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‘Anonymous Source’ ~ The Secret Gold Treaty… Continued

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 ‘Anonymous Source’ ~ The Secret Gold Treaty… Continued The-Secret-Gold-Treaty1

‘Anonymous Source’ ~ The Secret Gold Treaty… Continued

By C K Rich

This is a section of importance pulled from Part 4.1a…Info about the Wanta Funds

It has been asked by ‘Anonymous Source’ that ‘We The People’ of the World make all this information viral as I put it out!!

…We now know that just one Golden Lily “777” treasure site was
worth almost $200 billion in 1945 US dollars. We also know that there
were dozens of triple seven sites, plus some triple nines and, of
course, tens of dozens of smaller troves. In fact, Japan’s Golden
Lily teams stashed plunder in a minimum of 172 burial sites on the
Philippines alone.[i]

A reliable estimate is that the value of gold at these 172 sites
collectively totaled $100 trillion in 1945 US dollars – a figure
that simply dwarfs the present day global debt. This sum is so massive
as to be virtually incomprehensible — yet it probably does not
include the complete figures, as we shall see.

Others who have investigated this story sensibly avoid mentioning such
figures, knowing that the perceptions of the uninformed — and,
perhaps even of experts — will be that they are preposterous–and
that this perception may tend to create an undesirable attitude that
will discount the rest of their work. There are other fears besides
these, too.

Meanwhile, we need note that a very considerable quantity of Japanese
plunder was also buried throughout Indonesia and there is evidence to
suppose that there were other sites in Korea, too. The Philippines,
although the largest site for buried treasure, was by no means the
only one.

A feeling for what we are dealing with took place some moths ago
between me and a knowledgeable individual in these matters who, for
convenience’s sake, I will call “Tom.” This individual contacted me
some months ago seeking to exchange information in the hope of
clarifying a number of questions he had regarding a corpus of
information he had been made privy to over a number of years.
Significantly, he was cognizant of Peter Johnston’s story and knew
of his arrest and troubles. He also knew about some of the people and
firms Johnston was in contact with at the time of his arrest. It
seemed clear he had followed the case at the time – and remembered

Tom told me he had been involved in what he termed “international
business” for the past 25 years, during which time he had become
familiar with transactions involving black market gold and other
precious metals. He said that this was not his principal business,
adding that he found most of the approaches made to him about gold
little more than irritations.

Tom went on to reveal that a few years ago he became personally
involved with the story of “Sukarno’s Treasure,” and a large
cache of gold hidden in the jungles of Indonesia. In the early 1990s,
a long-time friend and business partner of his met a Filipino
gentleman (whose identity I am aware of), who was a retired lawyer now
living in the United States. This gentleman was an intimate of Bung
Sukarno, who appointed him the principal trustee of Sukarno’s fabled
gold hoard — the so called “Revolutionary Fund.” This person was
also intimately knowledgeable about President Marcos’s own dealings in
black gold and, as Tom relayed it to me,

“he has doc’s and significant knowledge re Marcos dealings, deposits
in various banks & the relationship and dealings between Marcos &

Tom then added:

“For whatever reasons, after the death of Sukarno control over this
evidently personal fortune was turned over not to his immediate family
heirs, but rather to the safe keeping of a group of individuals called
“gurus.” These gurus had been instructed by Sukarno, in writing I
understand, to contact [the trustee] & to look to him for leadership
with regard to how and what when it came to the stashed cache of
valuables. The issue of how & why [the trustee] gained what ever
authority and control he has over all this stuff that’s hidden in the
jungles of Indonesia, and also the issue of whether his authority has
any larger legitimacy is probably important. But this doesn’t belie
the fact that apparently he does have at least some significant degree
of control over it; i.e. he knows how to get to it, he’s the
recognized connection to & for the people physically holding it, and
he has authority as “mandated trustee” over it in writing from Sukarno
(I’ve seen the document).”

