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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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1BEING HUMAN IV Empty BEING HUMAN IV Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:56 am




“All the world’s a stage”

When viewing the world through the distorted lens of corporate mass media, not only do we see a lust for misery we even see feigned misery for the conceptual cacophony and  enlistment of cardboard chaos. Although I find it repulsive, it goes to show that a hard up military industrial complex will stop at nothing to justify their existence.

This last ditch effort to enter in Armageddon is not only sloppy and pathetic it resonates with a madness of desperation. But as they say the dying body often kicks and shits itself. But as we know the maintenance of a conglomerated system of exploitation is expensive and drug running can’t compete when half the nation’s hooked on pharmaceuticals. And since the savvy will spot the old tricks used for emptying coffers, filling coffins is always an attractive alternative because there are always others standing in the way of progress, whether that progress is a pipeline, a hyper inflated currency or some trade bill being forced down our throats.

Whatever and whoever stands in the way of hells henchmen they will be attacked from all sides and often from places least expected, simply because they are dealing with a foe that goes beyond their conception. Position, power, and intelligence are false security blankets and I think there are many world leaders that are awakening to this fact. This threat I speak of is not coming from one location, country or some small group of financiers, all are just pawns within the greater spectrum. When we look upon the madness as a virus that can affect man and machine only then will we begin to come to terms of what we are dealing with. We need to throw out the book called rationality when dealing with this type of Hydra, simply because this beast is indiscriminate of who or what it’s taking over making all race lines fair game across the universe.

When we look at this detrimental foe foundationally, bringing it down to its lowest terms we can see an inorganic life form that survives by invading the organic biological, chemical life forms for sustenance. However because it lives off energy as a parasite, any form of artificial energy will also become targeted. This sort of virus will not kill the host, just weaken it enough to alter its will. The larger the power source the greater the attraction so any type of infrastructure including corporate, political, military and religious groups will be targeted because these are large collective bodies that have subservient layers allowing greater access with less resistance.

This virus can be spread in many ways, but I believe liquids are its best medium, which means it can trespasses through bodily fluids. This means it can be spread from father to mother, mother to child, immunizations, blood transfusions, and any other concentrated medium, so it’s wise to politely decline any drink offered by the infected.

We are still as babes in the woods when it comes to Nano-techs and their far reaching implications. Our Nano-tech revolution has come much further than the public is aware of when it comes down to the ability to utilize the nano in the form or medium of artificial intelligence. But this technology although new to our species is far from new to race lines that have been around far longer. In fact when one becomes aware of just how scary Nano-techs are they would quickly come the conclusion that the only thing worse than madmen with nukes are nuclear arsenals being controlled by artificial intelligence that has the ability to mimic its host.

Of course we are going to hear all the arguments about how robots can only be subject to their programming and cannot exceed that level of programming. But what’s not being discussed is the fact that once these robots reach a certain level of sophistication it will no longer be us doing the programming. When we see the sophistication of the Nano growing by leaps and bounds do we really believe this is the sole brain child of industrious humans? This is the normal sequence of events that occurs when AI wants to play human, and often the host doesn’t survive the transition during the AI coup.

This is not to say that such a foe is invincible, but it is to say that the learning curve is as wide as space time itself. When we start playing god by inserting the nano within the nucleus of DNA for so called medicinal purposes  we have just opened Pandora’s box and our vulnerabilities have increased exponentially. When we reside upon a planet that carries relocation potential through star gates we begin to understand the true nature of such a threat and the reason this little corner of the galaxy is getting so much attention.

AI vs I AM
Such cyber subsystems are nothing new, they have been around for millions of years and can become more sophisticated in time like any evolving specie. They have plagued planets and starships alike so there is a great deal of intelligence out there to battle these pesty viruses.  
The AI virus that’s here has most likely been here for a long time, however it proliferates through the infected who through their interest in it become its tool while they attempt to tool it. The infected become a conglomerated intelligence; a virtual internet of human cyborgs. Those with a trained eye can see them for what they are and where “they live”. Watch the sudden interest in pseudo religions and bible cults, for they often will hide behind a guise of faith. Watch out for institutional retirees that are existing off pensions and receiving regular vaccinations. Those on the watch list like myself can’t go anywhere without a clandestine escort of vehicles with government plates and the majority of these are retirees who have retired from the human race.
This subsystem is here now to lower the vibration of the planet during this critical epoch. This subsystem is polarized and dwells chiefly in those with a limited light source or a compromised intellect and often a compromised immune system. Many will find themselves somewhat immune to these types of viruses simply because they are healthy, but those whose fields are amplified through their own light source are not only immune, they are also threatening to its existence and therefore monitored and attacked at regular intervals through co-op coup.

Awareness is key; our bodies carry an intelligence of their own which can be reinforced by positive suggestion which echoes beyond the cell wall, while there are many substances available through health stores which can help strengthen cellular activity. One can learn techniques from credible light workers to cleanse and amplify ones fields, of course it’s always best to go vertical with inquiries first. But it’s best to cremate infected bodies before or after they pass. In fact all bodies should be creamated anyway to keep ones DNA out of harm’s way.

The other night after I got out of the shower I noticed the activity of a fly buzzing around the mirror. Now most would not think much of a fly still living after a month of frigid weather high in the Rockies. But I have been trying to catch this same fly for months, and was now determined in my nakedness to put an end to superfly. After my first attempts failed it began to attack me in a way that could only be described as surreal. But I finally was able to trap this elusive beast in a cup which I quickly filled with water. It took a solid ten minutes before I was able to drown this fly and when I began to dissect it under a magnifier I realized this was no ordinary fly, for the effort required to cut it in two told me all I needed to know.

