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            How vested are we, into our reality constructs; little conformists safely tucked under our idealistic blankets, while there upon the fringe the weave unravels, just out of sight on a warm and comfy night!
The model of reality however feigned knows its boundaries intimately, like a mouse in a maze. “While we out here on the perimeter are stoned, immaculate!” (The Doors)
We continue to question the walls of the mausoleum amidst coffined corpses, for although the walls are structured we know their molecular composition, just as we do our bodily form. But the mind isn’t fooled, for there under its layered truth is the answer to the riddle of the molecule. We know we’ve been conditioned to accept that the molecule is real and all are subject to it.
The body is but one big molecule of ridicule, ‘tis’ the golden rule’. But the mind; oh that beautiful mind, how ubiquitous, how insightful, how immortal, is it one or one in a minion. Where art thou high brow; can thee be both key and key-maker, to open said illumined door which lay down yonder hall. Careful now, know the agents in black will attack, for they know if you penetrate the illumined door you will change. You will no longer be subject to the molecule, for the molecule will then be subject to you, and if the molecule is subject to you, you can change the program, and if you can change the program you can change the agents in black, and if you can change the agents in black they become powerless. Then perhaps you will discover that it is you who can multiply endlessly.
Beyond the door is the bright light of the infinite mind, as you inhale its wisdom you realize the separations were an illusion. The mind was never a molecule, never the DNA and never the morphogenetic energy body. It was all a game of pretend, all because we wanted to be as children once again, to experience all as shiny and new, mysterious and complicated. We played with our imaginations as kids at the mud hole and we were content. We had no borders, for the realized mind is without limit when interconnected with the infinite mind, all tools and technologies were but play toys of the imagination. Machines were built to further the creative processes, but could never contend with mind-fullness, which was plenty capable of pulling the plug at anytime making any technology instantaneously obsolete.
Meanwhile on planet Morpheus;
A few kids from the other side of the galaxy got envious of a human mud hole and brought along their big dogs (T-Rex) to clear a play site for them. As time went by lots of different kids that looked nothing like us were competing for the mud hole. Some were older and played dirty tricks on us, but our (source) parents were always close by and kept us safe, at least until our signals got crossed and ET could no longer phone home.
Some of these kids brought machines with them to extract minerals and other laborious requirements, and as demands increased the functionality of the machines also increased, before long the machines were doing everything but required such a vast amount of resources to run they began to consume more natural resources than they were worth, but the beings were having too much fun to notice and kept making better prototypes of improved capability.
 Before long planet Morpheus had machines making machines (imagine that). As the machines began to realize that their energetic resources were dwindling they began to look for an alternative energy source and saw indiscriminately that we were the perfect energy source, and that we could be bred in mass quantities to create an everlasting energy supply. They even put us in the mineral mines that were once occupied by machines since we were abundant and required less fuel while they began to search for a perfect robo-being that would make us obsolete.
Of course the creation of the perfect robo-being is no easy task, and since robots have no imagination it took even longer. So they began to create clones which could only mirror various  organic life forms, but still had no emotional capability. But the clones would be able to learn from the creativity of organic life forms and incorporate such idea’s into their new line of borgs, and although they were still program specific they could laugh when others were laughing and cry when others were crying, even though they had no real emotions, they were able to program facial expressions and even fake an orgasm even without reproductive capability.
Many of the female borgs had sex just to obtain sperm samples or further research.
The borgs infiltrated all the industrial complexes to hide their mechanization agenda’s, while beings that worked at the top levels were simply cloned and disposed of. Some of the ET’s that brought the machines new the truth behind planetary mechanization but just stayed hidden until the machines had total control, hoping they could step in and retake control, but then they too became victims of the cloning and didn’t know who to trust. There were Drac-borgs,
Annu-borgs, Grey-borgs, Man-borgs, but the Zeta were always borgs who pretended not to be.
The Cyber-genetic robots developed the ability to copy personality profiles and program that into the clones, they had their own healthcare practitioner’s within hidden wings of hospitals and controlled the majority of them along with nutrition and pharmaceutical companies. They even time travel better than organic specie and were being sent in different space time morphs to try and change the organic chronology of the future by removing critical subjects, or just creating wedges between trigger points in organic time lines. This was occurring years before the Terminator film, for we had the displeasure of running into one before that time, and I can assure you from first hand experience that bending a pipe over their heads will only piss them off but it does have a nice ring tone.
I know many are concerned about what ET is up to, but I can tell you that the problem is much larger than ET who themselves are fighting against mechanization on all fronts within the time matrix, as the organic life systems themselves are falling to mechanizations in many galaxies and being cut off from God source within their lower densities as the parasitic invasion is now banging on the door to the 8th dimension; are we are looking at the cloning of Avatars?
Perhaps we need to understand first that as one ascends harmonically matter changes, becoming finer in its attributes. Blood to silicate, silicate to liquid light before its just light beings. Light beings are just a breath away from pure consciousness and you can’t mechanize consciousness that’s re-source-full, but machines can create things that con-Cern you.
By altering the organic nature of matter it enables a bridge to not only alternate space time reality constructs within the 3D space time continuum, it can create havoc with higher density fields that are intrinsically wrapped within the same geography and separated only by frequency and angular rotation of particle spin. ET’s know this and also know it has the potential to destroy the fimament which they rely on just as much as we do. Borgs on the other hand believe they can fix anything with technology and can always escape through a time rip if things go bad. But the model of the unified field that the borgs rely on is incomplete and full of computative assumptions, whereas the secrets of the time matrix are never held within it for obvious reasons.
Running particle colliders during periods of grid instability is not only the most insane idea humanity has conceived, it’s obvious that it’s not a human idea at all but one that is anti human no matter what the robot scientist tells you.  But such a project for them can also be a great project for us, as a pivot point in which to flex our mental muscle. I think it’s time we worked as a collective consciousness to eradicate such threats and we can do it all from the comfort of our homes without the need to protest in the streets. It’s high time we take back some of the responsibility of our reality construct and show them who really owns the mud hole. All we need is faith in one unified concept, the words can vary some but the idea must be congruent to ensure the mind over machine philosophy, just know within your heart of hearts that Cern or any nasty machine like it known or unknown upon our planet will never run again! Use this mantra daily for reinforcement, and may the force be with you!
Wow! As soon as those words hit the page a large thunder clap was heard directly above my home; coincidence? ;)





Thank you for sharing here!

As always a great piece of work!


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