Tom continues:

“Over the past few years I’ve also seen and been able to peruse many
thousands of pages of apparently original aging bank documents and
statements pertaining to the personal assets and fortune, of the late
Sukarno. According to the master document I’ve seen these assets,
precious metals & also cash totalled 270 T. U$ in 1964, and are
supposedly on deposit with UBS, SBC and various other major world
banks. I say supposedly because evidently they are but they aren’t;
but this is another story.”

The apparently paradoxical statement that “…they are but they
aren’t,” will be clarified shortly from other sources. Much of this
had a very familiar ring to it and I felt it likely that he was
discussing many of the same certificates of deposit that Dr. Damanik
had access to.

Tom continued his story:

“Also about five years ago several Americans I’ve worked with, known
and trusted to the very highest degree for more than twenty-five years
now, travelled to Indonesia with [the trustee]. While there they were
taken to several repositories, in the jungle mountains of Irian Jaya
and some other places in the Indonesian islands, (at each location
after several days trekking through the jungles where they were
allowed freely and at their leisure to view and inspect all that was
there and anything and everything they wanted to see, handle or
kick-the-tires of). In these repositories was and still is a very very
large volume of valuables – Art objects; Gems; Jewelry; and a
extremely large volume of precious metals. To quote my friend, I have
never seen anything like this in my life. There was stack upon stack
and row upon row, of beautifully made UBS origin precious metal
storage boxes, all containing 1KG J. M. Hallmarked Gold or Platinum
bars, each bar with a unique number and certificate [i.e., one
kilogram bars bearing the Johnson Mathey hallmark]. There were some
large jade carvings, gems, etc. etc. It was like the Arabian Nights.
At this time, along with stacks of files and doc’s (several large suit
cases full) pertaining to the Sukarno metal deposits in UBS, several
bars were brought back to the US and are presently in a safety-box

Significantly, Sukarno’s trustee agreed to allow a selection of bars
drawn at random from the cache to enable them to be drilled and
analysed to verify their purity and metal content (a bar number and
description was provided to this writer for verification purposes).
Also, a number of UBS and SBC documents that were also provided during
the same trip later were able to be verified genuine.

As interesting and, indeed, as important as this information was,
there was a still more significant surprise awaiting me. According to
Tom, Sukarno’s trustee explained that all this gold and other plunder
was originally intended:

“…to be the reserve for a third world non-aligned nations bank that
Sukarno was going to set up with HQ in Indonesia.”

In one stroke much of the smoke and mirrors that had surrounded Dr.
Damanik’s own reticent explanations to Peter Johnson were clarified.

Sukarno’s plan to found a non-aligned world bank is of the greatest
historical significance. The establishment of such a powerful entity
possessing gold reserves that dwarfed those available to the West
would have sent shivers of fear down the backs of Western governments
and the European and US banking fraternity, which just a few years
earlier had concluded the Bretton Woods Agreement, resulting in the
establishment of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
Both institutions remain the primary vehicles for keeping Third World
nations impoverished — a fact that benefits a wealthy West dedicated
to a social structure dependent on consumerism.

It is more than likely that this plan for a non-aligned nations’
world bank formed the substantive backdrop to the 1955 Bandung
conference of non-aligned nations that so clearly caused concern for
the Bilderberg group in 1955 — and which Dr. Damanik darkly
referenced in his discussions with Peter Johnston. Founding such a
bank would certainly have galvanized the intelligence community into
action and may very well amount to the real motive — and hitherto an
even deeper secret — behind the CIA’s decision, commencing 1955, to
corral and then overthrow President Sukarno.

Tom observed:

“I can understand no one wanting to upset the apple cart with regard
to the current status of metal in the bank, legal or not, that may or
may not have legitimately belonged to a dead third world leader. In
fact I’ve been told very rudely by one banker that the banks who
issued the deposit certificates in question do not and never did have
anything to do with them … the heirs of Sukarno have no right to any
of these deposits … and they are currently being controlled and
operated by ‘legally appointed names,’ but these individuals have
nothing to do with anything Indonesian.”

