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1LORD VERULAM Empty LORD VERULAM Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:19 pm



(lord of truth)

“Sir, his definement suffers no perdition in you; though I know, to divide him inventorially would dizzy the arithmetic of memory.”
Shakespeare’s Hamlet

What can I say about brother Bacon that his own words fail to convey, his words are ever enigmatic to the casual eye, his secrets don’t come easy and are often cloaked as a mouthpiece of laymen. History is akin to the sacrificial lamb that’s poised under the golden bough, where the blood of time wets only the moment.

There are few writers even within our own collective that could compare to the depth and scale of this mans’ muse. In fact the shear muscle behind the volume of work defies logic, making me wonder if he ever slept, for the legal writing alone was substancial not to mention his essay’s, his plays, his help in editing the Bible for King James, his help in writing manifestos for the Rosicrucian’s; all done with a depth that went beyond convention, and all this while keeping a full time job at the House of Commons.

If 1600 AD was the peak of the English renaissance then Bacon had somehow peaked long before then, perhaps being our own collective’s renaissance man. Although I wrote about a dozen or so pages about Francis Bacon in Sons of Aries I barely scratched the surface, and have often thought about writing a an entire book about him since I can access things others can’t. But I don’t know if it would do anything other than spark an academic war. But he was not alone in his highbrow crusade, in fact there were numerous contemporaries during his time that were every bit as above the crowd as he was and Queen Elizabeth seemed to be at the nucleus of this brain factory, for no matter which direction you turn within her court you see someone oozing with intelligence.

When I study the period I can only wonder at the gestalt of human consciousness that occurred. I can assume that the weighty conditions all were exposed to may have prompted such a flowering, or that there was something else occurring genetically that lay out of reach. I can compare this period with our time now to see if we can use their wisdom in some way to further our own cause. For in retrospect there were some uncanny similarities that tie to our present time that may not be obvious to the casual observer.
During Bacons day there was a great deal of oppression for the common people, there was an undercurrent developing at the time to topple the monarchy. There was a push to educate the public and involve them. There was a war against Spain and its allies, there was a war to separate religion from government and for the first time in centuries people were offered spiritual options. There was a war between royal houses, which was in essence a war against the Drac takeover stemming mainly from Rome. There was a conquest for the new world under the guise of prosperity. There were hundreds of new laws being written and presented that both helped and harmed the people and tax revolt became a legal option. A new form of entertainment called theatrical drama was being staged to educate the public indirectly. A new public information source was coming online called the newspaper, the mass production of books was soon to follow. The Roman Papacy began to lose its strength and began new tactics to appeal to the general public. The Monarchies began to understand that to govern a country properly they had to be frugal with how tax revenue was spent as the cost of public infrastructures began to weigh in. Counter intelligence networks became standard procedure along with the advent of the coded cipher. The voice of the people began to get louder as they became more aware. And like today the cerebral capacity is exemplary in certain individuals.

Although this is just a small sample of what we can identify in today’s world we can no longer look to England to lead us in insurrection. We don’t need secret societies to whisper in the dark about the infidelities of leadership, we don’t need a new Atlantis manifesto oozing with commonwealth, or to remind us of a fallen past, and we don’t need religion as a moral pulpit. More laws won’t help either unless they are crafted to empower rather than strip what little we have left.

What is needed at this time has far less to do with the external than one can imagine, aside from a culling of exploitive habits. It has more to do with learning the art of refocusing, for the world requires your focus to feed its agendas and the moment we lose interest the energetic balloon looses hot air. The art of refocusing has one premise; limit the enslavement of self from external programs until we develop our internal programs.
The unfortunate aspect of brother Bacon was that he was all about external programs. Not that the period wasn’t in full need pulmonary resuscitation on many levels, it just means that spiritual maturity suffers which can be often seen as imbalances in character and energy. But I know he was exposed to a certain amount of bleed through and some of his writings hint at knowledge of inner earth, as well as a keen insight of how politics and science can become the greater detriment to humanities future as expressed in Leviathan by his secretary Thomas Hobbes, as they sought to steer the masses away from these rocky shoals.

