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What Is Your Role In Mother Earth’s Return To Balance?

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What Is Your Role In Mother Earth’s Return To Balance?

11/8/02 SOLTEC

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Allow for the energies to settle as adjustments to the signal are being made.
Many ones who have been following these works are seeking to understand the significance of all the recent earthquake and volcanic activities. The stress at this time on your planet is increasing. Your planet feels and responds to the general emotional state of all its inhabitants.
The geophysical response is often delayed, relative to the cause, in terms of time, and like most of you, your planet has the ability to hold much emotional pain before she must release the energy as she seeks to regain balance. The larger 7+ magnitude earthquakes that seemed to "swarm" in the last several weeks should be taken as warnings that PRESSURE IS BUILDING.

Your planet is alive and grows physically. From the perspective of your short physical life-spans, though you cannot easily measure this growth, she is nonetheless growing. Many factors contribute to this growth, such as meteor impacts which contain materials that add to the overall whole.
Your world also constantly takes in energy from the Sun. This energy is converted and utilized by your planet, in many direct and indirect ways (such as by plant life) to add to the total of planetary materials. Likewise, in a frequency range not yet recognized by your scientists, your planet "drinks in" much cosmic energy, and processes that energy into new materials, eventually integrating them with her physical structure. That is to say, there is a build-up deep inside your planet as many forms of yet unrecognized energy are processed.
With any organic living system there is "waste" product generated that needs to be cleansed from the inner functionings in order to ensure continued balance of the biological system. Volcanic eruptions deposit processed materials on the outer (surface) layers of the planet to form the epidermal layers. Here such materials can be re-energized and purified by the Sun’s rays, and broken down by the various plant and microorganism life, so as to be readied for recycling back into a usable energy form to the planetary ecosystem.

Tectonic plate movements are necessary in order to accommodate the energetic shifting of magma beneath the surface, as well as to "stretch" the outer layers of the planet ever so slightly as the planet grows. These kinds of movements are thus a natural process.
"Mother Earth"—as she is most often referred to—has a great empathy for all life on the planet. And much like any mother, she will do all she can to sustain an ecologically balanced environment in order to facilitate the greatest proliferation of life. However, in the event a species becomes out of balance with respect to the welfare of the greater whole, there comes the need to deal with this condition.
With respect to the current state of your planet’s health, the human inhabitants are quickly destroying the ecological balance of the planet. Oceans are being decimated with over-fishing, heavy metal poisoning, as well as other pollutants. Large masses of your planet’s life-sustaining vegetation are constantly being stripped away, as areas such as the
rain forests are being decimated. Electromagnetic devices that aggressively alter the ionosphere and other atmospheric layers are causing unnatural torques and gyroscopic disturbances, as well as inducing unnatural levels of negative emotional responses. The excessive amount of oil being displaced and burned in the atmosphere is causing unnatural shifts in atmospheric composition that lead to a filtering of the frequencies of light reaching the planet’s surface, thus causing an ecological strain on various forms of plant and animal life—not to mention cumulative toxicity conditions, brought about through the process of respiration, for every breathing species.

This is just to mention a few of the larger ecological problems that "modern" society has created and to which your planet MUST respond in an effort to restore overall balance.
When I mentioned that the earthquakes and volcanos should be taken as a warning, you would be wise to recognize that, as toxins and poisons build-up in a biological system, there is often a fever generated as a means to burn out the infection. Your world’s scientists have noted a rise in average temperatures and, coupled with that, a very significant recession of Arctic ice packs.
You shall witness greater occurrences of volcanic activity, as well as an increase in the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes, as your planet continues to ramp-up her efforts to combat the causes of her illness. Shaking an infestation off of her skin, dowsing them with water, or covering them over with fresh volcanic "skin conditioner" may become more and more necessary if the human inhabitants don’t begin to see that they are UNNECESSARILY causing their own ecological genocide.
In higher-evolved societies, the need for fossil fuels is regarded as a form of vampirism wherein sucking the natural bodily fluids of a host organism for SELFISH PLEASURE is regarded as barbaric and somewhat insane. Your world has been supplied, over and over again, with alternative technologies which would enable you to halt the excessive consumption of natural resources, and find better, more balanced solutions to ALL of the problems with which you are now faced.
Yes, this is an old message wherein the few convince the masses that certain things are necessary in the name of "progress". All the while they knowingly exercise such deceptions as a means to generate personal wealth and power. This sort of insanity is what is directly responsible for the dire state of your world’s current ecological situation.
Part of your challenge, as potential caretakers of your planet and students of life, is to learn to go within and find creative solutions to the problems you face as an evolving society. You can only do this with any sort of competency when you truly understand the larger picture that your planet is a LIVING, SENTIENT BEING who has needs, just as do you, and that there are always choices and alternatives to consider.
You need not be an engineer, scientist, or geophysicist in order to see that your planet is alive. You only need to go within and search your Inner Knowing, and you will find this to be something that you already know. Many changes are coming your way that will eventually lead to a greater ecological balance when viewed from a larger perspective of geological evolution of your planet. You would each be wise to consider carefully your attitude toward Mother Earth and the take-for-granted posture that the majority of your world’s inhabitants have, as they just turn a blind eye to the many atrocities being enacted upon such a gracious host that is your planet.

