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Cobra Transcript June, 2012

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1Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:45 pm




Cobra Transcript June, 2012

June 15, 2012 by The Golden Rule

On the morning of June 15, 2012 I sat down and spoke with COBRA, the author of Portal2012 which alleges to be the official outlet for the resistance movement, a group of freedom fighters working to bring down the international cabal we call “The New World Order.” In his own words, Cobra explains who the Resistance movement is, and what they have been doing:

Resistance Movement. This is a group of freedom fighters who live in subterranean dwellings in the upper part of Earth’s crust. They have a constant physical contact with underground Pleiadian bases in Himalaya and under Bora-Bora island. Their official public contact is Cobra.

With assistance from the Confederation, they have cleared all remaining Reptilian forces from this solar system. Shortly after the year 2000 they have also cleared all subterranean Reptilian bases in severe battles. Then they shifted their focus towards clearing most black budget military programs and technologies, which they did successfully.

After that they have placed their agents inside the military and alphabet agencies to help the Positive Military group with their Plan that is coming to fruition now. Main motivation of the Resistance Movement is to help liberate the planet, so they can stop living in caves and move on to more prospective missions elsewhere in the Galaxy.

Watch Below to hear my conversation with COBRA about Gold and its role in bringing down the Cabal:

I became interested in COBRA after hearing the various interviews and information coming out of Drake, Fulford and David Wilcock which dealt with the financial tyranny orchestrated by a vast network of fascist corporate interests. Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock appeared together in December 2011 and discussed with great detail the history of Western finance and how Gold reserves have shifted hands over the years to exert financial control. To catch up to speed, listen below:

Cobra, who claims to be a Pleiadian incarnated as a human on earth to assist with this transition, is tasked with dispensing information from the Resistance Movement’s point of view as they take various actions to remove the most negative elements of planet earth’s power structure.

This mysterious group and its elusive spokesman require complete anonymity, and certainly this mystique has caused the information to garner some controversy around the web. What piqued my interest most was Cobra’s statements on the future of our monetary system. Many people will be surprised to hear that the financial conspiracy agenda goes even higher than our terrestrial international banking families. As Cobra will explain in the interview, Gold is a very important metal in the context of human history for many different reasons.

My interest in geopolitics, and in fact the theme and genesis of The Golden Rule was born out of an interest in money. Ever since I was a little boy I have been interested in the paper bills we used to buy and sell things – but it wasn’t until 2007 when Ron Paul introduced me to Austrian free market economics and commodity money that I began to take an interest in Gold. As I learned more about the way economies and commerce worked, I used the old journalist’s edict “Follow the Money” to learn more about who is really in control. This precipitated my full awakening, which lead to ever more information about the reality we find ourselves in.

I think it’s important for more mainstream listeners who may not be into UFOs, or other so-called fringe topics to hear what Cobra has to say. It is not impossible to imagine that if Gold has been used to consolidate financial control by the cabal, then Gold could also be used to usurp financial control from the cabal.

Afterall – those who have the gold make the rules!

In fact, many investors believe they are doing just that in an organic way, a prime example being the Max Keiser led campaign to bankrupt JP Morgan by purchasing physical silver and removing it from the banking system.

According to COBRA, there is not only a physical need to seize gold from the cabal, but also energetic properties associated with gold that change the etheric nature of humanity’s commerce. While this wasn’t discussed in extreme detail, the dark rituals COBRA alludes to might explain why society has diverged into a culture of self-satisfaction and materialism. COBRA and I agree that the ultimate goal of science and technology is the betterment of humanity, and it is through the process of releasing this gold from its dark controllers that will allow our economic progress to reach a level of spiritual freedom whereby money is not necessary to survive.

In COBRA’s own words, he outlines what plans exist and the rough outline of what how the Resistance Movement is working to break the chains so humanity’s creative power can be unleashed:

New Financial System

Most of this intel comes from sources deep within occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide.


This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation.

Day 1

When the critical mass of pressure is exerted upon the Federal Reserve it will be forced to repay debt that it owes to people due to its fraudulent operations. Since Fed does not have money to repay that debt, it will go bankrupt. This will trigger a chain reaction of BIS, IMF, World Bank and all central banks worldwide going bankrupt also.

Extreme volatility in markets will result in a worldwide stock market crash. Stock exchanges will close, including NYSE. All financial instruments such as options and credit default swaps will be zeroed out.

All shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out. All public bank accounts of the Cabal will be seized. All foreclosures will be frozen, as well as all public and private debt (mortgages, loans, credit card debt).

