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Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up

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Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up

Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up Sarah--vaughter
Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up Vaughter-wellness
Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up
Perhaps the biggest ongoing medical scandal of the past hundred years is the fact that it has been known since 1911 that Multiple Sclerosis is caused by a bacterium, and that the Big-Pharma-controlled medical-industrial complex covered this up in order to make money selling symptom relievers to MS patients. At the lower levels there is no cover-up at all, but simply human nature at work, as we wrote about here, to dispel the notion that we are “conspiracy theorists”. Since 1911, overwhelmingly much medical research has been conducted where living Borrelia bacteria were found in the brains of people who were diagnosed with MS.
Time and time again. By at least a dozen medical researchers. In at least ten countries. Since 1911 – the past one hundred years. Several older but also recent autopsy findings linked to in this article found that all deceased MS patients’ brains harbored living Lyme spirochetes. Even when tests, notorious for their large percentage of false negatives were used on living MS patients, staggeringly many tested positive for active Lyme borreliosis.
Then why isn’t this common knowledge? Surely, those thousands of MS experts and MS researchers can’t be all wrong?
Let’s examine the reality on the ground.
Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up Lyme-Multiple-sclerosis
1. Multiple Sclerosis Societies.
Every Western country has at least one MS Society. Each of those tax-exempt societies typically receives tens of millions of dollars in funding from various sources, year after year. The people running those societies usually award themselves CEO-level salaries and run them as one would run a highly commercial corporation. Advertising is used to solicit funds but if you don’t read ads then you’ll bump into them, one day, begging you for money on the street. For all those billions that have been pumped over the decades in those hundreds of MS societies worldwide, not a single one has ever done anything really useful for MS patients. The worst that could possibly happen for the bosses of those setups is that the cause of MS would become known. A known cause would either mean the development of either a cure or at least better symptom relievers, and that would rapidly result in the obsoleteness of their money making machine – the chicken that lays the golden eggs if you will. Such MS societies are working in concert with MS “researchers” employed by Big Pharma.
2. Big Pharma.
Multinational pharmaceutical corporations are the only ones doing MS research nowadays, mainly using donations to MS societies. Those multinationals decide which researchers get the cash. Researchers wanting to test the postulation of bacterial etiology of MS are shunned as if they were crackpots. Big Pharma makes billions a year on MS symptom relievers and they trickle millions down to their footsoldiers, the “MS experts”. A cure would be a severe financial blow. Even more so, because there is strong evidence that many other neurological illnesses are caused by germs as well. Because due to the phenomenon of immune privilege there is an inadequate immune response in the brain and spinal cord, making these organs the ideal place for certain slow-dividing spirochetal bacteria to entrench, multiply and cause lesions. The entire concept of antibiotic-resistant, hard-to-test-for chronic CNS infections leading to a plethora of neurological syndromes has to be suppressed and what can’t be suppressed will be craftily discredited. Better to give every expression of a neurological infection its own name such as “MS”, “Alzheimers”, “Parkinsons,” “ALS” and “Fibromyalgia”. And fund armies of ignorant “experts” to obfuscate the issue, whilst boycotting, firing, censoring, smearing and suing those few real experts that refuse to stay in line. Big Pharma is in business to make money, and money is made when people are ill, not when they’re healthy. Anyone standing in their way is relegated to the sidelines. Patents are being bought and shelved so that cures will never see the light of day.
3. Patient advocacy groups.
MS patient groups are, without exception, populated with clueless individuals for the simple reason that those who did their homework and read the relevant research have been ostracized by the group. They always were and they always will, because that’s how group dynamics works. As soon as you insist on voicing an opinion outside of the mainstream, no matter how well argued – you’ll be an outcast, a pariah. They don’t want rogue activists, “lone nutters”, giving them a bad name. Also the advocacy groups are raking in the dough and are run by folks whose main concern is that membership dues are paid in time. No MS, no advocacy group. Of course if there ever will emerge a lobby group insisting on more microbiological research pertaining Multiple sclerosis, they’ll be branded “lunatic fringe” and their efforts will be in vain.
4. MS “experts”.
Those “experts” get away with calling themselves thus, because Big Pharma gives them their seal of approval in the form of research grants and medical media exposure. However they are only experts in doing exactly what Big Pharma wants them to do: Obscuring the cause of Multiple Sclerosis! In return, the “experts” get regular cash injections for their “promising research” and other goodies such as all-in holidays to exotic destinations. There never will be a cure for MS until the scandal breaks and new antibiotics are developed that work better than the few currently available antibiotics that cross the blood-brain barrier. As it stands, it has been more than twenty years ago since any new antibiotic was developed. As soon as it was found that Minocycline helped with MS, its manufacturer, Lederle, tripled its price.