This state of the affairs neatly dovetails with the facts regarding
Peter Johnston’s and Dr. Damanik’s gold certificates. If Sukarno (and
Marcos et al) did not control the gold — and since it was stolen
during World War II by the Golden Lily, clearly they didn’t — who
does control it and why does such a fortune remain undisturbed in the
jungles of Indonesia?

This cache of Sukarno gold was, Tom said:

“stashed, left, & has been just held in secret for a long time, at
the very least since the 1960s. Also evidently there hasn’t been any
attempt to launder it, sell any of it off or do much else with it -
the only thing I’ve heard, but don’t have anything other than [the
trustee] story to substantiate, is that a few years ago a son of one
of the people charged with guarding some of this treasure made a deal
to sell 200 tonnes of the AU to some Hong Kong people, he spirited it
away to Singapore and later ended up dead in a hotel there. Also
evidently the only thing anyone seems to have tried to do is something
with the CDs relating to metal deposits in Swiss banks, all without
result so far as I know.”

Suspicious deaths of individuals involved in trying to move, sell or
launder black gold are fairly common and, naturally, lead to great
care and caution amongst those who try to recover and move hoards of
treasure from their burial sites. This caution usually extends to the
practice of not discussing details of such transactions with anyone
other than intimates. Again, the reference to failed attempts to sell
gold certificates backed by this gold parallels Peter Johnston’s own

Having digested the information received from Tom, I posed a number of
subsequent questions to him. He replied saying:

“Yes, when I said 270 T I meant US$ 270 Trillion. This is the ‘Value’
figure indicated on the top of a UBS ‘Master’ document [the trustee]
has. As it’s on their letter head evidently it was put together by
UBS. This document is a very long listing of account or certificate
ID#s, on a page about 3+ feet square. One can match ID numbers of
individual certificates against numbers found on this list. Also some
numbers have indications that these have been loaned to or are/were
being used by someone (NASA funding, UK Crown are only a few I
remember). I assume these certificates and their periodic statements,
the related warehouse receipts and this master document refer only to
the Au & PT being held by UBS in storage. Also I assume these don’t
concern the hoard of Au, Pt, art & gems that’s still hidden in the

“To give you an idea of what’s involved. There are: – Bank
certificates indicating Au and Pt on deposit with UBS; thousands of
tons total! – Yearly Statements regarding many of these accounts sent
out by the banks concerned to three designated world locations (most
recent of these I’ve seen personally are dated 1994). Most of these
are hundreds of pages each. – Vault Keys & Depositor I.D. cards made
of gold, Warehouse receipts, all related to these UBS accounts and
vaults. – Bank CDs related to cash, issued by banks such as Credit
Suisse, SBC, HKSB, Bank of Tokyo. – Accounts in several other major
and minor world banks. – A Power of Trusteeship Document granted to
[the trustee] which I understand gives him authority to govern and
administer certain aspects if not all of this estate (And which I also
understand IS on file with the Swiss government and several Swiss
banking institutions). – Finally, the ‘Master List’ above mentioned.”

“Although we have all these documents indicating metal & also cash on
deposit with UBS and other banks, many thousands of pages, never the
less, I am told several puzzling & seemingly contradictory things by a
banker who to me clearly appears to have some inside knowledge re
these matters:

1.) That UBS, Credit Suisse and SBC ‘Do not and never did have
anything to do with these deposits’. This, even though all these
documents are on the letterheads of UBS, Cr Swiss, SBC, etc., and even
though these banks have sent and continue to send out yearly
statements regarding these deposits.

2.) That ‘These accounts are currently operative, not dormant; and
the people who run them do so with the proper authority’. However, ‘NO
heir of Sukarno or Marcos has any right to govern any of these
accounts and deposits … or has any authority whatever over these
accounts. Those are not their own … private family … accounts, to
be bequeathed to family or designated heirs’. This, although Sukarno’s
name, signature and picture, as well as that of some of his family
members, are on these certificates and accounts (also Marcos on some
others I gather).

