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Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3

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1Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Empty Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:00 am


Who Owns the Land?

by Elle -  Jul 7, 2015

Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Switzerland-700x389

Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Print
Who owns the land? Some facts you should know!
Guest Writer, ZenGardner.com
The refugee crisis has reached epic proportion as millions of uprooted, displaced humans, fleeing their homelands either due to economic, political or war-related causes; without homes, jobs, or access to food, medicine or education which is the birthright of all human beings. These same vulnerable people are also falling victim to thriving human smuggling and trafficking rings…the new slavery.
While the EU blathers over camps, quotas, repatriation (a death sentence for some) and the farcical military options of blowing up boats and “smashing” the trafficking rings (as if that would make the problem go away), none of them have offered any satisfactory and humane solutions.
Nor will they do so, for until serious discussions include topics such as paying reparations to the countries they have destroyed, taking responsibility for failed neo-colonial projects, stopping the endless imperialist wars, or radically reviewing the policies of land use and wealth redistribution, the pitifully inadequate “band aid” solutions, slapped over the gaping wounds of the world will simply refuse to adhere.
While discussing the fate of these unfortunate people (which tomorrow could be any of us), the words “overcrowding’, ‘overpopulation’, ‘scarcity” are the frequently used mantras, tossed around by politicians, such as David Cameron, among others, who fear a backlash from their angry citizens. The people are weary;  forced into the “multicultural” experiment, angry at involvement in unpopular wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya, and struggling to pay off bank loans and mortgages that can double the cost of their already overpriced housing, among many other concerns.
So, are the words “scarcity” “overcrowding” and “overpopulation”  the real issues, or are we missing the point here? And are these (now loaded) words being used to goad us into accepting a heinous plan to ” reduce the population” in order to “save the planet?” Possibly the following, sometimes surprising, information will help to bust open the myth of ” Scarcity”
Here are some facts about land use in the UK. (Much of this may apply, with local variations to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and NZ).

  • 90% of British people live in urban areas. That accounts for 3 million out of 60 million acres. The remaining 57 million acres?

  • Regarding the question of ownership it is necessary to understand that ALL land in the UK legally belongs to “The Crown”. One might assume that this refers to the ruling monarchy. It doesn’t.

  • “The Crown” is a private corporation owned by a small group of the world’s wealthiest people, directed by a committee of 12 men, from “The City” approximately 1 square mile at the heart of London.

  • “The City” is an Independent State. It is NOT part of England, London or the UK at all. It has its own flag, laws, courts and police. It pays NO taxes. It is a sovereign state.

  • It is the financial power centre of the world, dominated by the Rothschild (Zionist) controlled Bank of England, which is the centre of the worlds fraudulent debt based monetary system.  “The City” includes the London Stock Exchange, ALL British Banks, 385 foreign bank branches and 70 US banks.

  • “The City” also houses all major media and publishing monopolies

  • “The City” is the Headquarters of World Freemasonry

  • The Rothschild zionist banking cartel maintains control of the Global monetary system through BIS, Bank of International Settlements, IMF and World Bank, as well as the Federal Reserve in the American colony, (yes, it still is).

  • They determine values of all currencies, and control world affairs, including the manufacture and supply of weapons, arming both sides of a conflict, supplies of food, medicine and raw materials, as well as social engineering projects, wars, regime changes, population control (via)mass vaccination, geoengineering climate change etc.

  • Since the Crown owns ALL land in Britain, according to their legal fiction, ALL British citizens are tenants on the land. Property may be purchased leasehold (limited duration) or freehold (unlimited duration), but BOTH of these terms are legal doublespeak (according to medieval feudal laws that they have enacted upon us) denoting tenure NOT ownership.

  • These laws were established in 1066 to enforce a feudal system to uphold The Crown superiority and ultimate rights of ownership. Citizens (“serfs”) may hold the title of a deed, but according to their legal fiction, this denotes a lease, not ownership.

  • The size and price of housing is based on the myth of “scarcity” maintained by relentless propaganda to inflate prices by those who stand to reap massive profits (and ensure that many people spend their lives struggling to repay debt incurred by mortgages and bank loans with their hard earned wealth).

