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Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton

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Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton

October 30, 2015 3 Comments

The cell structure at the very beginning of life on earth is possibly something which is at work or can be brought to bear in generating and re-generating healthy organs.
Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton BS_Machines
Dr Don Robins covers the piezo-electric* nature of megalithic macrochips and how this energy can be attuned with or was in the “chasms of knowledge” modern humans will have to cross to regain the ancient knowledge which started with shamans in their healing work millions of years ago.
*Squeeze certain crystals (such as quartz) and you can make electricity flow through them. The reverse is usually true as well: if you pass electricity through the same crystals, they “squeeze themselves” by vibrating back and forth. That’s pretty much piezoelectricity in a nutshell but, for the sake of science, let’s have a formal definition:
Piezoelectricity (also called the piezoelectric effect) is the appearance of an electrical potential (a voltage, in other words) across the sides of a crystal when you subject it to mechanical stress (by squeezing it).
In practice, the crystal becomes a kind of tiny battery with a positive charge on one face and a negative charge on the opposite face; current flows if we connect the two faces together to make a circuit. In the reverse piezoelectric effect, a crystal becomes mechanically stressed (deformed in shape) when a voltage is applied across its opposite faces.
Some say that stone circles are foci of “Earth energy”; energy that our ancient ancestors were able to detect, and even to control.  Modern research suggests that this outlandish theory may contain some truth.   — The Dragon Project and the talking stones

‘A New Theory Linking Stones and Crystals With Psychic Phenomena’

