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We Need Your Light

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1We Need Your Light  Empty We Need Your Light on Sat Oct 24, 2015 6:23 pm



We Need Your Light

This Quest continues. 

Thanks to all of you who’ve responded via letters and posts to last week’s question !  It has taken these many days to ponder them and offer more.

Our collective journey affords insight as well as numerous opportunities for further expansion.  As we travel – situations, people and beings show up – each of them asking for growth.  This is why we came together.  We can’t do this alone.

Last week’s query used the words “without depending on evidence”.  It was written that way deliberately.  “No evidence” asks us to “know” evidence is there without sight or sound of it.  It’s like knowing Santa Claus is real because there are presents under the tree.

Can we believe without ever seeing who put them there?

Can we accept love in any form?

What is love anyway?  There is passion and creativity, laughter and support.  There is truth.  There is life itself, in all of its raw intelligence.

These current energies are washing us, cleaning away the debris and leaving us naked in front of the crowd.  It’s not always pretty.  It’s not always fun.  Yet it breathes authenticity, it whispers “Psst…. Over here, you may have forgotten this part, this too is you.”  Can you love it all?

Mirrors abound.  Personally, I am weary of the view.  I am dizzy with the force.  I am simultaneously aware that this is the most incredible moment that has ever been.  I see blatant exhibitions of it all – depression, meanness, excitement, passion, beauty, confidence, love, intelligence, gratitude, compassion.  It is simple truth.  We are boundless and ripe with possibility in this NOW moment.

It sounds trite yet words have not yet been imagined for what it is we are doing. We are re-imagining ourselves.  The pictures we held of need and lack are dissolving and in their places we are inventing Agape.

This is everyday Agape.  This has not been done.  This means that in your quest for happiness you discover that answers exist locally.  They have been hiding in plain sight. You are asked to love all of you.  No exceptions.

The sadness and pain and lack are answered with acceptance.  Habits of drama are not useful.  Habits of awareness can replace them.  There is nothing wrong.  Right now you are fine.  I am fine.  We are good. The past does not exist, nor the future.  The power of love is right now.  And now.  And now.  And now.  It all happens now.

I don’t know your specifics but I know your blueprint.  It was drawn in pure light and saturated with love.  This is the time for your emergence.  WE NEED YOUR LIGHT.
We are, each of us, coming to terms with parts of ourselves we find distasteful.  These parts have been pinned on others until recently.  There is no blame in Agape.  The mirror’s reflection does not lie.  It was you all along. 

One of you said, in response to my question, that we came together for a reason, and that maybe, its okay to need each other.  Maybe the reason is to understand that it’s all okay.  It is, in truth, always a group effort.  Oneness is complicated that way… hard to dissect.  One and all are the same.  We are actualizing oneness in real “time”. 

We came together to help each other in a myriad of ways.  It is not just our favorite ones that are a part of our soul group, it’s everyone.
I think it is a choice.  That I can choose in each now moment what it is I want to play at, to reflect, to feel, to be.   That it can all be okay.  That it is a journey and with each step a new path is laid out, showing me yet more opportunities for expression.
I think that needing and wanting are different.  That I can let go of needing love from another and just want love from another, knowing that if what I want doesn’t show up this moment, there is always another moment waiting.  That in each of these moments, I AM love, regardless of who does or doesn’t show up to reflect that.

I think that I will look for agape, and see what shows up.

This Quest continues… have a great week!

With so much love,

We Need Your Light  SophiaLogoSmall

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Posted by Sophia Love at 5:31 AM

Thanks to: http://americankabuki.blogspot.com


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