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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Health is the vital principal of bliss.
The zodiac’s sign for Cancer resembles 69 and although the symbol has more to do with balance than numbers we can all agree that when things are out of balance they can become cancerous and even fatal. But this is in no way only relative to our physical bodies, for we are only a part of many larger bodies physically, spiritually, culturally, politically, and even cosmically. When we look closely at the nature of cancer in the clinical sense we see a body under attack, as if it were going to war against itself at a cellular level and regardless of the explanations given we are at a loss for quantifiable justification.
We can see such behavior in other larger bodies and within all their representative functions and then again we can see it within the outer spheres of influence all the way up to the planetary, solar and galactic levels as we identify that which causes Dis-ease. But as we probe beyond the obvious we begin to contemplate the true definition of cancer and wonder what’s more systemic, a belief in cancer of a cancerous belief structure. Perhaps the race for the cure has never been about finding the cure for cancer as much as it is about programming the world to believe that there is no cure, for billions are being made on treatment which gives no incentives for cures.
In an obscure sense we come back to the balance insignia of cancer (69) and the uncanny nature of population control agendas, which at an institutional level may be as easy as withholding critical information or even going as far as discrediting and abolishing that which has been proven to make a radical change in how we deal with immune system disorders. This  of course is more in alignment with the cancerous belief structure and the culling of the herd philosophy, which is a fear based philosophy which owes to the belief that we as a specie will consume all our natural resources blindly, leading to an unsustainable environment. Of course the same institutions that favor such idealism’s have perpetuated their own environmental dirge that goes far beyond any rational model, which although seems to lean toward desperation on a financial level, it trades such sustainability for the sake of some phantom philosophy on how to maintain the status quo economically by sacking the planetary infrastructure and all life forms within. Of course such behavior would indicate either a highly contagious mental virus that only attacks our leadership through criminal behavior by some form of mind control, or that they are part of a nefarious force that’s causing this planetary coup.
Either way its making most of us wonder if we have a snowballs chance in hell of getting our planet back. We know that if the cancer resides in leadership, then leadership is the cancer and that all systems that promote leadership are parasitic by their very nature. So how can we as individuals heal our outer world with the same philosophies that brought us to this critical point?