After long consideration I came to the conclusion that at least a crucial part of this debâcle was due to a real conspiracy – mainly a conspiracy of silence of those few MS researchers bright enough to realize that the cause for MS has been known for at least a hundred years. As is always the case with medical cover-ups, it continues to exist due to a mix of ignorance, indifference, cowardice and corruption. The saying goes: “Do not attribute to malice that what can be adequately blamed on ignorance”. All the “experts” really are interested in is being “experts”, not curing Multiple sclerosis. However it still is a conspiracy. It is completely normal for conspiracies to succeed because the lion share of the people who could point it out don’t care, are too lazy to get educated or feel too intimidated to stick out their necks. Microbiologist Tom Grier calls them cowards. The fact that most conspiracies are silently facilitated by an army of “useful idiots” with a stake in it being kept under the rug does not make it any less a conspiracy.
Evidence for a conspiracy of silence
Now I’ve given my opinion. You may find it harsh – I call it mild.
You don’t have to believe me, when I say there is a conspiracy. Believe Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease expert Dr. Alan B. MacDonald M.D., Staff Pathologist at the St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center. He wrote:
(published online 10 July 2006 in Volume 67, Issue 4, page 819-832 in Medical Hypotheses)
“Conventional thinking about spirochetal cyst forms is divided between two polar spheres of influence; one a majority community that completely denies the existence of spirochetal cyst forms, and a second group of academically persecuted individuals who accepts the precepts of such antebellum scientists as Schaudinn, Hoffman, Dutton, Levaditi, Balfour, Fantham, Noguchi, McDonough, Hindle, Steiner, Ingraham, Coutts, Hampp, Warthin, Ovcinnikov, and Delamater. Microscopic images of cystic spirochetes are difficult to ignore, but as has been the case in this century, academic “endowments” have nearly expunged all cystic spirochetal image data from the current textbook versions of what is the truth about the spirochetaceae. If the image database from the last century is obliterated; many opportunities to diagnose will be lost. Variously sized cystic spirochetal profiles within diseased nerve cells explain the following structures: Lewy body of Parkinson’s disease, Pick body, ALS spherical body, Alzheimer plaque. Borrelia infection is therefore a unifying concept to explain diverse neurodegenerative diseases, based not entirely on a corkscrew shaped profile in diseased tissue, but based on small, medium and large caliber rounded cystic profiles derived from pathogenic spirochetes which are hiding in plain sight.”
Note how he claims that the majority of researchers deny the existence of spirochetal cystic forms. Denial is defined as knowing that something exists, but deliberately refusing to acknowledge it for ulterior motives. By putting “endowments” between question marks, he implies that Big Pharma bribes universities and publishers into censoring the very existence of spirochetal cysts from medical textbooks.
Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up Borrelia-cysts1
And if you think Dr. MacDonald is a lone loon, read the fascinating and terrible personal story and Lyme-vs-MS lecture by microbiologist and Borrelia expert Tom Grier. He says MS is merely a symptom of Lyme disease and not a disease onto itself. And he says the medical establishment is arrogant, ignorant and corrupt:
Also listen to the below audio. Tom explains in these MP3’s all you need to know about Lyme disease – including why Lyme tests routinely come back false negative – it’s all deliberate and it’s getting worse. Medical politics. And remember that Tom as a microbiologist sticks to the traditional textbook curriculum on the transmission of Lyme – by ticks. However, it has been established that a wide variety of bugs can at least carry the disease – and that it even is found in human semen, blood, urine and saliva. This would explain why MS statistically ever-so-slightly can “run in the family”. It may partially be caused by a genetic propensity for not being able to clear the infection, but it may also be because bed bugs, fleas, lice, mosquitoes and sexual intercourse or even mere kissing can possibly transmit the bacterium to a lesser extent as Ixodes ricinus ticks can. However, medical research shows that while on antibiotics, no human-to-human transmission is likely.
