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» Well they did it! New Zealand took away that baby because parents wanted unvaxxed blood for transfusion.
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» 432 Hz: THE MAGIC FREQUENCY (forbidden from mainstream music)
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» Scientists achieve mind-bending 'quantum time flip'
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» After FTX’s Sudden Collapse, Crypto Billionaires are Now Dying Under Mysterious Circumstances Around the World
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» Bill Gates will join Fauci this week to dictate U.S. government health 'priorities for the future'
'Deez Nuts' 2016  EmptyYesterday at 12:26 pm by PurpleSkyz

»  How To Cheat and Lie with Vaccine Science: A Review of Turtles All The Way Down
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»  Operation Soul Disconnection
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» Guess a B-baller is just WAY MORE IMPORTANT than a MARINE!
'Deez Nuts' 2016  EmptyYesterday at 11:00 am by PurpleSkyz

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I read an artice yesterday that Michelle Obama is contemplating running. Best option I have seen yet!

4'Deez Nuts' 2016  Empty Re: 'Deez Nuts' 2016 Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:12 pm



Yes "he" would fit right in. LOL

Maybe that is the whole backstory to the Caitlyn Jenner saturation over here. Get the folks primed for the big unveil that she is a trans gendered person also. Or so they say...
A very dear friend of mine that frequents the gay bars etc. in Chicago said he (Barack) was seen around often before he was prez. When you hear first hand stories like that it does give one reason to consider the rumors about the both of them.

She can have Deez for VP!

Circus anyone?

'Deez Nuts' 2016  Obama-clown

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