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1I AM CREATOR Empty I AM CREATOR Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:43 pm





            Often this celebration we call life resembles something less, the angst and disempowerment can reach a critical mass that weighs us down mentally until we retreat little by little in the long war of attrition. The world becomes foreign and hostile as all that we have come to love comes under attack from fronts once considered innocent and benign. How many have sold out we can only speculate as we begin to wonder if their conscious decisions held any true capacity for free will.
There are those aloof in their existence, and while they remain suspect, still they cling tightly to the medium hysterium, like junkies who no not the word addiction. Occasionally theirs a glimmer in the eye upon the thresholds of the controversial, causing a stirring followed by the big question “why?” Why indeed, one may respond, for now’s not the time to be anecdotal, for the answer is a mountain who’s steep, slippery and treacherous.
The minstrel who sings a song of gloom and doom offends the senses, a violator of the status quo, who will suffer an inquisition of reason. But reason itself is lost to the naked ear, and the argument becomes an expense both parties can’t afford. Though the pond be rippled the erosion at the shore isn’t obvious, but there, just beyond the senses, a silent stirring, an inner question nagging, a small fracture has started from the corner of the lens that threatens the looking glass of perception. But how could this be we ask, for we felt the solidity of defiance as a concrete slab, yet there within the crack a seed has taken root amidst unseen sustenance to obscure the pathway. Like a dandelion it refuses to surrender its root and blooms back releasing a torrent of seeds. The more we resist, the more it persists, while as of yet we still suffer the nagging question, and while the question has evolved and matured as its exterior components now owe to its interior nature.
Nature itself comes into question; for the tenacity of nature contains the felicity of nature, where born herein are the components of a will that goes beyond reason. Nature shall suffer the offense while inherently adapting to overcome that which seeks its surrender. The artificial flower is but an abstraction without essence, and though it contends with nature without nature its purpose is feigned. Though the artificial bloom of doom seeks to contend on a scale which could be considered beyond our sphere of influence, threatening the time matrix on all levels in order establish that of its own. There are levels it has yet to understand where form becomes as elusive as their locals.
When we are with heavy heart, we often forget the power of these simple words, we forget the power of our ability to love in all manner of expression. It matters not that you change the simple minds of your contemporaries, what matters is your ability to love them without judgment, to hold your sovereign torch even when there are few hearths left to kindle. What pains thee? The material, control, despair, health, finances, apathy, melancholy, plastic people, loneliness, attacks, perhaps a revolving door for all the above. When we fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel it’s time to become that light!
If its nature’s way to arise from the challenges, then it’s in the face of challenges where emergence escalates, so our adversity becomes our ally and requirement for maximizing potential. We often forget that because we are aspects of source consciousness we innately carry foundational tools within to exploit our co-creative abilities so let’s take a refresher to combat the demiurge of disempowering programming as a motivational campaign.
Often life’s burdens keep us from our sovereign right as masters of creating, we forget that creating with our hands is but one attribute, for we are constantly co-creating consciously and subconsciously through our attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and focal intent. Our energy flows quite candidly toward our focal objective indiscriminately. But it’s the value of this process that we need to constantly be reminded of until the process serves a higher purpose beyond what the domestic agenda enslaves.
When we hear the word scalar these days it’s often in regard to some nefarious contrivance that seeks to usurp the organic medium, but the organic medium is by and large a scalar medium for in layman terms scalar is the language of light and sound, while thought itself can be considered a scalar weapon of sorts. Our minds are full of fuzzy math, this hyperkinetic halo is akin to a static field of electromagnetic energy, and it is here that the scalar wave configuration emerges from our lower and higher source fields, and unfortunately these days there’s that linear field of influence that we don’t like to talk about.
Genetically we are like multi faceted prisms that depend on scalar waves for projecting form, perhaps this prism is using only three facets to bend light for our 3 dimensional experience. We could then assume that the frequency of the current wave governs this level of experience, but as we know there are genetics within that lie dormant until the wave spectrum reaches a certain pitch or vibratory frequency. If and when we are exposed to said pitch that once dormant and misunderstood becomes illuminated and pops a prism of perspective. This prism could therefore be considered our manifestation template of boiler plate, whereas the genetic material becomes more elemental in nature, for the rainbow producing droplet owes to the geometries and mathematical compositions as frozen music before the illumination via scalar fields. Once illuminated (activated) the tiny notes we see as our genetic material, become a silent symphony radiating forth as cellular activity in a conspiracy of form.
