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Where Is Jesus in the Awakening?

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1Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Empty Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:11 am


Where Is Jesus in the Awakening?

by Zen Gardner - Sep 21, 2015

Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Jesus-Christ-660x400-700x424

Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Print
by Zen Gardner
I began a reply to a very sincere question on my last post Cunning Craftiness and the Tools of Manipulation and it turned into quite a long explanation. It brings up a lot of important aspects regarding what’s going on right now as people are genuinely concerned about these recent turns of events and what seems to be unfolding, and are subsequently digging deep to get some spiritual footing in order to grasp as well as prepare for what appears to be quickly coming at us.
Here’s the question from Dewey:
Just curious, does your view of the awakening involve Jesus? From my understanding, the PTB are being allowed to do what they are doing for a short time, but will be brought down in due time. Thanks for all you do to help people become more aware.
Hi Dewey.
Thanks for your question. I started to answer your question in the comment section but it became quite long so I decided to write it up in this format as this is a big question many have asked that needs a more thorough explanation. I’ve talked about this a lot in previous articles, coming at it from different angles. This won’t be fully comprehensive but I’ll touch on the essential aspects of this as I understand it so far.
The awakening is a constantly unfolding convergence of consciousness and it comes through many vectors. I’m amazed at how awakened the Christian community is becoming in many ways, if you can call it that, as it’s a very diverse community from orthodox to mystical Christians and even those espousing Christ consciousness, although that is rarely attached to religious beliefs.
That wide spectrum aspect can be said about any and all religious paradigms. Many into psychic awareness in all forms, and other spiritual and metaphysical technologies, even new age thinking, are coming to this point of convergence that is bringing about a greater and greater awakening.
But with any of these, as well as philosophical viewpoints, there’s a certain letting go of cherished beliefs that needs to transpire to get to that ultimate conscious awakening, and that invariably presents some very tough hurdles to overcome. That is why the would-be controllers have been busy laying an ornate spiritual trap to catch those that don’t make the full transition and transcendence in order to draw them into their lair of  subjugation and control, a phenomenon we’ve seen utilized throughout human history.

Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Letting-go-is-not-giving-up

Transcending Cherished Beliefs

The problem arises when people take new challenges to their cherished beliefs and viewpoints as if it’s denying their personal experience, which it isn’t, although sometimes there are direct attacks against others that are just that, hence religious wars and the like. These are very low vibrational and obviously unloving  behaviors that are readily instigated as well as exacerbated by social manipulators.
Such attacks on others only serve to harden people’s stance and are extremely detrimental to the awakening process. If someone is attached to something and you try to rip it away from them, they’ll only hold on to it, or something like it, all the more ardently. They need to be fully persuaded in their own minds and hearts that there is a better alternative to what they’re clinging to, otherwise even if you succeed in forcibly stripping someone of something, they’ll only pick it or something else up again first chance they get in some form or another and it starts all over.
That’s where conscious awareness comes in, as those who truly are awakened are sincerely concerned about the individual and are motivated by love, offering a better way, but leaving the choice up to the individual, as it’s all about the process and personal empowerment if we’re to help birth a better world of fully awakened humanity.
I understand why people interpret their spirituality in terms of what Jesus means to them, or the overall concept of God, or other go-between figures such as Mohamed or Buddha or Krishna et al or the plethora of other manipulative cult like figures for that matter.
Faith and spirituality are very personal experiences and mankind has been carefully groomed to build dogmatic practices and belief systems around just about any teaching or understanding in order to translate this awareness into their daily lives. This of course is very easy to tamper with as well as direct in order to build these systems of behavior into whatever suits the purposes of those seemingly in charge.
My main concern is dependence on outside energies of any sort, when all we need is already within each of us, even as Jesus repeatedly said which is why the idea of “Christ consciousness” is very appealing to many. But all of the great enlightened teachers either stated or implied that we are God as well, as in being part of this “God” idea, which Jesus also clearly asserted.
That “no man comes unto the Father but by me” I don’t think he or any enlightened teacher ever said, another cornerstone of the exclusivistic “Yahwey or the highway” polarization of humanity as in all monotheistic religions. The fact is, ultimately almost every “belief” system ends up in a hierarchical structure or some sort of reinforced dogmatic dependence on an outside godhead idea when the exact opposite is the real truth.
Although there are admittedly all kinds of forces at work, the magificence of our creative Source is not only within us, but all around us.

Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Ausetherutomaryjesus

The Adulterated Bible and Its Many Influences

The Bible, whatever its source as you may know, was hijacked, edited, rewritten, chopped up and deliberately adulterated from the start, the most famous of which was at the Council of Nicea under Constantine in 325 AD. This was followed by all kinds of convenient translations and further manipulations right up to the present, including the Scofield Bible that injected a heavy duty Zionist slant that is causing such horrific endorsement of today’s genocides and Zionism’s many other nefarious agendas. That’s a whole subject in itself, but it demonstrates the importance of getting blind religious zeal behind whatever the “powers that be” want to perpetrate.
These manipulations and adulterations of the Bible I mention above don’t even include the obvious influences of the Gnostic teachings found in the Nag Hammadi texts that predate the Bible. There’s even evidence that the Jesus figure could very well have been an especially enlightened Gnostic who was exposing the false god Yahweh and all the false religious clap trap of the day for which he was put to death. Then there are the many Christ-like figures throughout ancient history leading up to it that all were born of a virgin, again on December 25th or thereabouts, having the 12 disciple meme, and who performed miracles and were worshipped as sons of God in some form during their age.
In other words, even if there was an enlightened spiritual revolutionary at that time named Jesus or whomever, he was cleverly tucked back into the same old meme that was so successful at controlling humanity and keeping their attention through a seemingly powerful occult-driven influence towards a certain mindset.
This can be traced to a subject called astrotheology, with most of this hailing back to sun worship, the 12 disciples referring to the 12 signs of the zodiac and on it goes. The symbolism and obvious references in even the modern Bible to these astro-theological meanings are a study in themselves and well worth your investigation.
I don’t know how much you’re into all of this so forgive me if I seem to be making any assumptions about your beliefs. I’m not, but since you brought up the subject and I get this question often I want to give a more thorough perspective on this important phenomenon. However it is usually met with quite stiff resistance by “dyed in the wool” heavily indoctrinated “believers”, but so be it. It’s all part of the awakening from the spell humanity has been put under, and it’s my understanding that the hardest paradigms to fully awaken from are the religious ones.
And for people to “believe” the Bible is the infallible word of God sets the ultimate trap for limited understanding and behavior and thus control, no matter how much truth is in it. This applies to any dogmatic belief systems. And to top it off, that people depend on others to interpret texts for them, and as you know interpretation is quite subjective, it almost always leads to some form of spiritual abuse, using “God’s will” as a cudgel to keep people in line through guilt, condemnation and fear.
This hierarchical trap is very subtle, as it seemingly acknowledges and honors our innate spirituality, yet surreptitiously channels it, or shunts it, into powerless forms of unquestioning obedience and “worship” and again controlled, debilitating thought patterns and hence behavior.

Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Rothschild-loves-the-jesus-trick

Prophecy and Predictive Programming

There are prophecies in the Bible however that are very intriguing and I try not to throw out the baby with the bathwater here as there are many truths buried within the Bible. I’m very familiar with the Bible having intensely studied it for many years. The verse you’re referring to about “a little while” is about Satan being allowed or “loosed” to have full sway for a short time while the final chapters, seals, vials etc. take place. This scenario is hauntingly echoed in other spiritual writings and even non religious prophecies, and it sure appears to be unfolding that way.
You may also be familiar with predictive programming and the lengths these invading influences have gone to in order to trap mankind in their paradigm. It is thought that much of this, beginning in ancient Sumer if not earlier, could very well be programming for these events we’re witnessing. The purpose is to get humanity accustomed to and resultantly accept these events, causing a kind of over-spiritualization of what’s going on to prevent responsive action and to facilitate submission to their grand solution of a one world religion with a one world head. And more importantly, total dominion over humanity.
Howbeit distasteful, all this becomes a “fulfillment of prophecy” and so in a strange, abstract way an affirmation to “believers” that their paradigm is true and being a cause for comfort.
Christians are well aware of who that head would be as he’s repeatedly named as the anti-Christ, and they’ve been desperately looking to see who is going to arise to fulfill that role. That again is why this subject is so prescient as these dramatic world events unfold around us.
I think there’s definitely some truth to some of these scenarios but I don’t see it solely within the Christian paradigm. But it’s clearly part of the plan in having a one world dictator who will in some form or another demand worship in some form, for himself or some such figure in their new unholy counterfeit structure who as you know many will believe will be/is this activist Jesuit Pope Francis fellow or someone very similar. But complete obedience is definitely in the plan, which we’re witnessing incrementally in the current global crackdown on populations.
Another good example of this “faith hijack” is that now the growing consensus in the less than conscious Christian world is that Islam is the mark of the beast of revelation. Couple this with the Scofield Bible Zionism contamination we then see the creation of the perfect patsies to endorse and even help promote the current genocides in the Middle East, as well as support for Israel’s ongoing horrors on the Gaza strip and the elimination or expulsion of anyone within their Greater Israel agenda.
At the very least these dynamics are at play. But remember, these would-be controllers and social engineers and spiritual manipulators are a lot more cunning than any of us. When you realize the groundwork for this has been laid since at least Babylon as you trace it through history, including the creation of so-called Christianity and every other religion, never mind all of the other debilitating social engineering, the depth of their machinations is staggering. But we need to translate that understanding into a practical form which in turn further precipitates our conscious awareness and hence full on awakening.

Where Is Jesus in the Awakening? Crepuscular-rays

Final Thoughts

The awakening is a profoundly liberating experience and brings tremendous peace of mind and heart. But it comes with a personal price. We have to let go of even our most cherished beliefs and “viewpoints” that have been holding us back as it’s by those misconceptions and attachments they are able to control and manipulate us.
True conscious awareness is way more transcendental and motivating than what any religion, or system I might add, can offer. Yet I also know the heart of each of us is ultimately the same. So I’m not denying whatever connection anyone has with true Source, however much their minds may misinterpret it or what they’ve unwittingly attached themselves to, as has happened to all of us to one degree or another.
The point is, we’ve all been there. None of us are better than another. We’re in this together and need to lovingly help each other along to where we can be the most effective and spiritually cohesive force for good and real spiritual transformation. But as you can see, without us getting the real big picture we’ll only feed into the booby trapped net they’ve laid for us and eventually be drawn to again reinforce a false, hierarchical and extremely disempowering paradigm which will only reinvent the next stage of human domination by very ill-meaning, parasitic forces.
I don’t pretend to understand everything and in fact realize how little I know the more I learn, but as I do learn and grow and I see the hindrances fall away for me, I like to share what I’m learning. But I’m always open to new information and understandings.
As the saying goes, “When we’re through changing, we’re through”.
Love, Zen
P.S. I’m only touching on many profound subjects here to give a sort of outline. If you’d like to know more on any of these topics you can go to my timeline and type any of these terms into the search bar (click the magnifying glass at the top right for it to appear).
Search the whole site as well, and do your own research if you feel so led. I consider this essential information as all of us are profoundly influenced by these concepts and teachings and fully awakening has everything to do with understanding the world around us and how and why society has been formulated the way it has.
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