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NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!

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NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!

NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!  Icon18_email at 01:30 Posted by Vatic Master

Vatic Note: ( OH, DEAR, another Vatic Note rant, sorry!!!)  One thing this below does is confirms the Book of Mormon, from the Church of Latter Day Saints.....No wonder they were so persecuted even shortly after the passage of the first amendment that guaranteed religious freedom.....You won't be able to read all this in one sitting.  In fact, I have had to reread this blog below, twice now.  Its a ton of information that explains so much and yet was never  revealed or provided in the past and yet the Kolbrin Bible has been around for a very long time.  It also explains the coming together of the tribes of Israel, and the Khazars in England.  The royal family has both lines within them and all our Presidents, including Obama, descend from both those lines.

Its amazing what people DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.  But History is critical to preventing future mistakes based on that history.  This below is beyond amazing as far as an historical perspective is concerned.  What I have recently discovered is that it takes more than finding these bits of verified historical information to convince people of the truth.  Many do not want to let go of their previously formed belief, and so "time" becomes the historical verifier and I simply have to be patient and wait for egos to take a back seat to truth. 

The good news is I am fully used to it.  I have been doing this research since 9-11, (14 years)  and at first I would email out to an ever growing  email list my incredible findings.  When the powers that be purged my email list and I could not reconstruct it, and the various blogs and web forums like MSNBC, World Net Daily, Huffington Post, Alternet Daily,  Activist Post, Newsmax, etc..... would purge, censor, call me anti-semitic, and gut my comments and articles,  I finally gave up and started my own blog back 6 years ago and have been surprised continually ever since then.   

In the beginning, even the readers called us names, but we persisted and prevailed.  Sometime when this is over I will tell you the story of how I got a beautiful 1995 Lincoln town car for free.  It was a gift for my early unbelieved, predictions about what was going to happen, and finally, all coming true at that time and the apology I got included a free used car that I just love.

Even today, I still get the same treatment from a lot fewer, but it still bothers me when they refuse to even ask me where or how I got the information.   The door is shut, closed and no opening for new info that would change their opinion.  I would know that they would be lost, but felt helpless to do anything about opening their minds.  Those are the ones I feel true sorrow for, as they will not be prepared for "truth" when it finally raises its ugly head in a physical way that can harm or kill.  Is that how nature clears out the bad genes and makes room for the evolved humans?  I don't know, just asking. 

The good news is they are getting to be fewer and fewer and becoming a seriously distinct minority.   So hopefully those coffins will not be needed except for those already underground.  In my town, we are seriously identifying and marking the services for the underground facilities so we can cut them off immediately and take them over if possible, except their problem will be worse,  RADON is the big bad boy for them, along with earth movements that will be huge and bring their homes down around their heads.  We will be in caves.

This below has probably been my biggest surprise.  As I say often,  if we just keep going, we could all get a PHD in history,  the real one, that is.  Please take the time and read it, and then you will understand why the powers that be have built full cities underground and why there are millions of coffins stashed all over the place.  The evil ones know all of this below, and have not told us about it since that would interfere with their depopulation agenda.  DO NOT GO INTO FEAR,  since the Mayans have said that this time, it will be different. 

The "destroyer" has come from the south this time and will be going back that way, which means we will be a lot less damaged by this visit from Planet X, this time around. Why is that?   Because this time Planet X has not gone through the Ort clouds, so the debri should be significantly less.   In the past it came in on the elliptic which is why so much damage, since it included a long stay within  the solar system, and a lot more debri to cause major damage, such as the Yucatan penninsula.   

What we should be concerned about is "The evil ones following Rahm Emmanuals  statement ' NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE'".   Using the USA, the Zionists have  control over our created space lasers and EMP weapons that could do the damage and depopulating that was planned and now they can blame it, like they do everything else, on "OTHERS", such as Planet X.   THANK GOODNESS, THESE PEOPLE, BELOW,  RECORDED EVERYTHING.     

NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection
by Greg Jenner
Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

from DarkStar1 Website
Part 1

The Khumry people write:

“The wrath of the sky-monster [Destroyer] was loosed in the Heavens. It lashed about in flaming fury, roaring like a thousand thunders; it poured down fiery destruction amid a welter of thick black blood.
So awesome was the fearfully aspected thing that the memory mercifully departed from man, his thoughts were smothered under a cloud of forgetfulness... Man survived, but he was not the same.
The sun was not as it had been and a moon was taken away...He looked up into the Heavens above in fear for...the placid skies would hold a terrifying secret.”
CRT:3:4 & CRT:3:13 From the Kolbrin Manuscript. (1)

Whatever happened to the ‘Ten Lost Tribes’ of Israel?


A reasonable question to ask if you’re into studying migration patterns of ancient people. According to the late historian Glenn Kimball the tribes (descendants of the Exodus) were never really lost at all, so what gave Kimball the confidence to say this? Quite simple, the Lost Tribes can be found deep within the Kolbrin Manuscript.


Kimball studied the Coelbren text for many years and ultimately came to the conclusion that:

“the Kolbrin can rightfully be called the lost Bible of the Ten Lost Tribes.” (2)

A bold declaration to be sure however that being said I wholeheartedly agree with Kimball.


In my latest installment I will address the Lost Tribes connection with the Kolbrin Manuscript by outlining the following points:

  • Supply evidence the Kolbrin Manuscript and Coelbren Alphabet are authentic.
  • Follow the Lost Tribes migration and settlement within the British Isles, taken from the Kolbrin text.
  • Uncover details within the Kolbrin Manuscript to support at least one seafaring journey to North America.
  • Divulge warnings from the Lost Tribe prophet - Elidor - linking his prophecy to a returning celestial object called the Frightener (or Destroyer). You will be surprised who he really is.

In my book, Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection I put forth the argument that the Destroyer is clearly defined within the Kolbrin Manuscript linking Nibiru, Planet X and the Destroyer as all being one of the same celestial object.


As a Nibiru researcher, this is important because the biggest point I’m driving at in this article is the fact that the Lost Tribes also knew all about this returning planetoid.


After all, the Kolbrin is their bible!


One aspect that gives credence to the Kolbrin’s authenticity comes from written observations of science recorded hundreds of years before officially being discovered in modern time.


Let’s take a look at three verses:

Exhibit 1:
“GLN:12:47 Yosira taught the people that the power of hokew resided not in the flesh of the body but in the bones, and that in each bone contained the essence of all being, man and woman.”
In this verse the Kolbrin clearly identifies DNA. Found within bone marrow, the double-helix DNA strand wasn’t discovered until 1953. Headlines read throughout the world:
“The Secret of life had been found.”
Yet the Kolbrin Manuscript confirmed this long ago saying,
“In each human bone contained the essence of all being.”

Exhibit 2:

“GLN:4:19...Great stones were hung from ropes of plaited leather, and the ship...300 cubits long... was without mast or oars...”
This Kolbrin verse clearly identifies ancient anchor stones. The photograph to the right shows an anchor stone in the Ararat desert region near the city of Dogubayazit.