Day 2-7

Banks will be closed and there will be a lot of uncertainty and confusion. Some businesses will be temporarily closed. Some of those that remain open may accept cash, other will only accept gold or silver coins. Credit cards will not be accepted as the system will go down. There might be moderate problems with distribution chain, it is wise to stock up some food and gasoline.

Revaluation (RV)

After about 1 week from the Event

There might still be light problems in the distribution chain.

New financial system will be introduced. It will be backed up with Yamashita gold. That gold will be stored in locations that are not to be disclosed yet. Yamashita gold will not be traded in open markets. Basket of currencies such as US dollar, Euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan will form the basis of this new system.

Those banks that did not have strong connections with Federal Reserve and did not go bankrupt will reopen. They will not be allowed to charge interest. All their accounting will be fully transparent to the public. Stock market will not reopen.

Revaluation will take place. It means that the exchange rates between various currencies will change, but not drastically They will reflect more truly the real productivity of nations. Iraqi Dinar will not gain much value, contrary to speculations of many people. Federal Reserve notes, Euro banknotes and other banknotes will be widely accepted, until they are phased out in a few months and new money is printed.

All fair business agreements, contracts and responsibilities worldwide will be kept valid and will be respected. Those business agreements that involve criminal or fraudulent interactions with the Cabal will be cancelled, null and void.

In a few weeks

Multinationals will be obliged to buy back their shares and this will effectively force them to go bankrupt. They will be split and healthy portions of those companies will be nationalized in their own countries.

The existence of Global Settlement funds will be then introduced to the public. Those funds include about $ 70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $ 100 trillion from White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $ 120 trillion from Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillion from Saint Germain Trust. Global Settlement funds will also include all money and assets from the Cabal.

Global Settlement funds will be used for many purposes. First, all national, public and private debt will be paid off worldwide. After that, all people will receive restitution for all theft and criminal activity against them by the former Cabal. Then prosperity funds will be released and humanitarian, environmental and new advanced technology projects funded. Part of the money from Saint Germain Trust will go directly to Lightworkers, the rest of it will fund projects connected to the introduction of the First Contact.

Article Link: http://golden-rule.org/2012/06/15/exclusive-interview-with-cobra-on-gold-and-its-place-in-human-history/

2Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:13 am



For those wondering how things are going to go...here ya go! This also ties in with what Drake is saying as well.

Although I believe that Drake's human 3D male ego & the 3D viel (nothing against the guys intended) get's in his way. After all he is still in 3D physical form & that tends to happen as you have sen with some of the channeled messages coming out of late....especially GG's messages that were telling of great destruction.

Thanks angels77!!

3Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:49 am



So this Cobra is saying the IQD is going to rv very low. Hmmmm

4Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:16 am



Well let's say that he's saying it's not going to be those outrageous amounts we've all heard!

Now I'm hearing just the opposite from others. So who knows! :?:

5Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:19 am



Oh, I've also just heard that China is in charge & this has RV'd in Europe & that the wales have cashed-out & it hasn't made it to the shores of the US yet!

6Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:58 am



thanks LIR...appreciate your imput

7Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:06 am



I don't feel like $3.00 to $4.00 is a very high rate and that will give us a huge return on our money...shoot I remember a few years back thinking .86 cents was a good rate.

8Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:34 pm

Herb Lady

Herb Lady

Thanks Angels77!

So, if I'm understanding this correctly, it is a repeat of what has already been said, such as - the first thing a person should do is get the heck out of the stock market and keep what money they have in a safe place that they can guard, stock up and then hang on tight, because the RV isn't coming until after the reset and the fed goes down. But nobody knows when this is going to happen, so if you take all of your investments and cash out of the system now, and this doesn't go through this year then you have a boat load of taxes that you have to pay the fed, that's ultimately going down?!

Just trying to make sure I've got a grip on this one.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:  https://onlynaturesmagic.com/

9Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:50 pm



It must go through before the Olympics!! A Must!

10Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:52 pm

Herb Lady

Herb Lady

ok, that's a new one on me. Where did you hear that, and when are the Olympic games being held???? Don't mean to sound completely ignorant of facts here, but have been very busy and I don't have tv.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:  https://onlynaturesmagic.com/

11Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Empty Re: Cobra Transcript June, 2012 Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:04 pm



Here's why I say this...

The Olympics start at the end of July & in one of the Rockefeller or Rothschild documents....showed plans to kill around 13,000 people attending the Olympics in London. They intended to blame it on a terrorist attack & were going to use something like biochemicals or bombs or something like that.

Besides...I know it will happen very very soon as we are out of time & the Galactics have been given Divine Permission to now do what they must.

Didn't you hear that the only thing left was to get the arrests warrants for all these people? I think we will see action very soon! Just my 2 cents:)

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