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Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness

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1Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  Empty Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:34 am



Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness

Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  102-COCKY%2BRACOON

The Grateful Dead played their last concert ever in the bay area the other night; and it seemed fitting somehow...as the long strange trip on planet earth gets stranger by the day, and a procession of the known & familiar heads off into the mists of history.

We're way out beyond the reach of history now which is why so many seem confused; it's because all the solutions we've learned from history are outdated, as we scramble for fresh understanding amid rapid changes and widespread cognitive dissonance.

Things nowadays are seldom as they seem, or as some would have us all believe them to be.  We don't see the entire scope of things, many unknown factors are swirling about in the winds of change; much is being crafted and scripted, and everywhere we look we see that which we call the matrix tightening it's oppressive coils of control like an evil, wounded Anaconda.  

ObamaCare has now survived a second supreme court challenge and with experts doubting there will be another challenge; it's likely here to stay.  Other new legislation addressed inequality in fair housing, gaining ground on that issue as well. 

The same court also handed down another historic decision the same week; declaring that same sex marriage was now legal in all fifty states.  Of course this had to share the limelight with the aftermath of the latest incidence of racial violence which sparked backlash against public display of the confederate flag nationwide.  Too bad people can't manage the same levels of passion over Fukushima, or fracking as they do flags and sexual preference.  Unfortunately, the court also ruled against protecting the environment by dialing back industrial emission laws.

Then there is the story about a white woman masquerading as a black woman, and the other story about Bruce Jenner's sex change into Caitlyn Jenner, hot on it's spiked heels.  Amid all the hyperbolic coverage of all these stories comes a sinister push toward mandatory child vaccines, just one more unwanted thing we have no control over.  Also, as the country was distracted by all the street theater, Obama quietly passed legislation on the TPP trade fiasco; which is just one more thing that may not be as it seems.  However on the positive side there are now costumed, masked crime fighters prowling the streets of Seattle!

While on the surface these historic changes seem like long overdue progress; we will do well to remember what I previously mentioned, much is being crafted and scripted.  Just as these historic steps caused millions to rejoice, their detractors are bound to be equally passionate in their scorn.  Passions which those in the shadows would just as soon see boil over, and as we all know by now, they just love lending a "helping" hand in such matters.  Pitting opposing factions of belief against each other seems to work every time.  When do you suppose we'll catch on and quit acting out the roles scripted for us to play?

At their core, these kinds of changes are about humanity and dignity, and perhaps elevating them above petty partisan politics and prejudice; at least for a while.  But why not as a society, seize this forward momentum to push thru even more long overdue changes favoring humanity over the corporations.  Then again, as the matrix continues to falter and fail, maybe some of its members figure it would be good to win some of us over before the final crash.  Just because the powers that be have an ulterior agenda at work doesn't mean we cannot capitalize on the push for progress. 

Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  102-%2BHillary-hot-dog

This week saw the list of 2016 GOP presidential candidates bulge to a record breaking bakers dozen.  An unlucky 13 of the biggest lunatics, whack jobs and all around pandering mega-flakes ever to disgrace this country.  You listen to any of them; and its just the same exact tired old white guy mentality rattlesnake poison they've been spouting the last fifty years.  How about maybe we ride the tide of recent historic changes and keep up with the upgrades.  Maybe we start by sending all those hateful, prejudiced old white men packing once and for all?  How about a clean slate, with young, progressive thinking people from every walk of life being in charge? 

The ongoing financial crisis in Greece is affecting American 401K plans, spreading fear and apprehension into financial markets an ocean away.  We would do well in this country to heed what is transpiring in Greece, and just maybe try to emulate what has been going on in Iceland

Meanwhile reality TV shows are getting closer every season to attaining their ratings smashing goal of actually killing a contestant, and they've already come close.  Here's something to wonder about; there currently are around ten shows in production which focus on surviving in the wilderness; why?  Is this some more subliminal predictive programming?  Does someone somewhere know something we don't?  Inquiring minds want to know, and then there are those who don't. 

Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  102-cocky%2Bweasel

The pope recently went public with his edict on global warming & climate change; citing that it's a problem for all of us to address together; that it is our responsibility to the future to address this critical issue.  This is another solid win for agents of change, because now that global warming is part of an official church edict it will automatically increase awareness, maybe even result in some authentic concern as well.  Whether or not we actually act on the behalf of our progeny, well that is another thing entirely.  If the past is truly prologue, then I'd hazard to guess that when all the rhetoric finally fades away we won't have much to brag about.

