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1Mike Quincey Message Empty Mike Quincey Message on Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:51 am


Hi Friends,
          Things have been happening so quickly I can hardly keep up with them. No sooner had I announced my retirement from Channelling and was considering instead sending out the best messages from other channels, I received an Email from Nancy Tate with a message from St.Germain. I am sending it on to you so that you know how things are working out.
          Nothing much will happen for a few weeks at least, because I am visiting my friend Michael in Devon. I usually visit him twice a year and enjoy speaking with someone who I admire and rate as the best medium that I know. Michael at 91 years old hardly looks his age and has the energy and outlook of a much younger man.
          So after all the kind wishes and thanks from so many beautiful people, I am back much quicker than I could have visualised. I shall for the time being pass on to you any message that I consider to be of the higher vibrations, and hope that fairly soon I shall be back sending you messages from Spirit directly through me.
          I was overwhelmed by the large number of wonderful messages you sent me, and could not reply to them all individually so I thank you all for your heart felt comments and expressions of thanks for my work.
          Below is the full message I received from Nancy Tate, a friend of many years and of great help by allowing me to use her website for my messages.
          In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

I have just received this "Wake up Call" from St Germain with news that confirms what I had felt last night, that Mike Quinsey would be doing in the coming times. You can read the "Wake Up Call" for the 'rest of the story'. to read about Mike's Retirement Decision. Nancy Tate.

Wake up Call: St. Germain, October 26, 2015

I would like to add something to the news of Mike Quinsey and his move to stop channeling. There will come a time when it will not be considered channelling by anyone because it will be speaking what one knows is the truth and sharing it with anyone who cares to read, or hear it.

There is coming that time for so many who are now channeling. They will realize that what they are bringing through is from their own inner knowing. It will be a subtle difference in what they are saying and feeling about the information. It will be resounding throughout them in a way that their own consciousness now shares information that they know is the truth, because it is being lived on a conscious level.

The difference will be that some of the information will relate to what they have experienced in other lifetimes, on other planets, and in other galaxies. They will be able to access the information that they have been carrying with them in their souls. This manifestation will be a part of the openness that they will be living and realizing is coming forth into their present consciousness. It is a part of the evolvement of their beingness. Their ascension will come in so many individual ways, and it will be the truth of what they have brought with them since the beginning of eternity. It will be a matter of the soul knowing when the consciousness is ready to begin the journey back to the outer world. For the journey forward into the levels of Creation are in existence through their expression of what they have manifested throughout their existence.

So, dear ones, when Mike feels the urge to share something with you all that he has just remembered, then that is when he will decide if that is what he will do. He may not remember that it is his own memory that is bringing the information through, but it will be an inner feeling that will bring it forth. He is at a place, as so many of you are now, where the completeness of their inner knowing will be accessed with the intention of doing so. It is one of the aspects that you all can expect in a time that is in perfection for you.

Go now into the world of remembrance. Take it as a fun trip through time and out of time. It is a new expression of your abilities that will be making themselves known to you in the coming times. Enjoy the remembrances and the sharing of that which is on it's way forward in the libraries of your souls. Love is all around you and within. Speak it forth, and feel the family of Love in expression.

Thank you so much, Dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate.


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