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Essay One

Few people realize that their conscious mind only processes about 15 bits of information per second of linear time. However, in vertical time, the unconscious mind (i.e., the integrated cortico-enteric nervous system plus the enteromyofascial complex) is processing approximately 70-80 million bits of information. In normal consciousness, humans are aware of only an infinitesimal amount of the information that is constantly being fed to them at the unconscious level. Existing intelligence enhancement technology today is designed to reduce the filtering by the conscious mind to enable the higher and broader bandwidth information packets to be fed to the conscious mind. In parallel with this effort, the brain circuitry is rewired to handle the higher bioelectric demands of the information that is being fed to the consciousness, allowing capabilities like photographic memory and abstract thought to coexist. These capabilities become the matrix filter that draws from the unconscious repositories the most relevant information at any particular time based on the problem or task at hand.

There are seven superdomains formed from a T-boundary. Each of these superdomains is a ratio of space and time. Different superdomains have different ratios, and within each superdomain, there will be different ratios, depending when (not just where) you are. The spacetime in which we exist is our index space/time ratio, and what we know as the ‘universe’ is a variant of the index space/time ratio in which we exist. This means we will encounter variations in how space is in the spacetime we know as ‘the universe,’ Between the T boundary and any surface of spacetime in our ‘universe, there are roughly 12,960,000 nonlinear degrees of interconnectivity, which interconnects all levels of manifestation (that is, all ratios of space and time) from T-boundary or Source to any where/any when in the 4-spacetime universe or superdomain (the 7th in the Unum, or the sum total of all superdomains created). Time is not exclusively linear as depicted in a timeline.

Time is said to be able to be described as vertical, with every moment in existence stacked upon the next and all coinciding with one another. In other words, time is the collective of all moments of all experience simultaneously existing within non-time, which is usually referred to as eternity. Vertical time infers that one can select a moment of experience and use time and space as the portal through which they make their selection real. Once the selection is made, time and space become the continuity factor that changes vertical time into horizontal time or conventional time. So vertical time has to do with the simultaneous experience of all time, and horizontal time has to do with the continuity of time in linear, moment-by-moment experiences. This makes things very interesting for us, for every experience we have ever had or will ever have exists right now, and the past and future are actually in the present, but rolled up as if both were infinities but are not, not really. But, in order to be on the same page, let’s settle on a languaging system. Notice we didn’t say language register (as in, technical language register), but rather languaging system. Such a system is much more than spoken or written language. It is also an internal language of the imagination and intention and will
and faith and attention deployment and much more. What we can agree on is that it is a system, and it is THE system by and through which we literally CREATE our reality. So each one of us is already LERMing. We already possess THE languaging system by, and through, which we light-encode the matrix of our own individual reality! Neat, isn’t it… Oh, it is that, and much more.

Pause after you have finished reading this paragraph, stop and look up and away from this document, look around not at the familiar place you know (or the mind model of what you think the “familiar place” is) but rather at the matrix of the whole place in which you are now. Examine is with the tendrils of your gut brain. Yes, there is a brain in your gut; it has always been there; and it is called the enteric brain. It perceives and processes information in huge chunks we can best call gestalts or wholes and this processing is not just biochemical and bioluminescent (as the cranial brain and its central nervous system operate). In addition to biochemical and bioluminescent processes, it also uses biosonic, bioenergetic, bioemotive, and biomotive ones.

Now enter the realm of real weirdness of the NEW ADVANCED LIFE PHYSICS , or the world
that is not as it seems. Just how do we do MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP? By light-encoding the very matrix of the reality we live. Do you grasp the magnitude of the statement?

Everything we now know in the NEW ADVANCED LIFE PHYSICS, or what we now refer to it in
our shop as the physics of life, is that there are seven superdomains as one humungous thought called the Unum (and this includes our 4-spacetime as a superdomain). In this Unum, observership is only possible by complex oscillating biological entities capable of light-encoding a common reality matrix as a biological kind (or biokind).

Observership as a term (much like languaging system above) is hugely much more encompassing than just sensing with the five sensory input modes. Observership also includes interacting with the living habitat-context in ways beyond just knowing when the sun rises, sets and not to stay under it uncovered and without water for very long. Sensing interacting means we seek and derive meaning from the “environment.” The means we use are our senses and the result is a “model of the world” we hold in mind AND project out unto the environment as “the world” in which we live.

really? What does REAL REALITY looks like? REALITY is actually the Lorentz transform
(energy pattern) of a sea of energy, much like in (A) below:


A Lorentz transform is the pattern of the light energy packets that each of the quantum macro-objects are in the environment. Let’s say the picture above is that of a beautiful sunset. Is it? Can it be? At first blush, we don’t know because this is just a 2-dimensional representation of a 4-dimensional event. Let’s say then we are experiencing this pattern of energies with our own sensoria – all five of them – and we are asked to say what it is we are looking at. Only then could we say we are looking at a beautiful sunset in the Everglades.

WHICH of the two MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIPS is more REAL than the other? Well, actually that is the wrong question to ask. Both MPOs are real manifests of two information-set conditions in two levels of manifestation. The difference is the OBSERVER and his or her index MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP. Your index is where you were born and where you are now, i.e. planet Earth, solar system, Milky Way galaxy. And your indexing mechanism is the sensorial apparatus you have that transform Framework A into Framework B.

Which is YOUR MPO? Most probably Image B – the 4-dimensional sensory image of the beautiful Everglades sunset. So what is it that happened? What made (B) your MPO and not (A)? The answer is: your sensory input into your cortical brain and its interpretation of the information in terms of the “model of the world” started by you on the day you were born. The effect is called HOLONOMIC, the thinking process is called HOLOGRAMIC, and the rules by which your MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP result (B) are referred to as HOLOGRAMMATICS.

Are we talking about holography and holograms here? Well, not specifically about 4-dimensional holography and holograms per se, but we are saying that the same PROCESS that produces holograms is the same one that produces MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP effects. In other words, your REALITY as in Framework B above is an effect of your information processing and thinking processes. And this is species-specific, specific to the human race.

What makes MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP effects possible? Few people realize that their conscious mind only processes about 15 bits of information per second of linear time. However, in vertical time, the unconscious mind is processing approximately 70-80 million bits of information. Thus, in normal consciousness, humans are aware of only an infinitesimal amount of the
information that is constantly being fed to them at the unconscious level. There are technologies designed to reduce the filtering aspects of the conscious mind and enable the higher function information to be fed to the conscious mind. In parallel with this effort, the brain circuitry is rewired to handle the higher information bandwidth being fed to the consciousness, allowing capabilities like
photographic memory and abstract thought to co-exist. These capabilities become the matrix filter that draws from the unconscious repositories the most relevant information at any particular time based on the problem or task at hand.

Such technologies exist and were designed to facilitate natural intelligence, by reducing mental stress-response through the pumping of low powered energetics of a specific spectrum of mental performance enhancing frequencies.

Strangely enough, there is another process that also produces similar, if not identical results, and that is a method of meditation known as Transcendental Meditation (TM™), originally developed by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. An instant of peaceful clarity is worth a century of mental fog – literally. It is this dictum upon which MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP rests, Our REALITY
becomes manifest, and the world is literally made by manifest production observership agreement between and among members of a species. And then all species that share a planet access the entraining reality within their own species-specific sensorial, buttressing the REALITY generated by the COBE species – the biological organisms with most complex oscillating living matrices.

You and your neighbor agree along a spectrum of interaction (conscious to subconscious) that your house or apartment looks and is in the way you experience it, the city or town in which you live is thus and such, the state or region’s topography is of a certain form and shape. All “physical” manifestations are manifest production observership agreement effects. What makes “things”
POSSIBLE and REAL? You already have the ability to light-encode the matrix of which your shared physical reality is, consists, becomes, and constantly changes by your will and the vector-intention that you and members of the species are.




To encode light means to invite photons to occupy space and transform themselves into elementary particles and atoms, organizing themselves like an orchestra with a specific piece to perform as a group. The operative term is to invite, for that is precisely what we do. Where and how they organize themselves is according to the pattern of the information (or thought) template, as in the figure to the right. The X-ray hologram shows the positions of each of cobalt atoms within a structure primed by a thought or information template.

So what does it take for a template to be transformed into a 4-dimensional object right before your eyes? It requires you to master several things, none of which are difficult, except for what you see and believe to be so. The dead giveaway that life forms on Earth are capable of this feat is in the DNA of a
“lower” form, known as salamanders. The capacity is always there, but not expressed on all life forms on earth along the evolutionary scale. All life forms have a template, and all templates lead to a form. The salamander “grows” its tail back, or a limb, by a bio-application of L.E.R.M., in which the body part grows back by a light packets initializing process that leads the body to grow back whole cells organized by the life field of the salamander’s body at the specific limb or body part. The process, regardless of the application is as follows:


The immersion we now do is into the holonomic experience of a hologramic moment when one’s MPO (MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP) results in a form you wanted to produce. But HOW? L.E.R.M. (Light-encoded reality matrix) manifest production requires an observer – a quantum macro-object, a life form, something that has a vector-intention. Well, as a human being, you qualify. Let’s see: you have a vector-intention (except you refer to a pale reflection of yours to be your will), you have a cortico-enteric brain complex (a combined CNS/ANS nervous system with four brains on line – the old reptilian, old mammalian, the neocortical and the enteric brains), you have a combined biomind hopefully with fully working senses [sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell], imagination, and a knowledge about (if not the actual experience of] peace. If you have all of these requisite equipment components, you can do L.E.R.M. Again, HOW? By the holonomic experiencing of a hologramic moment while following hologrammatic rules. Uh…?


