, to patriotic service-members, and to the message of Liberty itself? Are you making a politically calculated move to secure your own future in the Republican Party or even just saving your own career in politics in general? Even if you explain yourself to the people who have literally shed blood, sweat, and tears just on the slim chance of getting your father elected President in hopes that he might help us get back to some form of sanity in our government; how could we ever even possibly believe you now? Oh, and by the way; I don’t like it when I thorw up in my own mouth, so please Senator Rand, don’t ever pretend that you believe in Liberty again. You could have played a major role in helping Constitutionalism and Liberty move forward still being a standard-bearer of the “Paul” message. After your endorsement of Mitt Romney, I will never support you for any office ever again – period. If you think the present shit-storm of blowback you’re receiving from the Ron Paul supporters now will just blow over and you maybe expect us to forgive you and think that we’ll come back around to support you in a Presidential bid for office in the future (maybe because you’ll probably be the closest thing to your Dad still that we Ron Paul supporters will be able to find based on the issues or even just family name?), you’ve got another think coming. I vow to stand against Obama should he be re-elected for another term. I vow to stand against Mitt Romney should he become President. And, unfortunately now, I vow to stand against you should you run for office ever again in any capacity. You must understand, Rand, that one reason I’m such a disenfranchised Republican is because the party has taken my vote for granted for far too long. If the party wants to get my vote, then it must give me something concrete for which to vote. Talk is cheap, Rand. Empty rhetoric is part of what drove me away from the Republican Party in recent years.

On May 23rd of 1775, the Virginia House of Burgesses convened in the St. John’s Church for a convention to consider a resolution to send Virginia troops to support those already fighting in the Revolutionary War. Patrick Henry has been credited as possibly being the one who swayed the convention in favor of going to the aide of those colonials already shedding blood for independence from tyranny. Here is some of the text of his now famous speech:

”It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace – but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! OUR BRETHREN ARE ALREADY IN THE FIELD. Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” - Patrick Henry

One of the primary reasons I have personally been so passionate and actively working as a grassroots volunteer for the Ron Paul campaign is because Ron Paul seemed to understand that America does have soldiers dying in the field as we speak, and that it must stop immediately. There is no compromising the lives of American service-members for unconstitutional and immoral wars instigated by our own federal government and the status quo sell-out of an Obama or Romney. It is absolutely unacceptable to play politics with the lives of service-members under your command. As a combat veteran I say our brothers are already dying for the failed and misguided policies of elected officials who espouse the positions of George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, and Mitt Romney. For Rand Paul to endorse Mitt Romney is to snub the revolutionary spirit of Liberty such as exhibited by Patrick Henry, and to embrace Benedict Arnold’s compromising cowardice of becoming a traitorous turncoat to the cause of freedom. I guess Rand has decided much like his hero Benedict Arnold to spit in the face of those dying and rather choose his own personal political expedience, and to show his solidarity with the despotic purveyors of empire over his own people. Much akin to how old Arnie ultimately chose to be a loyalist to the British empire in spite of the continuous spilling of patriotic American blood that was victim to that very evil empire. Benedict Arnold became an enemy of the revolution by his own choice, and now so has Rand Paul.

What Rand? Doesn’t an endorsement of Mitt Romney and going on the campaign trail for him mean that you want people to vote for him? If not, I think the Romney campaign would find that interesting. You couldn’t even just write your Dad’s name in during the November election as so many of those of us who aren’t even related to him plan to do? If you want Romney to get votes and win, then doesn’t that mean that we shouldn’t vote for your Dad? You can’t have it both ways, Rand. Either you’ve lied to the massive movement of people supporting your Dad for President, or you’re lying to the Romney supporters now. Which is it? If you had any integrity, you’d be railing against the Romney nomination and the corrupt antics of the Republican Party while refusing to support anyone but your own father whole-heartedly through election day. You have absolutely no more credibility with me.

Nobody else has to tell me what to think about this situation – I’ve known from the time I heard about the Rand Paul betrayal on Hannity the other night just exactly what I think about this situation: Fuck Rand. What a damn sorry shameful disappointment. Rand Paul and the Republican Party are still trying to have just an election; many Ron Paul supporters are having a revolution. That’s the disconnect, and the difference between the two.

Champions will fall, and human beings will disappoint us every time. This should be expected in many ways, regardless of how that makes us feel. I pray that those of us who see beyond the scope of just one Presidential campaign to the greater Liberty movement, we will not be discouraged or deflated. I think that is exactly what the opponents of Liberty hope will happen. We can all go our separate ways in a free society, but we sometimes need to come together to keep it that way. It’s never been about the messengers, but about the message. And it is still true:

“You can’t stop an idea whose time has come.” – Ron Paul

Rand Paul chooses to support Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida this August. I choose to participate in the Veterans for Ron Paul March On The RNC in Tampa this August. Is it time to take a stand or not? I guess we must each answer that for ourselves.


BY: Adam G. House is a medically retired veteran of the war in Afghanistan, where he served in the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in the mountainous tribal Pashtun region of the Konar Province in the Pesche River Valley along the Pakistani border in 2007-08. He now lives with his medically referred companion dog named “Liberty” in Tennessee. He is a Staff Writer at Combat Veterans for Ron Paul, Co-Founder of Disabled Veterans for Ron Paul, and host of the “Language of Liberty” show.


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