Why money’s green;
All color carries a vibratory frequency or wavelength of scalar light spectra, and we often associate chakras thusly, and while red may lend to ones procreative fancy, what’s love got to do with it? Although procreation can be considered co-creation the physics are seldom conceived as meta-physics and as we know the magic mostly begins with the heart chakra or that emerald essence which has a tendency to hold reason ransom. So before we can even begin to explore the remainder of our rainbow it is here that we shall manifest as our boiler plate, using the color emerald green as our scalar branding iron, or rather one of three within the framework of our co-creative tripod.
Oh those occultist are like children when it comes to symbols, they splash them hither and thither as if to show you the power of their secrets, and where would the good witch be without hers. But symbols are just abstract shapes until one has faith in them, making religion suspect. When we look at the letters which occupy this essay, they are useless without the word and the word useless without its conceptual reference. So collectively they solicit mental form as if to solidify the muse into tangible meaning. If a picture is worth a thousand words our heart-felt visions are like well read books. But if we want to see that book become a movie it is we who must become directors, by directing its scalar blueprint to the prism for projection.
So symbol as form and vision are wave guides and another leg within the co-creative tripod, for they have a direct affect upon the contours of the scalar form as program directives when we understand the nature of thought as scalar wave configurations. So when we see before us a world of symbolic faith it’s important to understand that the ancient secret science lost to the mainstream, recognized the power associated with icons and the awareness of how at an emotional level icons have the ability to alter another’s manifestation template. The more people invested the greater the scalar field, where the puppet masters use marketing propaganda and the illusion of choice and duality to manufacture desire while synchronizing mass media for attunement. Essentially, this has the ability to create colossal reality fields which are nothing more that colossal false flags.
The last leg of the co-creative tripod is sound, and trust me when I say any old sound won’t do. Granted we may find it hard to emulate the music of the spheres that owe to the grand schema, we can however use sound to stimulate manifestation on a casual level. Heartfelt songs are excellent tools but are mostly distractions which take more than they offer, for we are less interested in the cacophony of lyrics and more interested in the sound of the vowel!
Your own voice carries an incription like no other, and if you can create meaningful words to a song which includes the extended vowel all the better. You can even throw a little Bach in the background for added feeling or ambiance, but just using vowels is a good start. When using vowels it’s important to hold the note in resonance, going lower and higher will increase or decrease tonal resonance to give the vowel flexibility. When using vowels use a mixture of long and short vowels and experiment until you develop a sound sequence that pleases you. The more you make it your own the greater the ability to add feeling through visual modifiers. Creating harmonic resonance lies not only in holding the note but in the repetition of notes and if you’re going to record yourself a setting like a natural amphitheater may prove interesting.
Here’s an example;
Uah-A, Eah-A ehyah
Aah, Eah-Uah-E-U
Words of meaning can be used with emphasis upon vowels; lOve, pEace, fAith, lIght, grEEn broccoli. I am crE-A-tOr, mer-kah-ba, doe-ray-me-fa-so-la-tee. Or; Obama, you sold your momma, you promised us Hummers, oh what a bummer. You get the idea.
The charge;
Now that we are familiar with the tools of manifestation its time to put them together. The desire force is the vision you carry in your heart, and although some have the ability to use the imagination to create beautiful fairy tales that become alternate reality fields, were not needing cinemascope here. Just an image (symbol) representative of said desire, which could be you holding your object of desire, or your state of being as the recipient of whatever it is. The cinemascope vision may be an excellent method of building the charge, or feeling that becomes the fertilizer for what we hope to grow. To give one an example, if it is a puppy one desires the imagery of holding it hugging, kissing ect., even smelling that puppy breath creates a bond, and this bond is important to create before we go to the next step. If you’re looking to cleanse the body of nano AI create a mine sweeper program that explodes in the body as billions of defenders that destroy on contact any inorganic parasite. Such programs can be as simple as a cartoon or as sophisticated as a gamer’s software.