We know you’ve heard the saying, “as inside, so outside.” Inside you is the medium and the means by which light-encoding is possible and reality-matrices grasped and understood. The simplest MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP effects are those given to you as first assignment as an infant. You see, there are far more complex tasks we are capable of L.E.R.M.ing. You already know now that YOU create your own reality. Well, imagine then what we are capable of when we can have holonomic experiences of hologramic moments using hologrammatic rules to produce things. But HOW? Follow the process and the procedure for producing a hologram, but instead of focusing a 2-dimensional image, focus on a 4-dimensional object.


Now we can deal with the details of HOW the holonomic experience of a hologramic moment will bring you the product you want, and not something else.

Your internal holonomic experience needs to be predicated on REAL WORLD information. With natural objects in the world – a ripe, sweet orange, or a roll of while cotton yarn, an object as present for someone in your family – your actual, physical touch/taste/ feel/smell/sight experience of the target object provides the actual “framework information” for the object to be an exact specimen. 

The IDEA of the OBJECT has to contain all necessary information for the latter to be a world-valid object. Otherwise, all you have is a facsimile (or 4-dimensional Xerox copy). This then means you do NOT want to do MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP of objects you know little to nothing about. And of those you don’t know much about, but are interested in, you need to know more about them before diving in to L.E.R.M. them. So, you need to make them holonomically simple! Yes, uncomplicated. Complete in information, yet uncomplicated. This is one of the hologrammatic rules or boundaries for the manifest production of a hologramic result. What would then you have to do if you want to have a digital photographic camera? Or $ 100,000 US dollars in
relatively small bills? Do your HOMEWORK!

If you were to BUY a digital camera, instead of L.E.R.M.ing one, what is it you would do before getting one? Research the types, brand names, capabilities you’d like in it, etc. When you specify that the one you want is a Sony, such and thus, you are indicating the physical object, and you are also calling forth its quantum potential template.

With the money, what do you need to know? The control numbers and magnetic strips for the bill denomination you want your pile in. We would choose $ 100 bills, which then requires that we have all needed information, starting with the control numbers of a sample or index bill, and doing the math to figure 1,000,000 specimen numbers between the index and the last or boundary number. Is that all you’ll need? No, not quite. You will also do well to have, hold and examine closely a sample or index bill for all its elements and intricacies, and the approximate time on the tower of Independence Hall on the reverse of the bill. Either have an index bill, or watch the movie NATIONAL TREASURE, and pay attention to the lead male character’s rendition of its usefulness in the movie’s plot. Of course, you will be paying close attention to all of these hologrammatic rules, if you intend to spend the money. Remember, with manmade objects (such as money and other valuables) the more information you have on and about it, the higher its usefulness in “real life” will be to you.

The key to understand here is that the thinking you develop is based on how a hologram works. Before getting to the mechanics, let’s remember two specific aspects of its dynamics. One is that all holograms, including that produced by your MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP (and becomes an apple or a digital camera) are based upon light coherence and interference patterns. Light
coherence means all photons are traveling at the same speed, frequency, arrangement and direction. A laser is therefore a coherent beam of light. But in MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP, you are acting upon light from the quantum potential by inviting (actually, the proper internal stance is “inducing”) the photons to come to the thought template you offer them in mind and for them (photons) to become laser coherent (by speed, frequency, arrangement and direction) and begin occupying the arrangement provided by the thought template. In the arrangement we speak of, there are no single beams creating the manifest product; rather, the object beam becomes the object interference pattern, and the reference beam becomes the energetic (or coherent-light) reference pattern. And, as you know, two pictures are worth two thousand words. See the figure below and the one on the next page. Hologramic process by hologrammatic rules makes Charlie’s MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP produce what he sets his focus on. How does all of this have to
be organized for a Samsung SCH-A990 to appear in his hand?


1. Charlie is a real human being, and he lives south of the border. He is a newbie, meaning he has never done MPO (MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP) on demand before. Charlie determines he wants to produce a Samsung SCH-A990 cell phone, and before he sets his MPO session time, he does his homework. He does what he needs to do to know its functions and
capabilities, and since he knows about electronics and informatics, he sets his knowledge base about the target clear in his mind. When he feels he has enough information about the target, he seeks a sample of the target and seeks to have it in sight or better still, hold it in his hand so it has a signature of the object itself.

2. This is when and where one’s psychophysiology comes in. A good backgrounder on our human biomind and bioelectronic living matrix becomes absolutely necessary. We no longer think in terms of body holonomically simple “systems;” instead we found the body is a bioelectronic living matrix that hosts an information cloud that interpenetrates the body, serving (along with its four brains) as a living biomind. There are three cranial brains – old reptilian, old mammalian, and neocortical – and one enteric in the ventral aspect of the body.

All together, they interconnect with tissues that wrap around all muscles and organs (known as fascia), the systemic whole made up by the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, the scaffolding of tubules inside each cell, the plexi (switchboards) of nerves and cardiovascular connectors, lymphatic vessels, and the cutaneous membrane (skin), and its accessory structures (hair, scales, feathers, nails, exocrine glands). This is what is known to us as the living matrix. And this is a bioelectronic structure of very unique properties and capabilities.

The human biomind is not just the biochemical and bioelectric activity in the three cranial brains. Rather, it also involves and includes the entire human living matrix complex and the information cloud that interpenetrates the body and expresses itself as (a) unipolar, dipolar, and quadrupolar scalar spectra of electromagnetic fields (or scalar electro-magnetic fields not measurable by current human instruments), and (b) the dipolar, and quadrupolar electromagnetic and bioluminescent biophotonic (light) fields emanating from every square inch of human body surface at right angles from the skin. These two kinds of fields make up what over millennia has been known as the aura. The amount of information processed by the human neocortical brain is a pittance when compared to the amount of information processed by the entire human biomind complex described above.

It is this complex which makes L.E.R.M. possible. Actually, if there is a mind blowing explanation of how L.E.R.M. actually occurs, we will be accurate in saying that we use our own photons (light packets) to co-locate matter according to the (quantum-potential and 4-spacetime) templates of the object we wish to manifest.

We know from Chinese classified and open source research, and from our own labs, that human beings are quite capable of producing masers using their hands as projection devices (a maser being a a device that produces coherent electromagnetic waves through amplification due to stimulated emission).

Historically the term came from the acronym”microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”, although modern masers emit over a broad portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. These masers, however, emit ionizing radiation (that is, electromagnetic radiation capable of disrupting the biological functions of living cell tissues). But the human masers, aside from being emissions in the microwave range, are nonionizing, that is, cell tissue exposed to these nonionizing fields does not change. Could this ability be applicable to the reality matrix of any 4-spacetime object? In other words, could we take the thought template of any 4-dimensional object, initiate a radiant cascade of high velocity nonionizing photons by focusing this radiant cascade on the object’s template? Yes, it is not only possible in theory. It is also holonomically simple.


Far simpler that we ever thought possible. Any self-respecting Nepalese monk can MPO his own food as demonstration of ascent in capabilities and illumination. We would have not believed it had we not been invited to see it. But what was most hilarious was seeing their faces when not only one but several of us, seated as we were, MPOed ours. Needless to say, it took us all more than fifteen minutes to calm down from the collective mirth that befell the gathering. They do, and did, have an excellent sense of humor, and were quite curious to know how we knew of it, and how we came to learn to do it on demand. We exchanged information with them and much to our surprise, they used a near identical MPO sequence as we.

3. Yet, in retrospect, we should not have been surprised by the Creator’s economy of scale. Why should it have been different, as each of us who are biologically relatively intact (i.e., have a working living matrix) are wired basically in the same fashion? At this juncture in your induction into what you were told is called L.E.R.M. (light-encoded reality matrix), we will switch to a more accurate
and descriptive name for the process and product – MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP. We are able to manifest a product by becoming active observers with the “eye” that is not made to see the world directly. At this point, let’s baptize this “eye” as the “mind’s eye,” so you will then know and know how to internally operationalize this means. What you “see” in this “eye,” you can apply MPO on demand. It is this, we believe now, that Jesus had told us we would be able to do in the latter days – this, and more.

The ability to “see” with the eye that is not made to see the world directly figures prominently in MPO. So much so indeed that without it, the ability is impaired to an extent that it becomes useless or a pale reflection of its splendor. But, to  “see” in this fashion is not just the ability to visualize in the sense of being able to see the object in the mind’s eye.

There is also a very large pinch of “knowing” in the function. In other words, to “see” in this fashion is also to “know” the object beheld in mind. Knowing about the object means having knowledge about the object within a spectrum of access – from superficial to intimate. Once a level of “user-access” is established by you (meaning, the knowledge you feel is important and sufficient to have
about the object before you MPO-LERM it) you can then move forward on to other considerations in the sequence.

There are, for instance, some things more important than others in the “knowing” spectrum. The internal functioning of an electronic piece of equipment would, of course, be more important than the brand name or cosmetic value of the external casing. You must, however, realize and keep in mind that the “thought-essence” of, say, the cell phone Charlie focused on contains all necessary information concerning the item, including but not limited to the circuit architecture, the material of which all parts are made, their internal arrangement, the electronics involved in achieving telephony by the article and the network on which it works, and more. How is this possible? And is there a
“minimum” in the “knowledge” spectrum about a target object? Yes. However, it is more subjective and a matter of personal comfort than anything. Remember, your comfort with the target object is important to the peace basis on which you rest everything concerning the MPO application you make to manifest the object.