Let us digress for a moment; let us explore once again the cancerous cell of the body of our inner world, let us examine under the microscope our inner philosophies. Those programs and assumptions we all carry that comprise this ball and chain of a reality complex. Let us be honest with ourselves to determine if they were inherited from abstract sources bound to an external framework, or if they have any relevance, any real significance relating to our inner truths. If we don’t believe for the moment that we are privy to such inner truths then let’s just pretend that they are there just buried under a thin layer of programmed insecurities. Let us for just a brief moment trust that there deep within lies a faint awareness that whispers profound insight, it has a message about that cancer cell that transmutes not only the cell but the entirety of the idea of what cancer is and how it got there.
Let us ask ourselves the question; can the abstract conceptual 3D world heal that which is not of it? Can there be a band-aid large enough to heal our soul, a medicinal compound that reunites us to our greater consciousness (hold the mushrooms), a vaccine that prevents genetic infringements???
The hologram we inhabit may be a bit more than hollow grams, and all form manifests from the same foundational formulas regardless of how your light gets bent. The inaudible and invisible spectrums still exist beyond the conceptual marketing. The true quantum cannot be removed, only refracted by the hall of mirrors that owes to a distorted reflection, but is this you, or what you have been led to assume to be the real you. But you was never meant to be spelled Y-O-U, only U, the universal vessel of the immortal being, for our true heritage needs not the why (Y), for there is no question as to the why when we see beyond the what and no question to the what when we see beyond the where and no question to the where when we see beyond the who and no question to the who when we see beyond the question itself. For if there is the question there is the supposition to the question and if there is a supposition to the question the question is subjective and if the question is subjective then the answer will always be subjective interpretation better known as abstract conceptualization.
Let’s pretend that 3D is 1st grade for angelic humans. They have taken away your abilities, or at least shrouded you from knowing the real truth about them and given you temporal amnesia so that all you understand is a world of things, and these things you are told have a limited supply, so you create new things as an extension of other things, or you steel things for fear that without more things your present things have no shelf life. We invest in Kings, blings and artificial wings to compensate for our inner pings as we build the walls to our own prison. But many fail 1st grade because they were more prone to believe the fable that the only blessed being is a king of things, while the king of things himself must also return to repeat the 1st grade because even in a given state of abundance which allowed an incredible opportunity to expound the very laws of creation through contemplation he instead considered himself to be already in exalted form, because even though he was a moron the world told him otherwise.
Here’s the thing, our needs have always been provided for you here in the 1st grade just like the king, somewhere along the line our basic needs were traded in for a second hand substitute, we appreciated these things more than our true sustenance. We traded the oceans for toxic fertilizer, we traded our fish for nuclear power, and we traded our faith in the organic initiative for an institutional quagmire, that we thought would be better than a monarchy of inbred morons, and it may have even worked for a little while, but it became even worse and even more bloated than the vain king of greed and self entitlement. But we have awoken to the fact that wealth and leadership is a bad combination, that leaders should get a cot and a cell and 3 squares a day just like the other inmates. Their cell door will remain open as long as they remain as the face of humility, where they have no right to the ownership of any-thing. This should be the true nature of a public servant, where the only special interest is to instill how un-special public service can be, in a decorum that shall only allow a focus on substance rather than the abuses their of.
Getting back to individual healing;
Our present environment may not be one to which we can develop immunity, for there’s much that can infect us at the level of our DNA, and although our DNA is extremely resilient and adaptive, it can’t always compensate when it’s constantly under attack. Sleeper-type infections don’t happen overnight; in fact, they might not show up until they’re passed down genetically, becoming incurable illnesses or something worse.
My goal here is not to market fear, only to make the point that health and healing was never just about the physical body. Holistic health does improve on this but still falls short of adequately diagnosing the myriad of symptoms that have developed within the body due to the many unseen issues that have contributed to the symptoms.
These unseen issues are worthy of discussion since there are undiscovered root causes that go beyond the effects that have materialized within the body. Unfortunately, there are no magic pills to remove the rather large obstacle course that one must navigate to get to the cause of the problem, and within each new layer of the onion to be peeled resides new challenges.
There are many new age healing modalities out there currently, and more cropping up all the time, and I don’t wish to analyze their pros and cons.  Some can have a short-term benefit and some can create a long-term nightmare, so choose wisely if you are so inclined. But the healing I’m circumnavigating has little to do with today’s health conventions and common practices. First, we need to understand how to define and refine what it is exactly that we are trying to heal, for if there is something that resides at a level beyond our conscious recognition, it may take more than a couch to bring about changes that keep it from affecting us at the cellular level. Higher awareness coincides with one’s ability to liberate one-self, and healing is an aspect of liberation. This liberty I speak of has to do with one’s own mentation and our inner vulnerability to external manipulation, as well as our external vulnerability born of internal manipulation. The more vested you are in an external reality construct, the further you are from liberty and from your own inner awareness (69=balance).
When our bodies are failing us it’s not always a direct result of external phenomena. Our bodies are holographic programs, and if the body is experiencing problems, there may be problems within our internal programs. These so called “programs” are composed of more than just DNA templates, and conscious thought forms; frequencies, or lack thereof, are also aspects of the program, and any area where a breakdown occurs will affect the hologram. If one can imagine a movie projector with a light bulb that gets swapped for a lower wattage bulb, one would begin to get the picture; in black & white. The bottom line is that our greatest asset may be our willingness to make a difference through consciousness. All matter is composed of consciousness and therefore subject to it. Our assumptions and beliefs are just like software, but whose software are we currently using? Perhaps it’s time to empty old caches and start writing our own programs!



LOVE this!

Thanks Val for a wonderful perspective.


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