This is a stone ‘weight’ obviously hung from an immense ship from ancient times confirming, in my opinion, the validity of Noah’s ark.

Exhibit 3:

"GLN:3:5 In olden times, there were spawned great beasts in fearful form, with frightful gnashing teeth and long ripping claws; an elephant was but a rat in comparison with them. Then, [over time] the beasts were changed to stone. This was beforetimes, when the DESTROYER slumbered in the upper vaults of heaven.”
In this last verse the Kolbrin clearly identifies Dinosaurs, not only that, it describes them becoming fossilized, (“changed to stone.”)

In Haddonfield, New Jersey the first official American dinosaur wasn’t discovered until 1858. Fossils were found in the States before this date although their true nature had not been correctly deduced.


Again, the Kolbrin Manuscript was written centuries before 1858 and already contained information on the Dinosaur which also tells me this manuscript is genuine.


For over 200 years now the Coelbren alphabet has been ridiculed, scoffed at and targeted as an outright forgery.


Historically speaking, there seems to be deep-rooted animosity attributed to this language which is well beyond my scope of research here. Thus I will leave for others to debate as to the reasons why. That being said, two British History researchers Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have broken new ground and declared the Coelbren Alphabet to be authentic.


See below:

“The ciphers of the [ancient Coelbren] Alphabet were preserved by Llewellyn Sion of Glamorgan around AD 1540 - 1560. Therefore it is known which cipher means which modern letter of our present Alphabet...The Elucidator [see image to the right] is a frame made of sticks, some three sided, others squared, on the flat surface of which were carved the Bardic aphorisms. Three sided ones contained a complete triad.”

Wilson and Blackett go on to say:

[This] “Alphabet is identically described, and matching British records, in the Nag Hamadi documents of the Gnostic church that were buried before AD 400 and discovered in 1945. Large numbers of [Welsh] mediaeval poets mentioned and described the ancient British Alphabet, starting with Daffydd ap Gwilym died AD 1367 and going onto around AD 1475.
Rhys Goch of Oswestry wrote a poem lampooning this Coelbren Alphabet in AD 1582. Therefore allegations that this ancient British Alphabet is a fake that was forged around AD 1800 are ludicrous.” (3)


From my investigation there is a clear connection between the Welsh and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

  • Firstly, the Lost Tribes were known to the ancient Assyrian Emperors and Kings as the Khumry people
  • Secondly, the ‘Nation of Khumry’ was actually misnamed as the "Welsh" by the ancient Saxons using the High German Anglo-Saxon word "wallische" meaning "stranger
  • Thirdly, it’s not surprising then that the same migrating Khumry people spoke the same language as the ancient Welsh which can be read on ancient stones in Wales, Scotland and England between 200-600 AD and even as late as 1120 AD

With this connection established one can retrace the Khumry route by identifying the ancient Coelbren Alphabet inscriptions used along the Khumry migration trail.


Wilson and Blackett write:

“There are traditions of the Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet being identical with Ancient Etruscan, Rhaetian, and Pelasgian Alphabets. Even Julius Caesar makes mention of this alphabet... Caesar described the ancient British Alphabet circa 55 BC.

Ammianus Marcellinus also described the British Alphabet and actually stated that the Greeks got their Alphabet from the British... [From Assyria the Khumry] left Armenia and migrated westwards through Asia Minor.

The Alphabet appears in the Aegean, and in ancient Palestine and Egypt. From the Dardanelles in Asia Minor half of these people went to Italy to found the Etruria in 650BC, and the remaining half sailed for Britain in 504BC.” (3)

Further evidence this language is legitimate can be found in the Athens Museum. A rather large stone resides there inscribed with the Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet found on Lemnos Island in 1876 AD.


Other artifacts have also surfaced reported on by Wilson and Blackett:

“A strange Khumric Triad notation of around 1000 years ago indicates the Egyptian connection and specifically refers to the Hieroglyphic writings. The clear inference is that Khumric is the basic language of the Hieroglyphics at that time...

Professor Sir John Morris Jones wrote a Thesis in 1898 that demonstrated how the complex Khumric Syntax and that of Ancient Egypt were identical. Plus the fact that the same seven vowels - A E I O U W Y - were used in Ancient Egypt and the Khumry.” (3)

So to sum up here is a quick synopsis of the Khurmy migration pattern: (VN: the migration path of the "lost ten tribes of Israel".)

  • With the Destroyer (Nibiru) overhead, the Israelites flee Egypt under Moses circa 1628BC.
  • After wandering in the desert, they settle in Canaan, only to be uprooted north to Armenia by the Assyrians circa 740-702BC.
  • They migrate towards the west through the Taurus Mountains in 687BC and reach the Dardanelles sea-route by 650BC.
  • At this point approximately half of the Khumry people migrate to Italy.
  • The other-half congregate on Lemnos Island in 504BC along with the Trojans and set sail for the Rock of Gibraltar, the British Isles and ultimately North America.

Yes, I realize there is a lot to digest here, especially if one has never heard of the Khumry people. So as you read the extensive Kolbrin passages I’ve provided keep in mind this is from the Lost Tribes point of view.


Using this context you will gain new insight into their wanderings and past history that is not well known to us:


There’s no question large-scale natural catastrophes can force people to migrate. A natural trigger event can induce mass-movements of the population very quickly and a classic example of this comes from Exodus in the Old-Testament.


The Kolbrin Manuscript clearly states that the trigger event in this case was the Destroyer that literally ‘passed-over’ the Khumry forefathers heads whilst they were fleeing Egypt:

“MAN:6:19 On the great night of the DESTROYER’s wrath, when its terror was at its height, there was a hail of rocks and the Earth heaved as pain rent her bowels. Gates, columns and walls were consumed by fire and the statues of gods were overthrown and broken. People fled outside their dwellings in fear and were slain by the hail. Those who took shelter from the hail were swallowed when the Earth split open.

MAN:6:20 The habitations of men collapsed upon those inside and there was panic on every hand, but the slaves who lived in huts in the reedlands, at the place of pits, were spared. The land burnt like tinder, a man watched upon his rooftops and the Heavens hurled wrath upon him and he died.

MAN:6:21 The land writhed under the wrath of the DESTROYER and groaned with the agony of Egypt. It shook itself and the temples and palaces of the nobles were thrown down from their foundations. The highborn ones perished in the midst of the ruins and all the strength of the land was stricken. Even the great one, the first born of Pharaoh, died with the highborn in the midst of the terror and falling stones. The children of princes were cast out into the streets and those who were not cast out died within their abodes.

MAN:6:22 There were nine days of darkness and upheaval, while a tempest raged such as never had been known before. When it passed away brother buried brother throughout the land. Men rose up against those in authority and fled from the cities to dwell in tents in the outlands.

MAN:6:23 Egypt lacked great men to deal with the times. The people were weak from fear and bestowed gold, silver, lapis lazuli, turquoise and copper upon the slaves, and to their priests they gave chalices, urns and ornaments. Pharaoh alone remained calm and strong in the midst of confusion. The people turned to wickedness in their weakness and despair. Harlots walked through the streets unashamed. Women paraded their limbs and flaunted their womanly charms. Highborn women were in rags and the virtuous were mocked.

