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Holistic Alternative
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What You Focus On Expands (So Focus Wisely!)

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What You Focus On Expands (So Focus Wisely!)

Guest Contributor | May 4, 2015 | Life, Metaphysics | No Comments

What You Focus On Expands (So Focus Wisely!) Those-who-follow-their-heart
If you’re experiencing states such as frustration, aggravation, or disappointment in life – this is a clear sign that you’re anchoring and attracting the type of reality you don’t want.
The key to solving this issue involves raising your consciousness in the following way:
How do we anchor on things we don’t want?
Wouldn’t we be smart enough to realize that we don’t like what’s going on, and stop doing it?
Logic would tell you that this is correct, but then again, we human beings are very, very illogical creatures!
Frustration is caused simply by observing something in your present reality, and thenresisting a portion of it.
For example: look at your finances, your job, or your relationship situation, and then resisting what the reality of that particular situation is.
Your resistance to your reality is pointing you directly toward the solution to your problems.
Again, the logical solution here would be to actively change these things which are going on “outside of you”.
You may even try and do this, only to find the same problems remaining (or even getting worse).
The reason this is so, is because you’re still resisting the things you truly wish to change.
Keeping yourself busy with action steps is fruitless if your intentions and observations aren’t aligned and congruent with what you truly want in this life.
With such an approach, you may very well come across some stop-gap/quick fixes, but until you fix the internal portion of the equation, you’ll notice problems appearing more chronic than ever.
The reason this process fails is because it’s rooted in prediction – the lower mind’s/ego’sinsistence on things working out in a very predictable, secure, and “guaranteed” manner.
This is just a survival reflex, however.
True reality itself operates in ways that the ego doesn’t like, and thus frustration is a natural result.
The ego wants to predict and thus know.
The universe is telling you to simply observe, and then you will know without a shadow of a doubt.
Prediction is the doorway to frustration.
Observation is the stairway to higher states of consciousness, freedom, and self-empowerment.
Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s going on here.
Observation & Prediction
Most will label this relationship as a dichotomy: observation vs prediction.
I think this is a mistake, however; all it does it set you up for the trap of binary thinking, which is the exact opposite of what we’re aiming for here.
We want conscious expansion – not restriction!
The surest way to restrict and narrow your consciousness is by thinking and dealing in binaries. Notice how most of society is based on binary relationships; gay or straight. Black or white. Democrat or republican. These relationships are everywhere.
Rest assured, whenever you see dichotomies such as this, you can almost guarantee there’s a bigger picture that’s being marginalized and reshaped for public consumption/convenience.
The most intelligent and effective way to look at this relationship (and most dichotomies, which are usually false anyway) is to think in terms of observation ANDprediction.
This AND that; not this OR that!
This is a huge shift!
What happens when you immediately begin accepting both parts of the equation – and instead of thinking you need to pick one at the exclusion of the other – you learn abouthow both work, so you can choose to use that which makes the most sense given the circumstances you’re in…?
Does it make sense to pick only a screwdriver or a hammer, when you can never really be sure if you’ll need one or the other in the future?
What will you do if you come across a nail, but you believed you didn’t need a hammer anymore, so you tossed it out?
Do you use the back of the screwdriver, and attempt to hammer the nail in with it?
