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The skies up here in the Rockies above 9000 ft. are usually clear and quiet, unless of course you’re in my neighborhood, but up beyond the planes and satellites there’s something a bit more curious only visible during the twilight. To the casual observer it looks like a bright star, but this star never wavers too far and can remain through the night while stars come and go.

Consortium mother ships are the command and control centers of all kinds of mischief here on Earth and beyond, and what I call Con-federate. No matter how far we come on the ground, as long as they are pulling strings called leaders this planet will not be free. I used to think we were powerless against these beasts that are many miles in circumference, with technology we have yet to conceive. And although there be few so called humans among them, our best interests don’t coincide with special interest.

For some of us here this year has been a bit more challenging, to put it mildly, it’s as if “they” know something about you that you have yet to realize yourself. The attacks are real and their pace is escalating, as if there is desperation on their side to make their human opposition go away. Such attacks will only serve to teach them the true nature of impunity, but what be impunity without an imputable impetus. But why, what is it about certain humans that they fear? Perhaps it’s not us they despise but that which they don’t understand, “God Source”. They will always confide in there abstract creations; their techno gadgets that they believe give them some sort of edge, but fail to realize that the only reason they resort to such folly is because they have lost their own ability to manifest through source.

Compensating ones lack in faith with gadgetry has never proved superior to the standard issue, but only confirms ones infidelity. But when there are those who wish to play God with second rate technologies, well, perhaps there’s no greater lesson than humility. Perhaps they shall come to understand that there is no technology in existence that cannot be rendered useless. And, that there are no beings who cannot have their imprint removed, which can include but not be limited to; genetic strains, race lines, forward or backward in time, all associated creations, all associated family, all thought constructs and the memory of their existence in any harmonic within this or any other time matrix. And, that those who wish to stay the course and resist the shift with ill tech and ill will please know that there will be no battle, no Armageddon, for such ambitions will be moot before the thought completes its course.

Personally we may not be able to remove ourselves from the shadow of a mother ship, but we have lots of friends in high places that would love the opportunity to share the wealth on our behalf. Many of the highest leaders on Earth or abroad will be currently entering “The Negotiation Stage”. And during this process we can only hope that they would please consider the message currently being brought by these emissaries of light. These negotiations will be made simple, and may resemble an ultimatum, but all will have a free will choice option which allows an exit plan with opportunity. We know free will choice has been the rule of thumb, but as you’ve shown us, rules are meant to be bent when priorities are being considered, and consortium coups go into launch mode.
During the Exodus, there will be escorts made available throughout the solar system in great numbers and varying sizes and shapes, for the relocation of any specie considered inappropriate for this zone and hiding beneath the surface of any planet won’t be an option, and yes, Nibiru will be hailed as well. By the end of this month mass relocation efforts will begin. All advanced weaponry will be made inoperable during this transition. All star gate activity will be closed to unauthorized travel, and all interstellar travel will be on hold during the interim.

Welcome to the Reformation;
Such words may fall on deaf ears, but it matters not, for these things shall occur with or without the knowledge or direct dispensation during the early stages. Many, who have an ear to the wall so to speak, may not be privy due to their untrustworthy associations or because of the level of which they are receiving the information, but they may intuit something is amiss at the highest levels. The security will be tight as the upper echelons scurry for options while avoiding the cat out of the bag scenario that may send their ranks running, crashing their control systems prematurely. Unfortunately humanity will be the last to know if they know at all. Most will simply find it all too fantastic and carry on as their planetary social infrastructure begins to implode.
The decision has been made that this time matrix, this planet, this solar system, this galaxy and  universe will begin a perpetual state of renovation, starting with our solar system. The goal is for Earth to serve as a model planet during the renovation process. After the purge, humanity will have its homeland “free and clear” without interruption from outsiders.
This is not to say that on a domestic level our challenges won’t be extraordinary in the years to come, but as the controls evaporate, many so called negatives, will find current attitudes and objectives shifting as if they have suddenly awoke from a long nightmare. I can only assume that there will be plenty of bewilderment and confusion as they try to sort things out.
I can only guess at what will transpire over the course of the next few years, but we as a sovereign may be cut short if we don’t begin acting in accordance with the true nature of the opportunity we will be entrusted with. The Reformation domestically will be left to our discretion, and I hope that we don’t turn the surface of the planet into a reign of terror as the power shifts back to the people. It’s important to consider the fact that although many of the so called leaders have behaved in a manner most would characterize as evil, insane or greedy, it’s important to remember that the manner of control and manipulation at these levels far exceeds what others have been exposed to, so reformation should also include the propensity for rehabilitation. If one is beyond reconciliation consciously and energetically, then and only then should any elected tribunal as a voice of the people consider their fate justly.

Cleaning up our systems of governance will only be one small piece of the large distorted pie cooked up over millennia. The corruption has unfortunately not only become an institutional and corporate cesspool, it has infiltrated the very nature of our psychological, philosophical, energetic and genetic disposition. This means; although the tendencies of the specie as a whole need to be scrutinized, we as individuals must be in a perpetual state of self scrutiny until we are in a perpetual state of alignment.

Although this task in itself may seem daunting our connection with source will begin to filter back in, giving us the insightful edge required to maintain the course which allows unobstructed bioregenesis for self realization of our angelic status and immortal heritage. And although our genetic disturbances will take time to heal along with our finite philosophies which continue to put planet and life forms herein at risk, such practices will slowly be weaned from our current lifestyle as we begin to revolutionize in harmony with philosophies that adorn and support an earth Sheppard symbiotic relationship opposed to an earth exploitive sheep herding mentality.

I can’t say why we as a specie have been chosen for such monumental aid, perhaps source has taken pity on us because we have never really had the chance to establish ourselves as a sovereign race due to the celestial bullying that has relentlessly plagued us ever since our first seeding here. Perhaps a line needs to be occasionally drawn in the celestial sand when the imbalances exceed the fail safe zone. Perhaps we have become the great experiment which hopes to prove on a cosmic level that no matter how beleaguered a planet and its specie become, source can and will intervene with absolute authority until balance is returned. Whatever explanation can be offered it pales in comparison to the fact that we are loved beyond measure and we are and shall remain the measure of that love.

During the early stages of social reformation many will be called upon to step up to the plate. Those pure in heart, who are kindred, with a devout love of all life forms and a deep concern for the welfare of our beautiful planet will be scouted out. The resonance in your heart is your beacon for change. Such positions are not for the faint of heart, shall require unwavering courage, integrity and a willingness to share the forthcoming Articles of Reformation in a coordinated effort. Such positions carry assumed risk regardless of the blanket of protection inherent to the appointments. Martyrdom shall remain unsolicited.

Science or science fiction? Please don’t shoot the messenger as others have tried, let time be the barometer of truth. Please refrain from passing judgment for now. Please be as humble witnesses, for by the time your calendars pass into the New Year you will know that the year has given way to a new era of untold dimensions. There shall be no gladiators of glory, for glory won’t be had without the collective concerted efforts of this great instauration.

Peace and Freedom,




Thank you Val


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