All objects in 4-spacetime are actually, really macro-quantum objects, and therefore available to the biomind by their quantum numbers. This means your biomind knows the quantum number of each of the kind of cell phones produced in the world, as each is “registered” in the Thought superdomain as an upward chain of causality (from here to Source, or T-boundary). All of this is instantly available to your biomind, so in effect, you know everything about everything instantly. The only thing detaining you from being aware of it is the amount of information you are able to process per second and the level of cortical-entericmyofascial connectivity your biomind counts on for “deep” information
processing that takes you to the 90+ percent use of available capacity. This is in part what alluded to previously when we said that we only use 3% of our capabilities. When we reach the 90 percentiles and use our biominds as integrated wholes (body and mind as one) we become more powerful than ever imagined. You have no idea how powerful! Walking over a bed of live coals is child’s play in comparison. The operating scope of your biomind, by our calculations, is in the 30 billion light-years, with earth at the center; you can easily reach the T-boundary that segregates the knowable from the unknowable range of Source; you can do painstaking exploration of every aspect of each of the 12,960,000 infinities between any surface of spacetime and Source at its T-boundary. CREATION & MANIFESTATION: LIFE PHYSICS GROUP MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVATION (MPO) ESSAY 1,2&3  Wingmaker-image7

If there is away of picturing creation, Figure 1 to the above is one of them. You are a part of a living supercomputer capable of storing the universe in its fold – the supercomputer being the overfunction of which each of us are members, whether we are “good little boys and girls” or not. Whether or not we stay members is a matter of individual, personal choice. We, who are now members of this working group, have made very clear what you choice is. Choice is no longer an issue. We are here, and we were counted. And not by us, but by something much larger than us that contains us all. As your may note throughout these modules, Source has provided its issues (its sons & daughters) with qualities, biogenetics and biomind that are nothing short of perfection. Thus, wisdom without longevity is neither desirable nor possible. Human conditions on earth today attest to the fact. Without wisdom, all we have is history.

4. Let’s then say that the target quantum macro-object is known in sufficient detail, and your biomind has its signature and is able to contain within your mind’s eye the thought-template of the target. What you are then looking to do is a MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP effect that results in a 4-dimensional quantum macro-object identical to in every way to that contain in the thought-template of the target. The display medium is normal 4-spacetime air. The target object is formed by your biomind in a peaceful state, in and through which you visualize clearly the target (eyes open or closed, as suits you), and your living matrix, through your other hand (one set out palms up to hold the object-formation process and the final object materialized, the other to
function as the maser’s projection device aimed at the other open hand) can then act as the device projecting on to the place your eyes are focused on: your open hand, palms up. Thus, MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP as dynamic process begins with a thought-template that is held in mind and projected on to a location or spacetime “address” by looking at the exact place and seeing the projection in one’s mind clearly. The dynamic process must be entirely fluid from start to finish, and indeed be holonomically simple to you. Simplicity breeds relaxation, and relaxation is always the basis for internal peace.

As relaxation is the basis for holonomic peace, peace is the mental medium that makes the internal psychophysiology responsible for the manifest production of nonionizing microwave-level radiant energy through your projection device (your hand or hands), with your mind’s eye providing the mental framework or template visualized in spacetime (in front of you or on your open palm)
projected by you on to a particular place in spacetime. It is then at this specific place in spacetime that high-energy photons are invited to transmute and become elementary particles forming atoms in atomic structures that conform the matter composition of the target object. Whether the target object is inert or live, does not matter at all. And herein then lies the power given to each of us by Source. However, to act on life and the creation of living matrices is artful negotiation with all involved and interested “parties,” including the diseased (human, pet, or otherwise). Lazarus responded to Jesus, and so did my cat and A.R.’s dog. James chose not to attempt the manifest production observership of a living matrix, mostly because what was important to him was already long in the past and would create a major disturbance in “the force” or Unum. If you grasp by analysis the conditions of the other events, you may surmise that theact would have not caused major disruptions in the living fabric in which these beings existed, and would indeed serve as a “reuniting” of life unto itself – which on earth it is known as miracle.

5. The physical result of a MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP (MPO) event is a record of the interaction of two coherent patterns of coherent radiant energetics, in the form of microscopic pattern of interference fringes. It is an energetic registration of the interference pattern formed by two energetic patterns of coherent nature, one of which is coherent light. One pattern (the reference pattern) goes straight from the light source and the other is scattered onto the template of the target object in the mind of the MPO inductor (or the human vector-intention). The 3-dimensional product is produced by the interference pattern of the two working patterns and is processed in such way that when the thought-template is materialized appropriately a three dimensional image is produced.


We leave momentarily on the thought that Gene Roddenberry was one well informed dude. How he came up with the ideas of the holodeck and the replicator are stories worthy in and of themselves, to hear Majel Barrett Roddenberry tell about her husband’s sources of ideas. MPO is not a new idea in
itself. But it is most definitely a radical view of how reality is. We did not make up the notion of MPO, but rather gave it name because the emerging Working Model strongly suggested it as being a normal function of COBEs (complex oscillating biological entities), including humans like us.


A. R. BORDON is a retired scientist and cofounder of the LIFE PHYSICS
GROUP – CALIFORNIA. A former executive director of the American Association
of Remote Viewers, he is an experienced physical-gnosive extension neurosensor
and consultant to a private research institute in northern California.

E. M. WIENZ* is an active astrophysicist and computer scientist working
for a private research institute in northern California, as well as with one of the
national laboratories in the San Francisco Bay area. He is also a cofounder of the

J.A. SANCHEZ* is a doctoral level electrical engineer working for a large
aerospace conglomerate in southern California.

• The names adopted by these authors is a pen name used in any written work associated with the LIFE PHYSICS GROUP, and is designed to protect their professional association with their respective employers.
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One of the authors, apparently one of those under a pen name, appears to be the famous late Remote Viewer Ingo Swann.  Some of the data on the biomind and Rene Descartes is identical to data Ingo wrote in his book Psychic Sexuality.  The Rene Desecartes article of mine is HERE.  -AK

Essay Two

The human body is made to host a biomind. Properly used and cared for, it can last well into 120 earth years, and much more. The internal clock that tells the cell to cascade into death is the telomere that separates the genes one from the other. Every time a cell divides, its telomeres degrade, or shorten by way of the production of telomerase, an enzymatic byproduct of the miotic and mitotic cell divisions in the body. All cells also have a gene that acts like a “drummer” of sorts, keeping the rhythm and pace of their productivity and life; oddly enough, we chose to refer to this gene as the “suicide gene.” Once the body, in its infinite intelligence determines that its cells can no longer sustain a bioelectric existence, it communicates instantaneously to all others, in fact calling forth the “suicide bandleader” gene, which then orchestrates the shutting down of body systems. Interestingly enough, all of this begins to happen after there is separation of mind from body, in a decoupling that is as elegant as the weeping dance of a goose at the sight of its mate. A goose, when it had not seen its mate for a while will fly right toward, even seemingly into, its mate but veer its vector and match its mate’s direction in every way, only to suddenly veer away from the gander in an elegant volley that imitates the sudden drop to the ground of a damsel so happy to see her lover, often best captured in the choreographed movements of a ballet. But the gander doesn’t follow, continuing to fly straight ahead.


The human body is an energetic bundling of idiomaterial processes. This, in terms of the New Advanced Physics, is the most accurate way of describing our biomind. It says we are thought/matter together, in a bioelectronic matrix that expresses a hologramic body-form as a “fundamental” but can also express a number of different “resonant harmonic” bodies, some of which can take the forms of avatars (or be coupled to computer-generated avatar-forms) and extend a “point-of-view” (POV) away from, but linked to, its “fundamental.” An avatar form is best thought of as a scalar-range (beyond the electromagnetic range) information field with fuzzy boundaries but definable form.

Take a close look at the figure of a man (right) inside a modified SuperconductingQUantum Interference Device (SQUID). He is an Olympic athlete on rings inside the SQUID. This image is a false color frame of a sequence of 13,000+ HD video frames. The gray areas closest to the body form correspond to the Meissner field (or aura) that surrounds a human being. There are a couple of seeming “waves” moving away from the body, and these correspond to what we have determined to be the first anti-Meissner resonant harmonic, or “second body” potential of the fundamental (Meissner field). If you detect a remote viewer lurking around in your digs, it is most likely his or her “first anti-Meissner field” as soft avatar form that is hosting the remote viewer’s POV through which he or she is keeping an eye on you. Can this be detected? Yes. Can a remote viewer be prevented from entering a physical zone? Yes, because the POV is indexed to the physical body, which is the Meissner fundamental field. Any safety zone can be set up by a special wire net cover that creates and maintains a variable electromagnetic field, which can be made to broadcast in extremely low frequencies that will generate a number of highly distressful and disturbing body reactions in the remote viewer’s fundamental  (or index body) – anything from having a violent need to defecate, to vomiting and stomach distress.


The human biomind exists in a delicate balance of processes, in a highly chaotic Meissner fundamental field, and possessing extended human functions, many of which are highly prized as top secret such that they are held within closed circles for a variety of reasons – ranging from fear of their use by any number of “enemies,” to the reasons of national and global security involving the nations of earth, to egoistic reasons involving market manipulation and foreknowledge. The thing is that we citizens of earth do not have valid reasons to complain about what others do with these extended human functions, as each of us are quite capable of using them in ever more creative ways for personal and collective benefit. Likewise, each one of us have ALL of the wired-in capacities to be a literal All-One biomind network. A few years back, two Canadian scientists proposed a theory about
something we have known for a long time: that the earth is actually a conduit for biocommunication between all human beings on earth, including ALL life forms on the planet.

Biocommunication is real, and occurs within the extremely low frequency range (ELF) – from those starting at 3 Hertz (Hz) to those at about 120 Hz. What makes biocommunication possible? The earth (and other life bearing planets) maintain a life belt of electromagnetic fields that vibrate at a wide variety of spectra – from ELF to extremely high frequencies. Some narrow frequency ranges are resonant harmonic, with waves as long as the earth’s circumference.