But back to the 57 million square acres of land – the agricultural plot – “unaccounted for”.
Enter,  Strange Fact 1 Land registries should record the names of those who own titles or deeds to the land but they do not. The information has been deliberately concealed.
Strange fact 2: A doomsday book that actually records land holding with names and acreage, has (been) disappeared.
In 1873, the publication of this book revealed that 4% of the population owned deeds to the total land mass of the UK. The 4% consist of  the descendants of the aristocratic ruling elite, the feudal landowners variously titled Barons, Dukes, Earls, Viscounts  and Lords, while 96% of the population owned nothing at all.
Some shifts have taken place until the present time, with over 50% of the population now owning titles to something, mostly their own dwelling, but almost entirely within the urban 3 million acres.
Until today, the identity of those holding titles to 40 – 50% of the remaining rural land remains unknown.
Some of these great landowners hold private estates of up to a quarter of a million acres, way beyond all possible needs of one family, some of which they may rent, or lease for farming or property development, and some of which will be kept for their own recreational purposes, hunting, fishing and the like. (Just for the sake of visualization and comparison , an  acre being just over half the size of a football pitch, a quarter of a million acres is enough land to theoretically house a minimum of quarter of a  million people very comfortably…putting paid to the myth of land scarcity).
They do not pay any taxes on these lands.
Land- related taxes paid by the 96% urban dwellers (originally intended to subsidize poor farmers) have now become a yearly handout to the rich landowners(!)
The British Government has so far refused to release the subsidy figures.
The Scottish government revealed that the 50 richest landowners received an average of 3 million pounds sterling each (from the pockets of the people) over 10 years.
Whether known, fully or partially understood or not, The establishment of the legalised fiction of Ownership of all land by the Crown corporation indicates that the feudal system of landowners and landless peasants (serfs or slaves) is still in operation, which in turn, enables the usury- based monetary system to operate successfully (for them).
To exit the matrix, it is necessary to understand it, for the power of the Matrrix lies in the fact that most people are completely deceived and deluded by it. Without understanding their cunning, subtle or hidden moves, their power to deceive and subtly shift colours like a chameleon, means that the unaware will easily fall into the trap again and again.
It gets worse. The CITY is part of a Triad.
The City, the Vatican and the District of Columbia in Washington DC are all independent sovereign states operating beyond the jurisdiction of the hosting countries, having their own flags, laws, courts and police.
While Americans are aghast at repeated violations of the US constitution by the US government, it would be wise to remember that legally, the District of Columbia is NOT under the jurisdiction of the US constitution.
Neither the government of the USA or the British Monarchy can act independently of them, rather the monarchy act as agents of the Crown.
Together they constitute one, interlocking empire “The Empire of the City”. The Empire has its own flag, with three stars, symbolizing the three “states”. They control the entire world:

  • Economically, through “The City” of London.
  • Militarily, through Washington D.C.
  • Spiritually through the Vatican. 