MAN:6:24 The slaves spared by the DESTROYER left the accursed land forthwith. Their multitude moved in the gloom of a half dawn, under a mantle of fine swirling grey ash, leaving the burnt fields and shattered cities behind them. Many Egyptians attached themselves to the host, for one who was great led them forth, a priest prince [Moses] of the inner courtyard.”


The Khumry give a detailed account regarding the state of Egypt well after the Destroyer fly-by.

When reading these passages one gets the impression of a deep sense of sorrow for the great nation that once was:

“MAN:33:1 O great city, O heart of Egypt, your habitations are overthrown and your sacred shrines lie buried beneath the sands of time. The dust of ages enwraps you, as a dead one is swathed within the tomb. Your temples still stand and ring with noise, but the solemn shrines are silent. They have become an abode for the wild dog and scorpion, and your roads are highways of wickedness...
The seasons were turned around, so that the seed rotted within the soil and no green shoots came forth to greet the day. All buds withered upon the vines, the land lay dead under its grey shroud. The moon changed the order of her ways and the sun set himself a new course, so that men knew not where they were and all were afflicted. The stars swam in a new direction and the whole order of things was changed. Yet, O Egypt, even from those days of calamity you emerged unbroken, your spirit intact, your heart unshaken. What has happened to you, O land of mine?

MAN:33:3 Weep, O land of Egypt, weep for the things that have gone. Weep for the spirit now departed...Weep for the destruction that has befallen you. Weep for all the beauty and glory that have gone down into the dust. Weep for eternal ages and sleep for evermore. Your spirit has departed, your life had ebbed away, your vitality has burnt itself out, only the empty corpse remains. The generations yet to tread the Earth will know nothing of you. They will see no more than the dead, dried, mummified thing. The loving life that once vitalized it so gloriously, they cannot know. O Son of Kebew, forgive the people of this land for their ways. Reveal your greatness by serving those who no longer walk in the light of your instruction, even as you served their fathers in days gone by.

MAN:33:4 My land, what have you become? You have left the true path of your faith and wandered into strange byways. You are bemused and bedazzled with things that disturb the senses, and have become like a ship adrift without oars...You no longer delight in the serene mystery of the stars above, your pleasures are in the filth beneath your feet. Where once you gazed upward in awe, now you look downward in degradation. O that this is the self-chosen fate of my land!

MAN:33:5 I go, for go I must. I depart, for destiny demands it. ‘When his motherland collapses about him like an undermined palace built on a foundation of mud, then it is not a time for hesitation, One man cannot stem a flood with his hand. When his habitation falls apart, it is time to seek another. Perhaps nations, like men, grow old and decay. My land is old, a hundred and twenty generations have passed through it since Osireh [Osiris] brought light to men. Four times the stars have moved to new positions and twice the sun has changed the direction of his journey. Twice the DESTROYER has struck Earth and three times the Heavens have opened and shut. Twice the land has been swept clean by water.

MAN:6:45 Pharaoh abandoned his hopes and fled into the wilderness beyond the province of the lake, which is in the West towards the South. He lived a goodly life among the sand wanderers and wrote books.

MAN:6:46 Good times came again, even under the invaders, and ships sailed upstream. The air was purified, the breath of the DESTROYER passed away and the land became filled again with growing things. Life was renewed throughout the whole land.

MAN:6:47 Kair taught these things to the Children of Light in the days of darkness, after the building of the Rambudeth, before the death of the Pharaoh...

MAN:6:48 This is written in this land and in our tongue by Leweddar who, himself, chose it for saving. It was not seen until the latter days.”


“SOF:1:1 We took refuge with the sons of Uteno whose fathers had been in the land many generations, for they had come out of Egypt in the days of Pharaoh Nafohia. There on the borderland, we dwelt in caves above Kathelim. We were without books or possessions, but we were diligent and laboured to make the land fruitful. We knew ourselves as The Brothers in Light, but others called us The Children of Light, even as we are called to this day.

SOF:1:4 The land of our fathers and our inheritance has been lost to us forever. Their homes have been returned to the sands and their altars where they worshipped cast down. Their temples have been destroyed and the forms of worship practiced there are no longer known.

SOF:1:5 What cause have we for sorrow? [Right now] We are in a bountiful land, we have hope for the future and an unshakable faith. Better by far than all else, we have with us the key to the ancient Portal of Communication. [See Nibiru and The 'Great Pyramid' Connection - GJ]

SOF:1:13 The land of our fathers is denied to us, so [now] we must seek another, for a man without a nation is more heavily afflicted than any orphan. Egypt was a land destined for greatness, its people should have led all others towards the Great Light. Egypt failed in its destiny because those who were entrusted with power and position proved unworthy.
Its kings, who should have reared families dedicated to goodness and inspiration, betrayed their trust to satisfy the weaknesses of men. The leaders to godhood were misled and became ensnared in the deserts of worldliness, and those who followed them were betrayed. The priesthood became corrupt when it offered a life of ease and abundance, instead of a life of service and austerity.
The ideals of man were above reproach, but man himself was unworthy of them. We have no need to change ideals, but to attain them we must change men. The sacred lore of Egypt, enshrining the treasure of the ages, was possessed by only a select few who safeguarded it as nothing else has ever been guarded, because of its greatness. Not only this, but even a little knowledge of it could be dangerous in the hands of any who sought to utilize it improperly. (VN: Boy this sounds so much like the current disintegration of our society.  Is that done because those doing it believe they have nothing to lose with a perceived event such as Planet X, and thus pander to their base needs using the population at large, since all will be destroyed anyway???  It has to be close to something like that for them to totally ignore all accountability that will come their way.)

SOF:1:14 Of all desirable things attainable by man, the assurance of his immortality, clear insight into the purpose behind his creation and true knowledge of the road towards the fulfillment of his destiny are the greatest. Those were the things so closely guarded, and just as they are the most desirable things on Earth, so are they the most highly priced and difficult to attain.”


From the Kolbrin Manuscript we read that the Khumry Tribe, Sons of Fire, build a port city near the bay of a “Great Rock.”

From my study of European geography, there is only one Great Rock guarding a large bay - The Rock of Gibraltar. Apparently it was foggy a lot during their stay so the Sons of Fire named this place the “Land of Mists.”


See below:

“SOF:9:1 The Sons of Fire came to the Land of Mists, they and their households and their cattle, and all the tools of craftsmen. With them came others, men of Egypt and men of Javen. Also strangers who were not as valiant as are the Sons of Fire. Many among them were sickly and distressed in their hearts.

SOF:9:2 They took land among the barbarians [Celtiberians?] and built a city and a port at the place called Sadel...and cut roads about it into the forests. But they were kept in by the barbarians, and strangers in a strange land. The city was a place for buying and selling and men came and went. Ships came bearing cloth and pottery, instruments and weapons of war and all manner of things. The ships went away bearing things from the barbarians who dug in the soil. The place of the city was good, for it was fertile and well watered, and the bay was GUARDED BY A GREAT ROCK.

