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SPECIAL REPORT ~ Bradley Loves

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1SPECIAL REPORT ~ Bradley Loves Empty SPECIAL REPORT ~ Bradley Loves Sat May 16, 2015 12:04 pm




May 16, 2015 / Bradley

By now…, it is becoming increasingly clear to me what kind of trouble we are in. That the SATANISTS are in charge of the “insane asylum” that we are all living in, has got to be admitted before any kind of real progress can be made towards a solution or before a healing can properly begin.
Even though the SATANISTS have always been there…, I don’t think they were running things inside the USA Corp from the very beginning! In fact…, I don’t think it got really, bad until 1913. Even so…, it has taken THESE DARK POWERS a very long time to “wreck” what was basically a christian nation.
However, no real healing can ever come from being in a state of DENIAL, or from trying to “believe away” the problem we are collectively faced with! We’ve got far too many New Agers involved in that kind of folly already, and in my opinion, it just needs to STOP!
The proof of what I am saying is everywhere…, but until the massive energies started pouring into the SOLAR SYSTEM which is causing a massive awakening, all of this was very cleverly hidden! The single biggest detail and clue that points us to the idea that the SATANISTS are running things (Inside of THE USA Corp) is the prevalence of: BLOOD SACRIFICE!
BLOOD SACRIFICE used to be a large part of the culture of the INCAS and the AZTECS…, not the United States. We used to “shun war”…, not go out looking for it anywhere we could find it! It took awhile to notice…, because the changing of allegiances and the infiltration of what was once a very CHRISTIAN NATION into a nation of SATAN Worshipping Lucifereans certainly DID NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT.
It was a slow and methodical infiltration that took decades of time to complete…, and only happened because every GOOD man, woman and child was caught “sleeping”by the enemy. They were caught “OFF GUARD” because they did not believe that it could possibly happen here! The level of gullibility is still very high.
No one thought that there would be MEN SO EVIL that they would sell their OWN COUNTRY and countrymen out for “money” “position” and “power”.
But what is even worse than that is that every WAR now being fought on the Earth today is being fought to “feed” energy to demonic powers that are working hard from behind the scenes to bind mankind and need even MORE BLOOD SACRIFICE to maintain the strangle hold they have on humanity.
Every soldier, as well as every innocent man, woman and child that dies in these terrible and “on going” WARS on Earth are being “sacrificed” to demonic elementals which are helping and assisting the SATANISTS running the USA Corp. to pull off the greatest MAGIC SHOW the UNIVERSE has ever seen.
Sadly…, every christian religion…, including the CATHOLICS, which are the oldest and most perverse form of ritualists, are involved in the sub-conscious support of RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE, and are only making matters worse, not better.
The Catholics perform an actual “simulated” BLOOD SACRIFICE at every mass they participate in. They celebrate the killing of Jesus, (usually standing under or in front of a HUGE CROSS hanging on the wall behind the alter), and then divide up the simulated “body” and the simulated “blood” of a human being and then “eat and drink” of that sacrificed human being.
The rest of the christians are NO BETTER, in believing that the killing of a human being can somehow atone for their mis-deeds. or wearing crucifixes on their bodies, or kneeling in front of those crucifixes, and expecting to receive grace and power from that practice.
Every Pagan religion in the world today still kills countless chickens, pigs, goats and other animals in blood sacrifice in order to receive special demonic help…, but at least the PAGANS have enough decency and enough honesty to admit that what they are really doing is “feeding demons” and asking those demons for power over their enemies.
At least the PAGANS have enough decency and “honesty” to admit that the practitioners of their religions are both BLACK MAGICIANS and SORCERERS…, and are using the “life force energy” of their killed sacrifice to feed the dark elementals, dark emissaries, and discarnates who are going to be called on to do their bidding.