3.) Also related to Marcos, ‘These accounts are being properly
administered by the appointed “names”. The Credit Suisse “cash”
account alone is now over $3 billion, spread over 200 accounts (for
Marcos personal share only, of course)’. And, ‘Why doesn’t anyone ask
Imee and her husband about the Deutsche Bank deposits in his name? Why
is he completely uninterested in recovering any assets?’ 4.) Finally,
although I’m told ‘The truth of all this is much simpler than the
elaborate speculations which have allowed brokers of all sorts to
cheerfully attempt to screw each other’. At the same time I am rather
rudely instructed ‘not to delve deeply into matters that can earn you
more knowledge than you should be reasonably comfortable having.’”

In a later exchange, Tom revealed that Sukarno’s trustee told him

“UBS tried to bribe him in 1992, this was when he went to Switzerland
to talk to UBS and present his credentials and position statement. I
don’t remember exactly but I think they offered him $100 million cash
& 100 tons of Au to go away and forget about it. Also, I believe there
were at least 2 others who [the trustee] had given original
certificates to present to UBS who were bribed; one lady somehow
connected with the World Bank, and another man somehow connected to
the then mayor of Paris. Then there’s the incident of the SBC $25
million FCM note #4507 B.L.”

“About 4+ years ago we met with some retired US treasury dept.
people. Among the many things [the trustee] has they chose a $25
million FCM (or FMC ?) note to work with. As I understand this is a US
dollar Swiss treasury note of some kind issued by SBC. This note has
reached maturity and I believe it’s now worth in the neighborhood of
$80 million. The note is in the name of one of Sukarno’s former wives
named Harteeni (sp?). [The trustee] has the documentation to show that
she has signed it over to him, thus if there were any doubt Harteeni
is still living so conceivably she could confirm this.”

“To try to make a long story short. When these retired treasury
people presented a copy of this note to UBS NY requesting arrangements
be made for payment on it to [the trustee], law officers of some kind
were called in, the copy of the note was confiscated and they were
charged by the bank with presenting a false document. A court date was
set, and far from being distraught I can tell you that [the trustee]
and the retired treasury people were very happy, because now this was
going to be a beginning in bringing up the matter of all of Sukarno’s
deposits, [the trustee's] trusteeship, etc. etc.

However when they went to court neither the UBS NY lady lawyer who
had brought the charge, [lawyer's name withheld], nor anyone else from
UBS showed up to pursue or press the charge. Finally I can tell you
that at the present time one of the retired treasury people has filed
a written complaint with his US Senator, complaining that his rights
were violated by what happened. The Senator has begun his own
investigation of the matter, feeling that someone’s trying to cover up
something & also maybe he can get the democrats on this. However I’ve
heard the Senator’s preliminary investigation has run into a lot of
roadblocks and hasn’t gotten very far.”

I have cited Tom’s story at some length, not only because it fills in
many gaps in Peter Johnston’s own story, but also because it is highly
revealing in its own right. Tom sought answers to the many questions
he had about the foregoing, not least the curious involvement of the
numerous international banks involved, not as principals, but as
representatives for others. As we shall see, it is almost certainly
the case that these “others” are a group of nations who were party to
a secret agreement to exert control over plundered World War II gold
and other assets and to ensure these did not enter the banking system
or otherwise be utilized without such nations’ approval…

Article Post Link: http://ascension2012andbeyond.com/anonymous-source-secret-gold-treaty-continued/

Article Link: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_gold.htm


These articles are truly eye opening. Hope everyone takes the time to read them.
Thanks, LIR, for posting!



Your very welcome KathyD!! I hope they read them too as even I have learned a ton of info from them! :shock:



Well a day without learning is a day wasted. :)




I have been going back and fourth reading all of this WOW, some I have seen and read earlier but it is all very good information, thanks Lady!!



Your welcome Shipngold. Tons of info there. The plot thickens & the story just keeps getting better!!

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