SOF:7:87 Hoskiah [the Khumry leader] governed many years in the Land of Mists and made laws and died in his old age...

SOF:11:9 When Hoskiah was past three score years of age he sent to Pelasi for the remnants of the Children of Light. None of them came, for they said it was not meet for them to journey to the edge of the Earth to dwell among barbarians. They said, “We will retain the light here, for out there it will surely be extinguished”

SOF:11:10 Later, four ships did come, but they carried the standards of Ashratem. With them came Enos Husadim of the SONS OF DAN [tribe], a learned man from the slopes of the mountain which rests in darkness and reaches up to the limits of light. He knew Hoskiah when a child. There came also one named Zodak, who had dwelt in Twalus, and he brought with him all the books of the Children of Light. With Zodak came many men who knew the mysteries of metal, and they brought with them the light of Amos. When they came, the spirit of Hoskiah had already joined his fathers.

SOF:11:11 Before his spirit took wings, Hoskiah wrote this for the guidance of his people: “My trusted ones, the time draws near for my departure on the Great Voyage and I cannot complete the tasks before my hands. In one thing, I have been neglectful, for though the Chief Guardian of the Records, the time I devoted to their care was little enough. Thank the priests for their care, I have recorded many statutes needful for this place. Their like was known before, but were not set down for men to see. Now they are made known to the ears of every man. Your welfare and safety has ever been my first concern, but I am a man of battle and a commander of men, not a scribe and recorde





SOF:11:12 “My trusted ones, we are few and the barbarians about us are many. For a while, they are well kept in hand, for Cladwigen wishes us well, and his sons are our friends. We have toiled to raise a city and men come and go freely among us. Many ships come in their season. Yet stout warriors who are not friendly press down from the Northeast and therefore, vigilance can never be relaxed. We cannot sleep peacefully side by side with the barbarians and must ever be alert. Danger hangs over us like a boulder upon the mountainside, and our safety is like a playstone in the hands of a child. The barbarians do not forget that we are strangers in this land and only while we serve a purpose are we welcome”.

SOF:11:13 “Yet, my trusted ones, with all the dangers around us it is the dangers threatening within that I fear the most. We are few indeed against the numbers of barbarians, yet we weaken ourselves with foolish strife one with the other and people with people. Our city is a place for buying and selling, a place where things are exchanged. Outside it is a marketplace where men come and go as they please and they buy and sell without hindrance. We have laws for the city and laws for the marketplace. Amongst us are many craftsmen who exchange the things they make with the barbarians who bring things to eat. We have a good life here, but it is not a life I fully understand. We came from afar to set up a city dedicated to the light, to hold the light. Yet, is this such a city? Do men seek the light and worship it, or do they seek luxury and worship wealth and possessions?”

SOF:11:15 “My trusted ones, my eyes may be clouded to the things before them, but I am not blind to your ways. Already our women cast their eyes towards the barbarians, and when women seek men outside their own kind it is a sign of a people’s degeneracy. I read what is written and I fear for the future.”

SOF:14:2 In the days when the city was being built, the barbarians came and went freely among us Many came but stood off and watched from afar, for they did not understand our ways. Among those who came was Cluth, the son of Cladda and brother of Cladwigen, and he talked with Amarahiti in the days when she was still in her father’s household. In those days she sat at the Place of the Talking Stone [Stone of Destiny?], which still stands in its place, for she was among those who sought to know the speech of the barbarians.

SOF:11:16 “Many who are with us in the light will join us and then we shall be stronger in arms and strengthened in belief. Yet our destiny lies among the barbarians. They are fine, upright men endowed with courage, do not belittle their ways, but bring them into the light.”

SOF:11:17 “Our city was not founded as a marketplace, a place for exchanging only the things of Earth. Neither did we come here as conquerors, but as men seeking refuge....”

Part 2 

SOF:8:2 "We left the good land, [Land of Mists] hearts heavy laden with grief. The ships were five and I looked to mine and found it good. It was built of alonwood and stoutmasted. All about it, casks were lashed. Along the planking the cords that moved were free, but all clear spaces were filled with things wrapped about and bound. There was much leather for the sails and leathern scoops. There were half a score of large buckets of wood hooped about and handled with plaited leather.
Between the eyes of the ship the guide pole was raised, beneath which were stored all kinds of unusual things made of wood and cordage used by men of the sea. There was a machine for slinging stones and another for hurling fire. There were high shieldguards which could be strapped to the side. A store contained every kind of weapon and much armour. There were pots for cooking and braziers.

SOF:8:3 There was a store behind the mast and in it were over five score jars of oil and not less of wine and vinegar. Casks of food there were and more stored in baskets. Many large pitchers were lashed about and dried meat stored in cloth. Dried dates and figs and small fruits there were in large quantities. Water was not lacking, nor the dishes for eating. There were nets for fishing and hooks for catching birds.

SOF:8:4 The chief among the men of the sea was skilled in the notched stick called ‘thumb of the night’, which guided him across the widths of the sea. We brought up against Keftor, where Nebam departed, for they were troublesome. Men of Melkat came who had been wrecked, and we took a score who were men of valour. We passed many lands by the sea, where once broad sea-girt Posidma reigned, before blown apart by underworld fires. [Atlantis! See Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection - Part One - GJ] By the lands of Hoghurim we went over the wide sea to the gate of Athiesan and beyond it across the sea of Tapuim.

SOF:8:5 One ship and forty men and the households of six men were lost on the way. Three ships have I left, with one brought up on the land. Twelve men have I lost in battle and ten have gone with sickness. There are, with me, two hundred fighting men. One hundred and ten men of skill and one hundred bondsmen. Sixty households with their cattle and sheep and corn and tools and wagons. All things with us are numbered and the tally grows daily.”


SOF:8:6 The encampment is well made and encircled with a wall where water does not lie. Trees and soil are the material of its construction. Great trees are about us, but no stone for building, for the soil is deep. The waters rise not over the fields where men have cut water passages, but there is much rain.

SOF:8:7 Wild men are in the land, who write on their skins [Picts with tattoos]. They are hairy ones whose gods are the plants of the field. Their quarters are like baskets over the ground and they are unwashed... The wall I caused to be built out into the water and it encloses a pier against the bank, where ships can moor.

SOF:8:12 Within the wall and circle of water I have built the temple, but not all go in there with me. We are not one people. The gates of the temple are on pillars of wood and turn on a stone, and wooden are the pillars within. Great beams support the roof, and the walls are of wood and mud brick. The floor is of sand finely raked, and before the heir the altar rests on stones. There are no images designed to confuse men, for though the temple is poor it does not enshrine ignorance. We have no evil men with us. There are men of valour and men of skill, men of the land and men of the sea, no more.