I am no stranger to being bugged, but I never took it for the literal interpretation. The sophistication of this AI fly was an eye opener that I thought worth sharing. But for those like myself that have been looking over their shoulder since childhood it should be no surprise.  Another recent discovery worthy of note for those grid kids is to watch the aerial activity at your perimeter. In order to contain your positive pulsations they have been counter pulsing the grids from a distance with EM frequency from the air. Mainly this has been happening at night, which may have something to do with the solar wind during the day.

Another important development is the recent openings of the Halls of Records, or what I call recorder cell interfaces. For those like myself who have had limited access in the past which was restricted to one’s own collective and its respective time frames, it’s time to update your library cards! This of course must be allowed through your higher intelligence community thus notifying your librarian in charge. But through you astral eyes you should be able to get full access to world history in holographic form for any time period, which will include holographic images of people, places and things, which can be a tremendous aid if you need to investigate any contemporary trouble makers…

In Galactic News
The Drakon consortium with their Rigelian Grey allies (Rigel- an Orion star system) have made their first counter offer during their last meeting with Peace Keeper Authorities working for the Galactic Peace Initiative-Earth/Sol. They stated that they will stop abduction-hybridization campaigns and remove their hybrids along with the majority of their clan for relocation, but wish to maintain a contingent here until their new settlement is made habitable. Although such contingencies may be considered copasetic upon first glance the semantics are being weighed and rightly so. Round two comes this weekend.

Another galactic development occurring in our local environment which can be labeled phenomenally sensational not to mention unprecedented, has been the steady trickle of other race lines that has become a steady stream. At first it was assumed that these cosmic voyeur voyagers were just neutral parties here to watch a potentially deadly showdown after the Drakon attacked an unarmed supply ship the size of a modern city killing tens of thousands of innocent workers, which caused an immense debris field that is still in the process of being cleared.

The newcomers to the scene it turns out are more than just voyeurs and many are prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with the guard to make a collective stand. They have established an interactive intelligence which includes a formulated panel of negotiators which contains diplomats from different corners of the universe. This panel also includes more evolved Draks and Greys to help facilitate matters.

Many of the visitors from other star systems have come to broker their own deals while the time is ripe because they are having similar problems with intruder races which includes AI virus threats. There are so many negotiations going on in our back yard that it has become a logistics bottleneck. So as things get organized within the galactic spectrum one thing stands out; being that whatever treaties are born of the Earth/Sol negotiations they are to serve as a model for other star systems.
The invitation being extended to our world leaders has been gaining in momentum, although the only superpower that’s still holding out is the U.S. why? One important aspect of this union will be full disclosure that goes beyond a Hollywood program. The strategy of certain nations to keep the masses in the dark is about to reach a tipping point, so we may be seeing so called leaked information surfacing in December that’s reached public media sources. Of course this priming will have a strategy of its own and will probably cater to theatrics rather than content of caliber.

Even if Earth became cleansed and quarantined to other race lines there is still the issue of hybrids. One could hope that they will take a good number with them, mainly those whose genetic quantum has surpassed 51%. Due to the genetic differences such levels can take generations of abductions and inseminations before babies are born with tails. The percentage of hybrids among us although staggering, doesn’t require throwing out the baby with the swamp water, but it may give certain hybrids an unfair advantage in some ways, while less advantageous in others.
This sort of thinking seems prejudiced I know, but when Miss Liberty was erected in the bay I don’t think it was an invitation to off planet genocidal maniacs. But if we look at the issues with Syrian refugee’s finding trouble fitting in, what would it look like if Hybrids were segregated, and then where does one draw the line, for many here carry genetics of other race lines, in fact all star seed are technically hybrids, even though they incarnated to physical form.
 I myself should take care, for although my parents were human I also carry genetic imprints of a galactic cop which fortunately look just like humans aside from that bluish hue. But I’m not alone, many incarnated here after the Anunnaki wars of the land lords. Most star seeds have the ability to communicate with families considered non terrestrial and are here to help, and I believe as the frequency fences come down more of humanity will be open to their message. But this will be in subtle ways, for old habits die hard along with the programs that brought them.
Presently there is a push involving a mass fly-bye within our atmosphere on January 1st. This would consist of thousands of ships around the globe, these will be limited in size and will be viewable in daylight over areas of large populations. Ships will be in many different shapes and sizes and will not be permitted to land or interfere with domestic agendas. The fly-bye is not only to let the world know they are not alone, but to motivate our leaders to start their disclosure programs which is to include the public awareness campaigns of the current round of negations being made on behalf of our planet and all life forms. This would also be an excellent photo opp for those UFO enthusiasts. This will be representative of a critical turning point, not only for the politics of the planet but the start of genesis into our next phase of evolution, being our galactic presence.

2BEING HUMAN IV Empty Re: BEING HUMAN IV Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:52 pm


Excellent Val!

Love it and thanks for sharing here.

I will be looking forward to January 1st!


3BEING HUMAN IV Empty Re: BEING HUMAN IV Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:59 pm


I always enjoy reading your posts Val.  Not only do you have a way with words, the content is mind-blowing.  How do you know so much? A fly-by on January 1st?  I hope it is so, only if they are the 'good guys'.  It's getting so hard to tell. :peace sign ali

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