When we are in the manifestation stage it’s important that we visualize and characterize in the present tense, or as if you are already in possession of said desire and experiencing its reception in an expressive state of gratitude. Gratitude, when used in collusion can be considered as ones divining rod for frequent and everyday use, for it tells creation, by way of appreciation the pathways and alignments. Thus gratitude serves as the barometer and conscious confirmation for what foundationally contributes toward ones greatest attitude (gratitude). Gratitude can also be used as an affirmation device during the early stages of manifestation, for even if ones desire has yet to crystallize its etheric double (imprint) is already present. These are our spirit children still in the womb and awaiting their celestial season for gestation, so keeping their essence in ones heart with intimate disposition is the blessing.
When our mental image is clear and bonded it’s time to color our world. Start bathing the image in emerald green, then begin to amplify it with the sound tones of the creator (you). As you chant your mantra repeatedly see the form becoming illuminated and send all the love in your heart to your new baby just as any mother would love her newborn. Feel the gratitude, the joy, the excitement. It’s ok to cry, you’ve just witnessed the miracle of birth.
Helpful hints;
One thing that serves as a major stumbling block to the many co-creative methods currently being employed is ones proclivity toward anticipation, so I must warn you; never; never; never anticipate the where, when, and why of any creative focus. To do so is the admission of doubt which has the power to murder our babies, so if you don’t want to be a baby killer know this!
One technique worthy of investment is to wrap one’s babies in a Merkaba field. As we know all of creation, us included, could not exist in the phenomenal world without this counter rotating electromagnetic field known as Merkaba. But don’t worry about all the technicalities of these fields like directional orientation, speeds of opposing fields, geometric shapes ect., just intend through the will of the higher self that your baby is getting everything it needs to grow. The Merkaba field can just be visualized as a sphere of light.
The best place to grow these babies is in the center of the heart, so after all this effort is put forth shrink the image down into a digestible size and inhale it into the heart and let nature take its course, for their will never be a need to bother it again. Gratitude works better than repetition because repetition contains elements of doubt. A room full of chanting initiates in sync with heart-felt vision can be a powerful platform.
One of the principle reasons babies don’t grow is karma. If your soul needs you to experience something for the benefit of growth anything that interferes directly with this process will be temporary at best until this developmental process is fulfilled. Another more indirect problem can be miasm’s within the chakra systems. Miasm’s are born of trauma that’s swept under the rug without atonement. These become distorted energy fields as negative vortexia which can consume the vitality of chakra Merkaba fields. If ones incapable of dealing with these on a personal level please seek therapy, energy work and in severe cases past life regression to restore balance.
Often we are constantly negating prosperity through dozens of nasty little habits that consciously affirm the glass is half empty. It’s true that practicing the art of co-creation is an empowering process, but when the lion’s share of thoughts streaming from our mind are out of alignment with our co-creative efforts it begins to erode the process. Please be conscious of any negative suggestive micro programming that follows the words “I Am”, for they carry the equivalent of a teaspoon of arsenic in the mouths of our babies. We need to keep in mind that our insecurities are scalar fear programs used as motivational tools to keep us enslaved to the matrix. These are not our insecurities unless we choose to own them, they are more akin to paper walls in a maze and poison our perception into believing that it’s ok to sacrifice our planet for trinkets, simply because trinkets are on the altar (infomercial) of perception.
Co-creative karma is a potential reality that forms from the process of manifestation when used improperly. When we use the co-creative process out of alignment or with impure energetic resonance it creates an energetic imbalance that seeks to correct itself. For instance, the standard practice of prayer as it stands today may be injurious to the one making the request on behalf of another depending how the prayer is constructed. Prayers in the form of requests are still co-creative in the technical sense, though the individual’s request owes to another field of influence, that influence mainly consists of conscious collaboration. How we define this collaboration depends largely on our state of awareness and the methodology employed, all negative influences aside.
 But when we look at this karmic pattern energetically it becomes simple physics in the sense that charged energy of a morphogenetic field, regardless of its principle use will become a vacuum as it reverses polarity due to lack of homeostasis. In short, morphogenetic fields can’t sustain without polar equilibrium and while still energetically attached to their source seek balance from that source. Although we see this in the form of karma with an energetic signature that is the energetic negative (mirror image) of what was sent out.
