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Withdraw, Draw - With

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1Withdraw, Draw - With Empty Withdraw, Draw - With Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:34 pm



Withdraw, Draw - With

Withdraw, Draw - With Dotted%2Bline
We came together so many years ago to do this thing, this Ascension/planet liberation thing.  There were so many players of us, all on the same team.

It’s not done, yet from a distance it looks like the members are packing up their suitcases – talking to travel agents and planning their next move.  Having joined together for the main event, we are now, each of us, peering out of our windows to find and focus on our own path.  This can appear as if we are no longer together.

Yet, separation is an illusion.  We are opposite ends of the same stick.  We feel each other.  There is no separation in Truth.

The lines drawn in the sand around ourselves and our focus are broken lines.  It’s like we are saying, “THIS IS ME!! SEE ME?? I END HERE”, (pointing to the thick, black, broken line drawn around yourself), please notice the spaces between the broken lines and come in there, there is plenty of room…

This is a time of inner focus, what some would call “with-drawing”.  It’s a necessary moment, that moment of self-definition.  This “with – drawing” is invitational, not isolating.  It is more of a “drawing – with”.   It invites every “other” to come “with”, to step inside this new drawing anytime and visit.  Boundaries are non-existent; the dotted (broken) line is only there so you can see where I AM.

The Path to Oneness is filled with “new”.  Terms, words, lines and borders are re-defining themselves in real time.

There is a term now used as an option when you are asked to declare your sexuality on some form or another.  There is male. There is female. There is “gender fluid”.  I love this.  We are beginning the process of losing categories.

Thus begins Oneness…

We are the ones who chose to be here and help initiate, witness and define the transformation.  As we discover and (eventually) accept all parts of ourselves – we realize the self-sabotaging that occurs with judgment.  Judgments of anyone, at any time, for any “transgression” will no doubt (eventually) become self-judgment.

Your current self is chosen.  Who are you now?  Is oneness on your conscious agenda?  Whether it is or isn’t, it will be showing up soon.  You’ve come for this.  Make no excuses for the “past”.  Make no promises for the “future”.  All there is – is NOW. The definition of Oneness is in your hands.

Names, roles and categories, even those as seemingly solid as “sex”, are re-defined in this new place we call home.  It’s now possible to be nothing specific, to remain whole and complete without a permanent attachment to any label, any “name”. Wrap your head around it and begin to experience freedom.  You are who you say you are.  Right now.

We came together to do this thing called liberate the planet – the validation for these efforts is emerging in the language and the people.  It won’t be easily defined but it is 100% assured.  Our intent is there still, guiding the direction from our individual paths.  We are One.

It is such an honor to be with each of you, just so much fun… Thank you for being here.   We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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Withdraw, Draw - With SophiaLogoSmall

You tube link here.

Posted by Sophia Love at 11:41 PM

Thanks to: http://americankabuki.blogspot.com


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