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A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children

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1A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children Empty A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children Fri May 15, 2015 8:07 pm


A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children
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by Megan Heimer

A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children Untitled11-300x300 I already know I’m going to catch flack…from those who believe vaccines are perfectly safe, that injecting 49 doses of 16 vaccines containing neurotoxins, carcinogens, antibiotics, detergents, foreign DNA and live and mutated viruses before age six is no cause for concern, and from those who think natural medicine (which has been around since circa day one) and the belief that the body can heal itself, is pure quackery. If you are one of those people, this post is not for you.
If you are the parent of a child who has been vaccinated, suffered an adverse reaction, has a chronic health condition, or if you want to prevent one that could occur in the future as a result of being vaccinated in the past…then a detox may be in order. If you believe in the science that shows that accumulated toxins contribute to health conditions and want to address the burden vaccines placed on your child and the toxins stored in their body as a result, this post is for you.
This whole concept of detoxing is really quite simple. In natural medicine, we believe “dis-ease” has one of two underlying causes: toxicity and (nutritional) deficiency. Detoxing attempts to restore balance by supporting the body’s elimination channels and by binding to metals, chemicals, and toxins so they can be safely removed from the body. Vaccinations are certainly toxic. Think I’m wrong? Check out the list of additives here.
We’ve got formaldehyde (a probable human carcinogen), mercury (a neurotoxin and the second most toxic substance known to man), aluminum (a known neurotoxin, 75% of which is retained in a newborn and up to 40% in an adult and is stored in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, brain, lymph nodes, and muscle), cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (a hazardous substance), MSG (a neurotoxin), 2-Phenoxyethoanol (a hazardous toxin), and polysorbate 80 (a toxin associated with serious adverse effects including death), to name a few.
Let me save you some time, none of the ingredients contained in vaccines are safe, many are stored in the body, and all of them contribute to health conditions, if not today…then tomorrow. Oh, but these ingredients are easily excreted from the body, except, they’re not. Fully functioning kidneys are required to eliminate many of these ingredients and a child’s kidneys are not fully developed until they are 1-2 years old. Good bowel flora (which ingredients in the vaccine compromise) is required for proper elimination of toxic substances, and the skin…well you see the attempts of the skin to eliminate these toxins. It’s called eczema, and it’s not “normal.”
Children’s Vaccine Detox Protocol
There’s a misconception that detoxing is harsh or can only be done via chelating and fasting. With children, it is extremely important that detoxing be done in a slow, gentle manner, and in the safest way possible. A detox usually lasts a month but may last longer if your child suffered an adverse reaction. After the detox is completed you can focus in on your child’s specific health condition (if they have one) which is why establishing care with a Naturopath, Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine Doctor, or Chiropractor trained in this area is a great idea.
Here are some gentle detox ideas one can use for a child who has been vaccinated to help remove some of the toxic ingredients and undo some of the harmful effects of vaccines:
