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1BEING HUMAN III Empty BEING HUMAN III Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:12 pm



“It’s the question that drives us”
Would it be presumptuous to say we are in the midst of a renaissance?
I think that back in the 60’s a conscious initiative was somehow activated, but I can’t say it was global, for renaissance periods through history typically start in one country and spread slowly across the borders. These conscious gestalts invade and persuade indiscriminately, spawning innovation and excitation in all aspects of human endeavor.
When we look back at the 60’s we not only see radical change, we see something occurring that seemed absent from prior historical epoch’s, “radical oppression”. It would appear that the monitors were aware that we were becoming aware and sought to draw the line in the sand before a run-away awakening began to unravel their plans for a NWO.
As always, not everyone got the telegram, the Pleasantville charade of the 50’s pacified our parents beyond contempt. But it gives one pause to think that if we’re in a renaissance how would one label it? Are we on the threshold of becoming galactic contenders?
“most of these people are not ready to be unplugged” Morpheus,
(Morpheus in Greek mythology is the god of sleep).
Existentialism was dubbed as the individual who recognizes the responsibility of their free will choices and the awareness of how those choices affect the existence of the whole. This is a given during renaissance periods along with what is called the iconoclast (rebels of traditional paradigms) Neo was the proverbial iconoclast and is often compared to Socrates; the horse fly that seeks to move the beast compared to the Morpheus mind splinter. There is no battle against pleasure seeking conformists, the battle ground is only four inches wide; the space between your two ear’s; at least in theory.
In the field of neurology there are studies of the 3 brains, which go beyond the knowledge of the 2 brain standard. The inner reptilian brain controls our survival instinct; fight/flight, which will over ride the other two when triggered because our survival may be at stake. This is surrounded by the Limbic system, that thalamus region with its glandular ductile circuitry which not only synthesizes emotions and mood but acts as the relay station for sensate and perceptual consciousness. Lastly there’s the bulbous grey matter that makes the head of ET resemble a light bulb. Perhaps to adjust for their lack of emotion, and we know this as the Neo-cortex where it is believed logic exists while the little brains conspire with co-op coup, (neo=new). “wake up Neo the matrix has you!”
Perhaps now we understand why the Buddha mind is no mind, for peace of mind. Personally I think they missed one which I call the Meme-brain (membrane), where in the field of Memetics is related to our cultural belief systems that pattern our behavior, or in short, our education of indoctrination. The Meme-brain like our ego is more akin to a slime, accumulated from swimming in the toxic sea of ideology. It matters not if our beliefs are spilling over with BS, we want to believe them, we need to believe them, because in truth “You Can’t Handle The Truth!” Well, at least not until our mental splinter’s pops our Meme-brain allowing the puss from the infection to drain, thus allowing things to become clear. Perhaps I’m getting cynical but hey sarcasm can be therapeutic when in good humor and therapists are getting expensive not to mention those wonderful pharmaceutical blue pills that keep us tip toeing through tulips.
I have often wondered, at what level of metal contamination do our brains begin to resemble a radar dish, makes one think there’s a secret war against Pineal gland activations, that crystalline oscillator that allows telepathic communication at home and abroad. Just think of the cell phone fee’s one could save if we could call someone without an electronic device, and of course the proliferation of cell phones pacifies the principle. But beaming radiant cell tower energy toward ones head isn’t helping. The frequency of these towers can also be an issue now that they correlate and resonate on a wave spectrum that’s similar to biological life forms, perhaps they hope to lock us into a non-progressive frequency that inhibits those mind splintering questions. Make’s one think of the old Rockefeller/Nazi music debacle when they changed all the hertzian calibrations in favor of the most hypnotic signal.
Yes the days of electrodes on Neo’s cortex for artificial inducement are behind us now, wave modulation is the new silent sin, but for those who manage to maintain their sobriety the nano revolution is upon us. They now have nano’s that can be administered by aerosols from low flying aircraft, which can travel up the sinus cavity for monitoring from a distance. When you get those nasty sneeze attacks it’s too late to close the windows, sorry, your brain activity has now gone public. The good news is there bio-degradable just like your brain and keeping saline solution handy can help, whereas picking your nose in public in OCD fashion won’t.
I think by now there’s a growing general consensus that no matter how many brains are on the radar consciousness goes beyond the blood brain barrier. In fact the euphemistic Matrix archetype can be managed by one’s ability to go beyond the body mind Meme-brain and all that’s relative, and since we are on the subject of relativity let’s talk about the unified field; of consciousness (sorry, no IA’s allowed). Here’s the big secret of the unified field of consciousness; Nothings Secret!
The question in Neo’s cortex is what is real; is form real or an ephemeral construct of consciousness? When we put matter under the microscope we are left with more riddles, when we examine the mind of an Alpha we only get Beta. The puppet masters are playing your tune on an electronic keyboard with pheromone frequency, so they know something beyond these simple questions, being that if you go to the root of matter (and grey matter) you can play the pied piper. But here’s the rub, scalar frequency although a medium for conscious collaboration is not in itself consciousness, so what you get is a trillion dollar subliminal message telling you to go get your flu shot.
If you are policing your thoughts for the crap that’s out of character the mind control BS poses little threat, provided you skip the flu shots which are nothing but nano manipulation anyway. If you are on the walky-talky with your higher self/ super conscious/ cosmic cell tower, it’s toll free baby and the Matrix is but entertainment for the pseudo self where money is for nothing and your kicks for free.