Earth Resonances


Schumann Wavefront Around The Earth


The Schumann Resonances are actually observed by experiment to occur at several frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second; specifically 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0.5 Hertz. The 7.8 Hz observed fundamental resonance is close to the rough theoretical estimate of 7.5 Hz. So long as the properties of Earth’s electromagnetic cavity remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same. The solar sunspot cycle may change the frequencies, because the Earth’s ionosphere changes in response to the 11-year cycle of solar activity. The fundamental frequency could be varied due to a number of things: (1) the strength in of Earth’s magnetic field, which has been weakening for the past 2,000 years; (2) the composition and properties of the atmosphere; (3) the location and properties of the ionosphere; and (3) the ionospheric link to the magnetosphere by Alfven waves. If you look at the interior of the Earth, you see that there is a differential physical rotation of the solid inner core with respect to the surface of the Earth. However, it takes about 400 years for the inner core to make a complete revolution inside the Earth, so that its frequency is only one cycle per 400 years.

It is more interesting to look at the frequency of currents at the boundary between the solid inner core and the liquid outer core. Since the inner core has radius of about 1,200 kilometers, its circumference is about 7,500 kilometers. How long would it take an electrical current, traveling at the speed of light (300,000 km/sec), to go once around the circumference of the inner core (7,500 km)? That is about 7,500 km / 300,000 km/sec, or 1/40 sec. In other words, the natural frequency of the Earth at the boundary of the inner core is about 40 cycles/sec, which is at the upper end of the range of frequencies measured for the Schumann resonances: 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz. Therefore,
the Schumann resonance frequencies correspond to the range of natural frequencies of the Earth from its surface to the boundary of its solid inner core. Schumann Resonance data from quake.geo.berkeley.edu show a daily periodicity for the peaks of BT1 (North-South component) and BT2 (East-West component).


The natural frequencies of the Human Brain are:
Beta waves (14 to 30 Hz),
Alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz),
Theta waves (4 to 7 Hz), and
Delta waves (0.5 to 3 Hz).

Alpha frequencies have been associated with meditation and relaxation. Theta frequencies have been associated with a dreamy, creative states. The red regions respond to the alpha wave (eyes closed) at a frequency of around 9 Hz. (Courtesy University of Sussex) ...”.

The Beta and Alpha waves (8 to 30 Hz) seem to correspond to the Schumann resonances: 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz. The 30 Hz high end of the Beta waves is roughly coincident with the frequency of cats’ purrs. The purring of cats is a “natural healing mechanism” and occurs naturally; for example, the range between 27 and 44 hertz is the dominant frequency range for a house cat, and 20-50Hz for the puma, ocelot, serval, cheetah and caracal. This reinforces studies confirming that exposure to frequencies of 20-50Hz strengthens human bones and helps them to grow. ... Almost all cats purr, including lions and cheetahs, though not tigers. ...”. What about the Theta and Delta Waves
(1 to 7 Hz)?

The 1 Hz frequency of the Delta waves is 7.5 times lower than the 7.5 Hz natural frequency at the surface of the Earth. Since the radius of the Earth is about 6,400 km, the radius for a 1 Hz natural frequency is about 7.5 x 6,400 = 48,000 km. Here are some natural frequencies that seem to correspond to the Delta and Theta waves of the Human Brain.

Plasma Sheet (opposite Sun), inner radius = 60,000 km 0.8 Hz

Magnetopause (toward Sun), radius = 60,000 km 0.8 Hz

Geosynchronous orbit, radius = 35,000 km 1.4 Hz

Outer Van Allen electron belt, outer radius = 25,000 km 2 Hz

Inner Van Allen proton belt, outer radius = 12,000 km 4 Hz

Inner Van Allen proton belt, inner radius = 8,400 km 5.7 Hz

As to the following frequencies:

Magnetopause (opposite Sun), radius = 380,000 km 0.125 Hz

Plasma Sheet (opposite Sun), outer radius = 380,000 km 0.125 Hz

Moon orbit, radius = 384,000 km 0.125 Hz,

it is interesting that 0.125 Hz is about 8 seconds per cycle, which is roughly the same period as the 5 second delay that has been observed between the onset of a 1 to 2 millitesla magnetic field (about 100 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field) and the first bursts of brain activity responding to the magnetic field. (See Science 260, 11 June 1993, page1590).


EEGs show that at any given time, the electrical patterns the cortical brain produces are made up from distinct wave forms ranging from 0.5 Hz (pronounced Hertz, or cycle per second) up to 30 or more Hz. When we say that you are “in beta state” (which you normally are), what we’re saying is that that’s the dominant set of frequencies, the ones with the highest amplitudes. Beta is associated with alertness, with the highest frequencies in that range often described as “fight/flight” mode. Alpha frequencies have long been associated with meditation and relaxation. Theta waves are considered by some to be associated with a dreamy, creative states. Delta waves are generally strongest when you’re asleep.

The electrical frequencies given off by your brain vary from spot to spot. When the whole brain is dominated by one frequency, and especially when the two halves of your brain are in synch, this is called hemispheric synchronization. In some studies, meditation, drumming, swimming with dolphins, binaural beats, photic stimulation, and in some cases EMG and EEG biofeedback have been shown to alter the distribution of these frequencies, and sometimes to encourage hemispheric synchronization. This process is known as entrainment and how they do it is subject to debate, but this alteration is usuall attributed to something called the Frequency Following Effect.

Why should we be interested in the interaction between the human biomind and the Earth? Much of what is referred to as “extended human functions” are actually physical manifestations of biocommunication and biointerconnectivity between living systems on Earth, interspecies and intraspecies. Much of these extended functions are often mislabeled as ESP. This is a gross misnomer, perpetrated long ago as a consequence of something Rene Descartes, the French philosopher, did.

He had declared that man has a mind and a body, that the mind was the purview of the Roman Catholic Church, which cared for the mental and spiritual well being of the flock; the body was to be the purview of medicine. Eventually, this became a chasm, where the twain never again met.

L.E.R.M./M.P.O. and its physics of life, however, force us today to conceptualize everything in terms of both being light-encoded manifestations of a much grander vector-intention – Source at its T-boundary.

The differential in encoding manifestation of both lies in the fact that the biomind is really a body-mind system conformed at multiple levels of manifestation (many refer to these levels as “octaves”
of each other), and many are indeed holomotive (movement of manifest condensates, or matter) in that they are harmonic histories of some fundamental (or index) one. These holomotive harmonics are not stable and collapse back to their fundamental without much consequence to any other histories. So we are saying that human beings – from body to mind to information cloud spirit – are uniquely constructed from the inscribed holomotive conformation in DNA. This seems to be the natural state of a human biomind/body-mind system. It is only when the driver vector-intention coheres in a child into an ego body-sense that he/she indexes all holomotive conformations (its index or fundamental history or timeline and all its harmonics) to the needs of the biomind. This indexing is what appears to have an ordering effect on all matter in the environment, on the planet, indeed on the star system.

This ordering, or entropy, is manifest at all levels of manifestation.

Templates of 4-dimensional or spacetime objects actually are not 4-spacetime/quantum-potential templaic manifestations. They are really multilevel entropic arrangements of space/time ratios that run the gamut, from what to us is macro-level to infinitesimal levels (beyond the Planck limit that separates what is “visible” from what is not). A useful macro-metaphor to express the notion of this ordering of levels of manifestation as entropic arrangements of space/time ratios is that of the spider web, even if the spider makes its web in only three out of four possible dimensions. The spider builds its web in a precise algorithm. Every time it makes a web, the web looks much like the previous one in shape, complexity and sometimes even size (though size is often determined by the available space in which to set it). Imagine a 4-dimensional spider web, and hold the image of the thought as a model of what a matrix of the target thought is.

Then imagine and know deep in you that there is complete, unadulterated isomorphic correspondence (or one-to-one correspondence) between the templates – quantum potential thought and 4-dimensional field matrices. Mind you, all of this happens within a spacetime “address” whose “location” is on the surface of an oblong ovoid-shaped planet with an electromagnetic life belt surrounding it and gravity of fluctuating ranges. The “protocols” by which thought becomes material is LERM and the observer who makes it happen provides the MPO. Without the observer, LERM-MPO is not possible. Now, the MPO aspect of this process is, or needs to be, an idiomaterial

What does “idiomaterial” mean? And what is an algorithm? Idiomaterial is a term so accurate to the process we refer to as LERM-MPO that it captures the essence of making thought a material reality. As a matter of fact, being biominds ourselves, we are idiomaterial beings as well. An observer, then, must use a repeatable internal process that leads to the same result time after time. It is this requirement that makes what you do (your MPO method) an algorithm.

What, then, is an algorithm? It is, to quote Todd Murphy (Behavioral Neurosciences Laboratory, Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada), “process that converts randomness to nonrandomness.”

What does this mean? “An algorithm is a certain sort of formal process that can be counted on logically to yield a certain sort of result whenever it is ‘run’ or instantiated,” wrote Daniel C. Dennett (“Darwin’s Dangerous Idea”, Simon & Schuster, 1995, pp. 50-51).

In other words, your MPO algorithmic process needs to have three important features that characterize it as algorithm and that you can repeat at will and on demand. These characteristics are:
(1) Substrate neutrality: The procedure for long division works equally well with pencil or pen, paper or parchment, neon lights or skywriting, using any logical system you like. The power of the procedure is due to its logical structure, not just the causal powers of the materials used in the instantiation, just so long as those causal powers permit the prescribed steps to be followed exactly.
(2) underlying mindlessness: Although the overall design of the procedure may be brilliant, or yield brilliant results, each constituent step, as well as the transition between steps, is utterly simple. How simple? Simple enough for a dutiful idiot to perform - or for a straightforward mechanical device to perform. (Remember Star Trek’s “replicator”?) Oh, and no one is calling you idiots. It is simply a metaphor.  
The standard textbook analogy notes that algorithms are recipes of sorts, designed to be followed by novice cooks. A recipe book written for great chefs might include the phrase “poach the fish in a suitable wine until almost done,” but the algorithm for the same process might begin “choose a white wine that says dry’ on the label; take a corkscrew and open the bottle; pour an inch of wine in the bottom of a pan; turn the burner under the pan on high…”—a tedious breakdown of the process into dead-simple steps, requiring no wise decisions or delicate judgments or intuitions on the part of the recipe reader. 
(3) guaranteed results: Whatever it is an algorithm does, it always does it, if it is executed without misstep. An algorithm is a foolproof recipe. And before we get to the description of the MPO algorithm in the essay following this one, we need to make you aware of the internal “engine” that makes MPO possible, and LERM a reality. There is a psychophysiology of LERM-MPO, and it involves your entire biomind.

MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP (MPO) is actually the product of a sum-over = one psycho-physiology. In other words, it is a mind driven, mind-generated psychophysiology involving mind-body processes acting in unison with what we refer to as an “overunity sink.” In plain English, the harder you try, the less you will get accomplished; the less you try, the sooner LERM is produced as a MPO object. Let’s find a way to understand these statements. When we concentrate hard
on something, we dissipate energy in thermal radiant form. In other words, we create an incoherent internal state that produces heat, and that is about it. “Hard” concentration usually means a narrow focus of internal or external attention. This also produces a discontinuous, underunity sink in the body energetics of the person doing the concentration. To do an “underunity sink” incoherent and discontinuous internal psychophysiology means to focus narrowly on an internal thought or visual stimulus, or external situation or object. The narrow focus is predicated on a vector-intention that what we have come to call “dissipant” or incoherent – a most common condition to everyday
prayer, wishing, meditation, and MPO attempt. Have a look at a 2-dimensional rendition of a dissipant. See picture of the UR cult center to the right. How many fore- and after thoughts do you find on the picture?

Another way of labeling this effect and internal/external production is to say that the individual undergoes “attention-deficit-vectored-wishing.” The “vectored” part of the description refers to the willful focus of intent deployed on the internal or external target or desire. It has a direction and a purpose, and its focus is intended to be on the internal or external target, but the results are “underunity sink” – that is, the energetic output is in heat, not in increased biomind energetics.

The opposite is the product of processes in unison that lead to an overunity sink, and produce increased energetics in the biomind. How is this accomplished, and how can this be produced?

The key to this process is to achieve, create, describe, and otherwise, reach a mind space of relative peace, in which you can get “in the flow.” The movie, “For the love of the game “ (Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston) depicts this moment quite well, and amazingly accurately. The lead male character is an aging pitcher for a major league baseball team. As the movie transpires, he is in the middle of a game. He is on the mound, and he is working up a flawless game, in other words, a perfect game – no runs, no errors. In one scene sequence, he must exercise “positive concentration” before the next series of pitches against a hitter who does not like him personally and is quite good at bat. In the movie he uses a “formulaic” method – in other words, he uses a verbal trigger for a psychophysiological state that allows him to make use of his body’s resources to throw a variety of pitches that opponents at bat cannot hit.

His formula is launched with a phrase (”turn on the mechanism”) that leads to an immediate reduction of noise and distraction, and allows him to effortlessly focus on the batter by the home plate. His natural body intelligence for the game, love of the game, and training then take over and he produces external magic – perfect pitches and struck out hitters. Interestingly, all of the major star athletes not just in baseball have “strategies” similar to the character’s formula for toning noise and
distraction down and allow for disposition and deployment of additional physical and mental capabilities for the game at will. This does not just mean baseball players, but also basketball, football, soccer and volleyball players. The Shaq and Mia Hamm have it, and so did Pele, Roger Staubach, the blond bear, and Tiger Woods. In fact, wherever you find a performer in any creative endeavor, there will you also find a kind of “holy instant” in which time appears to slow down or stop
completely and the world dissipates and disappears into the background. What do you see in the photo above?

This “holy instant” is the benchmark of an overunity sink – time seems to stop, you are relaxed but you still feel your body, your mind is focused on your choice of target, your 4-dimensional address is
accessible to you (meaning, you occupy the space at the time you have the overunity sink “feeling” (i.e., all of what has been described above.

What makes this overunity sink state so important? In a peaceful, in-the-flow space
in your mind, your overunity sink state makes possible for each of your cells to begin manifesting energetics beyond their normal, natural electrical capacitance for nonionizing radiant energy. When you are in this state, you will appear to a “sensitive” with the capacity to see Meissner (or auric) fields surrounding your body as a bright beacon in the polychromatic light level – in other words, you will seem to be a large bundle of white light.

When a human body-mind reaches an overunity sink state inside a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device), seen as a form set against an electromagnetic background, something we refer to as a Serpa condition occurs (a kind of breakdown of the immediate 4-spacetime surface of the body itself as complex oscillating living matrix by overunity emanation of nonionizing radiation at right angles away from the body form). See the photo of the Olympic athlete who reached an “in-the-flow” moment in his exercise routine inside the SQUID (right). A “sink” is a place in spacetime or a virtual “drain” through which energy – any energy – is sent to accumulate or to occupy an “address” in 4-spacetime, indexed to a specific horizontal local time. In the photo above and right, the sink is immediately behind the body-form, which means the athlete’s biomind was most probably extended to its first harmonic. If we were to ask him how he felt at that instant, the reply would be something like, “I felt like I was besides myself with effort and I felt like I was standing somewhere around me looking at myself hanging there.” We never asked, so we will not know in this horizontal index time of ours.

The important point here is that the Meissner field of a calm, peaceful man approaches overunity when it reaches polychromatic candescence.

Overunity is an energetic term used in connection to the fact that the human biomind (mind-body complex as living matrix) has cellular capacitance maximas (or peaks) at around 1.23 volt per cell! Not microvolt, but volt! If we calculated that the body of a human being of approximately 6 feet in height and 205 pounds of muscle and 4 percent body fat mass has roughly one quadrillion cells, the overall cellular capacitance of that human body would have maxima in the 1.23 x 1015 volts range (or 1 followed by 000,000,000,000,000). 

However, the effect you see in the photo above and to the right is one generated by an overunity (or a threshold above and beyond the maxima averaged across all tissue in a person’s body), which will not be the same for all human beings, but rather vary according to health, life energy, bioelectric age (not chronological age), height, weight, oxygen/carbon dioxide conversion in the lungs, and the presence and level of certain minerals and vitamins in the body. What would a person look like when at energetic overunity as seen by any human being in the immediate vicinity? We chose to use a picture of Christ modified by one of us. See the picture to the right. [image appears to be missing from the PDF -AK]

How is then all of the preceding a sum-over one psychophysiological event? Sum-over one means the body behaves with one degree of freedom. In other words, all functions, all resources, all energetics, all psychophysiological processes – literally everything going on in the body – functions as one organism. Everything ongoing inside and in the mind is in service to one, and only one, objective, goal, or target. This can be internal, external, or both. An example of how one such goal or target is the LERMing of an MPO.

There is one more piece that must be brought into this ideational construction of how MPO and LERM are seemingly aspects of a sum over process in which the body behaves as one single organism as the instance of the mind in creating a light-encoded reality matrix of an object. The notion we are referring to at this juncture is the very heart of the vector-intention complex. As you will recall, in earlier modules we said that vector-intention was will and much more. Well, this is psychophysiologically speaking not only a valid and true statement, it is also one founded on the functioning of three important organs in the human body in a fashion that can only be
called integrated.

The organs we speak of here are the cortical brain complex (which includes the old reptilian, old mammalian, and neocortical brains), the heart, and the visceral or enteric brain. The integration of which we speak here is energetic, bioluminal, bioenergetic, and biochemical in very specific space/time regimens.

The representation of this process (photo-right) is organ-specific. The photo depicts involvement of the cranial brain complex, the pituitary gland, the heart, the solar plexi (a relatively large group of nerve bundles grouped in and around the belly area), and the gonads (especially, strangely enough, the combination of hypothalamic signals to the anterior pituitary to begin secreting certain leutenizing hormones).

What becomes engaged becomes an energetic complex from roughly the forehead to the lower pelvic area. It is this complex of organs and biochemical functions that energize the living matrix cellular collective, some time to overunity. The sink is provided by the mental functioning of the mind aspect of the biomind; in other words, the organism’s hologramic thought process serves up the “lens” through which the vector-intention generated in an undifferentiated and whole-body generalized way gets focused on a specific target. The photo (right) is a conceptual representation of the heart field, which is the largest and most powerful in the body. The picture represents a coherent heart in synch with all these other aspects and organic elements of the body to generate and maintain a Serpa condition with overunity at single degree of freedom long enough to LERM an MPOed target object.

As you can now appreciate through this primer, the entire process is actually elegant and relatively simple. To fly a rocket, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, anymore than you have to be a Ph.D. biophysicist to LERM an MPO target object. The process is actually simple and accessible to everyone – and it is one of the best kept secrets in all of creation, for reasons you could probably discern well all by yourselves.


MATRIX (LERM), according to the Working Model, is a sum-over event, derived and
produced by an internal psychophysiology working with one degree of freedom and
functioning as an overunity sink with maxima up to 1.23 x 1015 volts. And to produce
it – that is, to MPO a LERM – we need to rediscover the algorithm already inscribed in
each of us humans to produce exactly what Jesus presaged for all of us some 2,000
years ago: that the Creator Source of everything inscribed in our DNA the ability to
create a thing out of no-thing.


A. R. BORDON is a retired scientist and cofounder of the LIFE PHYSICS GROUP – CALIFORNIA. A former executive director of the American Association of Remote Viewers, he is an experienced physical-gnosive extension neurosensor and consultant to a private research institute in northern California.

E. M. WIENZ* is an active astrophysicist and computer scientist working for a private research institute in northern California, as well as with one of the national laboratories in the San Francisco Bay area. He is also a cofounder of the LIFE PHYSICS GROUP – CALIFORNIA.

