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The Sound of Music

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1The Sound of Music Empty The Sound of Music Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:27 am


 The Sound Of Music


Let us imagine for a moment a large cross (+), let us pretend that the horizontal line is our event horizon while the vertical line is the pogo stick our solar system bounces up and down on. Of course in reality our solar system travels in a spiral along this line, ascending and descending as if upon a cork screw. The event horizon would be that rich dense ionic forest we call the photon belt, which we migrate through at approximately 26k intervals which varies slightly due to time anomalies. Although there are physicists that claim we peruse this forest every 13K, our model will suffice for now.

Let’s imagine that the event horizon is like a one way mirror on both sides, an EM repulsion zone. On our side exists the particle universe and on the other the anti particle, aka parallel universe, where the electrons spin the opposite direction. As we twist our way up they are twisting their way down to what we call the 0 point. Now this is where it gets mysterious, for within the next few years something fascinating will occur here. Some refer to it as the particle conversion period, while others describe it in a myriad of terms like transcendence and the great shift etc..

Now Torsion fields are nothing new, all life forms have them known as Merkaba fields, or counter rotating twists of EM energy where the dominant electric spiral is spinning about 2/3 to the 1/3 speed of the opposing magnetic spiral, which is the case for atoms as well as planets. But when we have equal spin rates on polarized energy they typically cause a repulsion zone, which is akin to trying to force two opposing magnets together. However when there is a disturbance in any locality which alters the gravitational field, whether it be from EM excitation, or by some machine the laws of physics as we know them cease to exist.

We call these energetic anomalies vortexia, portals, star gates on the local level, but what about on the solar or galactic level? Within these disturbances matter becomes altered, in fact space time as we know it becomes altered. How altered depends on the strength of the influencing medium. When such conditions arise organically we can only assume that it’s just nature going through the motions, and regardless of how well we understand nature, we can only assume that it has within it balancing mechanisms which help it maintain sustainability.

So as we speed toward the event horizon the only sure thing we can expect is change, what that will resemble is the great question, but there seems to be an awful lot of resistance from control central. But why interfere with the organic medium? Do they burrow like reptiles to survive its occurrence? Perhaps they just want to open there mechanical portals to escape the whole process, or to keep change from occurring to ensure control. One would need to be well versed in Unified Field Physics to understand it, but of course the bridges of Einstein and Rosen were unsupported, or at least they were not built to support public interest.

Perhaps we may get a glimpse of our parallel self, and who can say what that would resemble, but if he looks and acts like me, he’s probably another threat to the status quo. I can only wonder how the other half lives. But if we stand shoulder to shoulder we may merge as our superluminal self, poised to venture into untold realms in a vehicle of our choice. Or it’s back to the gold mine for the lot. I think about brother Akhenaton who had the ability to activate star gates, who carried the genetics of genesis, with a multi-vector consciousness and an anti-particle aura; Akh=soul/ soul of Aton. But what is the Aton aside from 9th dimensional Avatars, is it possible that Aton is but an Atom within the anti-particle universe, and if so perhaps one need not invest in machinery engineered by psychopaths, all we need is one Avatar. Perhaps they’re out there, just a stranger on the bus.

The event horizon may be so subtle we may not even acknowledge it, we may just awake on the other side of the bed feeling rejuvenated as if all our cells are electrified. Or it can be the day the Earth stood still, literally. If the planet stopped spinning the inertia may cause some interesting side effects to the crust. But in reality if any Merkaba field stops the inhabiting hologram will blink out of existence. Some may know from experience, that when traveling through the Bermuda Triangle during an EM storm some time anomalies can be caused by matter becoming unglued, even though an individual believes they are still in existence it’s just a formality of consciousness to retain its perceptions for a while, even though the body is a ghost, and sometimes it can be a long while. But these static bodies do rematerialize without issue, even if it’s in another time zone.