SOF:8:13 Beneath the altar is the Grave of Life, kept dry with mortar. In its place is the Great Chest of Mysteries and in the Urns of Life are the records. Well kept they are and safe from the unlearned, all the records of the Eastern Quarter.

SOF:8:14 Thus all things have been done according to your divining, and it is good.

SOF:8:15 ... there is little sun and the people grow sick with water. The dampness causes a sickness among us, where the teeth become loose in the gums and skin peels. Flesh puffs up and holds the marks of fingers.

SOF:8:16 The people of the land beset us and we cannot find them among the trees. Lothan was slain, with twelve men of valour, three days journey inland among the trees. He died in the night. Two men were caught by the wild men who burnt them in cages.

SOF:8:17 Men have come in ships from the Land of the Sons of Fire, who are our brothers. Alman, the scribe, and Kora, the builder, came...

SOF:8:18 Of the Sons of Fire there are four hundred, but few are fighting men. They are not men of valour. They are men of the sea and cultivators and men who trade. There are builders among them and men skilled in the ways of wood and stone, for they came to establish a city in this place [Glastonbury Lake Village?].

SOF:8:19 This, the Kingdom of the Trees, is no place for a city. Trees shut us in and hold us captive. They conceal those who lie in wait to do us harm. A house is built and trees take over the roof, and plants creep over the walls. Corn is planted and rots, while weeds smother other growing food. Greyness is everywhere, even the face of the sun is pale here.

SOF:8:20 Men shiver without heat and the air is not pure and mixed with water. Wild dogs lurk among the trees, to tear the unwary to pieces. There are few stones and they are covered with slime. The wild fruits and herbs are poisonous and men have died eating them...

SOF:8:21...We long for the welcome omens of the shining arrows of the night. Our people are weary and there is muttering among the men of valour, for they fear the Spirit of the Trees. His breath surrounds us. His grey fingernails corrupt our possessions. He has caused our cattle to die and our crops to wither. Against him, we are powerless. He was robbed of this land hewn out from among the trees, he will never forget.

SOF:8:22 The Great Secrets and Sacred Wisdom are secured for our children. We place them and ourselves in the hands of the Sons of Fire. We shall leave this place and sail towards Hireh, towards the West... There we may build with stone and brick.

SOF:8:23 Here is the tally of our departure: Of those who came with Lothan, ninety men of valour and the house-holds of thirty-five. There are seventy men of valour who came later, and those of the Sons of Fire. Eighty-two men of skill and eight households newly formed. There are the men of valour who came [originally to the Land of Mists] with Hoskiah and the households among them. There are nine households which came later.

SOF:8:24 There are two hundred and forty bondsmen. Of these one hundred and ten carry slings and clubs. Some have fighting axes of stone and stave shod with metal, but there is no sharpened weapon among them.

SOF:8:25 One hundred and four among all the house-holds are children and unmarried women, for many have died of the sickness belonging to this place. There are slaves, but most have died or perished among the trees.

SOF:8:26 The cattle are gone and there are a few sheep and goats. There are, for each man of valour, two measures of corn at morning and for others one measure. Of corn, there are sixty great baskets. Of herbs dried by fire, forty five ankrim. There is fish fried by fire and some meat.

SOF:8:27 There are a hundred and ten baskets of cuped nuts, which are bitter and go sour. The Men of the Trees eat them and for such people it is proper food. There are narah nuts which grow in this place, sweet but not stomach filling, and nuts which are good for cakes in quantities. SOF:8:28 There is much weapon metal melted down and gold and silver in pieces. There are all kinds of tools for the men of skill and much pottery in the households. But much has gone to the Men of the Trees, and of cloth there is little, and men are clothed in skins and the woven fibre of plants.

SOF:10:21 This was written in records which were lost even in the days of Racob: In a hundred generations men will be less wicked, for such was written in the Plans of God. When a thousand years have passed, women will be more fair, for this was written in the Plans of God.

SOF:10:22 A day will come when a great nation will rise above all others, to lead the nations of the Earth [America?], and it will survive even the [DESTROYER’S] Day of Visitation. Much was written of this nation, which is now lost.

SOF:10:23 As the generations pass, the Earth will become more fruitful, for this was written in the Plans of God.

SOF:13:34 As the name, The Children of Light, is written in the old characters, it may also be read as The Children of The Written Word and this is a truth. We alone preserve our secrets in this manner. The Children of Light followed a destined course by abandoning their altars in the land of their beginnings, and went to dwell among strangers where many ate at one table. We do not know what befell of their books, for those we have are rewritten. We know the Children of The Written Word went Northward after the scattering [of the Lost Tribes], but we do not know what were their journeyings.

SOF:13:35 We know about Lothan and Kabel Kai, designer of houses, who sailed around the edge of the Earth. With them was Raileb, the scribe, who knew hidden mysteries. They gathered the records, which were in Kindia, and carried them the long sea journey, believing the records safer among the barbarians than among those who sought to destroy them. If the records are destroyed by barbarians it will be done in ignorance and not in the knowledge of wickedness. Many books were laid open to the eyes of ignorant men and destroyed.

SOF:13:36 They came to the Harbour of Sorrow [within the British Isles] which lies by the Hazy Sea, away from the Land of Mists [Rock of Gibraltar] There [in the Harbour of Sorrow] great trees grew and smaller trees upon them, and moss hung from them like door curtains. It lay near the great shallow waters South of the Isle of Hawluge and North of the Sea Pass. Green pearls are found there.

SOF:13:37 Many died in the Harbour of Sorrow, for it was a place with a curse upon it, which caused an evil sickness. The Sons of Fire came with Hoskiah and saved them, and they came to this place and built a city. Labrun. The son of Koreb, was governor….

SOF:23:10 We have learned that it is no longer necessary to forbid the eating of swine’s flesh in this land and its eating is allowed, but the flesh of horse is not to be eaten except to prevent starvation.

SOF:23:11 We have learned that the soul departs with the last breath and whatever is done to the body does not affect the soul. Therefore, a body may be either buried or burned, but a high mound is not to be raised over the body or the ashes.”


“Disasters will soon spread from nation to nation. They will come like a powerful storm to all the faraway places on earth…The DESTROYER will come against every town, not one town will escape… The Lord said this will happen.”
Jeremiah 25:32 & 48:8 (Old Testament: NIV)

Today there is growing evidence Jeremiah, with knowledge of the Destroyer (noted above), sailed to Ireland and preached to his new found friends that the Destroyer will in fact return one day - only this time he named it the ‘Frightener’ to the locals.


According to Biblical Scholars no authentic record of Jeremiah’s death exists. Last we read Jeremiah flees to Egypt with his faithful scribe Baruch circa 560 BC where he lived out the remainder of his life. Irish tradition insists Jeremiah didn’t die in Egypt at all but sailed to Ireland and was buried there in 581BC.

Irish legend says Jeremiah was known to the locals as Ollamh Fodla or wise sage. This term is both Hebrew and Irish and according to Jeremiah’s faithful his tomb resides in Cairn T at Loughcrew Old Castle, Royal Meath.


