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1SETH-TEMBER Empty SETH-TEMBER on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:53 pm




It would appear October (octant cycle) is losing its ghoulish flavor in favor of September, or perhaps someone is just trying to advance the dial a bit. Whatever the case, the change in the air that many are picking up on, although heavily laden with innuendo has stimulated far more opportunity for positive change than I will dip into here. For I think we often need to take a few steps back to regain our forward momentum.

After a long conversation with my cat this morning about his nasty habit of harming innocent birds, I came to the realization that he is just following the instinct inherent within all critters. The nature of man would not be seen so differently if we had no markets to purchase edible goods. Like the kitty we would be out there stalking prey, which is unfortunately a predatory nature.

There are many species with inherent predatory natures and we can’t change what is until we are able to change the very nature of what we are “carnivorous”. The food chain as we know it would lead us to believe that we are at the top, but this is not the case, in fact there are many species that look at us as we look at our dinner plate.
But what does this say about the nature of this reality plane? What inherent deficiency, genetically or energetically has been imposed that caused this chain reaction of environmental consumption, for surely creation did not begin under the premise that experiential life by its most fundamental definition is to perpetually consume and procreate.

Philosophically one could theorize that the nature of energy is to compete with itself, and that form is nothing more than a conceptual energy gestalt that must constantly be fueled by an external energy source. But this line of thought would be in direct opposition to the observable nature we have come to know, for atoms and their energetic constituents don’t require sustenance for their existence. And although some would argue that our Sun creates the perpetual fuel for the electromagnetic medium exclusively, I would beg to differ, for I see the sun as nothing more than a theoretical proton. Better still, the sun emulates the nucleus of a proton while everything around it is bound within the body of said proton.

Getting back to our nasty habit o consumption; it’s easy to see with little introspection that this inherent nature we are saddled with is not the inherent nature of the fundamentals of nature, and if it’s not there, then where did it originate from?

I know that many at this point would begin to assume that energetic consumption may just be another program, but it goes deeper than that and it has nothing to do with what density one resides in.

If one were to make a rational assumption about the consumption of energy in a vampire (V) system, it could be easily assumed additional energy is only required when energy itself no longer has the capacity to sustain its existence and therefore attaches itself to a system that does. We can endlessly debate about what causes this effect, but such a discussion isn’t the focus of this essay. But it would be easy to assume that when a system that self perpetuates life force becomes out of balance due to an unsanctioned siphon, that system will try to regain its state of equilibrium by consuming an external energetic quantum, which will create a chain reaction all the way down to the microbial level.

When we bear witness to the escalation of lunacy now in affect its hard to see the logic, but the physics are simple really, if we look at it from the standpoint of dynamic energy characteristically. When any energetic quantum containing Merkaba (counter rotating polarized electric/magnetic energy fields held in perpetuity) become out of balance, which can begin at the genetic level, the dominant torsion field can override the other, creating a singular vortex that is unbalanced and all consuming, taking on the shape of the symbol we know as V.

Genetically humans are born with Merkaba, unlike certain hybrids walking amongst us. Our exposure to and investment in V type practices, twisted philosophies and V mechanics disturb this equilibrium. If one resides within an enVironment (career, family, cult) where the V quantum is highest it’s easy to say that their moral compass will eventually implode and they will become corrupted. Those with the highest V quantum will resort to drinking the blood of children to stabilize their human form which will deteriorate as they evolve into alignment with the V host.

Of course by now the rationale would be; what is the origin of this siphon and how do we stop this siphon from causing us to consume ourselves and every other living thing out of existence? I wish I had a pill for this ill, but unfortunately no pharmaceutical will help. In theory the only way to combat the demiurge is to change the nature of the energy we embody into something less appetizing until a  better solution is available, which I know sounds impossible but bear with me a moment before jumping to convulsions.

Awareness is first and foremost our greatest asset, and I’m not just talking about the awareness of the greater external spectrums but awareness of our own innate ability to redirect our focus for positive change. So, we have succumb to the animal kingdom and no longer wish to participate within a program which knows only the consumption of other life forms for its continued existence. Perhaps we want nothing more than to thrive on sunlight and water like a Turnip, but we realize that something has to change not only on a conscious level but on a biological level as well. Our bodies and our minds shall in the very least require a weaning process.

But this of course is only the first step of many, our new water and sunlight software will need to be programmed into the hard drive, but we’ll come to find that our mainframe doesn’t accept the water/sunlight software without a quantum of the “V” quotient of bytes. It would appear that somehow our mainframe has been altered to only accept a certain V type energy even though at one time we ran off a G energy quantum like the rest of creation, which is an infinite supply, while the V type remains finite.

The G energy (ener G).  Shifting to a G quantum won’t happen overnight, for it took millennia for us to get this far removed regardless if we were innocent and victimized. Our original blueprint somehow got redlined when it went through the building department which also decided some rezoning was required to make things work in the V enVi-ronment (enter V on men); which of course was a major derailment. But when we take the path back to ener-G we first become less appetizing to V-force allowing us to build a quantum of G-force which spins in a different direction (think Merkaba). Once we have reached a certain quantum or critical mass the energy of our carbon unit transforms in frequency and density and it is within this transformation that the nature of our energy is changed creating immunity to V and its venomous vibe.

The planet we reside upon is also running a distorted Merkaba, through no fault of her own, which is inorganic and perpetuated by champions of the V mechanics. This means until we as a planet and planetary collective raise the quantum of G upon the plane those who are running G will experience a tremendous amount of drag which will equate to fatigue in the early stages until one learns to buffer their fields, or shield. This will be a tremendous aid to eliminate polar friction, and it’s just a proper thought construct that acts sort of like the ionosphere of our planet which protects her from nasty energy blasts. As the planet slowly shifts back to the G-force over the next millennia, those inhabitants who are not in alignment will begin to fade from existence, which will affect all race lines beyond humanity.

As the cosmic clock resets this process will be in full swing making us feel as though our body and our consciousness are in different modes of being that don’t necessarily harmonize. Those whose G-force quantum is higher will receive bursts of energy making one want to run around in circles, and may even make one repulsed toward food stuffs. Please find ways to ground your energy during these peaks and stellar wave infusions. What may help is bare feet in the grass or wet sand; taking a tubby and drinking lots of pure water. I recommend paying the artesian wells a visit, but marathon meditations are also good, for the mental excitation can allow one to penetrate conscious barriers with ease for prolonged introspection. Contemplating bliss is always recommended to balance the psyche and restore equilibrium to the body.

The Champions of V mechanics will be heating things up for their proposed mechanical usurpation of our solar/ planetary system during this period, but this should not be your focus, remain focused on your beingness in order to be proactive collectively, for they know that fear works in their favor. The planet is receiving everything she needs to fulfill her goals and the inorganic systems plaguing the solar system will begin to dissolve soon, we just need to be patient. Negative agenda’s hatched since the beginning of this cycle are being targeted along along with certain species and their contraptions.

As these words hit the page many wonderful programs are being initiated from the highest levels and by the end of this month the “Fall” will be ushered in. Unfortunately for the proponents of V the direction of this fall won’t serve their eVil (e’nergy V illness) purpose. I can’t expose any more than this for the moment, but for those who are still clinging to their G-force know that this reformation may require your involvement at a higher level of participation soon, as the domestic occupation begins to crumble, and the opportunity to take back our planet and heal the damage presents itself. Trust me when I say you will know when the time is right. But until the V stands for Victory let it stand for parting the Veil between us (Valentinus).

Stay healthy my friends,


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It really is that simple. They feed on our fear.

Wonderful explanation Val....

Thanks for sharing here.


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