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Ida Lawrence ~ So Says Grandmother

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So Says Grandmother

Posted on November 12, 2015 by talk2momz

A few days ago I started going through some of the older articles posted on Talk2Momz. I wanted to see what was on my mind a couple of years ago, and whether I would still offer the same message. We do learn from experience, and sometimes a lot of change and a lot of experience will take place in a day or a month, much less two years.
In the past few months change has come quickly, and I think a lot of us have felt this. These changes may not be in the practical circumstances of our lives, but in the inner world, in how we experience things. There could be a shift in what we feel is tolerable; we might be eliminating whatever doesn’t sit right, quietly waiting for clarity, listening to the heart, or any number of things. We are a part of the global collective mind: it’s our mind too, so of course we’re dealing with what is ours and what is not ours, and this is experienced on a feeling level.
For a long time we have lived in the knowledge that everything is energy – from the most dense to the most refined. Our entire spiritual journey is to embody more and more of the refined energy – truth, love – and to anchor ourselves higher, as we call it, in a more liberated, open heart. ‘Raise your energy’ can be done, but no one is raised out of being here.
This world, as we have known it, is facing collapse, and veil of illusion or not, we came here to experience it as real. For one person ‘I’m here’ will mean something entirely different than for another, but we are each here to do our part, with knowledge of the human and earth crisis we’re facing. We are always accountable, because we are always connected, so when I talk about raising energy, it means, ultimately, being accountable within the awareness that I am Us.
With that said, let’s go to the old Momz articles: I found one from exactly two years ago on the archetypical wise woman, the grandmother, the crone or the elder woman. I was commenting on how the elder woman in Western culture has historically been seen as unpleasant, bitter, a witch, a hag, extremely ugly. I also talked about how Indigenous and Eastern cultures see the elder woman quite differently. As we know, some Indigenous cultures hold the elders in high regard, giving the Grandmothers final say on the most vital decisions affecting the ongoing existence of the tribe.
These cultural differences are not surprising, considering that a long-time patriarchy has tipped the West far out of balance. In the U.S. our effort, as women, has been to come to a more balanced position with men. Unfortunately, I see what we’ve done is succumb to confusion… with some in leadership having sought power, to be like men in power, believing that this ‘being like’ is advancement, and we, not knowing an alternative way, simply were taken along.
Sometimes our predicament really stands out. Just a few days ago I saw that Glamour magazine had named Caitlyn Jenner as a “Woman of the Year.” Now, I’m into trans people being able to live their lives openly, freely and happily, without suffering hatred and discrimination of any sort. But I’m not into cheering when a brick hits my head. Do you recall a few years ago when a trans man conceived a baby, the headlines declared, “A Man is Pregnant,” as if a long-awaited miracle had occurred?
Why does this world have such a hard time uplifting the life-giver, co-creator, soul mate to the man?
There is a reason. In another older article I talked about the careless destruction and exploitation of the earth as mirroring the disdain for and exploitation of the life-giver. Is what I said still true today? Of course it is. The earth is the Mother… reproducing and transforming life in the most incredibly glorious ways. Up until recently at least, all life began in the same way. The Physical, the Mental, the Spiritual: a spark is received and comes to life in the darkness of the womb… but now we have the petri dish and ‘reasoning’ robots.
The other day I saw a headline suggesting we’ll soon be having sex with human sized robots. These ‘inventions’ are no longer even surprising. Is this sex robot not created by the same mind that clones animals, genetically modifies seeds, and creates better and better killing machines, builds nuclear power plants, gets aroused by little boys, drones people, dumps oil into the sea, makes telling the truth about Fukushima illegal, drops bombs on hospitals, seemingly kills, desecrates or modifies everything it touches?
Suffice it to say, that may be the mind of Grandmother Hillary, but it’s not my mind.
It makes sense that the concern of an elder woman would be the ongoing life of the people – that each one born might live to fulfill their highest purpose. She took in the seeds, she created the forms, she gave birth to them, she nurtured them and taught them to communicate and relate to the world, she watched them mature and mate and reproduce – this is her nature and her role is to project this life into the future.
Along that vein I turn my thoughts in reverence to the Indigenous grandmothers, the African grandmothers, the Aboriginal grandmothers, and so many others for whom traumatic change was unstoppable. What did they do? For sure they offered something: a curse on the enemy, a prayer, a lullaby, a sacred promise. Did they say to the young ones, “Survive, and our time will come back around?”
Since it’s in my heart, I’m going to say it was in their hearts too… the circle of life is a spiral. Survive and Remember and Return all the wiser. We need them to return, we need their wisdom, and whatever we can do to help them heal is a gift to us.
One of the most inspiring writers on the feminine return was Stuart Wilde, and I thank him, for he helped me a great deal. Here is a quote from one of his many writings on the subject:
I saw a god-like female appear to me. She was standing in a garden between two mounds covered in grass, they were about eight feet high.  She had thousands of diamonds sparkling in her etheric energy. She watched me for thirty seconds or so, then she faded and I saw her no more. Her light was intensely soft and beautiful, very powerful indeed.
In the insane world of the emerging human shadow and the male political ego, it always reassures me that the feminine spirit will win in the end. She’s the sacred mother. That helps me feel safe. The ugliness of the global darkness helps the new dawn come about. Beauty lasts—it’s eternal…
The ‘ugliness of the global darkness’ is pushing us, as Stuart said, but maybe what we didn’t realize then, and what the current fear, sorrow and frustration are now making clear is – It’s Not Optional. We must transform ourselves in order to Survive. Transformation: to change our relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth.
Right now it appears the powerful are hell-bent on making us all extinct, and they’ve done a great deal of damage; some of it looks irreparable. This disdain for life really strikes people in the heart and puts some of us right at the brink of saying, “They won… we’re goners.” But, there is not one infinitesimal spec of agreement in my heart to say farewell to the Life of the earth any more than I’m willing to sign off on their ‘woman is no longer needed’ fantasy.
Soft and beautiful power: what is that and how can it win in the end? When an individual’s heart and mind are as one, that is the feminine returning. I’ve spoken about it before, and even in my last article where I said I was mothering myself, loving myself, as I am in need of love. Our return begins with honesty and kindness granted to ourselves. This does not mean indulgence; it actually means listening to the voice of the heart, which is our integrity, and giving strength to that voice, making decisions based on that voice. In this we see the gradual accumulation of inner power.
In the first paragraph I talked about dealing with changes in the inner world. The collective fear tends to cause a greater disturbance in me than it used to, which is why I’ve closed the door to most of the fearful expressions. Yes I know that destruction is here and more will come as the insane react to their destiny, but new life is also here as well, and it’s significant. Lost in fear we might not even see it.
For every sick inventor of a ‘sex robot’, there is a young scientist creating a way to clean waste from the ocean, and there’s another finding a way to turn plastic into fuel, and maybe a dozen more finding new ways create electricity, there’s a whole lot of young and not so young people living small and rejecting consumption, a growing number have been sending messages through music, and on and on as they inspire each other.
I’ve spoken in a number of past articles about the young people that I meet, and I still am watching and talking with and appreciating them. They came in to this world to play a role, and that’s more than courageous… it’s heroic. Help them, listen to them, invest in them… so says Grandmother.
Ida Lawrence ~ So Says Grandmother Grandmother-1

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