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15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World

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15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World

By conspiracyclub -
May 28, 2015




15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World Comp-1_3456006

There’s only one group higher than Wu Tang on our house list of entities that ain’t “nothing to f*ck wit.” Can you guess who it is? Hint: Game won’t discuss “them” in a face-to-face interview to save his life (Maybe, literally, to save his life). Countless rappers can be found namedropping them on a regular basis, leading some of us to dismiss those artists as submissive puppets. As we speak, a man is probably being abducted and teleported to a distant lair for even daring to mention them in a public setting.
Yes, we’re talking about the Illuminati, The New World Order, Jay-Z’s employers—whatever you want to call them. All we know is they see everything, know everything, and can have our very existence erased in a matter of seconds. And they’re walking right among us.
The writer of this piece will very likely disappear in the coming days for his mistake, but we at Complex thought we’d do you the selfless courtesy of revealing some of the Illuminati’s likely bases of operation, as an act of service. Here are locations around the world that might be an Illuminati headquarters. Avoid these vile landmarks at all costs, and don’t make the same mistake we did: talking about “them.”

15. Disney World

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 144
City: Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
That magic teacup ride doesn’t sound so innocent now, does it? Disney World, a space CRAWLING WITH CHILDREN, apparently has a few skeletons in its closet. Satan-variety skeletons. Occultic connections. Walt Disney’s apparent ties to the freemasons are widely reported across the Internet. Some take the claims further, proclaiming the brains behind the entertainment empire is an avowed Illuminist. An essay called “The Disney Bloodline” chronicles Disney World’s deception, specifically naming EPCOT as a symbol of New World Order domination. The prototype city and cultural center built inside a huge golf ball originally referred to as “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” was, apparently “to be an extension of the massive mind-control being carried out at Disney World.” The author’s claims, like everything else related to the Illuminati, are anything but verified.

14. Salt Lake LDS Temple

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 235
City: Salt Lake City
One of the most imposing structures on United States soil— no disrespect, one should admit that it’s pretty awesome looking—the Mormon Temple in Utah should definitely set off some red flags, even in the minds of non-Illuminati-types. You know, those who can think freely and independently of organizations set on unleashing world domination. Look at it. With its tall steeples, Gothic-inspired facade, and generally ominous lighting, there’s no denying its appeal to bloodthirsty mastermind-types. If the Illuminati meets here, let us be the first to say, we should have known all along. Symbols on the church’s exterior like the all-seeing-eye, depicted as an eye peeking from the clouds, make us all the more suspicious.

13. Statue of Liberty

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 326
City: New York City
The delivery of the Statue of Liberty to the United States was orchestrated by freemasons. That alone doesn’t qualify it as an Illuminati landmark, but a few other facts might. Various reports paint Frederic Bartholdi, the statue’s designer, as familiar with the occult and Illuminati symbolism. The statue’s original name, as one blogger states, was “Liberty Enlightnening the World.” Enlightening, illuminating; do you follow? “Enlightening, enlightenment, light, the sun, intelligence, bright, brilliance, Lucifer,” is how this paranoid blogger chose to tie these concepts together. He may have been a bit too excited, just spouting off random light-related words like that, but we get the point.

12. Big Ben

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 423
City: London
Many expected London, host of the 2012 Olympics, to serve as ground zero for an Illuminati-orchestrated terrorist attack during the games. Various bloggers pointed to Big Ben, the city’s iconic clocktower widely cited as an NWO meeting place, as a potential target. The shadowy rulers would supposedly bring the building down in an inside job and pin the blame on Iran, giving rise to an international conflict of nuclear proportions. As one blogger said, if the goal is to decrease the world population, World War III is a surefire way to do it.

11. Eiffel Tower

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 519
City: Paris
If numbers could talk, they’d say the Eiffel Tower is the most terrifying radio transmission tower in the history of the world. A quick comb-through of the darker corners of the Internet reveals a few interesting facts about the Parisian treasure. The building is said to casts a shadow of exactly 412 meters in length. Oddly enough, that number holds special significance to one blogger who said so in a June 2010 blog post. We’d paraphrase for you, but it wouldn’t help. “If you look at the number 412 as a date, several things come to mind. One, in Europe, where the Eiffel Tower is located, Dates are reversed compared to the USA. 412 is not April 12, it is December 4. 12-4. The number 124 is 31 x 4 which is eeriely similar to 3.14 or the first three digits of Pi. Further, December 4 is the day of Shango or Xango, a major deity in Voodoo.” So there you have it. The Eiffel Tower is evil because math is scary sometimes. We should also add that 412 multiplied by the golden ratio equates to exactly 666(.6!!). We can only assume the number 23 fits into all of this, somehow.

10. Illuminati Dance Club

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 617
City: Chicago
It was right here, in front of us, the whole time. Could it be any more obvious? This dance club, located in the heart of Chicago’s north side is literally called Illuminati. Literally. If there is a baseless crackpot theory about the New World Order to be believed, it probably isn’t this one, but hey, don’t be surprised if you see a few scary-looking dudes in suits getting their freak on inside here. They’re the owners, and not just of the club—of our destiny. And they’re right here, in plain sight, gyrating to a song about throwing wads of cash at strippers.

