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“First, know thyself”

The prescription for real change always begins with inner work, regardless of the plethora of external helps available. The solitary commitment requires a will that must supersede or at least be comparable to the main sectors of our lives, until it becomes a predominant aspect of our being. Eventually, that which was the fringe becomes the foundation for all endeavors, absolving the need for repenting on Sundays, for everyday becomes a Sunday in spirit.

Most formulas for success will be piloted by left brained logic in the beginning. Formulating and structuring require precision and discipline, if we are to establish a new fundamental nature, as we wean off old habits and nurture new ones. Affirmations are excellent tools during the onset, giving credence and helping us substantiate through elucidation, where the intangible you becomes the color by number work-book, giving form and definition, as if to add a bit of cement to the ever flowing seeds of ubiquity.

Emotive Intuition may sound like a bit of an oxy-moron, and perhaps seem more elementary to those spiritually mature, yet fundamentals are never to tiresome to revisit as the world begins to speed up, and our personal place begins to resemble a whirlwind void of center.

The emotional body, we are taught to avoid like the plague is no enemy or immature aspect of self that requires quarantine. In fact when understood it can be a good place to run to, rather than from. For as we know, that when we become emotionally involved it can bring a passion to the floor that can not only intoxicate, but can be contagious for expansive potential.

Intuition can stand alone and is often unencumbered by emotion, as if it were its polar opposite, void of that fire in the belly chemical component. Intuition is often quite subtle, as are most of our right brain feminine attributes. Intuition competes directly with right brain logic, so often it’s snuffed out like a candle in a gale of reason.

The intuitive sense is more than a sixth sense when combined with the wisdom of the emotive body. The more we trust in intuition the more we have available, and when we begin to understand where the information comes from and realize that 3D logic however analytical pales in comparison to the wisdom of the higher senses. Intuition is akin to our inner compass, a sensitive and enigmatic instrument which always points upward like two hands of a clock which separate the light from the dark. It becomes our inner barometer of knowing; that little pin-prick of data that’s weaseled its way between the folds of our frontal lobes to bring us “an important message from our sponsor”.  Granted at times it’s just telling us to pick up some milk on the way home, but sometimes its telling us to get off the highway now, and we learn the reason why later; that the truck we were following lost its ladder ( an actual event).
The emotive body has the capacity to feel without the aid of the five senses, as if through electromagnetic induction, it can process through direct cognition the energy field of any location or being. It’s as if a filament of feeling folici at the perimeter of our emotive sphere is busy synthesizing new territories by gathering energetic encryptions and sending these tiny neuro messages synaptically for processing.

The skilled empath will decipher this cache of neuro-bytes through transmutation, which is just an innate ability to read energy, and this is where intuition comes into play. On the superficial level one determines the overall nature of the energy; good/ bad/weird. Those who have learned to become one with their intuition will receive varying levels of information that go beyond the superficial.

The emotional body (E-Motion/energy in motion) is no superficial medium, its energetic capacity can be a boon when channeled for productivity. But as we know it can also become burdened by the weighty baggage of trauma which clings to the energetic fabric like ghosts awaiting poltergeist. Clearing the baggage is important, and un-cleared distorted energy can be used against one who is on the higher path, for the energy body that carries a merry-go-round of miasms will be a target for parasites who spoon from the negative energy by knowing the hidden insecurities which lurk within. These vampires which come from alternate realities know how to stimulate these energy pockets via psychological manipulation, for a feast of high amperage sustenance.

The emotional body is like an energetic sponge which needs to wrung out and cleansed, and although salt and soda in the tubby is a good start it won’t heal the trauma of the psyche which conceals discomfort in shuttered closets. These old traumas must be revisited from a position of higher awareness, and if one needs aid in this process seek therapy. It’s important to clear the baggage of this life before we can venture into the baggage of past lives, and you will get little help at the soul level until the domestic agenda is cleansed, for adding insult to injury won’t compensate. The Soul uses the emotional body for communication, so maintenance herein can only help this process.

The emotive body has intelligence worth acknowledging, but this intelligence has its own motis-operendi. Unlike cerebral processing emotive communication bypasses the cerebral and uses feeling to communicate, as if it doesn’t trust the left brain dominant mind to deliver the message, and like intuition, these can also be subtle pings, gut feelings, as well as hot spikes to the solar plexus at the other end of the spectrum. Once again to process these feelings we need intuition to read the energy, which is often just questioning and allowing without judgment. The result is always accommodating, not to mention you’re developing another sense-ability.

The emotive body, although an asset, can be under constant attack from known and unknown sources. The known sources will always be those we come in contact with which are always predisposed to share their energetic experiences in dramatic fashion. When others are being used as a battery via their attachments they become vampires’ unconsciously, as if to use others to replace the energy being drained or to wire up more batteries in tandem.
To sympathize is to honor their plight through worship, which will do more harm than good to both parties. To empathize is to acknowledge the situation without emotional investment, a more left brained approach that enables one to rationalize, thereby maintaining objectivity while keeping ones energy intact.

When we expand our innate talents we open the door to even greater talents and although telepathy is the logical next step for the empath, wearing our emotions on our sleeve won’t be an advantage here, for as thoughts are things, feelings are also thoughts which can create vulnerabilities when being picked up by our adversaries. This makes it important to have trusting relations when dealing on higher planes, for that which comes as unsolicited may have an unseen agenda, and even if a higher being is flowing in white light, know that there’s always politics within the time matrix and plenty of fallen angelics who are quite cunning. So until one learns to navigate well, even going beyond the time matrix for unbiased source material, its best not to follow any entities outside of our own soul collective, for even here the challenges will be made real.

Our best protection from the dramas of the lower densities will always be found within, by strengthening our source connection, increasing our awareness and acknowledging our talents. There will always be taunting by those beings who feel threatened by the prospects of divinity, and rightly so for their power is dependent on the illusion of power.
The more you grow the greater your awareness of your abilities become while strengthening your source connection, eventually the answers to your questions will be known the moment you question, for your inner voice will always be ringing like a bell.
Here’s a few tips simple to begin to key into emotive intuition;
·         Always be mindful of your wandering thoughts and police them daily.
·         Note thoughts that are uncharacteristic to the current stream of thought.
·         Honor the message by not rationalizing.
·         Be aware that electronics are often a medium for false suggestion.
·         Tune into unsolicited intuitive feelings through allowance.
·         Be aware of emotional manipulation by negative attachments.
·         Stop honoring/ absorbing the emotional miasms of others through worship.

Happy Trails,

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Excellent advise Val!

and timely.. I know many that this will help.


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