Heretofore, there exist untold options, I just don’t think any involve clinging to our form, but running and hiding in a hole is an option. But what if we need to drop one form to get a better one, one with a fresh blueprint that hasn’t been tampered with.  And what about the collective solar body with all planets, do they not undergo the articles of ascension, for surely even Nibiru is a part of this process since it is a delinquent aspect of the whole, and will be around for at least a half dozen orbits, before returning to the abyss for another 3600 years. This dead star with half the dearth of our sun is loaded with billions of Anunnaki which live for thousands of years, but it’s not the Anunnaki which are the problem, they can always be bought off with gold. The problem is Nibiru’s orbit along with its debris field.

It’s been said that Mars lost its atmosphere from a close brush with Nibiru, buts what’s a close brush.  What interests me is the timing of Nibiru’s presence, they’re not here to ascend, because dead stars can’t dance. Perhaps their hoping not for human ascension but rather for the opportunity to capitalize on the real estate market once the poop hits the prop. There can be no doubt that they are drooling over the prospect of returning to the land of the midgets, to play demigod, just not while were toting weapons. And what could be worse than a planet full of panicky gun toting midgets. Even these so called immortals won’t risk a bullet and are no doubt pushing for gun control. For their have always been plenty of Anunnaki within inner earth where the climate and gravity agrees with em.

Yes, plenty of opportunities for everyone there within the crotch of the celestial soup, but ascension? I think this process is on the verge of being hijacked by mad scientist, some who actually may believe their doing something positive, never knowing the reality of the situation, and those that grow a conscience disappear.

We can only know bits and pieces of the grand scale of the process at hand, we can only know bits and pieces of what stands in the way, but we can do the math philosophically, and we can surmise that even though we are dealing with a 3D situation, there is an infection that goes higher and that even though we see the effect the cause remains hidden. The unfortunate aspect is that we would blame humanity, but what were dealing with is not only inhuman it’s inhumane, aside from a small number who knowingly help the demiurge for wealth.

Years ago I wrote a manuscript that caught the interest of a publisher, who insisted on too many changes, instead of getting it published the work was pilfered and plagiarized for a film which was to become the revision of the Day The Earth Stood Still. But even though they changed it enough to hide their thievery they missed a very important concept; it was not about saving the earth from humanity, but rather the earth sharing its intelligence with humanity through sacred sites, which included the unwritten history of our species and how knowledge about such things can transform consciousness which could therefore transform everything else.

The point being that regardless of opposing tactics, when consciousness is ready change occurs. Those that resist will persist. I like many others am ready to get back to the future, but until that time comes we can play, we can engage at the level of our awareness to perform miracles, which is just a fancy way of saying that we see the effect yet the cause remains a mystery.

Be the cause!


2The Sound of Music Empty Re: The Sound of Music Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:34 pm


Excellent sharing Val!

I remember I was only 5 years old when the original Day the Earth Stood Still aired in 1959 on the television. I begged the parental units to let me stay up to watch and they finally agreed while they went next door to play pinochle with the neighbors. I was transfixed. I have been ever since.

We have many here that also see and agree with what you have so eloquently written in the above post. We are like catnip toys to these beings.

So do you think CERN is the opening as others are saying to this grand event then? Will this draw Nibiru closer?

I like that.... be the cause


3The Sound of Music Empty Re: The Sound of Music Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:47 am


Hey Woodstock,

Ya know back in the day I worked in Woodstock Il. supervising construction for a builder before coming out west permanently for grid work. I was just back there, meandering between Chicago and Milwaukee to visit friends and family. "They" tried to put the kabosh on my trip with the attack on United Airlines mainframe, but learned that same day the repercussions of such tactics. I guess they thought I was trying to escape or something.

ConCERN. I can't be sure of the UFT they are using, but regardless the distortion field generated by this monster not only has the capability of opening windows and doors within other reality planes, its grid location becomes an issue of untold proportion. If we look at the earth as if it were a human body undergoing acupuncture and see the doctor using a particle beam instead of a needle directly into a our prime meridian, what would this do to our body. What if the particle beam being used saturated our body with not photons but rather infused us with anti particles or something worse. How would the body respond to the treatment?
One thing we can be sure of, in that such an experiment would have devastating affects. But what if this body was in the midst of transmutation, it would be easy to assume that such an infusion would be detrimental to the process.

