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The Grand Illusion…

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1The Grand Illusion… Empty The Grand Illusion… Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:07 pm


The Grand Illusion…

July 7, 2015 / Visionkeeper

The Grand Illusion… Favim-com-art-cool-creative-fun-539361 Photo Source:
I wonder daily how much longer the world is going to continue taking the bait and stumble along in ignorant denial as to what is really happening in the world, right before our very eyes. It is frustrating and sometimes drives me insane. Let us take politics for a grand example. Here in America we are caught up in the whirlpool of the Presidential race and even though it is all a ways off, that has not stopped the constant whine of the spin wheel. The never-ending polls that in essence mean nothing, but the media wishes us to think otherwise. The word parsing that goes on is almost laughable if it were not so sad to realize the state of our country and it’s people. The brainwashing is literally mind bending! It is filling and twisting people’s heads with false ideas that help promote the political agenda.
When are we going to awaken and realize what is REALLY going on? First of all the people do NOT vote for their president. The President is put into office by our oppressors to do their bidding for them, not to do us any favors.We have witnessed this sharply with Barack Obama and his slow destruction of our once mighty country. He is nothing more than a puppet doing what he is told by those above him. Secondly the misconception that we have two political parties somehow continues to fool the people. Really? The two parties are the same thing designed to give the people the false impression they have a choice. We have NO choice as to who gets put into office, but we do have a choice as to whether we are going to continue to fall for this insanity any longer or are we going to wake up!
Lets face it, the world is rapidly changing everyday now, truth is beginning to seep out, and it’s seeping out so we can become aware of it and wake up! For every truth that is revealed our oppressors are quick to put out lies to try to convince the people the truth is really not the truth at all. The coverup begins in earnest. They have been winning at this game for a long time now, but the truth is seeping out so fast and is being sent widely throughout the internet at break neck speed, they cannot keep up. We are being given chance after chance to awaken, how many chances will it take for us to find the courage to accept the truth and be willing to let go of the illusion we once called life?
Politicians talk non stop, their main job being to convince the people to believe them. Political speak as they call it. More like political mumbo jumbo designed to confuse not clarify, convince not discuss. As scary as the truth may be, the happiest day of our life will be when we realize the illusion we have been living under and we find the courage to break free and believe in our self at long last. We do not need Government to succeed in life. That too is a grand illusion. We need ourselves, we need to learn to work together for the good of all not the few and promote the truth at all costs so we can end the lies and trust can begin to blossom within our hearts. Our trust has been destroyed and it is time to build it back up! The choice is ours and ours alone. What will be the final outcome?
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to VK at: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


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