They operate in lockstep.
So how does any of this relate to the refugee crisis?
To solve the refugee crisis we must implement the following steps, basically overturning the power of The Empire of the City:
1.  Stop the war machine of the Empire of the City, which is running at full speed destroying sovereign states. Today it is the Middle East. If the warmongers have their way, tomorrow it will be Iran, Russia and China and the refugee problem will be increased not tenfold but a hundredfold.
2. Discussions of camps, quotas or repatriation (which is often impossible) should be considered only the most preliminary and temporary emergency measure. It cannot possibly be considered a viable solution.
3. Start to demand reparations from the NATO  governments for the unspeakable damage done to countries like Iraq or Libya, both thriving states that have been bombed to ruin in fraudulent wars. If people can rebuild their lives in their homelands, why would they suffer extreme hardship and risk their lives to come to European shores? By reparations I mean compensation for all the damage to property and lives as well as returning the money and assets stripped from those countries, (not  fat rebuilding contracts for the colonizers)
4. To open public discussion at all levels on the wealth redistribution and land rights. No corporation, banker, monarch, political figure, billionaire or aristocratic descendant of a feudal lord can claim the ultimate ownership of the land, which rightfully rests with the one who created it, the Supreme Creator, by whatever name one wishes to apply to that entity. All human beings, by birthright, can claim the right to own a home in accordance with genuine needs from where they can work, individually or in partnership with others to build their lives in a way that does not impinge on the rights of others. Additional land could be made available to those with the ingenuity, vision and capacity to develop it into projects which genuinely benefit the society as well as themselves, while giving due care to the environment.  The era of feudalism, long outdated, is about to be dismantled. The legal fiction permitting the lands of the Middle East to also eventually become “property of the Crown” cannot be allowed to happen.
By contrast:
In the Green Book of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (yes the Gaddafi the West loves to hate)  it states:
The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore is should not be owned by others“.
He believed that no-one should have to pay rent. He promised that all Libyans would be housed before he housed his own parents. He kept his promise, although his own father died before he was able to house him. Moreover, to encourage food self-sufficiency, the government provided farm land, a tractor, seedlings and livestock free of charge to anyone who wanted to start a farming business.
The land is no-ones private property. Rather, everyone has the right to exploit it……but within the limits of fulfilling their needs”
The Green Book
Social preceptor P.R. Sarkar highlights the fact that the ultimate ownership of the land is the Supreme Creator, but that all people have rights to access and utilise it for fulfillment of their individual and family needs, as well as for the good of the society. He envisioned that  wise, aware and awakened collective human management would  draw forth its abundance and benevolent potential, for the good of all.
It is up to us to ensure that future generations inherit the abundance of Earth, as a shared resource, and that the false meme of “scarcity”, and “overpopulation” be blown apart as the myths they are. The outdated feudal system of landowners and tenants along with its attendant usury based economy are destined for the dustbin of history, where they belong.
Who owns Britian? Kevin Cahill (Published in The New Statesman)
Who or What is the Crown? John Hardon

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com

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Who Owns The Land? Part 2

  • Conspiracy
  • Forbidden History
  • Forbidden Knowledge
  • Social Engineering

by Elle - Aug 17, 2015
5 50

Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Satanic-ritual-vatican-liturgy-700x477

Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Print
The History of our Enslavement
Guest writer, ZenGardner.com
Control of Land is Power, and if that control is consolidated through violence, treachery and monopoly, that power is concentrated. If that monopoly is sustained through violence or threat of violence then it can be exploited through the many forms of usury, such as ownership, debt economics and slavery, administrated through the construction of legal fictions codified as positive law. If you can govern the minds of those enslaved never to rebut those constructed fictions, then you can own the Earth, all life it contains and all souls.
Abdun Nur
Land, cannot, by its nature, be exclusively owned by any human being. Any property ultimately belongs to the creator of that object, until such time as he or she sells it or gives it away.
The Supreme Creator has never sold the Earth to anyone, thus by natural law and simple logic no-one can claim exclusive ownership of the land. However, it also follows that all humans and creatures, may, by birthright and wise management utilize it within the limits of their authentic needs, and without encroaching upon others.
This concept is known as Allodial Earth www.servantofthelight.com wherein land may be held, managed and utilized, and that individuals may rightfully claim full ownership of the fruits of their labour upon that land, but not of the land itself.
To fully understand the extent of our enslavement we should understand the history we were NOT taught in school.
The Britannic Isles,(what we know today as England, Wales, Scotand and Eire)  prior to the Anglo Saxon and Norman invasions was known as Albien. Albien, simply meant “the surface of the Earth”, and in those days  it was inhabited by tribal communities, there were no borders, religious or political boundaries or divisions, no kings or, no landowners or serfs. The society was following an allodial system, each family held rights to a sufficient area of land to be able to cultivate and feed their families and trade or barter the excess.
Communities were governed by a “Rex” system, a rex being a strong man of the tribe who “put right” or solved conflicts, protected the weak, and gathered men to protect the tribe in case of danger. The Rex owned no special claim to his own land, but played a “legal” role in managing the affairs of the tribe according to their legal systems based on common law, rather than a kingship.
Over a period of 500 or so years, the waves of Anglo-Saxon invasions started which were to permanently alter the face of Albien. The invaders raped, mass-murdered and pillaged their way through the villages and settlements of the South, stealing whatever they could find and killing whoever could not flee for their lives. The installed their kings on the seized land, (since land is not likely to remain seized without an “owner” and force of arms to control it). Albien became Angle-land (England).
However the greatest transformation occurred in 1066 with the arrival of William the Bastard, (Guillaume Le Batard) sent by the Vatican papacy (Pope Alexander II) of Rome, with the express purpose of laying claim to the lands of Albien. It appears that William was chosen for his brutal enforcement of a Feudal System in Normandy.
To comprehend the profound impact of Williams Invasion, it is necessary to understand the nature or the Papacy, for he was no more than a puppet in an imperial design of the Vatican.
Until this day, after centuries of church propaganda that has also infected the educational system, most people are inclined to think of the “Holy Fathers” as representing some kind of moral force, disseminating religious dogma to the faithful flock. Nothing could be further from the truth, and a perusal of the history of the papacy demonstrates that not only is there a distinct absence of “holiness”, but that the crimes of some of the worst criminals and mafias seem to pale by comparison!
The “Holy Fathers”of that time were in fact temporal rulers, appearing distincly indifferent to spiritual values, and it is fair to say that most of their reigns are characterized by ruthless and unseemly scrambles for the ultimate seat of power (“God’s representative on Earth”), brutality, warmongering, savagery, corruption , gathering obscene wealth and living lives of luxury and sexual incontinence.
Though the earliest origins of the papacy are difficult to trace, the earliest clues appear in the 1st century, when Vatican Hill was in fact a temple of goddess Cybele (magna mater). The principal religion of the Italian aristocratic families.
The high preists of the Cybele death cult were transgender eunuchs, who during the wild, frenzied, orgiastic  rituals, were known to castrate themselves, thereafter dressing in womens clothes, growing long hair and behaving as women. Cannibalism, child sacrifice, blood-drinking and human sacrifice by burning were all integral parts of the demon worshipping rituals.
Far removed from our concept of celebrating the Great Mother as a source of abundance, seasons, fertility and harvests, they viewed the world as inhabited by demons, who were to be propitiated by appropriately ghastly sacrifices for the sake of gaining wealth, power or deadly advantage over ones enemies.
It appears that the death cult morphed when in AD312 the story of Jesus was introduced by Emperor Constantine, but it appears that it applied only the thinnest of veneers of what had become the murderous and scandalous lifestyles of the Pontiffs at that time, most were conspicuously disinterested in virtuous living or ministering to the faithfull, preferring to pursue their satanic cult and the “gifts” of wealth and power that they believed it bestowed on them.
Jealously guarding their pagan heritage and right to sacrifice people to their demon gods, the priestly families were banished from Rome more than once along with the closure of the Vatican temple.
However, during the tumultuous periods in Roman history after the collapse of Rome as the center of the Empire, the pagan high priests assumed the role as community leaders in Rome and during more than one period, openly returned to their pagan practices of child sacrifice, cannibalism and demonic worship as late as 590 to 752, 847 to 872 and even as late as 896, 1057.” [2] http://humansarefree.com/2013/04/the-dark-secrets-of-vatican.html
Viewing a small cross section of the papacy in the century prior to Williams invasion one finds a few examples of the prevailing papal climate:
Pope Steven VII – a “gouty and gluttonous old priest” ordered the 8 month dead rotting corpse of his predecessor exhumed and tied to a chair and “put on trial” in frint of the assembled bishops and clergy, where he shrieked obscenities at it, finaly abusing it, cutting off some of its fingers and stripping it of its vestments…..
Rule of Whores, the papacy was ruled for several decades by 2 prostitutes of Italian “nobles”, who serviced the popes and the papal candidates vying for the throne, eached armed with their own military forces to enforce their claim to the papacy. By instigating their own intrigues and using intelligence gathered from their “clients”, they were able to manipulate the claim to ultimate power, having some popes murdered and others installed (including one of their own illegitimate sons fathered by a pope).
Pope John XII 955 – 964 invoked pagan gods and goddesses, toasted Satan during a drinking spree, put his prostitute mistress in charge of his brothel at the Lateran palace. On one occasion he and his mistress got so drunk they set fire to the building.
Pope Benedict VI was thrown into prison and strangled by anti-pope BonifaceVII
Benedict IX who caused great scandal by his disorderly conduct
Boniface VII described by his successor as “a horrible monster, that in criminality surpassed all of mankind”
Benedict XII won a murderous scramble for the wealth of the papacy and promptly established a reign or terror to defend it. He opened the doors of the papal palace to homosexuals, establishing a male brothel……
It becomes rather clear that the “holy father” image was but the flimsiest of veils scarcely able to cover the transforming death-cult which was still clearly the dominant meme in the mindsets of the popes.
So it was that Pope Alexander II charged William with the conquest of Albien as a ‘crusade” on behalf of the Vatican. He amassed a huge army, consisting of mercenaries, criminals and Norman aristocrats with their men to whom he promised vast tracts of conquered land and plundered wealth as the spoils of war. ,
Williams invasion of Albien was utterly brutal and ruthless. Employing a “scorched earth” strategy, he razed homes, farms and settlements to the ground, slaughtering all the occupants along with their animals. His men sowed the earth with salt, ensuring that nothing would grow, thus causing a famine, further bringing the land and its remaining inhabitants  under the control of his reign of terror.
“He fell upon the Albic of the North like a raging, rabid beast, without conscience, utterly without mercy and reveling in barbarity, so that the area was depopulated and impoverished for many years.” Abdun Nur
Gregory VII had Pope Alexander II murdered and then seized the papacy for himself in 1073. Financed by wealthy Sadducee Jewish Venetian Merchant Pietro Leoni (who was in fact preparing for his own takeover of the papal throne), Gregory VII took several steps:

  1. He called upon the families of the satan-worshipping Italian Nobility to pledge (as a matter of advancing their strategy) an “outward appearance” of Catholicism.

  1. Introduced the office of the cardinal, whereby each of those satanic aristocratic families were allowed to have 1 member as a cardinal. (Note here that until today, the new pope is selected by the cardinals) thus ensuring that the satanic nobles had a significant and enduring role (control) in the Vatican

  1. He made new laws giving the Pope extended powers

  1. He ensured that Goddess Cybele became Mary (placing her importance above that of Christ – later to become official part of Roman Catholic doctrine)

  1. Introduced the dogma of the Holy communion “eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ”, echoing the cannibalistic rituals of Goddess Cybele

  1. Formalised the process of ownership of Land and title, thus legitimizing the massive theft of Albic  land and property.

Thus the Vatican, through William brought to an end the system of Allodial Earth Utilisation and installed the Feudal System of Landowners and landless peasants (serfs). The people of lbien were driven off their land which was divided up as spoils among the aristocratic Norman elites who had joined Williams campaign, each obtaining huge swathes of prime agricultural land, and the people of Albien became slaves upon their own land.
Until today, the descendents of the Norman Aristocracy, Dukes, Earls, Barons and Viscounts “own” massive land estates in Britain, while the ordinary British people are crowded into urban areas. This is the toxic legacy of William the Bastard.
As for Pietro Leoni, it was his son, Pietro Leoni II who murdered Pope Paschale III, and declared himself king of Rome and installing himself as Pope Calixtus, the first Jewish Sadducee pope.(The Sadducees were originally worshippers of the god Baal Moloch, to whom they sacrificed humans by various methods of burning).
But that was just the beginning.
Note: This article attempts to synthesize facts I have drawn mostly from 2 excellent, detailed but quite lengthy sources
Abdun Nur  www.servantofthelight.com thought provoking essays on Allodial earth and the history of Albien among multiple other topics.
Tony Bushby:  http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican30c.htm
The Criminal Nature of the Papacy Part 1, 2, 3, a (mind-numbing) well researched and referenced history of the popes. A real eye opener.
As such I claim no credit other than having assembled and summarized facts I have learned, in large part from their work.
For Part 1 of Who Owns the Land go here

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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Who Owns the Land? Part 3