Bible Mysteries investigator Michael S. Sanders writes:

“According to Herbert Armstrong in the book ‘The United States and Britain in Prophesy,’ the Prophet Jeremiah (in the company of his scribe Baruch) took King Zedekiah’s daughter to Ireland where she founded a line of Davidic Kings... What facts can be gleaned from the ancient sources to show this compelling story to be true?... there is no evidence whatsoever in either the Irish or the Scottish annals.” (4)

I beg to differ.


The Kolbrin Manuscript (released to the general public in 1992) now gives supporting evidence Jeremiah lived out the remainder of his days in Ireland. The Khumry people knew him as Elidor.


So without further ado here is Jeremiah’s prophesy foretold from the “sea-girt green isle.” (OGS 1:11)

SVB:2:1 I am a prophet of the written word, a man with many books of wisdom, who comes to you in the name of the Supreme Spirit...I was a Sleeper in the Great Stone Chamber of Initiation... [See Nibiru and the 'Great Pyramid' Connection -GJ]

SVB:3:16…When first I was charged with the burden of a prophet my heart cried out, “Is it for this greater affliction that I have suffered and toiled...

SVB:3:18 I come to proclaim the Way of Truth, I can neither save you from the effects of your own errors, nor remit even the slightest transgression. I can only point the way, I can only offer myself as a guide. I cannot drive you, I cannot carry you, neither can I assume responsibility for your fate…

SVB:4:18 Through my own efforts and sacrifices, through application and long years of patient endeavour, I have been granted an insight into the nature of things. I have been given a clear revelation and also been charged with making it known to men. What I have has been bought dearly, why then do you mock my teachings or doubt my sincerity? Have I asked anything from you except a change of heart?

SVB:4:19 You mock me, saying, “We cannot understand the import of your great teachings”, or you deride me, saying, “Were it not that we have pity on your state of madness, we would drive you away from us.” For your sakes I have given up all I once possessed, I have left all I hold dear, can you not spare me a few moments of your time? You ask, “Why did not The Supreme Spirit make all men conform to one creed, one belief?” This He could have done, but it would not serve His end. These are not superficial teachings, can you not spare time to consider them? (VN: boy do I ever understand the frustration of this one....)

SVB:4:20 You say I am no more than a man like yourselves, this is true. You say I am powerless among you, that I remain only because of your benevolence and good-will. If you think me powerless, you are mistaken. In the Stone Chambers I learned secrets of power beyond your conception.

SVB:4:21 The times are good. There are bountiful harvests and the land is at peace. Men come and go without fear, pleasure and comfort are to be found on every side, it is a bad time for prophets. Turbulence and trouble are needed to stir the hearts of men, to lift up their eyes to greater things. When a man is beset with trouble he turns to spiritual things for consolation and help, but no sooner has it passed than he reverts to his former ways.

SVB:3:19 A day will come when we shall all stand naked before the glare of Truth. That day I do not fear, can the comforting prophets so readily acceptable speak likewise?

SVB:3:20 Sons of fools are father of fools. If you will not accept my words of Truth you deny them to your children. Revile me as you will.

SVB:7:18 I am the prophet to tell men of THE FRIGHTENER [Destroyer] though many generations will pass before it appears. It will be a thing of monstrous greatness arising in the form of a crab, first its body will be red... It will spread destruction across the Earth, running from sunrise to sunset. It will come in the Days of Decision, when men are inflicted with spiritual blindness, when one ignorance has been replaced with another, when men walk in darkness and call it light. In those days, men will yearn after pleasure and comfort, they will go down roads of ease, encouraged by women incapable of inspiring them towards the upward path.

SVB:7:19 There will be disbelief in spiritual things, but this will proceed from ignorance, it will be a thing of the lips, for disbelief is not in the heart and nature of man. No matter how much a man cries out his disbelief, in times of turmoil, in strange and unfamiliar surroundings, when frightened by the unknown, he turns to spiritual things for comfort and strength.

SVB:7:20 In the days of the great conflict do not pray that The Supreme Spirit be on your side, this would be a futile waste of time. Pray rather that you be on the right side, the side of The Supreme Spirit.

SVB:7:21 Hear my voice, for I tell of things to come. There will be no great signs heralding the coming of THE FRIGHTENER, it will come when men are least prepared. It will come when they seek only worldly things. In those days men will be falling away from manliness and women from womanliness. It will be a time of confusion and chaos.

SVB:7:22 I have warned of THE FRIGHTENER, I have done what I am charged to do.”  (VN: that is exactly what I have ended up believing)

American elementary school-teachers still lecture to this day that Christopher Columbus was the 'first' European to discover the Americas. Balderdash!

The idea that not one European ship sailed to the Americas before Columbus is simply not true. The Canadian Government, for instance, declared the L'Anse aux Meadows site in Newfoundland ‘official’ in 1978 with genuine evidence of at least three ancient Norse buildings being excavated from the 11th Century. (5)

So if the Vikings made it, what other great seafaring nations of ancient antiquity have sailed to North America?


With the recent Viking discovery in Canada the lid has now been blown wide open as to who has explored here prior to Columbus. Turns out the North American Native Indians, the Iroquois and Cherokee in particular, have had their fair share of interactions with the Khumry people.


The Headline reads:

Missouri Cherokee Tribes proclaim Jewish Heritage
The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory has recently shocked the world by claiming their ancient Oral legends tell of a Cherokee migration made to America from the area known as Masada.

Beverly Baker Northup believes there is a connection between these two peoples based on evidence of Jews of the region around Masada during Roman times wearing braided hair and the similarities that the spokesperson attributes [Cherokee to the] Hebrew language.

In explaining this connection Beverly Baker Northup is quoted as saying:
“The story has been kept alive among our Cherokee people that the Sicarii [or Khumry descendants] who escaped from Masada, are some of our ancestors who managed to cross the water to this land, and later became known as Cherokees. (Please note the phonetic resemblance of Si'cari'i and, Cherokee or Tsa'ra-gi'.)”  (VN: lets remember that the Cherokee are one of the tribes that have RH negative blood, as well and their DNA done by scientists confirms their genesis as being of middle eastern origin, not asian as many other tribes have been, the chauktah and Iriquois and others have also come from the middle east.  We have done previous blogs on this connection.)
Northup claims that the famous scholar Josephus wrote that there were escapees from Masada in which the spokesperson for the Northern Cherokee states that this is evidence that gives credence to this connection between the Cherokee Indians and the [Khumry] Jews.”
Israel Insider Journal (6)

Have we been intentionally or unintentionally deceived of these ancient encounters? I do not know.


What I have established though, is the fact that ancient wanderers have not only explored this region but have also settled within America and its time for the veil to be lifted - smothered over us by the mainstream historical establishment.

Provided below is a first-hand account of a seafaring journey to North America and subsequent ancient encounter with Native American Indians, however this encounter seems to imply the Khumry clashed with the Iroquois and another mysterious North American creature.