9. Roc Nation Headquarters

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 715
City: New York City
Jay-Z only validated rumors of his supposed Illuminati ties in a 2010 interview with Tim Westwood. “It’s a secret society that everyone knows about,” Hov said, laughing. Hold up…LAUGHING? Are we the only ones who see a tinge of evil in this gesture? Like, say, as if the speaker in question had long before sold his soul to the devil. Probably. Jay’s wealth and influence over the rap industry often leave him tied to the establishment, and in more extreme cases, the Illuminati. If these rumors held any water, Roc Nation Headquarters would surely serve as his HQ. But we’d be jumping to conclusions to say any person of color could possibly head the most powerful organization in the history of humanity, in what Kanye himself called it a “white-man’s world.” Actually, Kendrick Lamar was probably on cue when he rapped “Who said a black man in the Illuminati? Last time I checked that was the biggest racist party.”

8. The Pentagon

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 813
City: Washington, D.C.
The back of the dollar bill says it all. That symbol infamously depicting the eye of providence above a 13-step pyramid, with the motto “Novus Ordo Seclorum” underneath is basically proof that the U.S. government is an elaborate Illuminati front. So it would only make sense for The Pentagon, the Occultish center of U.S. defense operations, a structure mirroring the center of a pentagram, to serve as a home base. The Latin phrase means “new order of the ages,” while the eye supposedly refers to the “All-Seeing-Eye” of God. It’s a symbol associated with freemasonry, like the pentagram. And we all know that freemasonry is associated with, well, dark forces. Evil. The Illuminati. The proof stares you in the face every time you buy a McDouble.

7. The White House

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 913
City: Washington, D.C.
Considering the United States’ status as the most dominant superpower the world has ever known, the White House is a worthy suspect for housing an Illuminati Headquarters. Its many secrets and labyrinth layout, in addition to the presence of underground bunkers and a situation room, would make it an ideal hideout for Illuminati thugs. Maybe that explains why the President became a spineless robot upon being sworn into office. “They” have the real power. Some say they can clearly see a satanic pentagram embedded in the White House’s upper-facade. Others say the presidential quarters sit at the apex of a street network laid out in the shape of a pentagram. Judge for yourself. Or head over to Jesus-is-Savior for all the proof you could ever need.

6. Area 51

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 1011
City: 90 Miles North of Vegas, NV
No one knows what’s under Area 51, so we can safely assume it’s the place where all the evil forces in the world will commence a campaign of utter domination. Speculation? Maybe, yeah. Have any better theories? We’re talking about a place that appears on Google Maps as a series of green circles superimposed over untouched desert. Perhaps these are the radioactive lakes we’ll all be drowned inside when the genocide begins.

5. The Vatican

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 1111
City: Vatican City
The Vatican, with its unparalleled ability to influence more than a billion people, certainly wields enough power to manipulate humanity in a Dan-Brown-esque scheme for the ages. With all the piety and devotion to good that seems to amass on its grounds every day, what’s a little satanic ritual or two? New World Order masterminds colluding within such a holy location would only make sense. Deception, after all, is their trade.

4. Sandusky, OH

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 1212
City: Sandusky, OH
Some have speculated that Sandusky, Ohio—not London, not Paris, not Rome—yes, Sandusky, Ohio is the stronghold of the New World Order in the modern era. We’re hard-pressed to believe them. But if you’re a a paranoid schizophrenic, a satellite view of the town’s streets certainly might rouse suspicions: when you imagine really, really hard, the roads seem to align in the shape of an Illuminati seal. Don’t see it? Look harder, we’re telling you.

3. Independence Hall

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 1310
City: Philadelphia
A favorite location of noted Illuminati puppet Nicolas Cage, Independence Hall is often associated with freemasonry—a tellatale sign of ties to the dark side. The location gave birth to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and, well, who knows what else. Something vile, probably. If you’ve seen National Treasure, you know this Philadelphia landmark is practically a living, breathing conspiracy. Avoid it at all costs.

2. Underneath Brooklyn

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 145
City: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Trouble brews beneath the streets of Brooklyn, if crazed conspiracy theorists on the Internet are to be believed. They say the Illuminati meets in a complex network of underground tunnels that’s largely understood to be an NWO hub. Here, the NWO scum “experiment with thaumaturgy and technomancy. In their labs, demons shriek as they beat the walls of hard-drive purgatories.” Or wait. Those are probably just yuppie gentrifiers. Those assholes are everywhere nowadays. Move along, nothing to see here.

1. Denver International Airport

15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 155
City: Denver, CO
The Denver International Airport might be the last place you’d expect to be home base for the genocidal maniacs behind the illuminati. That is, if you’re completely oblivious to the world around you. For one, the sprawling facility is crawling with NWO iconography. Take a second and glance at the photograph above right now. What’s that ominous-looking thing superimposed over the picture, you say—a swastika? Yeah, if you totally ignore the alignment of the runways, it’s overwhelmingly clear that the runways align in a swastika. A SWASTIKA, for god’s sake. And don’t even get us started on the art here. Often labeled “doomsday” murals, these artists depictions represent the slow death of humanity and nothing else. On of them, “Children of the World Dream of Peace” shows a gas-masked figure surrounded by women holding dead babies. The walls are literally covered in war and death. Plus, there’s also the Denver airport stone (pictured above) that says “New World Order Airport Commission” at the bottom and contains the G compass that’s also on the Statue Liberty (one of ‘Latis big symbols). The utter annihilation of the human race surely begins here. Now we wait.


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15 Illuminati Headquarters Around the World 6580335496261703727

Thanks to: http://www.conspiracyclub.co


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