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When the ridge busted open with the sound of a 50 cal we all scrambled like jack rabbits for cover on either side of the trail, but some of the boys never made it, as one was lying there screaming, shot to hell we collected ourselves. The fear was gut wrenching, but I decided to aid the soldier while the others laid down suppressing fire. Bad idea, as soon as I got there a Nazi bullet ripped through my elbow (ouch) into my back severing my spine and the lights went out within seconds. I can’t say how many made it off that muddy Italian hillside that day (spring 1945), But I know my incarnate brother Joe P. Wesley, corman/medic with the Colorado 10th mountain division wasn’t among them.
There upon my elbow lies a birth mark that aligns with the bullet shaped one on my back, to remind me to stay the hell out of the line of fire. There within the inner thigh of the groin is a discoloration inherited from Joe P., who died with a sever rash in the same location at age 24. I guess it was good that he didn’t suffer much, no, he somehow left that part to me.

The name Joe I inherited when I was 24, The name Valentinus was also taken from a prior incarnation during the first century AD. Val during that period was a teacher of spiritual discipline in Alexandria, born as Claudius Ptolemy in southern France and was the son of Sara the daughter of Marie Magdalena. Val changed his name back to Claudius Ptolemy to avoid the Roman surge of persecution that was killing off the sudden surge of indigo's who were trying to awaken the masses; he began teaching more domestic theories publicly as a cover. This Ptolemy bloodline was the last of that which stemmed from Anthony and Cleopatra, but I will leave it at that since history can be a pissing match.

There’s plenty I can say about Joe P. along with a dozen of more past incarnations, but there’s no glory in it. I learned a long time ago that such things are best left to oneself. Bleed throughs of this nature are seldom pleasant, and can be triggered by a host of things, a location, an old picture, a book and even music. For me it always begins with intense emotions and a pain in the solar-plexus that feels like the life is being sucked out, and when the body is well incapacitated the mind sort of bi-locates and the next thing ya know you’re back there with the smells, the sounds and the intense feelings captured during that moment on some sort of cellular record. I have since learned how to deal with such experiences, to heal the miasmic residue to ensure all is present and accounted for before my final journey. We all carry such baggage regardless of how much we’re privy too, why I have more than my share I can’t say, perhaps for others it’s so subtle they don’t see it, or they just walk through karma picking up where they left off unconsciously. Perhaps their minds aren’t ready to explode because of the potential interference of what they came to accomplish, or their soul can’t begin the process because of a frequency block by way of sort of psychotronic manipulation. But let me divest further.

During the summer of 72 something happened, although the world I awoke to hadn’t changed, the way I was experiencing it fell away. It was if something had transpired on a cellular level which my mind had yet to conceptualize, eventually this episode would be filed away with many other bizarre unexplainable experiences that didn’t fit the molds of the contemporary paradigms.
They say that every 11 years the body will experience a sort of time release genetic expansion, like an over-grown chrysalis we shed the old cocoon. At age 22 I did just that and relocated my person back to Colorado, many miles away from the stagnating environment of Chicago that became suffocating, I began to invest myself within the material mayhem of ego capitalism.

Age 33 proved to be the wrecking ball to all preconceived notions, talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water, I’m pretty sure the entire tub went up shits creek. Most may never experience what’s called bleed through from prior incarnation’s, (consider yourself fortunate), such experiences are far from delightful, in fact generally they are dreadful experiences that are often about death and emotionally charged experiences. It matters not if a prior incarnation  involved some iconic figure, such titles become a detriment to the aspect of credibility, when the subject matter is already too fantastic to fantasize openly.

These bleed throughs typically come at most inopportune times, when in full public view, while on a family vacation, or even when driving in the express lane, and can prove most embarrassing. Imagine you’re sitting in a crowded restaurant and the person at your table begins to have flash-backs of being in a fire-fight during the war, during an ambush that left many dead and wounded. In the persons mind he is back there as if by some mysterious phenomenon an alternate reality plane opened up and sucked him in. The people at the table only see the animated hysteria and haven’t a clue, aside from the level of discomfort all are exposed to. Now imagine that person reliving the most humiliating experience imaginable, one in which they were killed, then multiply that by the number of past incarnations and you will begin to understand that there is nothing spiritually uplifting here. To believe that people actually pay to have regression would seem masochistic.