C. COLOSSIMO-JAIME* is a doctoral level computer scientist and biochemist, who works for a major manufacturer of specialty materials used in the space program and in scientific applications related to the space program.

J.A. SANCHEZ* is a doctoral level electrical engineer working for a large aerospace conglomerate in southern California.
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Essay Three

And then there is the “formula” that leads our single degree of freedom overunity sink biomind, using a hologramic process, to produce a “thing” (or 4-spacetime quantum object) out of no-thing (or its quantum potential templaic conformation). This formula is an algorithm or, as we described in a previous essay, “a certain sort of formal process that can be counted on logically to yield a certain sort of result whenever it is ‘run’ or instantiated,” Daniel C. Dennett (“Darwin’s Dangerous Idea”, Simon & Schuster, 1995, pp. 50-51). We also said (1) an algorithm has substrate neutrality, (2) an underlying mindlessness, and (3) guaranteed results.
To remind you, the substrate or basic neutrality of an algorithm allows you to use the underlying procedure on anything it can be applied to, using any logical system you want. The power of the procedure is due to its logical structure, not just the causal powers of the materials used in the instantiation, just so long as those causal powers permit the prescribed steps to be followed exactly.
The mindlessness of the prescribed steps is what makes the algorithm logical, because the logic of the steps and their sequencing are simple. An algorithm worked out by you for you will not necessarily work for me or for your mate, or for Jaime. The KEY here is that algorithms are as personal as the imprints on your iris or the patterns on your fingerprints. What you will obtain in this module is a sure-fire process you need to “translate” to your body and biomind, and the strange part will be (albeit new to you) exhilarating to your biomind, for it gets to awaken or “express” a function already inscribed in your DNA, and this your biomind knows deeply. Trust your biomind, for it will correct you in your interpretation of what is written here you must do to create the necessary internal and external conditions along each required “phase” or “step” in the sequence of your actions. In a manner of speaking, it knows better than the ego-personality you think is you.
The “sequence” or “steps” described here will be given in as generic a language set as possible, for your interpretation of what is written is THE most crucial aspect of this endeavor. As first impressions are lasting, so are first imprints (or interpretations given by the mind for processes and procedures it wishes the body to comply and perform).
 It is here that we can help with, for in writing this module, we had to revisit our first times and the “newbie” moments of others who have performed MPO-LERM feats.

Can you imagine now a real Star Trek-type replicator capable of replicating a nice fish dish, or a delicious apple pie, or a turkey and cheese sandwich on rye bread? We are sure you can, but are we asking the right question on this matter? Perhaps not. If a replicator is possible, what does it mean in terms of creating objects out of thin air? Is the object replicated a duplication, imitation, copy, or reproduction? Is the object you wish to light-encode its matrix as product a replication, duplication, imitation of another, copy, or reproduction?
First, let’s state the obvious, and then explore the quantum meaning of things. It means that an object in spacetime has a quantum potential template, and both the object and the quantum template are information sets that can be grasped, captured, and stored in a suitable medium. This also means the replicator must have quantum computing capabilities and the ability to read and recognize the quantum numbers of any macro-quantum object.
What, really, are these quantum numbers denoting and describing? What aspect of the object – a cell phone, an apple, money? They are denoting and describing the macroquantum object itself. We will explain that further below. Human beings, in their Meissner fields and living matrices, already have quantum computing capabilities inscribed and mostly latent.

In the case of us human complex oscillating biological entity; we have Meissner anti-Meissner
nonionizing fields surrounding our bodies at 90 degrees perpendicular and away from the surfaces of the body, and these fields within fields function as our memory and information processing capacities well beyond our cortical awareness. Animals and plants also have Meissner-antiMeissner fields, but do not appear to have the capacity to extend anti-Meissner harmonics.* Non ionizing fields emitted by the living matrices of any living system on Earth would qualify as Meissner range fields, as their electromagnetic range lies within the extremely low frequencies (ELF) of 1 Hz and 1560 Hz, though mostly from 1 Hz to 120 Hz. However, simply because the human Meissner field expressions are low-powered cellurar maxima of approximately 1.2 volts per cell, the total possible output of a human being as overunity sink is about one quadrillion volts, taking into consideration the total cellular capacitance of the body. And this capacitance level is sufficient to MPO-LERM most anything we want.

Each target is also a quantum macro-object, with a geometric form in 4-spacetime and a fuzzy form (with a geometry of its own) in quantum potential. As you LERM an MPOed object, the “visualization” of the target object is on the physical object. However, the overunity sink (i.e., the enteric brain complex in the ventral area of the human body) is focused on the quantum potential templaic conformation of the 4-dimensional target object. The moment you lock your visual vector-intention on your target object in 4-spacetime, the quantum potential templaic lock occurs automatically. You don’t have to do anything consciously for this to happen; your enteric complex performs that function for you beyond normal awareness. Replication, in this instance, and by the use of this algorithmic arrangement, is light-encoding by the “mirror-action” of one template (quantum potential) so that the other (4-spacetime) template can manifest as macro-quantum object. Let’s examine an example, and this may help you understand this seeming “dance” of one template with the other in a kind of Texas two-step.
Take a look at the picture on the right. This is a graphic representation of a fuzzy boundary geometrized quantum-potential template of an orange. A way of understanding this graphic representation (which is not identical or isomorphic to what neurosensors “see” when they look at the quantum-potential templaic conformation of a 4-dimensional orange) is to think of the templaic conformation as having five “dimensions” – four dimensions of space and one dimension of time, in a ratio of space/time that makes possible and easy the light-encoding of this conformation and manifesting it as the fruit we know as orange.

So when you think hologramically about the orange you visualize in your mind as 4-dimensional, do you have to worry about the 5-dimensional quantum-potential templaic conformation of the orange? No, you don’t. But you need to obey one rule of all holomovement in the Unum: the Texas two-step has to be danced backward; that is, you start out allowing your MPO to light-encode the reality-orange at its thought-matrix from its physical (or 4-dimensional) center outward. Every MPO we have filmed shows this unique pattern of manifestation. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the same thing happens – from the inside to the outside. This is an important piece of information. Remember it.

How is this encoding done? Above, we mentioned quantum numbers of any macro-quantum
object. There are four of them:

Amazingly, enteric information processing functions perform all necessary calculations to know precisely where in spacetime to begin light-encoded manifestation by following the “framework” provided by the “mirror dance” of the two templates (4-spacetime and quantum-potential) mentioned above. How we “know” how to do such things is at this time still beyond our understanding. The materialization of ANY object lies within these four numbers and how their values are manipulated to accommodate transmuted light into elementary particles (electrons, specifically) and atoms from these. All of what follows here is a mere reminder of what you already know “in your gut” (no pun intended).
Quantum Numbers. Your enteric information processing function calculates the n and L values automatically, determining the kind of atom, the number of orbits each will need to have, and the atom’s azimuthal quantum number or value of quantum angular momentum. In the chemistry of the LERMed object, this quantum number is very important, since it specifies the shape of its atomic
orbitals and strongly influences chemical bonds and bond angles. These two numbers then produce the sequence of orbitals or wavefunction for all atoms of each kind required to collocate in the matter of which the object is made. It also tells your gut how much and what strength of energy to use to encode what is needed, where it is needed. The magnetic quantum number tells you the quantum state of an electron and denotes the energy level within a subshell in the electron cloud of circling electrons. The spin quantum number gives the value of the spin of a particle. When the spectral lines of the hydrogen spectrum are examined at very high resolution, they are found to be closely-spaced
doublets. This splitting is called fine structure and was one of the first experimental evidences for electron spin. The direct observation of the electron’s intrinsic angular momentum was achieved in the Stern-Gerlach experiment.
When the idea of electron spin was first introduced in 1925, even Wolfgang Pauli had trouble accepting Ralph Kronigs model. The problem was not that a rotating charged particle would have given rise to a magnetic field, but that the electron was so small that the equatorial speed of the electron would have to be greater than the speed of light for the magnetic moment to be of the observed strength. Throughout the LERMing process, the encoding of light energy is very much as if an invisible quantum computer were “writing” the object into existence. We say “invisible” because so far we don’t quite understand how the computing capacities of the human biomind enteric complex works. We know it does, and does very well.
Quantum numbers describe the electron energies in the atoms of an object. The question of how many quantum numbers are needed to describe any given object has no consistent and universal answer, because for each target object our enteric complex “quantum biocomputer” must find the answer for a full analysis of the object’s system. So, in 1930, French mathematician Paul Dirac
developed a new version of the Schrödinger Wave Equation which was relativistically invariant, and predicted the magnetic moment correctly, and at the same time treated the electron as a point particle. In the Dirac equation all four quantum numbers including the additional quantum number s arose
naturally during its solution. And all of these calculations are performed by the biomind for every atom to be collocated as light-encoded atomic matter in the object’s quantum-potential/4-spacetime mirror-matrices!