Detoxification bath – This bath can be used to pull bacteria and viruses from the spine, and cellular waste, metals and chemicals from the body. Add 5 drops of Purification Essential Oil to your child’s bath with a few pinches of high quality sea salt. You can also do this as a foot bath.
Probiotics – A probiotic is essential to restore gut flora and balance the immune system. This is very important especially if a child experienced an adverse reaction to a vaccine (like eczema, ear infections, arthritis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, etc.). I love Life Start in powdered form by Natren which can also be purchased dairy-free. And no, I do not make any money from you purchasing their products. I just like their stuff.
Omega 3 Fish Oil – This is especially important to take if your child suffered an adverse reaction or had MMR, DPT, Dtap, or Varicella vaccines. Fermented cod liver oil (with butter) is thought to be the most superior of all fish oils.
Cilantro Chelation Therapy – Dr. Yoshiaki Omura discovered that the leaves of the coriander plant can accelerate the excretion of mercury and aluminum from the body. If you give the body what it needs, it will heal itself, and cilantro has a molecular bond that binds to heavy metals and pulls them from the body. Cilantro therapy is gentle and inexpensive.
To use: Cilantro chelation is not effective in pill-form. You can juice with cilantro, consume it raw, or put it in tacos or pesto. Your child should have a minimum of 1 teaspoon daily for 2-3 weeks. You can also do a detox bath with two drops of coriander in the tub with a few sprinkles of salt.
Elderberry – This is an excellent herb for children and can be taken as a syrup or in supplement form. Research shows that elderberry inhibits enzymes used by viruses to penetrate and infect healthy cells. Another option is Elderberry Defense which contains Echinacea, royal jelly, and olive leaf. Echinacea strengthens the immune system, fights viral infections in the body, and increases the production of T-lymphocytes to fight bacterial toxins, and stimulates macrophages (that filter out and destroy foreign particles, bacterial and toxins in the lymph system).
Royal jelly contains many nutrients and all 8 essential amino acids, helps prevent illness, and combats the stress on the body caused by vaccines. Olive leaf has been shown to be an effective remedy against almost every type of disease-causing microorganism, relieves many health problems, and has exhibited microbial effects against over 130 infectious diseases. It would be pertinent to take this remedy if your child has had any of the live vaccines including MMR, Varicella, Flu Vaccine, OPV, DPT, and would also be indicated in Dtap.
I like this elderberry syrup recipe by “Wellness Mama,” which would be ideal for children under two, elderberry in soft chew or herbal form (1-2 capsules daily mixed in applesauce), or as an herbal tea. Elderberry Defense is a great option by Nature’s Sunshine, if your child is over six (dose reduced).
Vitamin C helps counteract the damage of heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins contained in vaccines and strengthens the immune system. The best way to get vitamin C is through food but since we’re detoxing, adding a supplement and taking it frequently throughout the day is beneficial. I typically recommend vitamin C chewables but powdered form and liposomal form is also an option.
Silica helps gently pull toxins out of the tissues and into the blood stream to be eliminated from the body. Studies on silicic acid show that it is an[url=http://www.livingwhole.org/a-gentle-vaccine-detox-for-children/silicic acid as non-invasive therapy for reducing the body burden of aluminium in Alzheimer%27s disease.] effective non-invasive therapy[/url] for reducing the burden of aluminum in the body, that it slows down the accumulation of aluminum in brain tissue and the gastrointestinal tract, substantially reduces aluminum bioavailability to humans, reduces toxicity in plants and animals, and enhances the excretion of aluminum in urine without negative side-effects. In other words, silica can only help a good detox. You can purchase silica in liquid mineral form, as a cell salt, or as an herbal supplement (horsetail).