Elsewhere, in the natural world: raccoons are cruising around on alligators, weasels are hijacking woodpeckers, and grizzlies are accosting tourist cars; not to mention serial shark attacks on both coasts.  Over 300 wildfires in Alaska have turned baked Alaska into a reality.  Wildfires erupting is California are more foreboding than ever what with the epic drought here.  As arid California burns, Texas is being deluged with record rainfall, causing record flooding.  Elsewhere, tornadoes are roaming about the Midwest in surly mobs heading eastward, as the UK suffers under an unusual heat wave...and everywhere you look it seems airplanes are falling out of the skies in record numbers, including in my old hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska.
Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  102-bakedalaskawildfires

All of this chaos and turmoil is the trademark signature footprint of fourth dimensional timespace resonance; and it denotes both the death of third dimensional reality and the transition to higher, more stable frequencies.  Even bigger changes await us just around the bend, and not all of them will be for the betterment of all.  Things won't be this chaotic and turbulent permanently; we're in a transitional phase which may last a few more years at best before things begin settling down to a new normal for humanity.

 Depending on where your energy & head is at, as the intensity begins to fade you will either perceive a thoroughly dystopian society around you, or one that is licking its wounds and actually embracing the evolutionary track. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation, or yolo, (you only live once) this life on this planet is not a spectator sport; we have to contribute something, some effort, some commitment to the kind of future we want to see.  Haven't we learned by now we simply can't trust our future to greedy old white men any longer? 

Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  Rain%2Bcity%2Bsuperheroes-Phoenix-Jones
The trouble is that we've all taken shelter from the swirling winds of change within our own personal belief systems; and as long as we refuse to operate beyond the confines of said belief system, no growth or progress is possible.  Energy follows thought, which simply means that we tend to create what we think about the most.  If all one's time and energy is devoted to resisting the matrix, that will become your reality, intended or otherwise.  We must guard against becoming that automobile mechanic who fixes other people's cars yet never has time to work on his own ride. 

We must learn to detach from the struggle against the matrix frequently enough to make sure our own vehicle remains in top shape for the journey ahead.  If we don't focus on ourselves as much as we agonize over the state of the human zoo we're destined to remain a part of it.  I'm pretty sure you don't want that any more than I do. 

When I made my living as a drug/alcohol rehab counselor; about 90% of my clients were court referred DWI cases, which meant it wasn't their idea to come see me.  Many were antagonistic and uncooperative, and a few showed up who refused to even speak during their mandated hour with me each week.  My reaction to this hostility was putting a plaque on the wall,  just beneath the clock which read: "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig."  It was there to remind me that one cannot teach to minds which arrive closed and locked.  I am sure that many of my clients back then thought the sign was for them because that is the nature of the self-centered.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I eventually had to let that job go because it was a permanently negative environment, resistant to change, which was just helping the system to function, nothing more.  I'd become a well paid cog in the machine, performing a rote function that was eroding my soul a little more every day, while not making a bit of difference.  I tossed that job, but kept the plaque and the philosophy.

Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  102-Big-Picture
When things created in 3D begin breaking down in 4D - don't waste time or energy attempting to make things as you remember them; just bless it, release it and move on.  Learn to recognize when something has served its purpose for you, and just let it go.

4D is not 3D, and the reason so many are dealing with cognitive dissonance and fear right now is because they're still carrying on as if we're all still skipping along in 3D reality.  There is a reason why so many things and institutions and governments are breaking down just now: their time is done yet they continue thinking and behaving as if all the same old "rules" still apply.  They don't.

The rules have not only changed, they're in a kind of fluid state where they morph abruptly without notice or warning, into something entirely different; forcing us to be vigilant and cognizant of our surroundings day to day.  No, things definitely are not as they seem much of the time these days, because of conflicting world entities who are at cross purpose with one another.  Leaves the rest of us in the unenviable position of being caught between them as they grapple. 

If you like; you can of course stick around until the final bell to see who "wins" but of course by that time you'll just be part of the crowd trying to find the exit to the parking lot.  Perhaps it is a wiser move to realize that all this conflict is kind of negative, kind of counter productive, and quietly leave the arena well ahead of the final blow.  

So, if you want to make progress in these times of sweeping change and high strangeness, get out of that comfort zone of yours and shake off the stagnation.  As any baseball fan knows, you cannot steal second base while your feet are stuck on first.  A conscious decision to act is required if progress is desired, simple as that.  Life should be about expanding our comfort zones to include more and more things, ideas and concepts; not just clinging tightly to the old and familiar, as they march on into the mists of history. 

© 2015 full re-post with permission only 

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Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness  %2528099%2529%2BKatrina%2Bflag%2Bgranny

"Every day is judgement day ~ The best you can do is forgive"

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