The Khumry ‘Sons of Fire’ write:

SOF:8:21 The Book of Heaven is open to the Sons of Fire, in it they found the road across the waters. They are filled with the WISDOM OF WANDERERS. As we came by the sea in the hands of seafarers, so shall we go out...

SOF:8:29 The Harbour of Sorrow [within the British isles] we leave behind and with four ships sail towards the sunsetting. One ship goes [back] to the Land of the Sons of Fire. Spirit of Lothan, remain among us as we go far away among men who are strangers to us!

SOF:12:11 We sailed with a large company towards the West and had nothing to fear, except the whirlpool, for the Red Men with us knew the way of the waters...

SOF:12:6 Of the warriors who came with us there were a score of score of men from Ilopinos [Iberia]. They wore helmets of bronze with plumes of scarlet and purple. Their shields were of bronze burnished, so that they shone like the sun and were edged with a band of hardened metal. In length, they were two and a half cubits, and in width one and a half cubits. They had spears of unknotted wood six cubits in length, with blades of hard metal set in sockets.

SOF:12:7 Their swords were of pure hard metal worked in a strange way, and in length one and half cubits and in width, three fingers breadth. They were horn-handled and bound about with wire of copper and silver. Some among them were armed with war javelins and darts. They had a curious dart that turned over itself in flight, and another that struck in from the side.

SOF:12:8 In battle they stood there and three to withstand the rush of the enemy, but they were weak in attack, for they moved heavily. With them were slaves and six score attendants who were plunderers of the battlefield, pillagers of the land, the cooks, the baggage keepers and the carriers of burdens. The [Cantabrii] warriors were the battle craftsmen...

SOF:12:9 In seven days all the ships sailed together...

SOF:12:11 For long days we saw only the sea, and the landsighting birds all came back.

SOF:12:12 We went out through the mouth of the sea into the sea of the Great River [The St. Lawrence]...to the Place of Painted Men [Iroquois], where we drew up the ships and staked them.

SOF:12:13 Among the fighting men were some [Trojans] from Sparsia [Sparta] whose leader was Korin, called the axeman, but whom we named ‘the cunning one’ These went out into the forests to hunt and the king of that place sent men to take them, but they refused to go and there was a loud dispute.

SOF:12:14 The bodyguard with the leader of the Painted Men were bowmen and one shot an arrow at Korin. He slewed aside behind his shield and the arrow turned into the throat of a Painted Man who held a sword against him. This started a great fight between forest and sea, and though surrounded by many enemies Korin fought through them. The battle was his because he went forward through the forest and attacked the [Long] houses of the Painted Men. [See image above.] (7)

SOF:12:15 The ships were divided and those who wished to set up the eagle and serpent went to the Harbour of Giants in Belharia. The same giants are builders of great temples and they are six cubits tall [almost 9 feet].

SOF:12:16 The ship with Korin stayed with us and he hunted them out of their caves and slew them all, save one giantess. She came to us, bound as a surety for the life of the wife of Albanik.

SOF:12:17 We came to a bay on one side of which was a forest and on the other a plain where herds grazed. For the men of that place it was the time of the feast of fires and they held games [of Lacrosse] upon the shore and ran races in cleared land behind. At this time they would not fight, so we met them in peace. They wore garments woven in two parts and belted with hide.
They had caps of skin or leather, and the tunic which hung about them was darkly coloured in blue, green and brown. They enclosed their legs and feet in dressed skins bound in front with throngs. They had many ornaments of copper, but little gold or silver, though their armbands and brooches shone like silver. They had the art of making copper like silver or gold.

SOF:12:18 These people hold a great feast before the beginning of the heat...Because of the feast these people demanded the giantess, and she was given over to them for the days of feasting.

SOF:12:19 We did not know the ways of these people and ...we drew apart from them. The headman sent a messenger to us and Korin and the giantess wrestled together, but the giantess was the stronger, so Korin lured her towards the cliff edge. Korin taunted her and laughed at her clumsiness, and then at the break of the cliff he tricked her, so that she rushed forward. As she passed beside him he turned behind her and pushed, so that she fell over the cliff edge on to a large black rock below. Her back was broken. The same black rock was later split and taken up to be worshipped.”

Jumping in at this point I feel it is warranted to address Korin’s encounter with the 9 foot tall giantess written in the Kolbrin passages above.


Being a resident of British Columbia I can attest to the fact that the First Nations people living nearby have deep-rooted traditions and respect for a giant creature they call ‘Sasquatch.’ The Salish and Squamish Bands, for instance, say they have cohabitated with this creature ever since they arrived in North America and speak of it very matter-of-factly. In other words, it’s no big deal to talk about the Sasquatch because to them it’s an utter reality.

One only has to view a still-picture from the infamous ‘Patterson Film’ (to the right) showing, in my opinion, the only authentic video ever taken of a ‘giantess’ in North America. Yes, this is a female because one can see breast-like appendages on her. I’m sure Korin was also able to notice the female creature in this manner - thus the term ‘giantess’ was used in the Kolbrin text.

Moreover, it’s not surprising that the Iroquois Indians living in the eastern seaboard also knew of this creature. From what I have read the Iroquois traditions speak of 'Stone Giants' or, “Ge-no'sqwa” in their native tongue. According to the Iroquois, these creatures were woodland giants that roamed freely and were regarded as malevolent to men. Apparently they have rock-hard skin that is produced by rolling around in the earthen ground.

The picture to the right is a reproduction of the traditional ceremonial Stone-Giant or Ge-no'sqwa mask as crafted by ‘The Wolf Den’ - Native American artisan crafters.

One could say the Kolbrin Manuscript has supplied us with the first documented ‘Bigfoot’ report in North America hundreds of years before these reports were popularized in modern time.


This is yet another example why I believe the Kolbrin Manuscript to be a legitimate manuscript.

Part 3 


Exhibit A - The ancient Great Lakes Map
Reportedly found in the American mid-west, this ancient map of the Great Lakes (to the right) depicts exploration routes in the form of dotted lines (8).


In the upper right-hand corner, notice where the route originates - the St. Lawrence River. Then the trail continues around the lakes terminating below Lake Michigan southward into the Ohio Valley.


NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!  Hercolobus91_01_small


Was this map made by the Khumry people showing their migration route? Entirely possible, I’d say.

My contention is the Khumry people were the mysterious “mound-builders” that flourished within this valley and inter-married with the Cherokee long ago. They constructed the famous “Serpent mound” in which I also believe to be a replica of the Destroyer. See Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection. (link below)

Furthermore my investigation affirms that the same Khumry mound-builders of the British Isles migrated to America and continued their construction process within the Ohio valley region. As with Jeremiah’s tomb in Ireland, the same mound-building technique was used for burials in Ohio as well.


It’s not surprising then to find an interesting ‘Khumric’ artifact discovered inside one of these similar construction-style burial mounds in Newark Ohio.

Exhibit-B - The Decalogue Stone

“In November of 1860, David Wyrick of Newark, Ohio found an inscribed stone in a burial mound about 10 miles south of Newark. The stone is inscribed on all sides with a condensed version of the Ten Commandments or Decalogue, in a peculiar form of post-Exilic square Hebrew letters.

NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!  Hercolobus91_06
The robed and bearded figure on the front is identified as Moses in letters fanning over his head. The inscription is carved into a fine-grained black stone...(9)

Exhibit C - The Bat Creek Stone

“The Bat Creek Stone was professionally excavated in 1889 from an undisturbed burial mound in Eastern Tennessee by the Smithsonian's Mound Survey project... Hebrew scholar and archaeologist Robert Stieglitz (1976) confirmed...the main line [to] read RQ , LYHWD[M], i.e. “Only for Judea,” or “Only for the Judeans” if the broken letter is included.

In 2002, researchers Alan Wilson, Baram A. Blackett, and Jim Michael announced that the Bat Creek stone is in fact inscribed with the the ancient Welsh Coelbren alphabet, and reads, in Welsh, “Madoc the ruler he is.”

NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!  Hercolobus91_05

These authors identify the Bat Creek tumulus as “the likely tomb of Prince Madoc.”

Madoc was a Welsh prince who is reputed to have sailed to America in 1170 A.D. However, Wilson [and Blackett] maintain that he was in fact a brother of King Arthur II, and sailed in 562 A.D. This would reconcile their reading of the inscription with the C-14 date of 32 A.D. - 769 A.D... If the Bat Creek stone, which was professionally excavated and whose context been carbon-dated to ancient times, were clearly engraved in Coelbren letters, that would itself be sufficient to vindicate the authenticity of Coelbren...” (10)
Exhibit D - The Coelbren Sword
Glenn Kimball writes,

“Several decades ago a sword from the sixth century... was found in Pennsylvania. This sword was featured in the book "Holy Kingdom" by Adrian Gilbert from England and his research team. Adrian suggested that it [looks]...very [similar] to the sword Excalibur...Written on the blade of this sword is the word "Colbrin" or "Kolbrin"...

According to Adrian Gilbert,

“Alan Wilson had made two long visits to the USA in 1992 and 1994 cooperating with USA colleagues on the transatlantic voyages of AD 562... Welsh Coelbren Alphabet inscriptions exist in large numbers in North America proving these voyages.” (2)

Exhibit E - Engraved Shell Gorget

NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!  Hercolobus91_02


Found in the state of Mississippi circa 1883, the engraved shell gorget shown above (11) depicts what I believe to be the Destroyer (Nibiru) or the Crossed Planet. Notice the sun-like appearance around the circular edge itself.


Now compare that to the ‘Mithras’ iconic symbol below supplied by Andy Lloyd in our ‘Sol and Mithras’ web-page (12). The resemblance is striking to say the least.


In my opinion, it is the same crossed planet in both pictures - Nibiru.

NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!  Hercolobus91_03


The map provided below is a recap of possible Khumry migration routes with corresponding artifacts found: (13)

NIBIRU and the "Lost Tribes of Israel" connection - The Kolbrin Bible, Fascinating!  Hercolobus91_04_small


Another reason I maintain the Kolbrin Manuscript to be authentic is the fact that an extraordinary amount of detail was painstakingly recorded on how to preserve the Khumric scrolls.


If all of this was an outright fake, why bother to write any of this exquisite detail down in the first place! As I read these passages, I get the impression the scrolls were prepared for a deep burial near water so they could not be found easily.


Oak Island perhaps in Nova Scotia? I can only speculate.


See below:

‘SOF:24:1...Last of the Metal Plates...In the containers I have gathered together all the books given into my care and I have done all the things I was instructed to do, and the work of my father is now complete. The metal will stand the test of age and the cutting is the finest workmanship.

SOF:24:2 The five great bookboxes contain one hundred and thirty-two scrolls and five ring-bound volumes. There are sixty-two thousand four hundred and eighty three words in The Greater Book of the Egyptians and eighty-one thousand six hundred and twenty-six words in The Lesser Book of The Egyptians, of which eight thousand nine hundred and eleven are in The Book of The Trial of The Great God and six thousand one hundred and thirty-four are in The Sacred Register, and sixteen thousand and fifty-six are in The Book of Establishment.

SOF:24:3 The Book of Magical Concoctions has six thousand eight hundred and ten words and this was the most difficult to remit, for it was a work of mystery and hidden things.

SOF:24:4 The Book of Songs and The Book of Creation and Destruction were not worked under my hand, but they are well constituted and will not perish. The Book of Tribulation was beaten under my eye and there are the books in The Great Book of The Sons of Fire which are not of my workmanship. I helped in part where the words were marked out and I struck them.

SOF:24:5 The Book of Secret Lore and The Book of Decrees are joined into The Great Book of The Sons of Fire and they, too, are enabled to last forever.

SOF:24:6 The metal is as our masters desired, made cunningly by the secret methods of our tribe and it will never perish. The marks are cut so that when seen to the right of the light they stand out clearly.

SOF:24:7 The bookboxes are of twinmetal founded with strength and turned with great heat, so that there is no joint where the ends come together. When closed and sealed water cannot enter.

SOF:24:8 When you read these things in times ahead, think of us who made the metal so imperishable and cut the words on it with such care and heavy labour, using such skill that in the years of rest they have not been eaten off. Observe its brightness and wonder, for it will never tarnish.

SOF:24:9 We are the sons of The Sons of Fire, men so called because fire was necessary to their metalworking. Today we name our sons over the fire and forge, as they did, and each one of us belongs to the same fire.

SOF:24:10 Read carefully the sacred words which are written and may they be a lodemark to a greater life.

SOF:24:11 I, Efantiglan, and my father, attended to the making of these books and their covering containers. Those who mixed the metal and worked it by forging and those who cut upon it are members of our tribe, and it is well made and will last forever.

SOF:24:12 Malgwin recorded these books before they were consigned to the future and the name by which they were called is The Living Book For The Living’.”


Throughout the Kolbrin Manuscript the message remains the same.

The Khumry (writing in their ancient Coelbren alphabet) warn us of a returning monstrous planet. As I’ve stated before, it really is the Rosetta Stone, the Holy Grail if-you-will of all ancient texts supporting this fact.


Why then was this manuscript released to the public in 1992?


Well, the following passage might explain this question:

MAN:3:9the hour of the DESTROYER is at hand.
MAN:3:10 In those days, men will have the GREAT BOOK before them, wisdom will be revealed, the few will be gathered for the stand, it is the hour of trial. The dauntless ones will survive, the stouthearted will not go down to destruction.

Ever since the Khumry scattering, the ‘elite’ families of the world have known about this incoming celestial event.


And it is my belief they released the “Great Book” to the general public so we could also be privy to the warning. Even if you do not believe in any of this, the elite families do. So take heed when I say the Destroyer was a fact known to the Lost Tribes of Israel, a fact the Wanderers eventually brought to America.


Today we know it as Planet X, the Greeks knew it as Phaeton, the Khumry people knew it as the Frightener and the Sumerians knew it as Nibiru. 


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The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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