Homeopathic Antidotes – Some children benefit greatly from homeopathic antidotes. Typically, a homeopath or naturopathic doctor will either recommend a remedy based on the constitutional type of your child and side effects they experienced as a result of vaccinations, or will recommend a vaccine potentized as a homeopathic remedy known as a “vaccine antidote.”
If your child was vaccinated against chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, and polio, you would want a Varicella antidote, MMR antidote, and IPV antidote. If they were vaccinated with vitamin K or Hepatitis B, you would want a vitamin K and Hep B antidote. Antidotes generally have no negative side-effects and are in an easy-to-take sugar pellet form that can be dissolved under the tongue or crushed up.
Water – When toxins are pulled from the body, they need to be flushed out. Full kidney function is dependent upon there being enough water in the body. Avoid soda, dairy, and junk juices and encourage your child to drink plenty of water (5-8 cups) throughout the day. You can sweeten it with a little honey and lemon (for increased vitamin C) or add some liquid chlorophyll.
Massage – During a detox it is especially important to “milk the lymph nodes” through gentle massage. The Lymphatic system is the clean-up crew of the body and massage helps remove cell wastes, proteins, excess fluid, viruses, and bacteria trapped in the lymph nodes.
Dandelion Root – Supporting the liver during a detox is very important because the liver performs over 5,000 functions – including toxin filtration. Although there are several herbs that can support and cleanse the liver, none are safer, more effective, or as inexpensive as dandelion. Dandelion helps the liver and gallbladder filter out toxins, purifies the blood, stimulates the kidneys to eliminate toxins through the urine, and assists with cell metabolism.
You can purchase dandelion greens from the store (to use in juices and smoothies) or purchase in pill form, as an herbal tea, or pick them from your own back yard. If you have a hard time believing that the “weed” in your yard could serve such an important purpose, might I recommend reviewing the studies on dandelion in the PubMed database? They are quite impressive.
Raw Food, Juices, & Smoothies – The absolute best way to counteract the harmful effects of a vaccine is through food, and my favorite way of doing this for children is through raw smoothies and juices. Shoot for at least 2-3 raw juices or smoothies per day during a detox, in addition to their normal meals. You can check out my Pinterest for some of my favorite juices and smoothies and “Ergonomics of a Smoothie” for smoothie tips. Try to include foods like broccoli, collards and kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions, spices, and sunny-side up eggs from free-range chickens in their diet during this time.
Detox Side-Effects: What to Expect
It’s not unheard of for there to be mild side-effects during a detox known as a “healing crisis.” Your child may be grumpy for the first few days, may experience a worsening of symptoms, loose stools, may sleep more, or may experience flu-like symptoms. However, your child (more commonly than not) may experience no noticeable side-effects.
What To Do After a Detox
If you haven’t established a relationship with a natural medicine practitioner, I would highly recommend it. These individuals are trained in nutrition and alternative therapies and can provide a plan to address your child’s individual needs. If you don’t have one available in your area, continue to seek out things that will help your child’s specific condition, and when it doubt, juice it out. Juicing is safe for all people of all ages and will address both toxicity and deficiency.
Disclaimer: This information is based on my training as a Naturopath and personal research and experience. It is for educational and informational purposes only and is not to be construed as “medical advice.”