THE CATHOLICS HAVE NO SUCH DECENCY! They are performing a ritual sacrifice at every mass, and not admitting to anyone that this is what they are doing.
It is only that most people are so totally…, and so completely MIND CONTROLLED they can not see this for what it is. Yes…, we’ve all been lied to…, yes we’ve all been deceived…, but let’s not wallow in self pity about that lie when there is so much WORK TO BE DONE IF THE PLANET IS TO BE SAVED FROM DARK ELEMENTS.
SATANISTS naturally understand that their religion is a “super-natural” religion based on DARK RITUALS – BLOOD SACRIFICE – and the use of SECRET ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE that is so much like “MAGIC” that most normal people would be stunned to learn of it.
It is VERY HARD for any NORMAL human being to understand that there even IS SUCH A THING AS THE SUPER-NATURAL, because their religion has told them to disregard that possibility…, and don’t you just wonder why? It’s so that you are not prepared for that kind of ATTACK!
What was NOT CLEAR to me…, until a few years ago…, was that the SATANISTS are in fact working for and working with an ANCIENT REPTILIAN RACE…, and consider these beasts to be like GODS!
What was NOT CLEAR to me…., until a few years ago…, was that these Ancient Reptilians were in fact MASTER MAGICIANS – and also very ADEPT AT MIND CONTROL.
What was NOT CLEAR to me…., until a few years ago…, was that there exist Ancient Caverns and world wide tunnels that are over 2 miles beneath the surface of Earth that have been HOME to these Ancient Reptilians for perhaps thousands of years!
It was also not clear to me that these Reptilians possessed very advanced technology along side of their obvious super-natural or demonic powers.
It was not clear to me that the alien grays sit in “vats” of human blood and absorb the nutrients of the blood directly into their skin like VAMPIRES until recently.
What was NOT CLEAR to me…., until a few years ago…, was that there have always been Dark Magicians/Luciferean Human beings who both knew about the Reptiles and also sought to served them!
These “human beings” live “among us” on the surface and they hide in “plain site”, while pretending to care about humanity…, they in truth are traitors to humanity because they have chosen to help the reptiles torment and defeat humanity.
This kind if betrayal is the worst kind there is.
The question that should be on everyone’s mind is exactly who are these men and women who actually SERVE THE REPTILES AGAINST THE REST OF US?
They are known as SATAN Worshippers.
Some have said that behind the CATHOLIC CHURCH (THE VATICAN) stand the Ancient Reptilians who are running a “plan” that includes taking over the ENTIRE WORLD and subjugating it under their thumb of total control.
But there are also those who are in the ILLUMINATI and the COMMITTEE OF 300 to consider as well. Then we have the FREEMASONS as well.
So many more things were able to “make sense” once I was able to ADMIT that this is or at least “could be” what has been going on!
It now makes far more sense that approximately 10 percent of the entire worlds population are Luciferean Satan Worshippers, (just as Jay Parker has been saying all along).
This 10 percent of the entire worlds populations are also working along with and in support of both the FREEMASONS and the ILLUMINATI.., because the goals of the Satan worshippers, and the goals of the FREEMASONS and the goals of the ILLUMINATI are all one and the same thing.
They all seem to be “IN SERVICE” to the REPTILIANS, and their “take over bid” of humanity and our planet.
Only “now” does it become CLEAR that each and every one of us are REQUIRED TO MAKE A CHOICE! This choice is whether we will stand for good…, or stand for EVIL! Sadly…,, this is a choice that NO OTHER PERSON can make for you…, even if you are working inside a CHAIN OF COMMAND! Only you can choose what you will do.
Following the “orders” of a person who is in full support of SATAN or the REPTILES is the very same as BEING IN FULL SUPPORT OF THE REPTILES yourself! When it comes down to it, every man or woman will be called upon to make a choice to either SERVE SATAN or to SERVE LOVE!
At that point – “I was only following orders” IS NO LONGER A VALID EXCUSE!
It now makes perfect sense to me as to why almost ALL WORLD LEADERS are pedophiles, and that is because pedophilia is a VAMPIRIC PRACTICE that “sucks” the higher (etheric and astral) sexual energies from very young children as a FOOD SOURCE for certain demons and discarnates who actually live and feed on that ENERGY.