Interesting also that DNA plays an important, some would say crucial, role in the LERM of an MPO. This is not just human DNA affecting cells of one’s body, but also language affecting DNA itself. Moreover, our decipherment of DNA/environment interaction from what is predicted by the Working Model (see Foundation Reports in Life Physics, Vol 1, No. 1 essays) indicates that information bandwidths (electromagnetic ionizing, EM nonionizing, sound, electroluminescent) play a role in DNA expression, modifications, and retrofitting. Imagine this: take the information bandwidth of the fertilized gamete of a rat and transmit that to the fertilized gamete of a gerbil and what do you get as a result? A rat born to a gerbil. This has been done in our labs and reproduced in Russia a few years ago. We also found that just about everything has a”languaging system” unique to itself: DNA responds to sound and to EM (ionizing and nonzionizing) and scalar (or beyond the EM) energetics. You can literally talk to your cells and change their DNA. You can also talk to the cells of another person and change them, too. It is all in the frequency ranges you use to communicate not just meaning, but also sound. Do your cells understand words? Better than you and in all of their denotations and connotations.
The important biogenetic basis of LERM-MPO from the biomind minding the body is what the genetic aspect of the biomind’s living matrix literally creates around the body-form: a nonionizing high energetic domain that, when measured with certain instruments, tells us this (Meissner) field is really a vacuum or whole energetic domain. Can we extend ourselves onto a rock or a mountain and
“exist” there for a while in a kind of extension-visit while keyed to our physical body? Yes. And this is the basis of extension neurosensing. How far can we “go” on these extension “tours”? By our calculations, it seems we are capable of extending some 30 billion light years without breaking a sweat. This, by the way, gives new meaning to the saying, “the universe in a grain of sand, and the whole of creation in a thought.”


The entire algorithmic sequence that follows has grammar rules (or rules of manifestation), syntactic rules (or how to put things together to get the result desired), and semantic rules (or what words / meanings to use to activate the necessary aspect of the DNA in our living matrix). And the entire sequence is predicated on two single basic logic kernels: Everything thought is real. I am cause because I am thought.


1. Manifest production observership of any object’s reality matrix by light encodement depends upon your complete acceptance and ownership of the two logic kernels. Failure to do so will result in no result at all. 
2. Thought is real and the cause of coherence of matter by the design of an existing template. 
3. Biomind is cause by use of creational algorithm applied to specific product/moment. All results of such application(s) have to be declared as product-condensates in a horizontal time-moment. 
4. Biomind operation of light-encodement is from alpha-point (in 4-spacetime) to the edge of the object’s 4-spacetime template; coherence encodement is along Planck limit points between 4-spacetime and quantum-potential templates as a threading-like back-and-forth dance. 
5. Biomind operation of the fixing mechanism for alpha-point in spacetime is the physical pair of eyes of the operator, and the dish mechanism is one of the hands cupped in the general direction of the alpha-point.
6. Biomind operationalization of the sequence is the following of a set of discrete sequenced mental and physical actions adjusted to individual differences and personal idiosyncrasies, and directed at the biomind-caused materialization of a target object.
7. The biomind possesses a threshold knowledge base of the object whose 4-spacetime matrix is being light-encoded; on the basis of this direct and implied knowledge base about the target object will its templates (4-spacetime and quantum-potential) will the object supply a lack in material 4-dimensional reality fit to the world-demand characteristics necessary for the object to be consumed or used by the creator or the intended recipient.


The syntax of MPO-LERM is referred to as “result conveyors” (or simply, “conveyors). These are the psychophysiologies that make the biomind develop single degree of freedom (body functioning as a single whole) use of an overunity sink (above threshold nonionizing energetics at the cellular level) that is focused (hemispheric synchronization that allows clear internal stereoscopic visualization) upon an internal “canvas” projected onto a specific 4-dimensional spacetime location.
1. Single degree of freedom. The psychophysiology for this syntactic requirement is an individually determined level of relaxation. The level of relaxation must be keyed to a trigger word or phrase that will elicit the desired psychophysiological state by its mere utterance. This is the process used by the 40-year old baseball pitcher, main character of the film For The Love of the Game (played by Kevin Costner) to quiet down the noise level in the stadium just before a pitch – “Clear the mechanism.” 
Once the trigger engages the desired psychophysiology and the body responds, the organismic response must be stabilized, and this calls for a semantic formula, immediately followed by a sound trigger for the development of an energetic overunity sink in the organism. The semantic formula must contained specific words with specific sounds, or specific sound in certain semantically meaningful and empowering words in the operator’s language – the language of the person engaging in MPO-LERM. The sounds which must be prevalent in the semantic message to the cells are mostly nasals, such as /n/, /m/, /ng/, /a/, /o/and /u/, and some fricatives such as /f/, /h/, /z/, /v/, /th/ and /sh/.  Avoid too many plosives, like /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/.  An example of an English language formula is shown below:


The formula is in the form of one or more statements designed to soothe the mind and establish by sound formulation and semantic message the expectancy set of what must come next – the onset of an overunity sink. The message does not have to be complete sentences. Phrases with power can also be used.  
The rhythm of delivery is roughly one beat per second. Try intoning the formula above to the one-beat per second (1bps) rhythm suggested. Dedicate one meat per word, and consider “ummm” as a word. This the following delivery to the 1 bps rhythm.

1 Ummm time’s

2 – 3 – 4 come—again—mechanism’s on

5 – 6 – 7 full—force—rising

8 - 9 I’m—in my zone

10 -- 11 -- 12 I sing—a song—uu-ummm

13 -- 14 my force—is full

15 -- 16 my force—is full

17 -- 18 Ah-ha—Ah-ha

19 -- 20 My ummmm—song

20 -- 21 My ummmm—song

22 -- 23 in zone—is rising

24 -- 25 My force—is full

26 -- 27 My force—is full

28 -- 29 -- 30 I am—my force—in full.

The formula is designed as a child-like repetition of a known fact. Communication with cells must be in present tense as their time regime is only present-tense. The semantic content of the formula is actually an induction protocol for getting the cells prepped to engage in overunity energetics, or cellular capacitance beyond threshold (i.e., 1.2 volt per cell). The last thought in the sequence needs to be set up as cue to the development of overunity sink. At this moment, the operator must use the cue to bring the visual field of the target object to mind’s eye. And eyes are opened but focus is diffused, as attention is kept on the mind’s eye visual field containing the target object
2. Overunity Sink. The collection of overunity (or suprathreshold) energetics per cell is source to the single degree of freedom overunity, which becomes sink upon engaging visualization of target. In the cue moments, or the period of time the operator spends repeating the cue like a mantram, the cue must elicit the target object in a visual field before the operator’s mind’s eye. This must be done with eyes open but the focus of the physical eyes kept diffused such that the mind’s eye’s field is superposed upon the spacetime where the physical eyes are trained on. All of this needs to be done without any effort in the least, 
Process can also be helped if the interested party engages the use of a “black light” source, specifically one capable of illuminating an operator’s biomind with UVA-UVB-UVC multirange ultraviolet light at low power. Best results can be had with semi-nude exposure in the 15-30 minute range, according to weight (roughly 1 minute per 5 pounds of weight). If use of this means is made, it is highly advisable to cover eyes either with a UVA-B-C- polarizing pair of sunglesses, or with an eye mask-like cover, to protect the eyes from harm. 
Additionally, operator must also use the formula above (not the precise one shown, but one based upon its format and rhythm) that includes a verbal instruction to the cells to also derive energetics from the body’s epithelial (or skin) cells, from which all other cells may then draw on energetics to overunity.
At the start of practice, this entrainment procedure may take longer in generating desired results – increase in cellular capacitance. Also initially, many new practitioners do not know how to recognize an overunity internal state. Briefly, an overunity state is expressed holonomically in a variety of modes of experience – some feel as though ants are crawling inside in a not altogether unpleasant feeling, others feel “electric” along with a metallic taste in the mouth, still others can feel their hair in back of the neck rise along with other body hair in a sensation akin to being in a medium of high static electrical charge. Regardless of what the internal cues are, the internal event transpires in an internal medium of induced sensorial peace and quiet, as already described in previous modules.
3. Hemispheric-synchronized Visualization of Target Information Set. Another skill set necessary is the ability to visualize the target in a clear and concise manner, based on all available information pertinent to the target conformation and reality-matrix.
Different targets will have different information set requirements. Take, for instance, the assignment tasks presented below:
(1) A perfect, ripe sweet orange.
(2) A roll of WHITE cotton yarn.
(3) A present for your daughter or son or other member of the immediate family
(4) A digital photographic camera (your favorite brand)


Developing a Repertoire For LERMing Nonliving and Living Matrices. As most newbies, the reader would probably tend to think of self-sufficiency in terms of an ability to acquire necessities of life by purchasing power – that is, by having the money to buy and consume what you and your family need. LERM-MPO throws this usual and customary way of thinking and traditional behavior into disarray.
To LERM an MPO means being able to meet your needs without necessarily relying on acquisitive power by means of money. To LERM an MPO also requires you to develop a repertoire of types of things you for which you have affinity (by desire, belief, need, preference, proclivity and continuous use), and these things then become your LERM/MPO repertoire. Thus, in a manner of speaking, you can develop two kinds of repertoires on the basis of desire, belief, need, preference,proclivity, and continuous use.
Do you believe you can LERM a nonliving MPO target?
Do you believe you can LERM a living MPO target?
This is where the information set about a target begins. The options for answering this question are three, and only three. All other replies are variations of these three:

YES           DON’T KNOW            NO

If YES, you get to move to the DO stage, and get on with the LERM of your MPO. If NO, this belief is a barrier to your formulation of your MPO, since a manifest production observership is based on your belief that this process is possible and will result in a LERM of the object you desire, need, prefer, like and/use. And then, there is DON’T KNOW, which is not to mean MAYBE. At this juncture, it is necessary for you to know that the word-message MAYBE to your cells and to your enteric brain concerning the LERMing of a target object is quite damaging to desired results – that is, to getting the object’s reality matrix light-encoded as materialized object in 4-spacetime. MAYBE splits one’s vector-intention into a YES and a NO, and confuses the enteric brain into inaction. The worst thing to have is a neurotic enteric brain, trained into inaction by double messages and double entendres (meanings) (though, not necessarily of a risqué or sensual nature).
Most newbies either begin with a NO or a DON’T KNOW. Strangely enough, a NO is easier to reverse than a DON’T KNOW, but it is also the most fragile to negative results on first try.
NO is a clear vector-intention supported by belief and experience. It is also the most susceptible to change by information and mental representation supportive of the fact of LERM. It is also the most susceptible to the logic of everyday LERMing of one’s reality. NO is belief response dubiously supported by imagination. When imagination can be stolen away from NO support of the question, do you believe you can LERM a living or nonliving MPO object?, you then have the means to guide the vector-intention away from a negative and toward an imagination-borne possibility of how it can be done that can lead to a YES. As YES arrived at in this manner is a conditional YES, provided that the
process works the first time around, it requires a posited “proof.” When it does result in a positive proof, it is a triumph of ego-belief and personality-vector intention. Nothing wrong with this outcome. It is when it doesn’t that a NO turned-YES stance can lead to internal dissonance and self-castigation. The ones who wish to pull themselves up and move on to a new trial, do so and most, if
not all, produce one eventually.
What is not realized by newbies who reply in the negative or with a DON’T KNOW to the belief question is that each of them already perform LERM on all MPOs in their lives, including but not limited to their “individual reality.”