Thanks to: https://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com


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A Vaccine Detox for Adults
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by Megan Heimer

A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children Untitled12-300x223 You might not think you need a detox. You haven’t had a vaccine in years and you weren’t subjected to the insanity that is the current vaccination schedule. Maybe you have health issues, maybe you don’t. But if you do, the health issues you have now could be a result of getting vaccinated way back when.
That’s right…if you are an adult, you had the pleasure of getting vaccines that contained unacceptable levels of mercury, caused devastating or chronic medical conditions, and were contaminated with viruses that cause cancer. You probably even had the “thank God, they’re finally off the market” DPT and OPV vaccines.
Why detox?
The ingredients in the vaccinations you had way back when, the yearly flu shot you’re hopefully no longer getting, and the boosters to “boost” the effectiveness of ineffective vaccines, contain ingredients all of which have toxicological profiles that are either hazardous, neurotoxic, or carcinogenic. Although some ingredients may have been filtered by your body, chances are most of them weren’t, and over the years the accumulation adds up.
Vaccines (and the additives in them) are associated with numerous adverse reactions including (but not limited to) allergies, eczema, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, autism, hyperactivity disorders, auto immune conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, neurotoxicity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, brain encephalopathy, bone disease, and a variety of metabolic and cellular disorders.
And then there’s Alzheimer’s. Now that we’re adults, this is something we need to think about (before we can’t think about it). Don’t worry too much though, chelating the aluminum vaccines put into your brain is one of the up and coming treatments.
If looking up the toxicological profiles of all the additives doesn’t put your mind at ease, maybe the fact that you had a vaccine contaminated with a virus found in a wide array of cancer tumors will. You know, like the cancer-causing SV-40 virus you didn’t hear about on the news that contaminated both the IPV and OPV polio vaccines and is now cropping up in all sorts of cancerous tumors. But wait, you didn’t get the polio vaccine of the 1950s and 60s. Sigh of relief right?
Wrong. Unfortunately for you, and me, and just about everyone else, scientists have found SV40 antibodies and DNA in children who could not have possibly had the vaccine. Yes, the contaminated junk we get injected with can be passed on to our children and is being transmitted among humans today. Thank you boys (Salk and Sabin), for your vaccines, and thanks for the increased risk of cancer that is relatively unresponsive to chemotherapy and radiation.
Cancer…fun…not really. That’s why we’re detoxing.
A Vaccine Detox for Adults
If you think natural medicine is quack, just bounce right off this post. I’ll see ya in the nursing home…except that I won’t, because I successfully detoxed from vaccines (and the aluminum in them) a long time ago. No neurotoxins, hazardous wastes, or carcinogens for me.
Here’s a list of some of my favorite detox strategies to address the toxic additives in the vaccines and the adverse reactions that go with them:
Detoxification Baths & Skin Brushing– Detox baths encourage the body’s largest elimination organ to remove chemicals and heavy metals from the body. Baths can be done daily or weekly and it may take several baths before the body starts releasing toxins. Before getting into the tub, brush your entire body with a skin brush. Start at the feet and work your way up. This removes dead skin and stimulates the lymph system. Next, use one of the following detox bath recipes:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath – Add two cups of apple cider vinegar to a warm bath to help remove toxins and heavy metals through the skin. This is the “go-to” bath for general detoxing.
  2. Epsom salt – Dissolve 1 cup Epsom Salts in a tub of water and soak 20 minutes for 1 hour 2 times per week.
  3. Clay baths – By far the most popular, clay baths exhibit a negative charge that attracts the positive charged toxins, absorbs them, and facilitates their removal from the body. There are many different types of clays you can use and some are infused with herbs to increase their effectiveness. The most popular and widely-used clay is Bentonite and the best way to use it for a vaccine detox is in a bath. Here is a general detox bath that can be used to remove cellular waste, metals, or chemicals using bentonite clay:
    1/2 cup epsom salt
    1/2 cup bentonite clay
    20 capsules of yellow dock (opened)
  4. Essential Oil Baths – Essential oils are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and anti-everything else. If you don’t believe me, you can check the PubMed database and sift through the thousands of studies confirming their healing properties. Essential oil baths remove viruses, bacteria, cellular waste, metals, and toxins from the body.  Add 5 drops of Purification Oil, coriander, Aroma Life, or lemon grass to a bath with a little bit of sea salt.

Sweat – Whether you sit in an infrared sauna or run on a treadmill, the goal is to sweat. Toxins and heavy metals (including mercury) can be eliminated through sweat and some chemicals can only be removed by working up a good one.
Probiotics – Proper gut flora is essential to the functioning of your immune system (70% of which is housed in your gut), prevention and correction of any health condition. I’ve used many probiotics but my favorite by far (for adults) is Megadophilis by Natren. If you’re really in a funk do the “Healthy Trinity System.”
Nutrients – Here’s a list of several nutrients that are essential to supporting the body during a vaccine detox. To determine how much you should take it’s always best to work with a natural healthcare provider. Typically, the dosage is much higher than what would normally be recommended.

  • Vitamin C (preferably buffered)
  • Vitamin E (preferably with selenium)
  • Vitamins B-6 (time-released)
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B-12 (liquid)
  • DHEA

