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Decline And Rebirth…

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1Decline And Rebirth… Empty Decline And Rebirth… Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:57 am


Decline And Rebirth…

October 20, 2015 / Visionkeeper

Decline And Rebirth… Dreams-princess-stars-tangled-favim-com-3074867
Photo Source:
Music to read by below:
Several years ago I remember everyone thinking that the energies were so intense and yet they couldn’t hold a candle to the energies swirling about the universe today! Wow. It has been a wild and crazy ride and yet underneath it all there remains a steady current of optimism that keeps humming along. If one is still deep in slumber, then the reality of the world and what is taking place is defined by fear. If one is awake they are well aware of that current of optimism that I speak about.
Yes the old paradigm is imploding and all sense in the world seems to have been blown out the window, but one can also sense what is right behind it waiting to take it’s place. It is quite inspiring to be alive at this time. It helps if one stays aware of what is going on in the alternative news world. It is only there that you will learn about everything that is falling into ruin. Certainly mainstream media is not about to report on it. There is a great deal going on behind the scenes and it is here that the optimism is born and continues to expand.
If one only continues to listen to what takes place on the nightly news I dare say depression is sure to set in rapidly. Fortunately the world is waking up at an ever increasing rate and these brave souls who have opened their hearts and minds are the birthers of this optimism, they can see beyond the world’s demise and see the emergence of the new and better world unfolding. They can see past the multitude of lies being used to capture the masses. Many have been caught in the net and have given up their struggle, but many have slipped loose out through the top of the net and are now swimming free.
There is a great deal of good news afloat in the world, but only if you know where to look for it. It reminds me of the underground. It is there to had but you have to know how to find it. Mainstream media is trying desperately to keep a lid on the truth but instead it continues to dribble out in brilliant colors of hope. We always knew we would have to endure the death of the old paradigm to be able to construct the new. We have been ready for it. We now find ourselves heading towards the end of the of the transfer of power from one paradigm to another. The pride felt from our battle far outweighs the fear and we are now shedding rapidly the old dramas that have defined us for eons.
Recently I have felt very much like a snake shedding its skin. I find waves of old ways of being on so many levels being peeled off and cast aside. It seems like an endless process. Just when you think you are done it all begins again. There are endless layers of issues we have worn for decades that must be left behind. We are being asked to find the courage to let this baggage go, to shed the old skin so the new creature within can be reborn. As we shed these layers we find ourselves becoming lighter at heart, the worry and fear drifts away and we find ourselves inspired to create ourselves anew. We discover a strong belief in what can be and leave behind our need to hold onto what was.
Do not fight this process, allow yourselves to flow with what is and forget your need to ask why. It is because it is. That is all we need to know and as long as we believe in ourselves and in the process, all will be well. Make faith the foundation of your new being, embrace it, live it and be it. It is faith in ‘what is’ that will carry us to the light of truth and eventually our everlasting freedom.
Sorry the paragraphs are not working…Don’t know why edit will not fix that????
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to VK at: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


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