A DON’T KNOW stance on the belief question is initially most susceptible to demonstration by information set and knowledge instigation. These are the people who depend highly on their imagination to wrap their minds around an event deemed possible, or probable, by their manifest vector-intentions. It has been our experience that people who DON’T KNOW and who have inquiring minds are the best combination for LERM event acquisition.
We strongly suggest that you treat all targets as information sets. When moving onward on an information set to LERM its matrix, call on the matrix to complete the set with accurate information (though this is often not necessary, as the templates will not only initialize the process but also fill in the gap[s] once a target subjected to MPO is acted upon by LERM.
We will also advise you that attention deployment will also be a crucial element in the algorithmic sequence. There are four attention modalities: broad internal, narrow internal, broad external, and narrow external.
Broad internal – locating the site of a headache with sympathetic pains all over the head, getting a feel for bloated sensation, determining why you are unhappy. A deployment of attention to event or phenomenon inside that does not focus on any specific aspect but rather encompasses all or most of the event or phenomenon in its scope of perception.
Narrow internal – focusing on a mantram during Transcendental Meditation session, focusing on the precise site of pain anywhere in the body, focusing on your breathing or heartbeat. A deployment of attention to event or phenomenon that draws focus specifically on the event or phenomenon or on any specific aspect of it as its scope of perception.
Broad external – looking at a valley from a lookout point high up a hill, looking down from an airplane window to the ground, looking up at the ocean from a beach. A deployment of attention to event or phenomenon that focuses on a broad swath of space without stopping to focus on any one aspect as its scope of perception.
Broad internal – looking at a cut on someone else’s arm, touching or petting a dog or cat, looking for a familiar face on a photograph. A deployment of attention to an event or phenomenon that draws focus specifically on an aspect of it as itsscope of perception
In the course of the algorithmic sequence below, you will be using most, if not all, of the attention deployment modalities  mentioned above.
4. Algorithmic Sequence. The elements in the algorithm are as follows:
Acknowledge need or desire to light encode the matrix of object desired or needed. Own need or desire. Declare need or desire in word to all quanta and request their cooperation in fact (i.e., in the world).
Focus on object(s) targeted and synthesize an awareness of object’s information set. Do this visually as observership act, i.e., by placing mentally or collocating image of target in the solar plexus area at an arm’s length at height of stomach in front of your body.
Once you have mentally collocated target image on “development plane” (i.e., the physical place at stomach height at arm’s length in front of you) at 90 degrees away from the belly button area, you let the area in which the object will manifest become the quantum-potential “cage” in which the QP template gathers up, with all the information set necessary to physically encode the object in 4-spacetime. During this QP template formation is the time you ask for and accept cooperation from all quanta that form the object’s QP template. And then ask the QP cage to tell you by knowingness when template formation is complete. Await reply/feedback, and when it comes, acknowledge and express gratefulness while accepting the template and owning it (meaning, you declare this template now as yours to do by your vector-intention). DO NOT forget to do this. This is an “interconnectivity lock” and assures flow both ways – from you to template and from template to you in the physical.
Now relax by calling in on the “mechanism” (a la Billy Sunday, the fictional ballplayer in the movie, “For The Love Of The Game”) and narrow internal locus of attention onto the QP template completed and in front of you in its glorious fuzzy form. Once you have the “mechanism” kick in bring in the formula into play. Claim and own point-of-being (body-mind as you are at this exact time) and state-of-peace (state of relaxation as you are at this exact time).
Recite the formula you compose to the rhythm count you designed. Use the formula example cited above as a recipe for your own. They have to contain your words, and you have to own your formula for it to work for you. From here onward, much of what you do depends on strong ownership and acceptance of what you do. Recite formula until you achieve rise to energetic overunity all over your body. Ask your body to provide you with confirming feedback by method you devise to communicate with it and recognize knowingness of overunity cellular electrical capacitance when it happen.
Monitor and feel/sense rise in cellular electrical capacitance while remaining peaceful and quiet during your formula recitation. Remain open to the confirming feedback and stay ready to the experience of knowingness that your body is to overunity. When the moment comes, acknowledge and express gratitude in your own words but internally and quietly.
Then tell your body to continue electrical capacitance increase or build up beyond threshold. Shift attention style from narrow internal to broad internal, and shift focus from awareness of energetic overunity to the feel of the energetic while vector-intentionally bringing the energetic sink (or hole through which you are going to ask cooperating quanta to “spray” the QP template with the right
type of wave-turned-particle in the process of commencing light encode procedure. Bring the sink to just below the belly button area and feel the “stream” as a spray, as if it was a water spout and it was comfortably and very relaxed filling up the QP template at arm’s length in front of your belly button
area. The important thing is to keep calm peace throughout this transition from overunity to sink energetic spraying,
Now you enlarge your broad internal attention to also include the target template at arm’s length in front of your belly button area, your energetic sink and the energetic overunity from all over your body. Once you have this awareness in mind, relaxed and peaceful, move to the next process.
Once you are aware of the target template, your energetic sink facing it, and the energetic overunity in your body, bring your vector-intention to bear on every cell in your body, issuing a vector-intentional knowingness to all cells to summate their energetics onto the energetic sink, letting “pressure” build as time goes by. (Internal & external time may not show isomorphic or one-to-one
correspondence at this stage in the process.) Ask your biomind to give you readiness feedback to start process of cooperative spray and materialization of 4-spacetime target object matrix. Ask this knowingness to be readily and easily understandable to you. When it comes and you recognize it, accept, express gratitude, own, and begin next phase.
Give instruction to your overunity sink to set up cooperative interconnectivity with flowing energetics at sink and direct flow of energetic stream to point alpha in the 4-spacetime location. Let the energetic stream conform the 4-spacetime matrix by light-encoding it from alpha point outward to object boundaries. Once this is complete, go inward to source, accept the object encoded, express your gratitude to your biomind and living matrix, and take physical possession of the object. End of algorithmic process.
A practicum is a practice period of time at a chosen place. It is a conscious activity brought under the control of our vector-intention. It is a choice and the consequence of its performance as chosen as well as of the product(s) derived from it. It also means you perform a practicum, and the performance of the practicum is the medium of the object of the practicum – much like as if the practicum were the carrier wave of another (the performance of the LERM of an MPO) piggybacking on it. Establishing PRACTICUM as a LERM ritual trains your biomind and organism to respond to the demand of performing LERM of a chosen MPO anywhere, anytime. It is strongly suggested to you that you adopt PRACTICUM as your private, intimate ritual to LERM a chosen target MPO.

We come to the end of the LERM/MPO modules and its support physics. As you may have already surmised, much of what you have already read in these modules have other applications as well, just as LERM is not just an on-demand phenomenon but actually the basis of our creation of our individual and collective reality.
LERM, as an on-demand phenomenon, is as ancient as the time when the perfect DNA appeared in 4-spacetime, and began the panspermia of the universe. Human science at the start of the 21st century of the Common Era is at a threshold beyond its own conception. We are as gifted as any other life form in the known universe, more than some and less than others according to our stage of biomind evolvement at this juncture of our common history. We are also coming into our own, and the means to do so are at hand. TIA, LERM, MPO and other technologies that combine internal and external requisites and requirement assists are part of an ancient patrimony that is not even native to this galaxy. Yet we have it and we are harvesting its gifts and goodies. And we have just started.
· For your information, when we say “Meissner” we mean the fundamental or physical body’s Meissner field; and when we say “anti-Meissner” we are talking about the fundamental Meissner field’s first, second, third harmonic, and so on. Since thisMeissner-antiMeissner field complex of ours is on 24/7/365, it also has interactive, interfacing, read-and-compute, read-and-compose, and read-and-extend, among other “extended human functions.” The human Meissner field was first detected and measured at I.D.E.A. in 1994, in verification of work by Mae Wan Ho (UK), Karl Popp (Germany), and Herbert Frohlich (Germany), and was named after Alexander Meissner – an Austrian engineer who had developed antennas which were able to detect long waves while working for Telefunken in Berlin, in 1907.


A. R. BORDON is a retired scientist and cofounder of the LIFE PHYSICS GROUP – CALIFORNIA. A former executive director of the American Association of Remote Viewers, he is an experienced physical-gnosive extension neurosensor and consultant to a private research institute in northern California.

E. M. WIENZ* is an active astrophysicist and computer scientist working for a private research institute in northern California, as well as with one of the national laboratories in the San Francisco Bay area. He is also a cofounder of the LIFE PHYSICS GROUP – CALIFORNIA.

C. COLOSSIMO-JAIME* is a doctoral level computer scientist and biochemist, who works for a major manufacturer of specialty materials used in the space program and in scientific applications related to the space program.

J.A. SANCHEZ* is a doctoral level electrical engineer working for a large aerospace conglomerate in southern California.

• The names adopted by these authors is a pen name used in any written work associated with the LIFE PHYSICS GROUP, and is designed to protect their professional association with their respective employers. 
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