(60, 50 and 72 MB)
But surely, there must be evidence of this corruption? There is, but it is hard to find and one has to read between the lines. We discovered some evidence, by chance, in training material not intended for the general public. We found on a Dutch radiology site a lecture, in English by Frederik Barkhof, M.D. Mr. Barkhof has been on the receiving end of a lot of Big Pharma money for his research into MS, research severely prejudiced against the infectious theory of MS. I’m not saying that he deliberately researches the wrong things, I’m saying that Big Pharma cherishes those who do. His lectures are used to “educate” the country’s radiologists, who are sternly warned to tow the party line when it comes to the cause of brain lesions:
What we found is deeply worrying. Note how the person writing the recommendation does not even know the name of the disease and calls it Lyme’s disease. The radiologists are instructed in ominous, derogatory language never to disagree with the “suspicion of MS”. So when the doctor says: “I think it should be MS”, the radiologist should just shut up and agree, even if he disagrees and thinks it’s Lyme disease. So that later, when it turns out to be Lyme after all, the doctor can say: “But the radiologist also thought it was MS!”. The result is that Lyme as a cause for MS will remain denied – by orders from above, citing statistics of “Lyme causing MS-like symptoms is rare, so never diagnose the cause as Lyme”. Statistics based on false assumptions, statistics used to disallow rectifying those same faulty statistics. So the actual evidence inside the brain, seen by the radiologist who scrutinizes those pictures all the time and is qualified, by his training and vast experience and feedback of actual diagnoses from hundreds of doctors treating thousands of patients, is thrown into the garbage. Ignored. We now know that it is national policy in the Netherlands to intimidate radiologists into keeping silent about their own diagnoses of Lyme neuroborreliosis when their instructions are “MS”. It’s usually the infectious disease specialist that gives that instruction, voiced as a “suspicion”. The ID specialist is urged to “suspect MS” by his hospital, which is contractually bound to “suspect MS” by their insurance company. Whether it’s private or government insurance is of no consequence because both are under the control of “advisory boards” controlled by Big Pharma. Big Pharma “owns” key politicians as well. There is plenty reason to believe that the Dutch policy is set from above and reflects in fact EU and US policy. The Dutch were just sloppy enough to leave a trace. Because this rare piece of evidence may be removed, we mirrored the lecture here.
The instruction to new radiologists literally is: “There must be other ways to impress your colleagues”. As in: “Don’t be a wise guy and know your place”. They must have had “trouble” with “wise guys” before. A Radiologist’s Lyme diagnosis is of no value and has to be self-censored when the MD that requested the MRI suspects it is MS. Otherwise the Radiologist is just looking for attention, “trying to impress his colleagues”. Because “Lyme is much rarer than MS”. Yeah. Based on the opinion of doctors, based on statistics those doctors made up out of thin air, based on their baseless opinions. Not on actual scientific research. The actual research always finds spirochetes in MS’s patients brains. Except when this “research” is paid for by companies selling symptom relievers for MS and other neurological syndromes. We found 25 (twenty-five) studies where living Lyme bacteria were found in the brains of Multiple Sclerosis patients. We list twenty in this article and we make an additional five of the most recent research studies available for download as PDF’s further on. I remind you that even when taking the “debunking” studies at face value, absence of evidence in some studies is not at all evidence of absence in the real world (spirochetes in the brain of MS patients), especially not because of the simultaneous presence of undeniable evidence, shown in the studies summarized later.
“Ruling the medical machine by decree” is the norm everywhere. Dissidents must have mental issues, they’re “trying to impress their colleagues”. Noone in the modern western medical machine cares, or is allowed to care, about medical science. Everything is geared towards maximizing Big Pharma’s profits and paying tribute to the royally remunerated “experts” in their ivory towers. Doctors have degenerated into vulgar drug pushers with a veneer of professional legitimacy. The grim reality is that Western doctors are wholly disinterested in their profession or their patients’ wellbeing and even if they are, they lack the guts to stand up against the machine. And even if they would, they would get crushed like those few that do rebel and find themselves made examples of.
Millions of people suffer from “Multiple sclerosis”. It slowly rots the central nervous system. And that’s when you’re lucky. Because it can also kill quickly. Quick or slow, it is a most horrible way to die and the fact that this suffering is wholly preventable and that this fact has been willfully suppressed and ignored for ten decades is a scandal worthy of reconsidering the remarkable, undeserved immunity that the medical world enjoys. Only in the most egregious cases of direct medical negligence are there usually mild consequences for the offender. But what about the preventable deaths and suffering of countless thousands of MS patients every year? Wikipedia, citing this study, says: “Two thirds of the deaths in people with MS are directly related to the consequences of the disease”. That’s a 66% mortality rate, making MS one of the deadliest diseases – more lethal than HIV infection and cancer. This Norwegian study puts it at at least 34% but says that how much more than 34% is hard to say because the coroner puts “misleading information” in the death certificate instead of MS. And of course they could not follow the entire group to their deaths, so more will have died due to MS after the study ended. About one in a thousand people in geographically affected area’s have MS. Conservatively, that amount to at least ten million people, of which around six and a half million will die due to the disease. A wholly unneccessary, Holocaust-size scandal of agony and death, repeating over and over again – and it’s getting worse.
