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Ranting is Good for the Masses

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Ranting is Good for the Masses

November 20, 2015 Ines Radman

Have you ever thought about the possibility that something, some technology or Artificial Intelligence is created to be able to scan our minds and collect data? I see myself looking downwards towards Earth, I’m an ethereal being and my purpose in this existence is to listen to whispers to any planet that has any life on it. I’m perched on a piece of space junk and observing Earth and just tune into the human frequency and start picking up chatter.
This is sort of like what the NSA does. They collect all data and then dump it into another computer. There are programs that are designed to search for specific algorithms or keywords. So, a programmer/agent will perch his computer on that dumped data and start entering certain keywords. Let’s assume he’s looking for terrorist activity, so he types in keywords such as “ISIS, terrorism, intifada, nuclear weapons, whatever. The computer will start listing all emails and phone numbers that contain those words. Then he will type in “I am going to kill, I am going to bomb”, which now narrows down the keywords to actions. Imagine all the adults and kids that are playing violent video games?
My point is that I am sure we have such technology that can collect information from our conscious minds, we all know that we have technology way beyond what we can use as our governments keep that secret from us, so anything is possible. So, if you don’t believe that you create your own reality, then you might believe that based on the collection of our thoughts, they find out that we are all thinking about peace. Well, can’t have that! A majority of the population on this planet wants peace, so we are going to do the opposite and create more wars. Do you think we would actually get what it is that we want?
I know none of this makes sense to you, but I’m trying to figure out how we create the reality we are in if we don’t create it ourselves?
If you haven’t yet accepted the “theory, I say theory because if you have not experienced it, it would be a theory to you and it’s impossible to prove that we create our own reality so if you haven’t accepted it, it means that you have not taken the time to actually test it or put it into practise.
Perhaps you have contemplated, explored and carefully examined aspects of your life and came to the conclusion that it’s a high probability that you are creating your reality but don’t understand how a terrorist attack is created and who would want something like that to happen.
Well, it’s possible and consciousness does create it but it is complex and I will try to summarize this subject and you are the one that should understand how we all play in creating the bigger reality. It’s your job to do the homework if you are truly interested.
If you have not accepted as of yet that you create your own reality, don’t read any further, you’re simply not advanced enough in your evolution. This acceptance requires a detachment from material reality, it requires total submission of the ego. Ego does not accept that something or form of higher than IT determines or has the power to create. Ego pans the camera, while the conscious being the camera chooses where to look or view inside and outside of ourselves.
Although I believe that I create my own reality, a percentage of me denies this belief because I cannot yet comprehend how we as humanity manifest violence and wars if most of us want peace, but I also understand it’s ‘how’ we think that will manifest a reality we were not aware that we did.
Each one of us chooses the individual patterns that we create our reality with. Remember the list of limiting thoughts I posted several days ago. It’s not enough to say “I’m not lazy”. It implies that are you are and need to change it. What should be said or thought is “I am vital, vibrant and full of energy”. Not being lazy is a limiting thought. If you constantly think in limiting patterns, you will get what you thought so you must create a new picture or visualize in your mind what you want or want to be.
Hatred of war is not going to bring peace–another example. Only love of peace or a visualization of a peaceful world will bring about those conditions. Notice I said “bring about”because many more people need to be doing the same thing in order to manifest this.
Many people feel their conscious mind is powerless, but let’s assume that it IS. Let’s assume that everything in your life is either an accident or chance, coincidence or fate, destiny or karma. You are then a victim of all that exists, every minute of your life is determined by something outside yourself and beyond your control.
What I see is that many people blame a certain group of people/aliens who have taken this planet over and have enslaved us. I can’t argue that as a fact and I know it to be true but if this is something you feel you have no power over, then go and kill yourself. Why are you even here suffering this fate? I don’t get it. You keep waking up and repeating “It will get better”, and yet expect something to change.
My partner just called me from the mainland as he went to see his lung specialist. His inflammation levels are getting higher each week. This idiot doctor tells Toni that his lung disease is what it is and that he has to live with it. At home he will have intermittent fevers that come and go followed by sweating and then trembling. Some days he can climb the stairs in the house, some days he can’t even make it to the bathroom without struggling for breath and he has to accept this fate? Granted, he is much better since coming home from hospital, that crisis is over but we are now trying to heal his lung disease.
I’ve got my work cut out for me again tonight because I will not accept that he is helpless, a victim of a disease he created when he was smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day and I know that we can heal our bodies. I now have to help him NOT accept his fate and to continue to find the causes of his illness. If he accepts this, he will surely die and I can’t accept it that either after the miracles that I experienced in my lifetime but I can’t fight his fight, he has to fight that fight and as a Catholic, his deep programming that god is punishing him is so powerful that he is not aware of this.
Do you truly believe you were created as an eternal soul yet must live your existence based on destiny or the Cabal or NWO or whatever you believe is creating your reality?