I believed I was cursed, haunted and taunted during the early years, back then there were scant clues and the internet was still in its infancy. I realized what the basis of this purge was prompting, I began allowing, and going inward for answers, for to discuss such taboo subjects openly was to be looked at with the discernment of a creature in a fishbowl. The biggest question was how and why the emotional body became ravished, leaving one like a blubbering idiot, as if the genetic information was bypassing the conscious mind and communicating through emotive cognition (e-motion/ energy in motion). It would be years before I was able to put the pieces together, but the bleed throughs began to go far beyond the domestic plane. I began to experience life forms that not only predated human experiences, but predated the Earth as we know it. These included not only other planets but living for extended periods aboard starships within different hominid bodies amidst technology that still makes ours seem primitive, going back hundreds of millions of years. While in truth it became difficult to know if this was indeed the past or a probable future.

I witnessed continual relationships all the while, with many that I now know as present earth incarnates, I began see the past incarnates of others without effort, yet held my tongue, knowing that such privileged information should only be shared by directives so as to not interfere with a being’s soul guidance.

These incredible journeys I found to be but par for the course, for the last and final bleed was indeed the only one that mattered, but it was not about incarnate form, but the true definition of cosmic expansion. I can’t say if Yogi’s, Sufi’s, Buddha’s or even the Christed have experienced such. Nor was it wished for or provoked in any way. I’m not going to get into all the technical details of this experience, but I will say that such a profound experience will change everything. I had the privilege of returning to where it all began while still technically in bodily form; I returned to the mind before incarnate form. In conscious unity; upon the threshold of source; the cosmaya of all creation; the mouth of the crystal river. But you see I didn’t really go anywhere, it was a continual expansion of consciousness that was using creation as it’s scale until it enveloped all that was and became one with it. Though I witnessed the solar, galactic, universal and cosmic reduction into its micro equivalent, I couldn’t say if this was indeed my mind expanding beyond the regions of creation or if the memory of such was all tucked away in a single cell of DNA, and I guess that’s the great riddle of creation.

Whatever the case, I’m sharing this incredible experience, to show you that every cell in your body contains not only the memory of every life form you incarnated into, but that it also contains the answers to all your questions at the deepest levels imaginable. It matters not how others judge this, what only matters is that you have an inkling of the vast field of conscious intelligence that you share. When you begin to realize your infinite oneness with all creation and that which spawned it, you begin to realize that your journey has just begun.

It is through the investment of identification that the grand illusion takes place, love has yet to realize its true capacity, for within an instant all fear and judgment is abolished along with separateness. Only then can we play as children within the human expression as a witness, unattached and unabated. There’s no desire to interfere with expression and free will, only to remind such of their temporary nature, and that our aspirations can become separations from truth.

These words are mysterious I know and can often offer only clues. In my book Sons of Aries I elaborate, but even this work may not be digestible for many for years to come, and by then I too will be a memory.  We are all conscious expressions from the same source inhabiting the same vehicle for expression. Why some are more privy to such information has more to do with resonance than religiousness, the only God being pushed is the entity staring back at you in the mirror.

 I have come to the conclusion that “The Law of One” has nothing to do with worship, but honors unity consciousness before the genesis of duality/polarity required for material composition. I think the information found within the Keylontic Sciences can help explain how source manifests within the material planes, giving us the illusion of reality, but most of this material is becoming hard to find because of the simple fact that it empowers through knowledge, which is the last thing “they” want. The main speaker Ashayana has scaled back after the 2012 polarity drama which caused the walls of the temple to implode causing fear and fragmentation. But it was just a matter of time, for after 12 years, the ranks were full of conspirators.  Many within were not fully aware that they were conspirators consciously. It was as if some became exposed to latent elements within their own DNA, like a divergent mathematical code that was implanted long ago and acts like a Jack-in-the-box when one reaches a certain frequency, as an implanted fail-safe brought to you by g-o-d (geneticists of dissension). No doubt “they” think they got the last laugh.

I’m sharing this because no matter where you go to drink from the fountain, know that there are shysters amongst us, they befriend to monitor and will shadow you with trained tactics that serve to negate and condemn anything that illuminates your path (illumen-not-s/he). At times it can seem like a simple barrage of rhetoric that is designed to re-direct your focus, or push your fear button, or just to inter-fear with doubt. Often they believe they are part of the resistance, but that’s just one aspect of their compartmentalized training, and some of these individuals are quite gifted with spiritual insight. Although we can benefit in many ways from our external illusions, I find that the best path these days is to go inward not outward. At least until you’ve reached a level of discernment and have opened up consciously to a point where you can go vertical to get your own answers. Just keep in mind that consciousness has little to do with our programmed definition, it’s for the most part an open book, our limitations are self imposed through our belief system, while in truth our capabilities are unfathomable.

May your path be illumined,

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