As the individual begins the path of refocusing alternate probability fields open up, increasing ones options. And as ones options open up it creates its own gravity well which all are privy too. For although we are led to believe are thoughts are our own, when our thoughts are in proper alignment with that of source and there timing impeccably needed it seems to explode within the consciousness of humanity simultaneously, where others that are aligned with source suddenly get the download making it seem to the casual observer that there is some sort of underground information conspiracy afoot.

The saying “we are one” of course is a bit hard to wrap ones head around, but once we get passed the judging ego we begin to see that our similarities and conscious alignment has only slight variations, and although each will have their respective individual talents, they are mysteriously working as a whole collectively.

We often don’t see how our seemingly selfish behavior of inner focus that although alienates on one level facilitates on another. But as Gandhi showed us through the solidarity of non-participation reality shifts occur for the common good that invalidate the focus of oppression. For the focus of oppression itself is also the anti-focus of liberation. We can only be victims of our beliefs, but our beliefs are inherited unless we have begun to elucidate on a level that goes beyond the what is, to a level of what isn’t, and it is what isn’t which requires our focus until it reaches a level of is’ness for it to become “the business.”

I can only wonder at the level of astral infringement during Bacons day, for surely it was rampant within the courts and no doubt mommy dearest was aware of it. It was always a problem, even before Egypt. I doubt it was at the level it is today, with the electronic medium being what it is, which only perpetuates it on a new level. But back then even if their contemporaries weren’t chipped the old Anunnaki beast machines were up and running for psychotronic manipulation from their crystal pylon network. These systems were and still are just as nasty as any Harp or Gwen, and can be remote controlled from a ship cloaked in 4th density.

There were always grail wars, which are basically frequency wars and the dark lords use the astral to hide their mischief and precipitate their plans by using and abusing the human populace. The Dragon wars predate the Saxon invasion (Sac-is-on), and it didn’t end with Hitler. Bacon as far as I know was no astral warrior, but he no doubt saw its remnant as manifestations of evil, as a yolk within the courts and the magistrate. He would deal with it in his hyper 3D fashion, by exposing it and checking it at the legal door in chessboard fashion.

Of course in today’s world “they” have become quite familiar with the advantages of astral warfare, teaching subjects the projection of consciousness as we see with remote viewing. But if you’ve ever encountered such you will see how clumsy these second rate practices are, not to mention that when working within the astral one becomes that much closer to the soul, who will often intervene making a mockery of seditious and seedy succubae. The problem with using humans within such work is that the work requires sustained DNA template activation, which allows one access to higher levels of dimensional consciousness, often allowing the subjects to see through the dirty directives.
But the dark avatars and their collectives can still use biofields attachment and are savvy in the ways of astral warfare, and even if they fail to get their hooks in you, they will use unsuspecting people who carry reverse genetics to do their bidding. And while such numbers are staggering their behavior is quite obvious to the trained eye. The controlled may be offered a handsome reward for their activity, or even be forced by threats to their wealth, or they may not even be aware that they have become a puppet. In any regard seeing the activity for what it is will allow a certain level of empowerment and if you are an astral warrior then you know how to play the game, seeing each move they make as an opportunity opposed to a threat. No need to go to the extremes that brother Solomon did, when he collected the spirits of the mischievous and stored them in brass pots, no need to mirror the floors and ceiling to spot the intruders. Source will compensate those that are in alignment, and we are not here to judge what is.

Please consider your-self not for sale, but for sail. One drop seeds the rainbow, one drop changes the color of the water, one thought has the potential to change the world, and you’re that thought awaiting expression, an eternal spark of creation, a fragment of the big bang that still echoes within. So much potential awaits your awareness when you begin to believe; in your-self (sensual- epigenetic-local-frequency resonator).
See this link for a short story about Bacon
Be safe,

2LORD VERULAM Empty Re: LORD VERULAM Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:17 pm



Very timely piece you share today with us Val with the AI info coming out ie: Alfred Webre, etc.



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