Let us look at it from another perspective. Creator loves us, has given us all that IT is to experience. Do you think that Creator would allow such suffering of his children for thousands of years if not more? Creator can stop all this in a flash, so if IT thought/knew we were truly suffering IT would never allow this to happen.
If we are loved beyond measure then it can only mean that we created this reality, as his children we are playing with different experiences and there is no need to save us from anything.
It’s impossible that if we are eternal beings that our Creator would allow anything to harm us, and if it is possible, then creation doesn’t exist, we don’t exist as eternal souls, we are truly living in hell and convincing ourselves this is earth and it just got hijacked.
It’s not that certain answers don’t lie openly accessible, but you have set yourself on a course of action in which you choose what to believe and you don’t want to open yourself to any material that may contradict your current beliefs but you also can’t accept responsibility for the wider reality.
If you are sick, for example, there is a reason. To completely recover without acquiring new symptoms, you need to find the cause. You may dislike being sick, but it’s a course you have chosen. While you are convinced that the course is necessary you will hang on to the symptoms. I’m not suggesting that you are consciously making yourself sick, I’m suggesting that within your belief system, something activated that process. Maybe you bought into the belief that as a woman you must have a mammogram each year to catch an early onset of breast cancer. In that belief you could be thinking “Oh my god, I hope I don’t get cancer, or what if I get cancer?”Recurring thoughts or limiting thoughts could be the cause of the manifestation of cancer.
Toni didn’t quit smoking 4 packs a day 30 years ago because he was sick. He quit because his doctor scared the crap out of him that he would surely get lung cancer if he kept that up. Within 2 years of quitting, he was starting to show symptoms of lung problems. Did he create his own reality? Is this just coincidence and his doctor was right? I don’t know and I can’t speak for my partner but there exists a good possibility he accepted the suggestion he could get lung cancer. We don’t decide to get sick but we do create the conditions based on our thoughts/fears and belief system.
I can prove this having worked with clients that come to me for physical pain. Before we get to the physical therapy, I first work on the psychological aspects to see if there is an emotional cause of the pain. 80% of the time, the exercise shows psychological aspects. In other words, after using EFT to see if we can lessen the symptoms, 80% feel a decrease in pain or discomfort so I can safely say that we do in our unconscious state accept certain belief systems and thus manifest the dis-ease.
I have annual physical checkups and blood work done but to expose my body to harmful frequencies and radiation for the sake of prevention is crazy. Yes, you might call it prevention. Prevention my ass! If you know your body or are in tune with it and if something changes and lasts longer than a few weeks, it’s time to get tested for it. That is why you have regular checkups, the blood test results will reveal any problems almost.
So back to our current reality of illness, as Hypocrites said”You are what you eat”, just to be sure that you’re not thinking “hope this apple doesn’t have pesticides in it”. That last statement is the limiting thoughts believe it or not.
When we live our day in an unconscious/automatic state, millions of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and judgements pass by without us being aware, so we have to start living consciously and best way to do that is to live in the now and as you become good at it you will be more conscious of your thoughts.
Understand that your beliefs are not necessarily your reality, and I’m not suggesting you should stop thinking; I am merely suggesting that you become more aware of your thoughts and realize they do form your reality.
I have yet to read about what it actually means or how to live in the now, this moment is what is reality. Let me define what living in the now means to me. It means NOT living in the past; unless you’re trying to remember a recipe or name. It means NOT living in the future because it doesn’t exist; unless you need to make an appointment or date.
Living in the past prevents you from being in the moment, living in the future is worrying over things that haven’t happened and you may be even creating that reality just by worrying about it, you could create future realities that you don’t want, like worrying about the snow storm tomorrow.
Beliefs are strong ideas about the nature of reality. Ideas generate emotion. Like attracts like, so similar ideas group each other and you accept those that fit in with your particular systems of ideas.
If we give our power to events that have already happened, are we not creating another event? I’m actually really disappointed in some fellow bloggers who claim to be truth seekers and who claim are light workers yet I have seen nothing but endless posts about terrorism, Paris, Syria with photos of tanks, soldiers and bombs going off. What the fuck? I will assume they are not light workers but presented themselves that way because this type of behaviour is only feeding the consciousness machine.
Yes, people we create wars and terrorist attacks, the attention we give something, the more likely it is to manifest when enough of us tune into that group conscious energy field.
When you run out of answers as to why things are getting worse, maybe then you will consider that we contributed to the creation of that reality, by giving it energy, we drew the bad guys into action, collective conscious as the etheric being whose job is to listen to what everyone is thinking can only hear keywords such as fear, terrorism, Paris, Palestine, Israel and the emotion of fear accompanied by it. In the meantime, stay safe, make sure you have emergency supplies on hand, it will give you a sense of security should you for any reason be caught at home for a while. You know, the terrorists are now going to use biological weapons.
Oh, don’t forget the masks.
Hey, thanks for listening to my rant.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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