This is a sub-title of the work of Dr. Don Robins who authored The Secret Language of Stone. He does a lot of excellent and well-respected work including work with the Getty Institute and London’s archaeological establishment. His doctorate in solid state chemistry allows us to listen more closely to what otherwise would be best seen in the annals of science fiction. His work in developing electron spin resonance equipment has enabled us to do things like the recent dating of refined drugs in the camps of Neanderthals back to 90,000 years ago. In my first encounters with his work on The Dragon Project, I knew there was much more I needed to learn; in order to understand concepts or systems like feng shui and ley lines. We will explore these things in the words of other authors, but first I must present a lot of Dr. Robins’ efforts. I am hopeful or near certain that the reader will agree the apparent mystical aspects of this book are warranted if we are ever to understand the genesis of our culture and the people who lived in Neolithic time and before.
Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton RollrightStones
He introduces us to the fuller appreciation of a chasm that separates our present paradigm from the spiritual one that existed until very recently in large parts of the world. It opens the doors wide, to make us appreciate the manifesting nature of energy and our part in what Bucky Fuller dubbed ‘creative realization’. It is not all a bed of roses as we see him deal with the Hexham Heads. The ether that is all around us has coalescing energy and/or consciousnesses that can pass from object or mind and back to the other. The ritualistic or other conditions to imbue these energies with a purpose is what may be involved in this most extraordinary case that I think is similar to the Mothman in respect of localized elemental force entities. It might even prove to have some connection with the knowledge encoding process that our genetic make up includes.
Please feel free to quote me at will – there’s a first time for everything!I am beginning to see that we have quite a bit in common, as I have thought many times as well about the primordial Word, and about the esoteric aspects of music and harmonics. Concerning your namesake, I remember reading once (I cannot remember the source) that the most ancient of the bards were so talented and practiced with the art of sound that they could directly control people – to the point of lethality if it was required (self-defense, I hope!). This harkens back to the stories of the Anunnaki and the Aelves – the ancient ‘gods’ and their hybrid offspring; so I would not be surprised if you were descended from this ultra-elite group (and not alone by your name – your varied interests also speak volumes in this regard).My father was a music professor and taught – among other things – the physics of string oscillation and mechanical harmonics; as I grew older I became interested in the subject as well. I look forward to a time when I might be able to understand such things at a level deep enough to understand and/or develop techniques that would branch out to adjacent fields (as learning, linguistics, control technology, etc.).
The subject of Solresol immediately reminds me of The Sound of Music (“Do – a dear, a female dear…”); the movie had an impact on my mother – who was also a music teacher at home (piano) – and she briefly made each of her students aware of the simple do-re-mi method of remembering the standard major scale. But I didn’t know that there was a linguistic application – and I don’t think my parents knew, either.
My youngest sister went to live in Hong Kong when she was 19 (as a missionary), and ended up speaking both Cantonese and Mandarin; it was from her that I learned the quasi-musical component of the Chinese languages. She explained that most Chinese words have what I would call ‘relative tones’ (by relative I mean not exact notes, but simply tones relatively lower or higher than others). This made me wonder what part music might have played in the fundamental lives of the very ancient Chinese people.
My wife is from Ecuador and so I’ve been slowly learning Spanish for a number of years; I have concluded that Spanish is a generally inefficient language – it takes more syllables in Spanish to say the same thing in English (which is even more frustrating in music composition, which requires the composer to compress intended meaning into as few words as possible, and to conform words and syllables into the tight musical structure of the song). Now, as you bring up Solresol and it’s tonal component, I am suddenly stricken (again) by the idea of compression (and the necessity of compression in the development of ‘a perfect language’).
The general idea of compression is one of desired efficiency; every idea should be transmitted from one person to another with as few ‘components’ as possible, arranged within the dimension of time. In most spoken languages, phonetics provides the only component. In Chinese and Solresol, musical tone has been introduced as another component – a component that can be used for further compression of meaning within time (although I know almost nothing about either Chinese or Solresol, so I don’t know if the tonal component is used for maximum efficiency within the time domain). My point is that tone can be used to promote efficiency of oral communication, if the linguistic engineer understands how to use it in such a way (it’s actually quite simple – a singular vowel/consonant combination can be used to represent new and different meanings when spoken at a different tonal levels).
I strongly suspect that the ‘Language of the Birds’ employed such methodologies not only for the sake of efficiency, but also to provide an added utilitarian vector – that of direct acoustic control…
Tiller was a professor who mentored epigeneticists like Bruce Lipton who wrote The Acts of Creation. I sense there is a way to make real headway if a person can be put into an attuned state such as Suggestopaedia achieves to teach a new language to an Alzheimer’s patient with subsequent near total recall by broadcasting over the barrier that only allows us to use about 10% of our brain.
Then it is just a matter of electrical (piezo electric not the full tilt electricity Tesla used to heal himself) and Harmonic pulses from sound and light to enhance the natural human healing processes of the mind and spirit.
I see Evolutionary Theory as a study of the Origin of Life not the genesis of the human species. There are few researchers who will do any human evolutionary tree today. Darwin did not go to the Galapagos to study humans. He tried also to maintain he was not inspired by Lamarck (whose work includes an attunement or qualitative aspect that Russian science still employs rather than the more quantitative approach of most Western scholars) but it was subsequently shown that Darwin was well versed in Lamarckian principles and employed much of his insight though from a different premise or POV. Darwin also had a Theory of Love. You do not read about it and that is sad, because that really integrates what I am about to demonstrate if this discussion goes to the nature of lattice intersectional consciousness.
That is where one encounters another theory – different from Interventionism or the alien seed from microbial RNA lattices. Darwin was greatly hampered by his materialistic science that understood nothing of the cellular level of life biologic. They had no microbiology or electron microscopes. It is upon the cellular substrate that each lifeform has been created and the Human Genome Project assures us we are not so different genetically from the worm. I offer certain ‘Faith’-based evidence as proof of that contention.
This theory suggests that the crystalline structure of rocks and minerals had a part to play in focusing energy to the biological soup ingredients at the beginning of life on earth. It is cutting edge stuff and I have only seen one article on it. I like this theory because I am a great fan of String Theory and Solid State Physicists like Robins and Tiller of Stanford (He has a recent book on Creation of life which I quote and have referred to many times in these debates.). String Theory tells us that all matter and energy is derived from ‘one dimensional harmonic forces’. Now I can also draw the Logos into this and ask about the muon split in the deep Sudbury research center. How can sub-atomic particles communicate as was shown in this study? If they can communicate do they have some rudimentary consciousness? Indeed consciousness may not be only existent in biologic life.
Going down that path will eventually take us to our most feared Creator or the collective unconscious, and the ONE of many non-theistic disciplines like Buddhism. I did not come to the point I am at (OPEN), by desire to believe in a Creator. I assure you I am raised in the most Atheistical up-bringing and approach. But now I see some merit in something these religions may have intuited somehow.
“In the open state any asymmetry causes an energy imbalance to build up, caused by rectification of random fluctuations occurring in the surrounding region. When some shock causes closure, an energy discharge will occur and the resulting flow can provide the shock needed to cause a change in state of other nearby junctions. So waves of switching action will arise spontaneously: these could be the quantum waves: the core feature of quantum theory. Furthermore, all the ingredients are present from which a working neural network could evolve and could ultimately yield a primary consciousness.
Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton RPearson_5  Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton RPearson_Fig_6
The network or grid, now defining the “nuether” and represented symbolically by a rectangular mesh (in Fig 5 & 6), would interconnect everything in the universe. As yet, however, no universe of matter could exist. Spontaneous creation of the nuether had to occur first, followed by evolution of its consciousness, since on this model matter would require deliberate design.
{This came from the site of the Center for Philosophical Freedom and an extensive article by Ronald Pearson which includes this description of his work as well Articles by and about Ronald Pearson, the Derbyshire scientist who has discovered a structure of the ether that has potential to evolve intelligence. This has provided the mathematics to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, deceased people returned, proving they had survived death.}”
I see so much in current science that supports life after death theories; and yet it may not be our personality which continues to exist in the ways most religions or concepts like Karma think of it. Beyond ‘limbo’ or ‘purgatory’ and these local event horizon states or attached energy bandwidths I think little could be likened to what we would call our own persona. In closing let me say simply – we must learn to think and question in the Socratian manner or else we are headed for a lot more war and other ghastly results.
2015 by Robert Bruce Baird