The painful truth is: There is no such thing as Multiple Sclerosis. It’s the name of a symptom. A symptom of a disease of “unknown” cause. But the real cause has been known for a hundred years: The spirochete Bb s.l., Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme neuroborreliosis, Lyme disease. MS doesn’t exist. MS is Lyme neuroborreliosis. MS is Lyme disease. It’s a bacterial infection you can get from a tick bite, amongst many other suspected infectious pathways.
Noone in the MS patient advocacy community or in the MS research community, let alone the self-appointed “MS expert” doctors will react favorably when you mention the proven cause of MS – Lyme spirochetes. MS patients don’t like to see themselves as “infected with a tick bacillus”. A worrisome concept indeed, and of course even though the cause of MS is officially “unknown”, the “expert” will dismiss any involvement of bacteria in the strongest of terms. Those “experts”, knowing full well that they have no clue, fear any challenge to their authority and often choose the attack as their best defense. They know all too well their only task is to prescribe useless pills. Big Pharma would like to keep their monopoly on symptom relievers till there are no humans left on this planet to cheat out of their money. The MS advocacy groups and societies will politely ask you to keep your rather unpopular opinion to yourself. You’ll be at best considered eccentric and at worst a delusional nuisance.
But were those 15 researchers who said they found living Lyme bacteria (spirochetes) in the brains of a great majority of Multiple sclerosis patients all lying?
1911 Buzzard E F Spirochetes in M.S. Lancet 11:98 1911
1913 Bullock W E (now Gye) MS agent in Rabbits Lancet 1185 1913
1917 Steiner Spirochetes The Cause of MS. Med Kiln
1918 Simmering Spirochetes in MS by Darkfield Micro
1918 Steiner G. Guinea Pig Inoculation with MS infectious agent from Human
1919 Steiner MS Agent Inoculation into Monkeys
1921 Gye F. MS Agent In Rabbits Brain 14:213
1922 Kaberlah MS Agent In Rabbits. Deutch Med Works
1922 Sicard MS Spirochetes in Animal Model. Rev Neurol
1922 Stepanopoulo Spirochetes in the CSF of MS Patients
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1932 Rogers, Helen J. The question of silver cells as proof of the spirochetal theory of disseminated sclerosis. J. Neurol and Psychopathol. 13:50, 1932
1933 Simons Spirochetes in the CSF of MS Patients
1939 Hassin Spirochete-like formations in MS
1948 Adams Spirochetes within the Ventricle Fluid of Monkeys Inoculated from Human MS
1952 Steiner Acute Plaques in MS and The Pathogenic Role of Spirochetes as the Etiological Factor. Journal of Neuropathology Exp Med 11: No 4:343
1954 Steiner Morphology of Spirochaeta Myelophthora (Myelin Loving). MS Journal of Neuropathology and Exp Neurol 11:4 343
1954 Steiner G. Acute plaques in M.S., their pathogenetic significance and the role of spirochetes as the etiological factor. J. Neuropath. and Exp. Neur. 11:no 4:343, 1954
1957 Ichelson R. Cultivation of Spirochetes from Spinal Fluids of MS Cases with Negative Controls. Procl. Soc. Exp. Biol Med 70:411
1986 Gay D thingy G Is multiple sclerosis caused by an oral spirochaete? Lancet (1986 Jul 12) 2(8498):75-7
1988 Marshall V Multiple sclerosis is a chronic central nervous system infection by a spirochetal agent. Med Hypotheses (1988 Feb) 25(2):89-92
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2000 (Poland): Lyme borreliosis and Multiple sclerosis: Any Connection? A Seroepidemic study. Ann Agric Environ Med. issue 7, 141-143
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2004 (Switzerland): Chronic Lyme borreliosis at the root of Multiple sclerosis – is a cure with antibiotics attainable?
2009 (Romania): Controversies in late Neuroborreliosis and Multiple sclerosis – case series
Even publications trying to debunk the spirochetal etiology of MS had to face the inconvenient facts:
You can read the full article on link below

Thanks to: https://nurse194666.wordpress.com


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