This is what most people will do, and this is precisely why most people are frustrated –they’re using the wrong tool for the job!
Just like the screwdriver and the hammer, using the wrong tool for the job causes a lot of frustration.
Using prediction, when you should be observing, is the root cause of your frustration in life.
You’re using the hammer for everything (downward whacking motion; few things can withstand a good whacking!), when the reality is you need a more careful, steady hand to work with the nuts and bolts.
A hammer COULD work, but it’s certainly not as effective as using simply using the right tool for the job.
When you’re experiencing frustration, you’re perpetuating the back-and-forth pendulum swing of prediction and observation.
If you can recall times where you’ve felt great – a “good day”, as most would call it – I’d wager to bet that you were more in tune with merely observing your reality rather than trying to predict (and thus control) it, even if you were doing so unconsciously.
That’s the crux here.
Prediction implies the desire to control an outcome.
We know from testing, that attempting to control or “anticipate” a particular outcome is what constricts the flow of The Law of Attraction. This is consistent in this case, as well.
The more you bounce back and forth between these two things – prediction and observation – the more chaotic and unstable your life will feel.
This is why it’s highly suggested you simply surrender to observation, and let that “mode” guide you on your path.
Observation is the path which aligns with universal truth, because it’s congruent with the way the universe (reality) is already operating.
When you “get in gear” with this, you can work with it, and your ability to intend and manifest goals and results speeds up exponentially.
What You Focus on (Observe) Expands…
…So, observe wisely!
Upon accepting that prediction is a fruitless way to go about living, you release a ton of unnecessary anxiety.
That’s all that old model was providing you with anyway; anxiety due to being incongruent with the truth of reality.
The real beauty here is that once you stop fighting with yourself, you immediately free up that energy, which can then be attended to via your creativity, goals, happiness, and genuine self-fulfillment.
I’m going to explain this process through a personal story, so as to illustrate exactly what I’m talking about here:
It’s no secret – I absolutely suck with holding day jobs and traditional labor/work. This was a reality that took me years (7, to be exact) to unravel, accept, and move beyond.
Being young and impressionable as a child, however, led me to fall prey to the standard social conditioning that everyone deals with. Go to school, get a job, buy a house, etc.
These things always SOUNDED normal to me, but they FELT very differently on the deeper levels (I’ve been very in tune with my intuition since I can even remember)!
My first approach involved me convincing myself that something was off with ME, and that the conditioning knew better than I did.
So, at the age of 16, I got my first job: I worked at Burger King part time while still going to high school. Needless to say, I absolutely hated it. It was everything that felt wrong about life, all combined into one experience simultaneously.
I hated it so much, I quit after one year.
Then, I got other jobs. I assumed that it was just the job that sucked, and I simply needed to find another one (believing that changing the external first and foremost was the solution, aka “prediction”).
My assumption, however, appeared to be false.
I held several other various jobs over the years…and absolutely nothing changed.
Those inner feelings of incongruence and misalignment were only getting louder and louder. I remember having a few full-blown panic attacks due to this.
People’s (friends, family, co-workers) opinions on this matter weren’t helping. In fact, they often made it worse, due to all of their “solutions” being programmed responses due to their own conditioning. Conditioning is the root problem, here!
Finally, I realized that it wasn’t the external that needed changing – it was me.
My internal relationship – my perception of reality – wasn’t calibrated to the way reality was actually presenting itself to me.