Up until the start of the 20th Century there was a strong cadre of scientists like Michael Faraday and Sir William Crookes who knew integrating the humanities with hard sciences provided the greater insight or wisdom.
The quantum physicists have taken it further in many ways but they were ridiculed by the ‘know-nothing scientists’ (Kaku) who had only a targeted or single disciplinary approach to knowledge. The quantum physicists were called ‘atom-mysticists’, and though that is a positive thing to say today (IMHO) it was quite the opposite in Einstein’s era.
We can demonstrate the paradigm has been academically controlled through the efforts of people who want to keep the soulful knowledge to themselves in many ways. The Palmer Raids brought tyrants like J. Edgar Hoover into the mix. Anything that questions the foundation of nations and its extension of Divine Right of Kings (now corporations with immortal status – see Chomsky) will not only not get funding it will be aggressively countered and lied about.
Professor Morowitz of Yale (see Rediscovering the Mind) began a call for appreciation of the ancients and John Wheeler backs Lynds but by and large I find I am attacked and persecuted for proposing alchemical wisdom and integration.
Imagine a world where psychic ability was enhanced from an early age – which it was during many eras prior to Empires who sought malleable subjects. Imagine teaching adepthood technology outside the black ops government and secret societies.


  • Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomenon – Ronald Pearson
  • Animus Mundi and Intelligent Design By Robert Baird
  • Piezoelectricity
  • The Dragon Project and the talking stones

  • Ronald Pearson’s work
    I think next to the comment about Dr. Robins you could put megaliths like his Dragon Project  Rollright Stones or the ubiquitous New Grange with quartz covering stones as it once was.
    For Piezo electricity you could find and number of modern examples including the old watches (I think Timex used it).

  • http://www.gnostics.com/pearson.html
  • Brain/Spirit Enhancing Machines.
  • “Cherokee Sunrise Song (Cymatics in Water) – YouTube
  • Video for cymatics, gary buchanan

Thanks to: http://blog.world-mysteries.com


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