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King Tut's DNA Results - Part 1&2

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1King Tut's DNA Results - Part 1&2  Empty King Tut's DNA Results - Part 1&2 on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:14 am




2King Tut's DNA Results - Part 1&2  Empty Re: King Tut's DNA Results - Part 1&2 on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:38 pm


It's true Tut's a tuff nut to crack and there are many theories available, but let's see if we can add more confusion to the enigma.

Tut's father wasn't Akhenaton, the math has never worked, however the grandfather idea has potential, but the only son Akhenaton had was stolen away by Kiya a junior wife who ran off to Memphis as soon as she realized she was pregnant never mentioning this fact to the Pharaoh.
Her motive was to have her son Sabatoth reign, who she bore from Akhenaton's king father when she was his harem girl. Of course they needed to get rid of Akhenaton to make this happen. But it is possible this unknown babe of Kiya's reigned for a short period prior to the Tut period, but the confusion is to hard to sort out.

  There were 11 to 14 years between Akhen's reign and that of Tut. The boy Tut took the thrown at age 7, with an older Ankhi (Ankhesempaaton), who was having trouble conceiving due to the age difference along with the Templar seals (curse) that were imposed upon the royal families after the portal incident. The seals effect caused hormone imbalances which equaled conception issues, like a genetic frequency fence.
This period is described in the Bible under alias names; See the stories related to King Ahab (Akhenaton) and Jezebel (Nefertiti). The story of how Nefertiti died (Jezebel), being thrown from a wall by Jehu then repeatedly run over by chariots before the dogs ravaged her corpse happened at Akhetaten; the desert city Amarna, after Jehu's army slaughtered all. Jehu back then was called Haremhab which means feast of Horus, he was an Egyptian military commander gone rouge.
I can't say what sort of remains would have been entombed as far as Nefertiti goes, but if there were any, they would be in bad shape. Nefertiti was of Mitanni/Phoenician descent, not Egyptian. Akhenaton's mother Tiye (Tiya) was also of Mitanni descent (line of Tushratta). Akhenaton's father; Amemenhotep III also had part of this bloodline, for during the time of Amenhotep II most of the Harem women were Mitanni gifts to the pharoah, whose beauty outshined that of the Egyptian line.

The Mitanni who resided in North Canaan were Hurrian (of Ur/ Sum-Ur), the cradle of civilization, so yes much of Europe would carry genetics of such, and during that time the majority of the Egyptian royal family were Hurrian, but this would have not coincided with the general population. The Hurrian were an advanced horse and chariot culture and predecessors to the Trojan, Scythian and Kassites.

To understand the Mitanni plot, and their sharing of women and equestrian aid to Egypt's royal house you need to understand the the nature of what transpired at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty with Tuthmosis I, and his offspring queen Hatshepsut and Senmut the builder and the usurper Tuthmosis III, and of course much of this story is also burried in the Bible under the guise of or King David, King Solomon, the queen of Sheba and Shishak. But lets just say that the same players returned for specific contractual obligations during the end of the 18th dynasty, and the Mitanni were well aware of what that meant. I believe the Mitanni were adamant about getting rid of any of the Tuthmosis/Hyksos Theban bloodline possibly due to distortions therein, and what better way than to breed them out when their military is larger.

Akhenaton's Aten (Sun God/Baal) competed in direct opposition to the Amun priesthood. The Aten was as much a Mitanni cult as it was Egyptian. But at that time the Amun priesthood was overrun by Anunnaki-Drakonian influence, not unlike most present day governments. Akhenaton shuttered their temples and through them out of the upper Nile, but the Memphites resisted, having their own military. Of course this posed a problem, because Giza was the seat of the Star-gate. The reason Amarna was built was because the area was a secondary access point to to the same, as was Hermopolis (Thoth's old temple just across he Nile).

After the murder of Akhenaton, Nefertiti still reigned as queen for 13 years as Neferneferuaten, but her eldest daughter Meritaton married the Amun candidate Sabatoth in Memphis, or possibly Thebes, aka Smenkhkare & Ankhkheperure. Of course Nefertiti contested their ruler-ship which is why wine dockets from that period honor the royal name Smenkhkare for only the first year. But Smenkhkare got outfoxed by Nefertiti who cut a deal with the new Amun congress, in that once Meritaton's first born reached a certain age he would be wed to Ankhesenpaaton, and that Nefertiti regained her status of queen of the two lands in lieu of reinstating the Amun cult in Thebes and declaring an end to Aten ritual and symbolism. Of course this made Nefertiti the traitor to all Aten sympathizers.

As the Amun make Smenkhkare go away, Meritaton enters a joint rule with mommy dearest until the boy comes of age. Now Meritaton (Athalia) disapears and daughter #2 is installed, soon putting an end to Nefertiti and Amarna and the beginning of the Tut legacy. But little Tut is defiant with old uncle Aye in his corner and once again resists the desires of the Amun. General Haremhab plots to kill the boy and during a supposed hunting trip the boy Pharoah dies and the headlines claim terrible accident, yet his body shows the undeniable evidence that he was run over by a chariot. But before Haremhab could seize the thrown the ancient Aye quickly marries the grieving queen widow.
Aye hastily buries the boy king in his own tomb and takes the boy kings royal tomb for himself, but his reign is short lived and Haremhab the usurper and his Ramses spawn begin the new era.

The Bible story will call the Nile the Jordan and Amarna becomes Samaria, in fact all of Egypt becomes Judah as time is displaced some 500 years. But most won't know that Akhenaton ascended thousands through the portal before he died during the years in Amarna. The ascension schools were called the left & right eye of Horus and the third eye of Horus, which developed through the completion of the previous two, by way of establishing balance between the hemispheres of the brain symbolized by the Uraeus snake headdress, or Kundalini activation which enables the third eye (pineal gland) to open.
The massive cover-up of the 18th dynasty created a historical mess that unfortunately can't be solved with a few samples of DNA. The locations were obscured to cover any reminders of star-gate activity. So don't bother looking for Solomon's Temple in Canaan it has always been in Egypt for all to adore; we call it Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, built by Sen to Honor his love.

See Sons of Aries; Voyagers II; Ages in Chaos; The Bible etc.
Happy hunting,

3King Tut's DNA Results - Part 1&2  Empty Re: King Tut's DNA Results - Part 1&2 on Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:22 am


Thanks Val!

Appreciate your input as always!


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