Milk Thistle has been the subject of hundreds of studies and contains a substance called silymarin that is one of the most potent liver-protecting substances known to man and has proven effective against a variety of the most virulent toxins. Milk thistle is most effective when taken with lecithin and is not associated with any long-term risks or contraindications (meaning it’s safe for nursing Mamas). You can order milk thistle in combination with other nutrients, as a time release, or in liquid form here, or here. If taking in liquid form, hold it under your tongue for a few minutes before swallowing.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a fatty acid and antioxidant found in every cell of the body that chelates and neutralizes harmful chemicals and increases the formation of glutathione which helps remove them. Since glutathione is pretty ineffective when taken orally, taking an ALA supplement will give you the benefits of both antioxidants. *If you have mercury fillings, you should avoid ALA until they are removed.
Algin is a non-digestable fiber found in brown seaweeds. It binds to toxins, keeps them from being re-distributed and re-asborbed by the body, and promotes their excretion. I order mine here.
The Coffee enema – Enemas have been used for detoxification since ancient times and are even recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls and a third-century Aramaic manuscript found in the secret archives of the Vatican. Perhaps the best enema additive to use to facilitate the excretion of the nasties in your jabs, is coffee. Coffee detoxifies the liver, lowers blood serum toxins, and increases the liver’s detoxing abilities by 600% and the small intestine by 700%. The journal of Physiological Chemistry and Physics sums it up nicely,
“Caffeine enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall.”
If it works for cancer detoxification, it works for me. I ordered the enema kit and coffee here, and I highly recommend reading “The Gerson Therapy“ and my post on the coffee enema for further instructions.
Essential Fatty Acid Supplement – Omega 3, Flax, fermented cod liver oil with butter, and borage oils (or a combination of all) should be used while detoxing. Many of the omega 3’s on the shelf are rancid and contain very little DHA or EPA, so go for the cod liver and flax if you can. If you can’t, take a highly absorbable krill supplement.
Homeopathic Antidotes – Many people have seen amazing results with homeopathic antidotes. Typically, a homeopath or naturopathic doctor will either recommend a remedy based on your constitutional type and side effects you experienced as a result of being vaccinated, or they will recommend a vaccine potentized as a homeopathic remedy known as a “vaccine antidote.”
Even though you might have been vaccinated with a vaccine that is no longer used, you can still get an antidote for it. If you had DPT, OPV, or MMR, you’d want the DPT antidote, OPV antidote, and MMR antidote. Antidotes generally have no negative side-effects and are in an easy-to-take sugar pellet form that is dissolved under the tongue.
Water – When toxins are pulled from the body, they need to be flushed out. Full kidney function is dependent upon there being enough water in the body. Avoid soda, coffee, dairy, and junk juices. Drink half your your body weight in ounces per day, and flavor it with lemon or chlorophyll if you can.
Fiber – Fiber scrubs your colon, absorbs toxins, and helps ya poop em’ out. My favorite brand is Garden of Life’s Detoxifiber.
Juice Therapy – I’m a “go big or go home” kinda girl, so when I’m detoxing I don’t mess around, which is why juicing is a huge part of my ritual and should be a big part of yours. Juicing floods your body with the nutrients it needs to clean house and heal itself, and because your body is freed up from the burden of digestion, it’s free to focus on the burden of toxins. If you’re really serious about detoxing, don’t understand how juicing can possibly help your situation, or need a plan to follow, I highly recommend watching “SuperJuice Me!” and getting the “Big Book of Juices.“
Detox Side-Effects: What to Expect
Be prepared…you’re flushing out garbage and you’ll feel like garbage…at least for a few days. You might feel light-headed, nauseous, grumpy, experience a worsening of symptoms, night sweats, loose stools, or have flu-like symptoms. If you’re detox symptoms are extreme…slow down. There’s no need to rush things. If you need to, revert to the gentle vaccine detox plan here.
What To Do After a Detox
If you haven’t established a relationship with a natural medicine practitioner (like a naturopath, naturopathic physician, functional medicine doctor, or chiropractor), I would highly recommend it. These individuals are trained in nutrition and alternative therapies and can provide a specific plan to address your individual needs.
If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, invest in a juicer and take a trip to the sauna. It’s important to remember that the goal of a detox isn’t just to pull out the junk, but to flush it out, which is why supporting the body through proper food, water, nutrients, and sweating is vitally important.
Have you ever done a vaccine detox? If so, what worked for you? 
Disclaimer: This information is based on my training as a Naturopath and personal research and experience. It is for educational and informational purposes only and is not to be construed as “medical advice.” You should consult a physician who has no training in detoxing, nutrition, therapeutic enemas, or herbs, before undertaking any type of natural healing regimen.

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Thanks to: https://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com


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