And since it is my opinion that almost without exception ALL WORLD LEADERS have some sort of demonic “entity” attachment placed upon them.., (if they are not already downright demonically possessed)…, then those entity attachments would NEED TO BE FED – and the food that they crave the most is the stolen sexual energies of children.
What was not clear to me until recently…, is that as MASTER MAGICIANS…, the Ancient Reptilians (DRACOS etc) know how to use entity attachments or demonic attachments against HUMAN BEINGS in order to compel those who worked for them to do their bidding. It is like MIND CONTROL, but without the technology!
It seems that Both the Fallen Angels AND the REPTILES are horribly jealous of mankind and want to see mankind destroyed!
The sad part of this that NO ONE YET SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO GRASP is that these Ancient Reptiles are very real beings and in addition to MAGIC have super advanced technology that they are using against mankind. Not only do they have super advanced technology…, they are also using DARK RITUAL MAGIC in order to keep human beings in a constant state of WAR – TURMOIL – and ANXIETY! THIS IS A CLASSIC DIVIDE AND CONQUER STRATEGY.
All of our World Leaders are ILLUMINATI…, (NO EXCEPTIONS) which means that they (at this point) are working for and with the REPTILES! Most of those world leaders ARE PEDOPHILES…, because once you get to be a “world leader” you are REQUIRED to participate in a RITUAL which saddles you with a discarnate or a demonic entity! (In order to more effectively control your actions and make sure you follow orders)
This entity needs to be “fed”…, and since it is a parasite…, or a vampire like entity…, it feeds off of the energy of the innocent. Sexual energy of young children is food for these entities and thus EVERY MAN AND WOMAN who has one of these entity attachments eventually becomes pedopheliac…., simply because the entity drives them to that act.
This does not excuse these men and women…, because most of them WILLINGLY underwent the ritual to “get” the demonic entity attachment BECAUSE they wanted “money” “power” and “privilege”. They used their own free will to go down this path.
There are cases however where the entity has been summoned and then attached without the consent of the individual. This of course is a crime!
Those with even MORE POWERFUL entity attachments (who got them willingly) must do RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE in order to feed those demons or entities.
These entities (which are other dimensional) use the energy they are fed in ritual sacrifice in order to help or to assist those men and women IN POWER, TO STAY IN POWER.
These demons can and do torment many innocent individuals, they can cause businesses to fail, they can cause severe sicknesses to befall people or accidents to occur. They can cause death in certain cases. It is not true that they only attack those who deserve it.
Most of the time, their targets are the most innocent, AND the most pure! Demons do not waste time in attacking those who are already evil. They attack only those who stand for love and light and can have an affect on the goals of those they serve.
POLICE – JUDGES – LAWYERS – POLITICIANS are all agents of a “SATANIC SYSTEM” so naturally they would most certainly protect the satanists who run that system.
Whether they know it or not…, these people are IN SERVICE TO SATAN!
From where I’m standing…, there is NO HOPE of saving the current SYSTEM we are living under because it is nothing more than a complete system of WORLD WIDE SATANISM.
We are living in an empty shell of what the united states used to be. It, just like all other ideas of freedom before it, has been hi-jacked by those who worship LUCIFER.
If we can not ADMIT THIS, then we can not change it.

Thanks to: https://bradleyloves.wordpress.com


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Now this is a huge pill for the masses to swallow. I mean come on, really, can any of this be true.....I f you take the time to shut of your tv and go outside a watch and feel your environment, you will see all of this. Pay attention to your surroundings....the changes in attitudes and cultures.....All of the rules are leaving....its a free for all.......As GHW BUSH said, the rule of law will be all we understand...He just didn't say what law.......

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Mr. Loves came out of the gate with a bang on his blog LOL
He is the voice du jour


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