  • Banksters
  • Conspiracy
  • Economic Manipulations
  • Forbidden History
  • Forbidden Knowledge

by Elle - Sep 7, 2015
2 27

Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Pope-Francis-Romanus-Jesuit-Illuminati-Satanist-Child-Trafficking-and-Genocide1-700x394

Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 Print
Timeline of our Enslavement
By Vitashoka
(Part 1 of this series can be seen here and Part 2 here)
Ownership, Usury and Feudalism:
After amassing vast armies of mercenaries and garnering the support of the aristocracy with promises of conquered lands and wealth, William laid waste to Albien (the Britannic Isles) in 1066 with unprecedented ferocity, seizing lands and wealth, slaughtering the indigenous people along with their animals and razing entire towns and villages to the ground. He rewarded his aristocratic supporters of his genocide with swathes of seized lands to establish their own fiefdom. By 1185 William the Bastard had established the Feudal system of landowners and landless peasants or serfs, and the indigenous people became slaves of their continental feudal lords.
What follows is the briefest of timelines that the limits of this article allows which demonstrates our descent into slavery, the understanding of which can help us to take back what has been taken from us. Much is omitted, and much that deserves deeper research is merely touched on, that the interested reader will pursue for themselves.

  • Lands stolen by the Norman aristocracy on behalf of the Roman Pontiff were recorded in the Doomsday Book, thus establishing their ownership of the land for all eternity (i.e. until doomsday). The Doomsday book marked the beginning of the Crown Corporation.

  • With Ownership of land comes the possibility of rent, loan, lease and mortgage. The system of usury was established by the Jews at this time.

  • Meanwhile the ferocious blood-letting, corruption and scandalous lifestyles of the Popes continued along with papal military campaigns to seize more lands and wealth for the Vatican. The justification for this wanton murder was heresy and Christians were to consider it a holy duty to murder any who differed from the Vatican dogma.

  • The Crusades were already in full swing, which were Papal sanctioned genocides of the innocent in the name of Christ, along with rape, looting and plundering of their wealth, which were to continue unabated for the next 500 years.

  • Back in Europe, Pope Innocent III, third in a line of Jewish Popes , ordered a 35 year bloody crusade against the Cathars, a peaceful and pious community, who could see through the papacy, setting upon them with a 500,000 strong Catholic Army, hacking to pieces men, women and children until they had exterminated every last Cathar. Heresy, however, wasn’t the main issue here……rather it was the lands and wealth held by the Cathars that had caught the eye of the Holy See. In this orgy of killing, over 500 towns and villages were totally obliterated.

  • In 1184, the same Jewish Pope Innocent III initiated the horrors of the Inquisitions which swept through Europe and lasted for 600 years. Supposed heretics were hunted down and brought before the Inquisitors, whose first task it was to obtain their name and write it down. Once in writing the person ceased to be a human and became an ‘owned property’. The trials were a farce, with no possibility to defend oneself and any who spoke for the victim would themselves be accused of heresy and face the same fate. The accused were subjected to the most hideous tortures to extract a confession, usually of heresy or witchcraft.

Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 PastedGraphic-2-1
Favoured methods of the Inquisitors included (but not limited to) dislocation of all joints in the body, breaking of bones with iron bars, drowning, suffocation, tearings and piercings of flesh and orifices, burning and scalding with instruments of torture so grotesque and hideous in design and intent that they fully reveal the most perversely sick and deranged minds of their demonic creators.
The many who ‘confessed’ and survived the tortures, were usually then subject to a slow and agonising death by being burnt alive. This orgy of pain and terror inflicted by the agents of the Vatican was to continue for 600 years.

  • The Knights Templar, a corrupt and murderous society of the crusading ‘soldiers of Christ’, returned from the crusades having amassed extraordinary power, lands and wealth. Some sources record that during their travels they had ‘fallen from Grace’ and turned to sorcery and practise of the black arts in pursuit of material success. Given the history of the Church until that time one might be forgiven for suspecting that was the case all along. They had established their own commerce and banking system all along their routes. In 1185, they established Temple Bar, in Chancery Lane, which replaced the Albic Common Law, and the Saxon ‘God’s Law’ with the ownership and usury system encoded in Roman Law.