The second level scientist working on this project only know part of the equation. They are still under the assumption that they can discover the fundamental constituent's of matter by beating it into smaller and smaller particles, but matter is but the effect not the cause. Why invest so much for so little reward; it's a ruse. Hadron could have more to do with Hades than imagined, vortexia created by cycling energy on critical grid points can not only undermine the natural vortexia vital to creation, it can reverse the orientation of said current and distribute it throughout the globe becoming the instrument of planetary de-scension. In short its black hole technology.


4The Sound of Music Empty Re: The Sound of Music Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:02 am


I am in Woodstock Illinois so next time you roll through here we must get together!!!

I have been here for 32 years. Maybe our paths have crossed at one time. Interesting to consider that. :)

Thanks for answering my questions. So they are trying to open a black hole? I wonder if there is a way that we can circumvent them... or maybe we will get lucky and it will suck in all the dark beings so we can live on here in peace. Wouldn't that be lovely :)


5The Sound of Music Empty Re: The Sound of Music Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:40 am


Thanks for the invite, but there are other options. They get nervous when I travel and I don’t want to add anyone to their list of targets, the monitoring goes beyond surreal. Note that this correspondence will be monitored.

I can’t say what their true ambitions are regarding CERN, perhaps there are very few who really know the truth behind this beast, but its operational status is questionable currently and it’s my understanding that the plague of technical difficulties will continue.
Our ascent through the event horizon will show a thinning of the veils that separate other time cycles and reality planes, so we will have plenty of mischief without CERN type contraptions. We may see untold UFO’s that may or may not be passing through this time zone, or even the sightings of new/old land masses and architectural enigmas. We may even lose portions of our own reality field as we commence.
Time is vulnerable to aberrations at this time, it’s a fragile thing. There is in reality no chronological time, only consciousness moving through the unified field of the time matrix. Ascension itself is particle and frequency accretion which begins at the solar and planetary level before being made available to the inhabiting life forms. As we travel through the event horizon we will pass through the anti-particle spectrum and our grids will be charged with anti-particles. This merging of particles is what raises the frequency within morphogenetic fields.
As sound tones merge they create a crescendo of resonant tones which can merge with higher frequency bands allowing portions of our realm that are energetically resonant to merge into higher dimensional time cycles. Particle pulsation rates increase making time move more quickly, (the quickening). As particle spin rates increase matter density decreases, but this has as much to do with DNA strand count as it does with frequency.

Regardless of what’s occurring on our planet this process is happening to one degree or another, but if “they” can alter the frequency spectrum with contraptions it can interfere with the process at hand keeping many would be ascenders bound to another 3D time cycle. Contraptions that alter the gravitational field can create openings in hyperspace, to other time cycles as well as other dimensions, but it creates a paradox as well. The genetic accretion level of any human is characteristically time specific, or tied to their current time cycle which is vibrationally co-resonant with the planetary morph. If we try to venture to far into a future time cycle where accretion levels are advanced it not only causes energetic disturbances it won’t allow the door they came in on to close creating toroidal rifts within both worlds which not only destabilizes the morph, it can also allow areas to be penetrated by trans-dimensional’s who are troublemakers for time zones, and love to help ignorant humans create technology that goes beyond their level of understanding, which is how we got into the mess were in.

Fortunately the mischief is being exposed on multiple levels and dealt with at multiple levels. In fact never before has there been such intervention on our behalf, its as if the compassion of the aeons has stood up to take notice and declare enough is enough. Source is no longer a distant myth, source is here like never before!

6The Sound of Music Empty Re: The Sound of Music Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:43 am


If "they" are not already monitoring me & this site then I am not doing my job and need to kick it up a few notches. LOL

Thanks for your input on CERN. Looks like the next few months will be most interesting to say the least


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