You see they too fear the Matrix story because they know that agent Smith has gone viral (rouge), because the program was flawed due to the human element they tried to emulate, so there is something about the human element that has the potential to become like a virus to the robot mind (AI). This may be worth knowing while mad scientist tinker with Transhuman pursuits, which from a human stand point is ludicrous when we probe the idea of a unified field of consciousness. The only thing AI and robots hope to prove is that the world may be better off without billions of high maintenance humans whose labor no longer justifies their level of consumption and waste. Not to mention making jobs obsolete and pissing off the labor unions because robots don’t pay dues.
Let’s examine the potential for the Transhuman prototype of Agent Smith, who if we recall was not the type of traditional cyborg with a fleshy sheath, he was a live stream of cyber intelligence from a main frame. Sort of like a walking hologram that can vanish and reappear at will and even clone himself in multiples. Now look at the direction current technology is taking us and the break neck pace of R&D from computer processors to telecommunications advancements, where boatloads of information can move across the planet in micro-seconds. The tower to router, router to gadget world will soon move into its next generation where land lines will become obsolete. Perhaps we’re just a few chips away from being gadgets ourselves.
Sci-fi writers from our past often paved the way to our future, and who knows they may have been channeling the info, or in the least influencing it. How long do you think it will be before a hologram can be beamed into the classroom to eliminate the need for a human teacher? Better still, how long before those hologram’s have the ability to generate corporeal form?? This of course can go in many directions, but to assume that the Transhuman agenda is all about robots is to miss the big picture, the mad scientists have been moving the rabbit from A to B for quite a while. Teleportation seems to be the goal for the dream police, and if you still think the “beam me up Scotty” technology doesn’t exist somewhere in space time, then you need a big fat red pill.
The human we often forget is in fact a hologram. Wave propagation enables this; genetics may simply be bio-transducers that govern image and the conscious resonance of the “cellular” Meme-brain. It’s been said that Planet’s Sun’s etc. are giant Merkaba’s; EM gravitational platforms that serve as the holographic interface. When one knows the true theory of the Unified Field it’s just a matter of time before they begin to unravel the matter in time.
I know this can make one feel vulnerable when it comes to technological wizardry, but as I have mentioned, it matters not what level your body mind seeks its “enter-tainment”, because the unified field of consciousness cannot separate itself consciously from you any more than you can separate your mind from your body, and even if you destroy the physical aspect your still stuck with the energetic imprint which is a waste without the chemical battery it hosted. What if you not only have the capacity to be Neo, but also carry the capacity to be agent Smith as well?  When we begin to probe the unlimited capabilities of consciousness and its material influence we soon develop mind splinters; that good fiber that keeps stuff moving.
The imagination can be a magical place when we tip-toe through the Meme-brain. Even though our creations may be nothing more than ephemeral holograms (Neo’s dial-up twin), as in any co-creative effort one’s vision must come first. The magic elixir must be the form of charge that occurs after the fact, so if we know the recipe creation uses we may be able to create in a fashion where our dreams become corporeal creations.
In my opinion the motivation of the AI agenda can only be coming from one place, being; the race line who have been using artificial beings for millennia; the Drakon, who benevolently allow democratic discourse to blur the bread crumb trail. They love their creations, makes them feel like God. The splinter here may be; how many children will the technology cost? For as we know abductions aren’t only about hybridization and if Uncle Sam is a hybrid how does he define liberty?
In other news; the Galactic Peace Initiative is going well, and some less invested races have already split while others are preparing to do so and are in the logistics phase. The Anunnaki are knocking while certain Drak factions have opened communications, but in a rather contemptuous fashion. Washington and the Pentagon, although keen on hospitality are also slow to commit; coincidence?  So it still may be a bit premature for party hats, but if there was ever a time for positive potential I think they will find the odds good, to where needs can be met; within limitations. Many countries are now in favor of the initiative and are signing up, and by doing so they not only get “fringe” benefits, they also understand the power of human unity against the raider races and their kin. Those slow to commit to a sovereign Earth mission may be showing their true colors.
 There was mention that what motivated the Draks to the table was not the large task force within hailing distance but the awakening human element that has been attacking their once thought impregnable domain, but I’m sure there’s more to that story. But in hindsight it makes one wonder if there are world leaders without suits.
Grid stability is an ongoing issue, we are now meandering around 50% for positive influx, which means our planet is still undergoing an energetic tug of war. By the time Nibiru makes its fly-by which is estimated currently at 2.5 yrs.  (after 2018 spring equinox), we should be able to withstand the turbulence with some form of major catastrophes. However our Moon depending upon its coordinates may become unstable, but as always the moons or Mars and Jupiter will be a major concern from not only the torsion field but the debris field which follows Nibiru. Which is another good reason to have friends in high places, during such periods, for NASSA won’t tell you NADDA!
May the force be with you!

2BEING HUMAN III Empty Re: BEING HUMAN III Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:33 pm


Excellent piece Val! Thanks for sharing.

As a survivor of the 60's revolution I remember that the uprising spanned many places over the globe driven by the music industry. Knowing what we now know about that one has to wonder if it was staged as a mind control exercise? If so it worked. I wonder if they got the results they hoped for? Those of us that did not succumb to the bad drugs that then flooded the streets and basically derailed the momentum are still kicking out the jams! Seems we did not finish what we started quite yet but much progress is still being made.


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