This message is not intended to scare you. It is intended to get you ones to think about where you are at, as a society as a whole. You each must learn to consider the larger picture in all your actions and choices if you are to evolve much further as a society. Advanced technologies are not required for human survival. However, advanced technologies can greatly enhance the survivability of the human species on planet Earth—if used properly, in a balanced manner.

You each enjoy the convenience of flipping a switch to have light, or adjusting a knob in order to have heat. These things are very convenient to you and allow you to devote more time to other matters of a mental, emotional, and spiritual nature. Rather than having to go out and gather firewood or forage for food, you can explore finer aspects of individuality and creativity. Part of your contemplation should be directed toward how to give back that which you take from Mother Earth. Do you give thanks and pray for her wellbeing? How many even notice that she is sick? What modern conveniences are you willing to do without in order to help carry a bit of her burden? How long will the masses of your world tolerate the insanity of the few who keep the world on a collision course with disaster while they play their small-minded power games with YOUR lives?
Balance WILL be restored on your world! The price may be higher than any of you would like to believe, but Nature (God-force in action) always finds a way to restore balance. As sure as night follows day, balance shall be restored on your planet. Please contemplate carefully what you can or cannot do in order to make a difference. Even pursuits as simple as recycling and composting can make quite a difference—both directly for the well-being of Mother Earth, and indirectly from radiating your own inner emotional sense of satisfaction due to acting in a responsible manner.
Attitude and belief are both your greatest ally and your greatest enemy. Your personal perception of self and others is what keeps most ones from taking any action whatsoever, because you believe such nonsense as: "I am only one person in billions; what difference
can I possibly make?" And then there are the other equally common excuses: "I’m too old." Or: "I’m too young." Or: "I’m not smart enough." Or: "I don’t have time." The list goes on and on. You each will find that it is very easy to make choices and state reasons for NOT doing anything to help your current situation. It is not my place to judge you. However, when I look at your ACTIONS, it is clear to me who truly understands the message and who is
simply reading for entertainment. You each can do SOMETHING to help your situation. A heartfelt prayer, offered in love on behalf of your planet, is a good first step—especially if such is done with regularity and sincerity. Is that too much for you? When you take even a small step toward helping, you begin to align your energies with others of like mind, and there is then added great strength to your desires that goes beyond the physical perception of the space you presently occupy.

There are great forces in your universe—advanced angelic beings—who are focusing their healing prayers on behalf of your planet. These angelic beings would gladly assist any and all ones who desire the same planetary healing. These angelic beings will add their Guidance and Inspiration to those who are willing and open. You must simply be patient, persistent, and allowing of opportunities to unfold in your lives.
Please never underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer can more simply be stated as HEARTFELT DESIRE. When you have great emotion behind your desire, the energy aligns much more noticeably (quickly) than it does when you mouth "empty" words. This too is what is meant when we speak of you as co-creators. You create by focusing your heart and head (emotional and mental) energies simultaneously on the same thing. Most ones we witness who want something, hold doubt in their hearts, and thus the heart and head are in disagreement (the energies cancel-out each other), and very little changes in terms of manifesting the desire.
We have written on this subject many times, yet we see that many of you still don’t quite grasp the concept with functioning knowledge so as to lead to practical application. The "miracles" in life COME FROM WITHIN! You need not wait for another to do anything on your behalf.
Those of you who are reading this sort of message for the first time may be left a bit confused, but we must keep this sort of message general, and assume a certain
level of understanding and seeking on the part of the general reader. You each have the ability to go within and HEAR (sense/perceive) this sort of message for yourself. We encourage you to do so. SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND. The answers will come. Be diligent, persistent, and patient as your Guides work within a frame of reference that is unique to your current level of awareness and understanding. Very few will behold a "burning bush" that speaks to you! Most will notice subtle coincidences, or thoughts that come to them just moments prior to an occurrence that, when acted upon, will lead to "doors opening".

Please also remember that the SPIRITUAL journey is the larger journey, while the physical journey is but one aspect of a much larger process. Be not fearful of losing your physical body, for it is, in the most simple terms, a focusing mechanism that allows for your direct interaction with other physical matter in a specific location and time reference.
Remember that the body is not YOU! YOU are MUCH MORE than a bundle of bones, muscles, and nerve tissues. Your existence is INFINITE! Please KNOW this.

I am Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec, come in service to Creator God, The Source of All That Is, so that those who petition for Guidance and Insight may have same. My job is not to give you answers to all your personal questions, but rather, show you how you
can find your own answers. In short, we of the Lighted Realms are teaching you how to feed yourself, rather than simply feeding you.
May you each read this message with an open heart—and pay close attention to any thoughts that may come about from reading it. Take what is meant for you and leave what is not. Blessings and peace to you ALL! Salu.
[End quoting]
The preceding article is excerpted from The Spectrum, December 2002 issue, p.58-60.
Thanks also, to Rocky Montana for transcribing this PDF file to html.




Talk about synchronicity.
topspin.... I think this one is for you my friend. :)


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