The reason Karma comes to call is simply because although the person praying had good intentions, they refused ownership of the field separating the body’s (magnetic) field which created a hyper kinetic electrical field vs a balanced Merkaba field. This energetic loop can be avoided if the prayer/ affirmation is structured in a manner that’s aqueous, or formative in essence while avoiding the arrogance of a directive that assumes we know what’s best for the recipient. Better to approach such like a healing that seeks only balance, using one’s body and intent as an energetic fulcrum while retaining neutrality when it comes to the assumptions characteristic of anything that pretends to know the best case scenario.
The true alchemist knows enough to know they don’t have all the answers to all the challenges in one’s life, so humility is just as important as faith. When we become dictatorial upon creative thresholds we have a tendency to thwart the process at hand, therefore open ended suggestive type models are often the best when starting any campaign of manifestation. Tips for broadening the fields of a manifestation template are contemplative methods that put our co-creative fields into harmony with higher expression by openly acknowledging our limitations with the realization that although we are worthy of all the compliments of source our activities are never to be out of alignment with that which we share in glory and attribute. With this being said the following prayer/affirmation would do wonders to help one to align their efforts for the greatest potential.
This could serve as an example for a prayer of invocation to be stated prior;
I your name, In blessed observance of the forces beyond nature, in gratitude I venture forth in heart and mind, for the inheritance of co-creative wisdom and supplication. In humble accord I seek to uphold through reverence and respect the laws of manifestation to the best of my knowledge, seeking only balance where the limits of my awareness see imbalance and welcome source intervention where necessary for compliance.
Best fundamental subjects for manifesting openly;
Health & healing, enlightenment, peace, cleansing of programs and dogma, release of karma, energetic distortions, genetic activations, protection from? Higher communication, knowledge of extended galactic family, spiritual tutors, past life trauma for healing, and co-creative mastery! Material needs should be handled with reasons that exemplify service to others for the greatest vibration.
This simple sermon can’t restore what millennia of programmed disempowerment has achieved, and while we remain as but students of the elusive arts, the greater use of such is only limited by ones investment. Once we get past this first grade level of manifesting that unfortunately is the hardest phase because we are relearning a lost language, things progress in at a quickened pace. However most will not suffer this practice beyond its entertaining prospects, though some will give it a whirl they will again fall victim to their programs. But I can assure you that there is nothing more credible at this place and time that carries the power to change not only the individual and their prospects, but carry forth on planetary, galactic and universal levels. Use those challenges before you as opportunities.
The Grinch That Stole Christmas
Ti’s the season; The red Santa seeks to own you through the frequency of the lower chakra. It wants’ you to see the Green as the nefarious Grinch, who is full of malevolent angst inherited from the trauma of social branding. The meaning of Christmas tells us to throw away our green backs at the red saint for the benefit of an intangible feeling which can only be acquired through debt to the commercial god. We are the Grinch metaphorically until we share in the program, hence we shroud our Green nature in a cloak of red through shared vision and song.
Stay Green; nature is never green with envy, only photosynthesis and what is co-creation but human photosynthesis. See no red this season, but see every aspect of green from this day forward as a reminder of your potential to use these words; I AM CREATOR!
VAL 12/26/15

2I AM CREATOR Empty Re: I AM CREATOR Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:53 am



Thanks Val!

Wishing you a fantastic 2016!


3I AM CREATOR Empty Re: I AM CREATOR Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:26 am


Interesting read, although a bit difficult to understand for most....Thanks for the post...

4I AM CREATOR Empty Re: I AM CREATOR Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:33 am



Hello Val and thank you for your post -- I  read with awe  -- Your writing is way above my evolved level of comprehension  and implementation --  
I understood bits & pieces and I think the overall message but it  sure impressed upon me I have a  ways to go --- 

I would like to say that I am not a slow learner  -- just learning  slowly -- :)  

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts & wisdom in positive affirmation to move me along and boost my knowledge & understanding that will hopefully progress my ability in manifestation - 

I have been too long away from feeding and nurturing my spirit  - it is eager to feast again :)

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