  • The impressive material success of the Knights Templar proved too much for the Vatican, who duly had them rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and murdered, taking over their banking system. This was the beginnings of the Vatican Bank, which is until today known for money-laundering, trafficking, weapons trading and other lucrative criminal financial enterprises.

  • The Knights Templar were soon to be replaced by a new, covert, military arm of the Vatican – the Jesuits. Disciplined, well-trained in the arts of deceit and duplicity, their methods of assassinations, intelligence gathering, engineering conflicts, destabilising nations, bringing about the downfall of non-compliant regimes endure and thrive into the present era. They have placed their focus on excellence in education and many of the Ivy-League universities of the West are run by Jesuits, thus ensuring the continuity of ‘the system’ amongst the elites and the most promising minds of the future. The Jesuit order is today in control of the UN, NATO, European Commission, as well as various banks, big corporations and secret services.

  • In 1606 James 1 signed the Virginia Charter, granting rights to British colonisers to settle in the USA. This also guaranteed British sovereignty over the citizens and the land. The Crown that owns the Virginia company is the corporation of the city of London, under the control of the Pontiff of Rome.

  • In 1776 Adam Weishaupt, who was a Jew, changed his name to Rothschild and completed his organisation of the illuminati, the purpose of which was to divide and rule the Gentiles. To this end he recruited 2,000 of the most intelligent men in the fields of arts and literature, education, science, finance and industry.

  • 1790 saw the creation of the District of Columbia as an independent state, operating under the tyrannical Roman Lex Fiori law, not under the US constitution. Together with the independent states of the City in London, and the Vatican, they constitute one interlocking empire, the Empire of the City

  • 1791 The Rothschilds set up the First Bank of the USA.

  • Cardinal Chiaramonti inaugurated ‘representative democracy’ in 1794 – tyranny carefully concealed in the guise of freedom.

  • At the end of the Napoleonic wars in 1815, the Rothschilds deliberately crashed the London Stock market on the basis of a rumour that Napoleon had won the war, despite knowing the truth. This people to panic, and he ordered his agents to buy up all the shares at a fraction of their actual value. The Rothschilds bought them all up for pennies. In this way they also scammed control of the public shares of the Bank of England.

  • In 1823 the Rothschilds took control of Catholic finances worldwide.

  • Andrew Jackson becomes president of the USA in 1828. He intended to remove the Rothschild’s who had destroyed the US economy. He succeeded in throwing the Rothschild bankers out of the USA in 1836. They did not return until 1913 founding of the Federal Reserve.

  • The Rothschild Opium trade was rampant in China. The Chinese Emperor ordered it stopped, which signalled the beginning of the Opium wars with British soldiers fighting as mercenaries for the Rothschilds.

  • Ashkenazi Jew Moses Mordecai Levy known as Karl Marx publishes the ‘Communist Manifesto’ in 1848.

  • Karl Ritter at the same time writes the antithesis, the basis for Nietzches’ Nietzcheanism’ which later developed into Fascism and Nazism.

  • Marx, Ritter and Nietzche were all funded by the Rothschilds with the intent of using the differences in ideologies to divide humanity into opposing camps, arm them and set them at war with each other – recall Weishaupts plan of 1776.

  • 1871 Albert Pike , the most powerful Freemason in the USA completes his military plan for 3 World Wars. The content of that blueprint can be read in its entirety at this link.Who Owns the Land? Part 1,2&3 ALBERT_PIKE_THIRD_WORLD_WAR_630_x_331

  • Rothschild founded the Zionist Congress to promote world Zionism in 1892.

The history of the last century is beyond the scope of this article and the reader is referred to excellent sources below.
Humanity has spent the last 2000 or so years mentally and spiritually shut down, entangled and enslaved by religious dogma and legal fiction, terrorised by state and church terrorism, drowning in debt based financial quagmire, and brainwashed in the name of education, with little understanding of the game that has been played against us.
Humanity must now rise up against this monstrous Lie, dismantling the fictional reality that has been generated by the soulless psychopaths and embark on the co-creation of an empathetic world that nurtures the highest potential of all sentient beings.
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