My reality experience was incongruent with the truth of the situation for years and years.
Looking back, it’s blatantly obvious how and why those patterns were as they were.
When I was deeply embedded in them, however, it was very difficult to see “beyond my own fishbowl”.
Eventually I figured out what I was doing to myself, and I stopped.
I was battling my prediction for what SHOULD BE, against my observation of WHAT ACTUALLY WAS.
Having a traditional job wasn’t the path to happiness and fulfillment for me. I had to accept this truth.
The real difficulty here for me was accepting that the truth (observation) was the opposite of what my conditioning insisted “was true”, and then also accepting that other people might be resistant to my new course of action.
When I finally committed and accepted did this, I regained a huge amount of my personal freedom back.
I had to work through a ton of self-limiting beliefs about my conditioning, others’ conditioning in regards to my “non-traditional” employment choices, and being okay with all of that.
By re-calibrating to the observation side of the equation, my reality quickly realigned, and synchronicity started following me with higher and higher frequency.
Consequently, I had a lot more time to be creative and express my true self. I started blogging and writing for other websites, sharing my passion for personal growth and consciousness expansion.
My conditioning would have previously led me to believe (attempt to predict) that this path would lead me to being broke – the reality – the observation, however, was the exact opposite.
Since I detach from particular outcomes, I’m free to earn and manifest money for myself in surprising, and most importantly – perfectly timed – ways, on a consistent basis.
As I’ve said in previous articles: reality is that which ACTUALLY OCCURS; NOT what you, me, society, the president, or any other form of conditioning (prediction) BELIEVES will happen!
Can you guess which one is rooted in prediction, and thus causes all sorts of frustration and aggravation when the reality of the situation doesn’t align with our narrow, human-level prediction…?
Truth, Synchronicity, and Staying “In The Flow”
Once I got past this self-created barrier, my energy and creativity became so beaming, I couldn’t help but express myself in the direction of my various passions.
It was very obvious by my past failed “predictions” that the things I genuinely believed would lead to happiness and fulfillment – the beliefs I was conditioned to accept as “reality” – were clearly not true to what reality was showing me.
Again, most people will simply define “reality” as that which everyone else (aka society) agrees to it being. All this does is boil “truth” down to becoming a product of consensus. This is the antithesis of truth. The truth is not approached via “popular vote”.
“You need to get a job and work, bud – that’s reality!”… What You Focus On Expands (So Focus Wisely!) Icon_wink
I’m asserting that reality is much more expansive than anything human-level prediction could ever…well, predict!
Reality is not the product of your conditioned beliefs; those are simply filters, of which we attempt to shoehorn true reality through so as to satisfy our fleeting, arbitrary lower mind’s/ego’s apparent needs.
Again, the truth is what occurs through neutral observation of reality as it’s presenting itself you – NOT the narrow, arbitrary, relative, dogmatic assumptions and beliefs (predictions) about what reality “might be”.
I just spent several paragraphs explaining how my life went when I trusted my conditioning, and worked with “what might be the case”.
It should be obvious that things started speeding up for me when I consciously re-calibrated to “what actually IS the case!”.
Release Your Resistance, and Watch Your Progress Speed Up!
The key to all of this is to become conscious of the fact that you’re resisting anything in the first place/to begin with.
By becoming aware of this impulse first, you can begin raising your consciousness by exploring that which you’re resisting.
All resistance is due to attempting to predict something which is clearly out of alignment with how reality actually works, behaves, and IS.
The problem appears to be a stalemate, because you assume that the same logic you used to get you there is what will get you to the answer.
This is exactly what we’re talking about here; prediction (logic, scientific thinking, mathematical approaches, etc.) will only take you so far before you reach an impasse, at which point you’re forced to use your freewill and best judgement to decide how to proceed.
Those who swear by logic are addicted to consensus thinking and reasoning (conditioning, prediction), and are very hesitant to take steps in new directions without confirmation “from the group” that it’s a good idea.
This is extremely limiting, restricting, and aggravation-prone behavior. This should be obvious by this point in the article!
When you unconsciously slip into prediction mode (this will happen from time to time), you’ll notice your reality “constricting”. Experiences become scattered, timing seems off, etc.
When you consciously stop this process – and instead begin observing reality as it is – and then working with that observation from a state of positive awareness (that you’re “doing it right”), you begin resonating with abundance, even if unintentionally at first!
Observation, then conscious choice on which direction to move AFTER this fact, is the secret to explosive personal progress, intention manifestation, and goal setting and achieving.
Observing, Detaching, Intuition, Progressing, & Conclusion
It should now be clear that frustration is due to a misalignment of consciousness and perception of reality as it truly exists.
Your relationship to the universe is based upon pure energy.
Your intuition is your compass to higher states of awareness and progress.
Your intuition knew everything this article stated the entire time. Your intuition doesn’t require logic. It doesn’t need to read an article like this to KNOW WHAT IS TRUE…because you ARE that truth…YOU ARE the universe reflecting back upon itself!
You know this is true, because when you observe yourself observing yourself, you undeniably prove your own existence.
You ARE that which observes!
You can observe this right now and prove it for yourself.
You don’t require anyone else’s proof of your intuition, because they have access to their own, which is doing the very same thing that yours is.
When you come across experiences, thoughts, or ideas that resonate with this same level of “OMG dude, this is mind-blowing…”-ness, rest assured that you’re in the presence of truth, accuracy, using the force wisely, “this is the correct path, young Skywalker”, etc. What You Focus On Expands (So Focus Wisely!) Icon_wink
Now, it’s very interesting to note how things “feel off” to us at times.
Certain beliefs and suggestions might give us an intuitive impression that “this isn’t quite right, but I don’t know exactly WHY…” – this is your intuition attempting to pull you back from the realm of prediction, and back to your rightful position in the captain’s chair that is observation.
Observation is your natural state.
When you go against your nature, your results prove it to you.
Now, the question becomes: what will you choose to observe next? What You Focus On Expands (So Focus Wisely!) Icon_wink
About The Author
What You Focus On Expands (So Focus Wisely!) About-Jason

Thanks to: http://www.the-open-mind.com


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